Art Bus Shelters

An electric bus passes an art bus shelter at Drake University.


Art Shelters

Shelters are one of the service enhancements most-frequently requested by DART riders and stakeholders alike. With the addition of public art, shelters unite creative expression with the simple dignity of protection from the elements, forming a regional canvas that celebrates community identity and mobilizes creativity to foster a sense of place, enhance accessibility and connect communities.


Thank you

The DART art shelter program is made possible by the support of the DART Board of Commissioners as well as key partners and investors including the Federal Transit Administration, the Des Moines Area Metropolitan Planning Organization and the City of Des Moines, in coordination with DART member communities and neighborhood stakeholders. The integration of public art into DART shelters is made possible by the collaboration of local project partners, the generous regional investment of Bravo Greater Des Moines and support of the Iowa Arts Council, a division of the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs.  



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