More service restored on Sunday, Aug. 23

DART will restore service to many of its routes to pre-COVID service levels, and adjust service levels on other routes on Sunday, Aug. 23, 2020. These changes will impact the following routes:

Details on the changes occurring as part of this service change are described below. You can click on the linked route names above to be redirected to the specific changes impacting those routes.

Regular weekday service restored

As part of this service change, schedules will be restored to the regular weekday service levels the routes operated on before COVID-19. Digital copies of schedules for these routes are available by clicking on the linked route names below. Routes making this change include:

Reduced weekday service continues

The following routes are closer to their normal weekday service levels but will continue operating somewhat reduced service schedules. You can view the schedules showing these added trips by clicking on the linked route names below.

Additional service added – Express Routes

Additional service will be added to the following routes, but for the time being the routes will not run the full service they did before the pandemic. Riders can view schedules showing these additional trips by clicking on the linked route names below.


The D-Line will continue running every 15 minutes on weekdays and Saturdays after the service update goes into effect. The route will no longer detour to Walnut Street to cross the Des Moines River, and will travel west on Grand Avenue to 17th Street by the Western Gateway Park and then east along Locust St. to Pennsylvania Avenue and ultimately E 13th Street near the Iowa State Capitol complex.

Platform changes at DART Central Station

Two routes will change platforms at DART Central Station. After Aug. 23, Local Route 1 will begin to depart from Platform G, while Local Route 3 will depart from Platform O. This move is necessary to accommodate the larger buses that will be running on Local Route 3 to help spread out customers onboard this busy route.

No changes to these routes

There will be no map or schedule changes for several routes.

  • Local Routes 8, 10, 11, 50 and 74: these routes will continue running a regular weekday service schedule
  • Local Route 72: This route will continue operating a reduced service schedule on weekdays.

Riders can find a comprehensive list of all DART routes and the service that they are currently operating on our website.

Please continue to help stop the spread of coronavirus

While DART is continuing additional safety measures we put in place to help promote the health and safety of both our riders and employees, we need your help to ensure these measures work. Please continue to do the following:

  • Wear a mask on the bus and at DART Central Station
  • Remain six feet apart from others to the extent possible
  • Use hand sanitizer before and after you board the bus
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Stay home if you feel sick and do not ride DART


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