DART On Demand Fare to Increase July 1

Posted on May, 2 2024

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Please note: The public input meeting has been rescheduled to Tuesday, May 28, 2024, due to the threat of severe weather on May 21.

DART plans to increase the cost for riding DART On Demand, starting July 1, 2024. 

Today, DART charges $1.75 per ride for an adult to use DART On Demand. DART plans to increase the cost to $3.50 per trip. This change will make DART On Demand the same cost as other DART services that are provided by demand, including On Call. 

New Proposed DART On Demand Fares 





Children 6-10 


Children 5 and under (must be accompanied by an adult) 


Full-Fare Token 

2 Tokens (10/$17.50) 

Half-Fare* Token 

1 Token (10/$7.50) 

Weekly Pass + Upgrade (Pass + $1.75) 

$16.00 + $1.75/ride 

Monthly Pass + Upgrade (Pass + $1.75) 

$48 + $1.75/ride 

Half-Fare* Monthly 


Monthly Express Plus (Pass + $1.75) 

$58.00 + $1.75 

* Applies to adults ages 65+, persons with disabilities, Medicare card holders, and other individuals who qualify for half fare.  

NOTE: Riders who qualify for half fare will not see a change in the cost for using DART On Demand.  

Give Input 

DART seeks feedback on the proposed fare change from riders who use DART On Demand, and from other riders and residents who could use the service in the future. Your input will help DART understand how you might be impacted by this change.  

How to give feedback 

Take a survey. Complete an online survey here. Please complete the survey by May 24. 

Attend a public meeting: 
Tuesday, May 28, 2024
5:30-6:00 p.m.  
DMACC Ankeny Campus
Building 7, Room 105

Please note: The public input meeting has been rescheduled to Tuesday, May 28, 2024, due to the threat of severe weather on May 21.

At the public meeting, we will provide an overview of the DART On Demand service in Ankeny, why we are increasing fares, and seek your feedback on the fare change and other opportunities with DART On Demand.  

To access the meeting, book your trip with Ankeny DART On Demand in advance or use Express Route 98 - Ankeny.

DART will make every effort to provide support for language, hearing, visual and transportation needs. For help, please contact DART Customer Service at least 72 hours prior to the meeting by calling 515-283-8100. 

To receive future updates on DART On Demand, sign up for email alerts using this form.  

Frequently Asked Questions 


What is DART On Demand?

DART On Demand is a door-to-door service, allowing riders to book trips during set times and within a designated zone. DART uses smaller buses, with riders sharing trips with others who are traveling at similar times and to similar locations. All buses support riders with mobility devices and include bike racks. Rides can be booked when needed or in advance using the DART On Demand app, through a web portal, or by calling DART Customer Service. Learn more at ridedart.com/dart-demand

Where is DART On Demand offered? 

DART operates an On Demand zone in Ankeny. This service has been available for two years.  

DART is piloting DART On Demand service in Des Moines River Bend Neighborhood and in West Des Moines between Jordan Creek Town Center and the DMACC West Campus and Rec Plex. DART will determine next steps with these two zones in June 2024.   

View the service area for each zone here: ridedart.com/dart-demand

When will the fare increase?

DART plans to increase the DART On Demand fare on July 1, 2024. Sign up for email alerts on DART On Demand services using this form. We will notify you when this change is confirmed.

How do I qualify for half fare with DART On Demand? 

DART offers a half-fare cost to use DART On Demand for adults who are ages 65 and older, persons with disabilities, refugees, students, and individuals who receive food, housing, or workforce assistance. Learn more about DART’s half-fare programs here

Why doesn’t DART provide more On Demand service?

Unlike fixed-route, On Demand services require more buses as demand grows and can soon cost more to transport than a fixed-route bus. DART’s fixed routes serve an average of 17 people per hour at a cost of $6 per trip, while DART On Demand serves an average of 3 people per hour at a cost of $24 per trip.  

To balance the cost of providing service, DART carefully evaluates areas to serve with On Demand that have a community need for public transit but not enough need to support a fixed route. Since first launching an On Demand zone in 2022, DART has continued to launch other On Demand pilot zones to learn our customer preferences in using this service and how to best incorporate On Demand zones into the DART network to provide improved customer experiences and greater access to transit across our growing metro. 


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