How to get to 80/35 in downtown Des Moines

Your Ride to the Intersection of Music and Transit

We're providing late-night service on the Downtown D-Line to take you to and from the 80/35 Music Festival. Buses will loop around Grand Ave. and Locust St., throughout Downtown and the East Village, until midnight on Friday, July 7 and Saturday, July 8. 

Save your feet for the festival, and plan your trip.

map of the d-line during the festival

MyDART app - Enter your trip details and click on the transit icon to view bus stops and times. 

Buses will run every 10 minutes until midnight both nights. Pick-ups are across all stops along Grand Ave. and Locust St. Drop-off for the festival will be near the corner of 9th & Locust St.

How much does it cost to ride?

The Downtown D-Line is always FREE to ride.


What is the Downtown D-Line?

This service operates year-round and is great for getting out during the workday or travelling across downtown without worrying about walking long distances or parking. Stops are serviced every 15 minutes.  It runs around the west side of Western Gateway Park, travelling east on Locust St. through Downtown, and into the East Village. The route than loops back around at E 6th St. and travels west along Grand Ave. On the nights of the 80/35 Music festival, the route is shortened on the west side and turns on 10th St. back onto Locust. 

Where can I find the MyDART App?

Plan your trip and get next bus times with the MyDART app, available on Android and iOS

Any tips for riding?

  • Lawn chairs, coolers and strollers are welcome. Please no eating or drinking on the bus, but you can bring food and beverages in closed containers.
  • Arrive at your bus stop early and make sure the driver can see you.
  • We know 80/35 makes you want to get up and dance, but please remain seated on the bus while it is in motion. If you must stand, hold on to the handrails.
  • To get off the bus, pull the cord that runs above the window or seat. 
  • If you are not sure where to get off, please ask the driver when you get on the bus. Our drivers are happy to help you!


DART Customer Service

For questions or more information, please contact DART customer service by phone at 515-283-8100, by email at or in person at DART Central Station, 620 Cherry Street, Des Moines. To learn more about the 80/35 Music Festival, click here:

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