In addition to its bus service, DART’s RideShare program offers individuals an alternative to driving alone.

RideShare helps commuters locate others with like travel patterns to share rides in vanpools. DART has a fleet of vans used by groups of five to 12 commuters for trips to and from work, and nearly 100 vanpools in operation.

RideShare currently serves a 18-county region that includes Adair, Boone, Clarke, Dallas, Decatur, Guthrie, Iowa, Jasper, Lucas, Madison, Marion, Marshall, Polk, Poweshiek, Story, Union, Warren and Wayne counties. Additional vanpools are continually being created.

About RideShare Vanpooling

Vanpooling is carpooling taken one step further: each vanpool can accommodate one volunteer driver and up to 11 passengers. Vanpool members live within a few miles of one another, work in the same general area and have similar work hours. Once formed, vanpool members set their schedule and meet at a central location.

Each passenger pays one low monthly fare based on number of passengers and total roundtrip mileage of the vanpool. In exchange for driving the van, the driver does not pay a monthly fare and has personal use of the van. The driver is responsible for maintaining the van and seeing that the operation of the vanpool runs smoothly.

RideShare also has vans with wheelchair lifts that are available upon request, for customers with mobility devices interested in vanpooling.

Save More than Money

Commuters save thousands of dollars a year by vanpooling. You can cut your gasoline, insurance, parking and maintenance costs by more than half. But beyond cost-savings vanpooling offers you more:

  • Time back in your day. Catch up on work, read, chat, sleep or otherwise relax during your commute.
  • Reduced stress and frustration. Don’t navigate rush hour traffic, congestion, construction and delays by yourself, find a van instead.
  • Decreased Wear and Tear. Use your car less often and extend its life.
  • Eco-friendly commute. Help reduce the amount of hazardous emissions by sharing your ride to work.

Guaranteed Ride Home

In case of an emergency, DART will guarantee a ride home to RideShare customers between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. To request this service, please call 515-288-RIDE (7433) and a vehicle will arrive to pick you up within 30 minutes. If an emergency arises outside of RideShare’s normal business hours, please call DART Customer Service at 515-283-8100. Individuals are guaranteed three rides home per calendar year.

Start RideSharing Today

To join a vanpool, simply contact RideShare Customer Service or complete the ridematching registration process. Our team will help match you with an existing vanpool or start a new vanpool to fit your commute needs. Please contact RideShare Customer Service by phone at 515-288-RIDE (7433) or email at rideshare@ridedart.com


DART is excited to partner with the new Iowa Rideshare network, expanding opportunities for commute ride-matching options across the state.

Iowa Rideshare is an online commute-matching system that lets registrants search for vanpools, carpools, transit routes, and bike and walk buddies. It also includes a calendar to track activity, a cost savings calculator and in some instances, contests.

To register for your Iowa RideShare account:

  1. Visit dart.iowarideshare.org and click “Register.”
  2. Enter your email address and select a password.
  3. Complete your personal profile information.
  4. Create a trip profile. This includes:
    • Origin address (usually your home address)
    • Destination (your work/school address)
    • Travel schedule (days and hours you commute), and
    • Visibility setting (all users, only those in the DART RideShare service region, only those who work for the same employer or no one).
  5. Activate your account using the email sent to you.

Vanpool Reporting

Each vanpool is required to submit a monthly report of their driving activities. These reports will contain information about daily ridership and vehicle usage, including non-commute trips. In addition to reporting, Vanpool Group Leaders may review their vanpool route and roster to make sure that it is complete and correct. They can also search the vanpool database for additional riders and view summaries of submitted monthly reports.

To access vanpool reporting, click here.


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