Art shelters - Roosevelt Cultural District

Shelters are one of the service enhancements most-frequently requested by DART riders and stakeholders alike. With the addition of public art, shelters unite creative expression with the simple dignity of protection from the elements, forming a regional canvas that celebrates community identity and mobilizes creativity to foster a sense of place, enhance accessibility and connect communities.

Roosevelt Cultural District art shelters

A picture of Northbound 42nd St. art shelter.

The Roosevelt Cultural District is a certified historic district, anchored by the Des Moines Community Playhouse, Des Moines Roosevelt High School, and Hubbell Elementary School. Built in 1933, the one-square mile area was Iowa’s first shopping center and today remains a vibrant business district that promotes pedestrian walkability, commerce, and access to the arts amid a revitalized streetscape. For her art shelter designs, local artist Jenna Brownlee was inspired by the energy, activity and iconic identify of the neighborhood and was selected by a jury of community and neighborhood stakeholders in partnership with Liz Lidgett Gallery + Design.

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