DART replacing fareboxes on all buses this fall

UPDATE: DART continuing to test new fareboxes

DART will continue to test its new fareboxes on 30 of its buses through August 2018. New fareboxes will be installed fleetwide and DART's new fare policy will go into effect this fall. You can learn more about this farebox testing here.

What new fareboxes mean for our riders

Riders will notice a big change when they board a DART bus and pay their fares this fall. That's because DART is replacing its current fareboxes, which are more than 20 years old.

The new fareboxes will offer options, and will work better with current and future technologies. Their installation will bring about several changes for DART, including:

Please read more about these upcoming changes by either clicking on the links above to be directed to a section, or by scrolling through the information below.

Day Passes

Once DART installs the new fareboxes, riders will be able to purchase a paper day pass on all buses and from Customer Service located in DART Central Station. These passes will cost $4 and will allow riders to take an unlimited number of trips on the day they purchase the paper pass.

Day passes are currently available in the MyDART mobile ticketing app. Day passes in the app can be used an unlimited amount of times on the service day the pass is activated on.

Paper Transfers

DART will discontinue paper transfers when the fareboxes are fully installed this fall. When this occurs, riders will need to pay a fare each time they board the bus. In addition to cash, tokens and printed monthly and weekly passes, riders will have the ability to:

  • Purchase a $4 day pass on the bus or at DART Customer Service good for unlimited rides for the service day the pass is purchased on
  • Purchase a mobile day pass in the MyDART app good for unlimited rides through the end of the service day it is first activated on
  • Purchase a single ride in the MyDART app good for unlimited rides for two hours from the time it is first activated

DART will install new fareboxes in approximately 30 buses for testing through August 2018. During this time, DART will accept and distribute paper transfers.

MyDART Mobile Tickets

In June 2018, the MyDART app was updated to include QR codes on each ticket. Riders using the app can scan the code on their mobile ticket on the new fareboxes instead of showing it to the driver. Riders purchasing and using multiple tickets for multiple passengers will need to scan each QR code on each individual ticket when boarding the bus.

What happens next?

The new fareboxes will be installed in approximately 30 buses for testing through August. More details on this available here.

Riders with questions or concerns about these changes are encouraged to contact DART Customer Service by email, or by calling 515-283-8100 option 0.

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