DART Forward 2035 Transit Services Plan

DART is undergoing a study to update the DART Forward 2035 Transit Services Plan. The DART Forward 2035 Plan was adopted by the DART Commission in September 2011, establishing a 25-year blueprint for building a regional transit system in Greater Des Moines.

The first service changes were implemented in June 2012, and DART continued to introduce service improvements over the past three years. Other notable changes to date include the opening of a new transfer station in downtown Des Moines, launch of a redesigned and expanded route network, and addition of service hours, frequency and routes over the past three years.

To download a PDF of the complete DART Forward 2035 Transit Services Plan, click here.
DART Forward 2035 Plan Cover

Since the original study began in 2010, the Greater Des Moines region has experienced changes in population growth and development, economic development, employment, and transit ridership. DART is seeking to update the DART Forward 2035 Transit Services Plan to ensure that it continues to meet the mobility needs of the growing region.

Project Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives of the DART Forward 2035 Plan update include the following:

  • Engage riders and the general public throughout the entire process to ensure the updated service plan meets the needs and wants of the community.
  • Determine how population and development patterns have changed since the original study and identify any unmet needs for transit in the service area.
  • Analyze ridership to determine how riders responded to the original DART Forward 2035 service changes and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Create a vision for transit service that will meet the needs of our growing and changing population.
  • Develop a transit service plan that is consistent with helping the Greater Des Moines region realize The Tomorrow Plan’s vision for being a livable and sustainable region.

How to Get Involved

DART wants to hear about your priorities for transit service in the Greater Des Moines region.

Over the course of the project, DART will be distributing surveys, holding public meetings, conducting interviews and posting information on ridedart.com to encourage public participation. These outreach efforts will occur in two rounds. The first round will take place in late 2015/early 2016 and will focus on gathering information about how riders use the system, factors that would encourage non-riders to use transit and the types of improvements both riders and non-riders would like to see in the system. The second round will take place in spring 2016 and will seek to get feedback on the proposed changes to the updated DART Forward 2035 Plan.

This page will be updated with upcoming opportunities to provide input as they become available.


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