Feedback needed: proposed bus shelter locations

Posted on December, 28 2023

Riders and other central Iowans should provide feedback on where DART is proposing to build several new bus shelters throughout the Greater Des Moines region. DART is especially interested in feedback anyone may have regarding these proposed locations, specifically if they believe the locations of these shelters would negatively impact the historical or cultural resources available nearby. 

Proposed bus stop locations 

As of December 2023, DART is proposing to add new benches and bus shelters to the following locations in Des Moines: 

Map of proposed shelter locations

Bench Only 

Photo of a long bench

  • Northwest corner of E Euclid Ave./E 33rd St., Des Moines 
  • Northeast corner of University Ave./11th St., Des Moines    
  • Northwest corner of E Grand Ave./E 14th St., Des Moines    
  • Southeast corner of E Grand Ave./E 14th St., Des Moines     
  • Southwest corner of University Ave./17th St., Des Moines   
  • Southwest corner of MLK JR Pkwy/Forest Ave., Des Moines


Shelter & Bench 

  • Northwest corner of Ingersoll Ave./29th St., Des Moines 
  • Southwest corner of Ingersoll Ave./29th St., Des Moines
  • South side of University Ave. between 29th St. and 28th St, Des Moines 
  • South side of University Ave. between 42nd St and 41st St., Des Moines              
  • North side of University Ave. between 42nd St and 41st St., Des Moines              
  • Southeast corner of W 9th St./Porter Ave., Des Moines        
  • East side of SW 9th St. at Hackley Ave., Des Moines        

How to provide feedback 

Riders with comments on these proposed bus shelter locations are encouraged to let DART’s Planning department know by  

  • Emailing

  • Calling DART Customer Service (515-283-8100) and leaving a comment for Planning, 

  • Sharing a comment for planning with the Customer Service staff member at the window in the lobby of DART Central Station (620 Cherry Street), or 

  • Mailing comments to: 
    DART Planning 
    620 Cherry Street 
    Des Moines, IA 50309-4530 

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