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*Transfer Notice:
In August of 2018, with the implementation of new fareboxes on the entire fleet, transfers will be discontinued. For riders this means that a fare is due when boarding the bus each time. However, when purchasing tickets in the MyDART app, a transfer is not required because the pass stays active for 2 hours after its initial use. Because of this advantage, it is encouraged for riders to switch to using the mobile ticketing system. Click here for more information about the MyDART app. Additionally, riders may choose to purchase a $4 day pass either on the bus or at Customer Service in DART Central Station. 

How to Transfer

You can transfer from one route to another at any point where the two routes intersect. If you find it necessary to use more than one route to get to your destination, you will need to transfer at some point to another route. Slips of paper called transfers are given to passengers to allow them to complete their trip on another route. Transfers allow you to board a bus on a connection route — not to return to where you started.

On each transfer slip, you will see the following:

  1. Letter and number of the day: The letter and number of a transfer slip changes every day so the driver knows if the transfer slip is current. 

  2. Time of issue: This is the last time appearing before transfer is cut. Transfers are cut for the time the bus reached downtown or the end of the line.


  • Transfers are free*.

  • Ask for a transfer when you pay your fare on the first bus.

  • Your fare on the connecting bus is the transfer. Simply hand it to the driver.

  • Transfers are valid for two hours after the time shown on the transfers, or until your next connecting bus.

  • Stopover transfers can be requested if you wish to get off the bus to run an errand. You may continue on the same route going in the same direction. The same transfer rules above apply to stopover transfers.

  • Route 60 – No special transfer exception. Can go bidirectional.


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