2.0ԑ‚¤† 6479*ý Đąá ŕŔüŠy* 1*1331* 1*1320* 1*1318* 1*1316* 1*1314* 1*1313* 1*1310* 1*1308* 1*1306* 1*1166* 1*1176* 1*1164* 1*1157* 1*1159* 1*1170* 1*11748Re c ]Route 1 IB Detuor: 42nd South, Stay on 42nd to Williams, Right on University back to route.enZe c ]Route 1 IB Detuor: 42nd South, Stay on 42nd to Williams, Right on University back to route.enbe c ]Route 1 IB Detuor: 42nd South, Stay on 42nd to Williams, Right on University back to route.enje c ]Route 1 IB Detuor: 42nd South, Stay on 42nd to Williams, Right on University back to route.en² 13489020230320 08:00:09Ó 6648*Ę źąš˘ŕŔüŠy* 1*1173* 1*1169* 1*1158* 1*1156* 1*1163* 1*1175* 1*1165* 1*3689* 1*1160* 1*1309* 1*1312* 1S*1173* 1S*1169* 1S*1158* 1S*1156* 1S*1163* 1S*1175* 1S*1165* 1S*3689* 1S*1160* 1S*1309* 1S*13128Re c ]Route 1 Detour: University E, Left on Williams, Left on Easton, Right on 38th back on route.enZe c ]Route 1 Detour: University E, Left on Williams, Left on Easton, Right on 38th back on route.enbe c ]Route 1 Detour: University E, Left on Williams, Left on Easton, Right on 38th back on route.enje c ]Route 1 Detour: University E, Left on Williams, Left on Easton, Right on 38th back on route.en² 13606020230424 09:57:17— 6694*Ž ŕˇĐ˘ŕŔüŠy* 8*14618R' % Stop Closure on Route 8 INBOUNDenZN L FStop Closure between Route 8 INBOUND at --- and Route 8 INBOUND at ---enb' % Stop Closure on Route 8 INBOUNDenj. , &Stop Closure on Route 8 INBOUND at ---en² 13652020230504 15:56:18Ž 6801*… ēůŁŕŔüŠy* 72*2904* 72*2902* 72*4361* 72*35598R* ( "Detour on Route 72 VIA MILLS CIVICenZ  yDetour between Route 72 VIA MILLS CIVIC at GRAND AVE / VINE ST, WDM and Route 72 VIA MILLS CIVIC at VINE ST / 8TH ST, WDMenb* ( "Detour on Route 72 VIA MILLS CIVICenjF D >Detour on Route 72 VIA MILLS CIVIC at GRAND AVE / VINE ST, WDMen² 13775020230605 15:47:43˙ 6802*ö ēůŁŕŔüŠy* 72*4360* 72*2903* 72*29058R) ' !Detour on Route 72 VIA UNIVERSITYenZƒ € zDetour between Route 72 VIA UNIVERSITY at VINE ST / 10TH ST, WDM and Route 72 VIA UNIVERSITY at GRAND AVE / WALNUT ST, WDMenb) ' !Detour on Route 72 VIA UNIVERSITYenjC A ;Detour on Route 72 VIA UNIVERSITY at VINE ST / 10TH ST, WDMen² 13775020230605 15:47:43ő 6805*ě ȋůŁŕŔüŠy* 5*1488* 5*1530* 5*1495* 5*1499* 5*1503* 5*1531* 5*1509* 5*1535* 5*1502* 5*1498* 5*1494* 5*1529* 5*14878Rv t nOB Franklin W, R-Beaver, L-Hickman, L-53rd, R-Franklin, IB Franklin E, L-50th, R-Hickman, L-Beaver, L-FranklinenZŰ Ř ŃRoute 5 detour: OB Franklin West, Right on Beaver, Left on Hickman, Left on 53rd, Right on Franklin back on route. IB Franklin E, Left on 50th, Right on Hickman, Left on Beaver, Left on Franklin back on routeenbv t nOB Franklin W, R-Beaver, L-Hickman, L-53rd, R-Franklin, IB Franklin E, L-50th, R-Hickman, L-Beaver, L-FranklinenjŰ Ř ŃRoute 5 detour: OB Franklin West, Right on Beaver, Left on Hickman, Left on 53rd, Right on Franklin back on route. IB Franklin E, Left on 50th, Right on Hickman, Left on Beaver, Left on Franklin back on routeen² 13777020230605 23:19:29K 1001"C  56165820230607*110  EU&BĚ?ťÂ°B(ґ‚¤B 21111001HPJ 1002"B  56413520230607*50 Ă&Bâ"ťÂ°B-mâä>(ϑ‚¤B 21121002N 1020"F  56460120230607*600  źV&BEťÂ˜B-„ A(Б‚¤B 21301020HK 1025"C  56441520230607*60  L&Bˆ;ťÂŹC-¨WzA(Ǒ‚¤B 22501025A 1026"9  56386020230607*40 e„&BY=ťÂ(͑‚¤B 22511026L 7612"D  56163420230607*100 Ďf&BÉ#ťÂ°B-¨WzA(ɑ‚¤B 22607612K 1413"C  56153520230607*10  Őa&BÝ"ťÂ†C-ĺĐ2A(̑‚¤B 22641413L 1415"D  56279820230607*160  ft&B.GťÂ4C-„ A(Ǒ‚¤B 22661415G 1607"?  56203620230607*150  ?U&BÄ?ťÂ€C(Ƒ‚¤B 22941607P 1608"H  56177020230607*140 Íu&BúPťÂ†C-F”Ö@(Ƒ‚¤B 22951608HPA 1609"9  56322320230607*30  ˝f&BžZťÂ(ňŽ‚¤B 22961609F 1611">  56274220230607*160 ÔK&Bý@ťÂ(Α‚¤B 22981611HPO 1612"G  56436820230607*60 y5&BŸ1ťÂ4C-ĺĐ2A(ԑ‚¤B 22991612HPA 1613"9  56388820230607*40  ž[&B<ťÂ(ʑ‚¤B 23001613F 1618">  56402420230607*50  'Z&BPťÂ´B(ő‚¤B 23051618G 1620"?  56422520230607*520  ŁU&Bö?ťÂ¸B(ё‚¤B 23071620L 1621"D  56422420230607*520  E^&BV˜ťÂ°B-ĺвA(Ǒ‚¤B 23081621N 1622"F  56295820230607*170 o&B ťÂPB-¨WzA(Ƒ‚¤B 23091622HJ 1625"B  56485120230607*70  „U&B…?ťÂ˜C(Ƒ‚¤B 23121625HPdI 1626"A  56299520230607*170  TU&Bž?ťÂ¨B(ˑ‚¤B 23131626HA 1631"9  56400720230607*50 że&BQťÂ(ϑ‚¤B 23181631K 1632"C  56480620230607*70 p&B74ťÂtC-„ @(ӑ‚¤B 23191632G 1633"?  56279920230607*160  RU&B›?ťÂŽC(ˑ‚¤B 23201633G 1804"?  56360820230607*300  Őě&BjAťÂ˛C(ʑ‚¤B 23311804M 1807"E  56151820230607*10 _&BĄ3ťÂ˜B-F”VA(ӑ‚¤B 23341807HI 1809"A  56411120230607*500 ľ†&BfťÂ„C(ɑ‚¤B 23361809HN 1813"F  56200620230607*150  ăh&Be@ťÂ4C-F”Ö@(ґ‚¤B 23401813HL 2009"D  56504720230607*720 ÝA&BÂB-¨WzA(ˑ‚¤B 23482009K 2011"C  56548520230607*D-LINE0 +V&BPGťÂ C(͑‚¤B 23502011I 2013"A  56179420230607*140  ƒ]&BˆFťÂ0C(ё‚¤B 23592013HN 2015"F  56298320230607*170  ÷&Bž ťÂhC-¨WzA(ɑ‚¤B 23612015HD 2017"<  56272720230607*160 Śu&B$GťÂ(̑‚¤B 23632017HI 2101"A  56563920230607*LINK0 3^&B]@ťÂ-„ A(ȑ‚¤B 23642101I 2102"A  56543820230607*D-LINE j[&Bź9ťÂ€B(Ƒ‚¤B 23652102P 2103"H  56518020230607*740 ôf&B耻ÂŽC-mâä>(ȑ‚¤B 23662103HPG 2104"?  56501620230607*720  ä`&BŻťÂˆC(ȑ‚¤B 23672104I 2106"A  56455820230607*600  ÝU&BŹ?ťÂ˜B(̑‚¤B 23692106HN 2107"F  56533620230607*980 őĐ&Bś9ťÂ˘C-„ @(ӑ‚¤B 23702107HH 2108"@  56321820230607*30  ˝f&B*PťÂ´B(Б‚¤B 23712108HM 2109"E  56485020230607*70  (&BÂ?ťÂ†C-„ A(ɑ‚¤B 23722109HH 2110"@  56438520230607*60 EU&BČ?ťÂ„C(Ǒ‚¤B 23732110HN 2111"F  56460220230607*600  g&B–BťÂtC-ĺĐ2A(ő‚¤B 23742111HN 2112"F  56455920230607*600  X&B¨PťÂŠC-„ A(Б‚¤B 23752112HM 2113"E  56317520230607*30 Ęf&Bć\ťÂ†C-F”VA(ˑ‚¤B 23762113HH 2114"@  56317620230607*30 yc&BŠ~ťÂ4C(ő‚¤B 23772114HI 2115"A  56419420230607*520 ŮZ&BLžťÂ4C(Α‚¤B 23782115Hí 561650â " 56165008:40:0020230607*110:"ґ‚¤ °‘‚¤"ґ‚¤ °‘‚¤"DCSPLATM2   en 3"ü‘‚¤ ڑ‚¤"ü‘‚¤ ڑ‚¤"3342   en3"‡’‚¤ 呂¤"‡’‚¤ 呂¤"3202   en4"Ą’‚¤ ˙‘‚¤"Ą’‚¤ ˙‘‚¤"37022   en4"š’‚¤ —’‚¤"š’‚¤ —’‚¤"37042   en4"Ē‚¤ ˘’‚¤"Ē‚¤ ˘’‚¤"37052   en4"ݒ‚¤ ť’‚¤"ݒ‚¤ ť’‚¤"37062   en4"ř’‚¤ ֒‚¤"ř’‚¤ ֒‚¤"15522   en4 "–“‚¤ ô’‚¤"–“‚¤ ô’‚¤"15542   en2 "¨“‚¤ †“‚¤"¨“‚¤ †“‚¤"822   en4 "“‚¤  “‚¤"“‚¤  “‚¤"38772   en4 "쓂¤ ʓ‚¤"쓂¤ ʓ‚¤"18562   en4 "‰”‚¤ 瓂¤"‰”‚¤ 瓂¤"18032   en4"¤”‚¤ ‚”‚¤"¤”‚¤ ‚”‚¤"17922   en4"š”‚¤ —”‚¤"š”‚¤ —”‚¤"18072   en4"͔‚¤ Ť”‚¤"͔‚¤ Ť”‚¤"18092   en4"唂¤ Ԃ¤"唂¤ Ԃ¤"18112   en4"ö”‚¤ Ԕ‚¤"ö”‚¤ Ԕ‚¤"18542   en4"Œ•‚¤ ꔂ¤"Œ•‚¤ ꔂ¤"18152   en4"¨•‚¤ †•‚¤"¨•‚¤ †•‚¤"18192   en4"ƕ‚¤ ¤•‚¤"ƕ‚¤ ¤•‚¤"18232   en4"¤ ̕‚¤"¤ ̕‚¤"18292   en4"Ž–‚¤ 앂¤"Ž–‚¤ 앂¤"18332   en4"¨–‚¤ †–‚¤"¨–‚¤ †–‚¤"44102   en4"˛–‚¤ –‚¤"˛–‚¤ –‚¤"18392   en4"ż–‚¤ –‚¤"ż–‚¤ –‚¤"18412   en4"Ԗ‚¤ ˛–‚¤"Ԗ‚¤ ˛–‚¤"18522   en4"얂¤ ʖ‚¤"얂¤ ʖ‚¤"18432   en4"ü–‚¤ ږ‚¤"ü–‚¤ ږ‚¤"18452   en4"…—‚¤ 㖂¤"…—‚¤ 㖂¤"18472   en4"—‚¤ 햂¤"—‚¤ 햂¤"18492   en3 "Ź—‚¤ Š—‚¤"Ź—‚¤ Š—‚¤"2392   en3!"ˇ—‚¤ •—‚¤"ˇ—‚¤ •—‚¤"2372   en3""ȗ‚¤ Ś—‚¤"ȗ‚¤ Ś—‚¤"2352   en4#"ڗ‚¤ ¸—‚¤"ڗ‚¤ ¸—‚¤"15582   en4$"◂¤ Ŕ—‚¤"◂¤ Ŕ—‚¤"15602   en4%"ú—‚¤ ؗ‚¤"ú—‚¤ ؗ‚¤"15622   en4&"š˜‚¤ ř—‚¤"š˜‚¤ ř—‚¤"44142   en'"547(2   en("551(2   en)"553(2   en4*"療¤ ř‚¤"療¤ ř‚¤"13482   en4+"Šš‚¤ 虂¤"Šš‚¤ 虂¤"13402   en4,"Ťš‚¤ ‰š‚¤"Ťš‚¤ ‰š‚¤"43492   en6-"ú›‚¤ ؛‚¤"ú›‚¤ ؛‚¤"43052   en 21111001 ґ‚¤2€ 5616502023060708:40:00"464522, * $#11 INGERSOLL AVE TO VALLEY JUNCTIONen:% # #11 INGERSOLL AVE TO 9TH & ASenB430570:B0ď 564135ä 56413508:10:0020230607*506&ťב‚¤ œ‚¤ťב‚¤ œ‚¤"14132   en6'ť鑂¤ Ž‚¤ť鑂¤ Ž‚¤"13802   en6(ťű‘‚¤ Ŕ‚¤ťű‘‚¤ Ŕ‚¤"33632   en6)ť—’‚¤ ܏‚¤ť—’‚¤ ܏‚¤"38342   en6*ťĄ’‚¤ 揂¤ťĄ’‚¤ 揂¤"38352   en6+ťť’‚¤ €‚¤ťť’‚¤ €‚¤"38362   en6,ť쒂¤ ą‚¤ť쒂¤ ą‚¤"38372   en6-ť˙’‚¤ Ђ¤ť˙’‚¤ Ђ¤"38382   en6.ťœ“‚¤ ᐂ¤ťœ“‚¤ ᐂ¤"17202   en6/ťˇ“‚¤ ü‚¤ťˇ“‚¤ ü‚¤"17222   en60ťՓ‚¤ š‘‚¤ťՓ‚¤ š‘‚¤"12082   en81ť듂¤ °‘‚¤ť듂¤ °‘‚¤"37652   en 21121002 ϑ‚¤2„ 5641352023060708:10:00"0*5020 . (#50 EUCLID-DOUGLAS CROSSTOWN TO E 42ND Sen:% # EUCLID CROSSTOWN TO E 42ND STenB430549:B0 564110ö " 56411008:50:0020230607*5006—–‚¤ ˆ–‚¤—–‚¤ ˆ–‚¤"37652   en 4˘–‚¤ “–‚¤˘–‚¤ “–‚¤"12112   en4°–‚¤ Ą–‚¤°–‚¤ Ą–‚¤"12142   en4ż–‚¤ °–‚¤ż–‚¤ °–‚¤"12032   en4ܖ‚¤ ͖‚¤ܖ‚¤ ͖‚¤"43162   en4󖂤 䖂¤󖂤 䖂¤"43172   en4€—‚¤ ń–‚¤€—‚¤ ń–‚¤"43282   en4—‚¤ ţ–‚¤—‚¤ ţ–‚¤"41932   en4 ™—‚¤ Š—‚¤™—‚¤ Š—‚¤"38302   en4 ȗ‚¤ š—‚¤ȗ‚¤ š—‚¤"38312   en4 䗂¤ ՗‚¤䗂¤ ՗‚¤"38322   en4 ‡˜‚¤ ř—‚¤‡˜‚¤ ř—‚¤"43182   en4 Ť˜‚¤ œ˜‚¤Ť˜‚¤ œ˜‚¤"43062   en4؂¤ ´˜‚¤؂¤ ´˜‚¤"43082   en4˜™‚¤ ‰™‚¤˜™‚¤ ‰™‚¤"43102   en4ٙ‚¤ ʙ‚¤ٙ‚¤ ʙ‚¤"43122   en4š‚¤ š‚¤š‚¤ š‚¤"43142   en4łš‚¤ ¤š‚¤łš‚¤ ¤š‚¤"32282   en4ƚ‚¤ ˇš‚¤ƚ‚¤ ˇš‚¤"32292   en4ؚ‚¤ ɚ‚¤ؚ‚¤ ɚ‚¤"32312   en4Ꚃ¤ ۚ‚¤Ꚃ¤ ۚ‚¤"39992   en4€›‚¤ ńš‚¤€›‚¤ ńš‚¤"32352   en4”›‚¤ …›‚¤”›‚¤ …›‚¤"32372   en4Ť›‚¤ œ›‚¤Ť›‚¤ œ›‚¤"14092   en4Ǜ‚¤ ¸›‚¤Ǜ‚¤ ¸›‚¤"13892   en4ٛ‚¤ ʛ‚¤ٛ‚¤ ʛ‚¤"13922   en4ů›‚¤ ꛂ¤ů›‚¤ ꛂ¤"43072   en4Źœ‚¤ œ‚¤Źœ‚¤ œ‚¤"14002   en4ǜ‚¤ ¸œ‚¤ǜ‚¤ ¸œ‚¤"13822   en4✂¤ Ӝ‚¤✂¤ Ӝ‚¤"13842   en4ýœ‚¤ ¤ýœ‚¤ ¤"13862   en4 ˜‚¤ ‰‚¤˜‚¤ ‰‚¤"13882   en4!“ž‚¤ „ž‚¤“ž‚¤ „ž‚¤"36822   en3"ƞ‚¤ ˇž‚¤ƞ‚¤ ˇž‚¤"9042   en3#֞‚¤ Ǟ‚¤֞‚¤ Ǟ‚¤"9542   en3$ńž‚¤ ➂¤ńž‚¤ ➂¤"9072   en3%ƒŸ‚¤ ôž‚¤ƒŸ‚¤ ôž‚¤"9172   en3&ŠŸ‚¤ šŸ‚¤ŠŸ‚¤ šŸ‚¤"9532   en3'šŸ‚¤ ŞŸ‚¤šŸ‚¤ ŞŸ‚¤"9182   en3(ޟ‚¤ ϟ‚¤ޟ‚¤ ϟ‚¤"9232   en3)úŸ‚¤ 럂¤úŸ‚¤ 럂¤"9262   en3*˜ ‚¤ ‰ ‚¤˜ ‚¤ ‰ ‚¤"9292   en3+ż ‚¤ ° ‚¤ż ‚¤ ° ‚¤"9512   en3,ő ‚¤ 栂¤ő ‚¤ 栂¤"9142   en3-ˆĄ‚¤ ů ‚¤ˆĄ‚¤ ů ‚¤"9332   en3.ŹĄ‚¤ Ą‚¤ŹĄ‚¤ Ą‚¤"9152   en3/ĎĄ‚¤ ŔĄ‚¤ĎĄ‚¤ ŔĄ‚¤"9372   en30˙Ą‚¤ 𡂤˙Ą‚¤ 𡂤"9422   en31ž˘‚¤ ˘‚¤ž˘‚¤ ˘‚¤"9462   en42Ő˘‚¤ Ƣ‚¤Ő˘‚¤ Ƣ‚¤"20972   en63§Ł‚¤ ˜Ł‚¤§Ł‚¤ ˜Ł‚¤"21232   en 21121002 ϑ‚¤2€ 5641102023060708:50:00"020 . (#50 EUCLID-DOUGLAS CROSSTOWN TO MERLE Hen:% # EUCLID CROSSTOWN TO MERLE HAYenB430549:B0ú 564601ď " 56460108:10:0020230607*600 4*Ů‘‘‚¤ ¸Ž‚¤Ů‘‘‚¤ ¸Ž‚¤"832   en6+Ůđ‚¤ 뎂¤Ůđ‚¤ 뎂¤"19472   en6,Ůᑂ¤ ˆ‚¤Ůᑂ¤ ˆ‚¤"19452   en6-Ůń‘‚¤ ˜‚¤Ůń‘‚¤ ˜‚¤"19442   en6.Ů“’‚¤ ş‚¤Ů“’‚¤ ş‚¤"19422   en6/ŮĄ’‚¤ ȏ‚¤ŮĄ’‚¤ ȏ‚¤"19552   en60Ůł’‚¤ ڏ‚¤Ůł’‚¤ ڏ‚¤"19542   en61Ů҂¤ ꏂ¤Ů҂¤ ꏂ¤"19532   en62ŮԒ‚¤ ű‚¤ŮԒ‚¤ ű‚¤"33462   en<3Ů‘“‚¤ ¸‚¤Ů‘“‚¤ ¸‚¤"DCSPLATK2   en 21301020 Б‚¤2s 5646012023060708:10:00"46314*602  #60 UNIVERSITY/INGERSOLLen:  #60 UNIVERSITY/INGERSOLLenB430573:B 564601-585ƒ 564603ř " 56460308:50:0020230607*600 6 ˆ–‚¤ ˆ–‚¤ ˆ–‚¤ ˆ–‚¤"DCSPLATK2   en / Ż–‚¤ Ż–‚¤ Ż–‚¤ Ż–‚¤"3342   en/ ˝–‚¤ ˝–‚¤ ˝–‚¤ ˝–‚¤"3202   en/ ͖‚¤ ͖‚¤ ͖‚¤ ͖‚¤"3092   en/ ű–‚¤ ű–‚¤ ű–‚¤ ű–‚¤"3292   en/ —‚¤ —‚¤ —‚¤ —‚¤"2932   en/ Ť—‚¤ Ť—‚¤ Ť—‚¤ Ť—‚¤"3002   en/ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤"3192   en/  ˜‚¤ ˜‚¤ ˜‚¤ ˜‚¤"3212   en0  ´˜‚¤ ´˜‚¤ ´˜‚¤ ´˜‚¤"39912   en0  Ԙ‚¤ Ԙ‚¤ Ԙ‚¤ Ԙ‚¤"39922   en0  ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤"39932   en0  ‡™‚¤ ‡™‚¤ ‡™‚¤ ‡™‚¤"32842   en0 §™‚¤ §™‚¤ §™‚¤ §™‚¤"32862   en0 ƙ‚¤ ƙ‚¤ ƙ‚¤ ƙ‚¤"39942   en0 虂¤ 虂¤ 虂¤ 虂¤"32892   en0 ţ™‚¤ ţ™‚¤ ţ™‚¤ ţ™‚¤"32912   en0 šš‚¤ šš‚¤ šš‚¤ šš‚¤"32932   en0 Żš‚¤ Żš‚¤ Żš‚¤ Żš‚¤"32942   en0 ֚‚¤ ֚‚¤ ֚‚¤ ֚‚¤"27392   en0 úš‚¤ úš‚¤ úš‚¤ úš‚¤"28322   en"2744(2   en"2747(2   en"2753(2   en"2757(2   en"2761(2   en"181(2   en"3197(2   en0 坂¤ 坂¤ 坂¤ 坂¤"31982   en0 „ž‚¤ „ž‚¤ „ž‚¤ „ž‚¤"18262   en0 Ľž‚¤ Ľž‚¤ Ľž‚¤ Ľž‚¤"18222   en0  ƞ‚¤ ƞ‚¤ ƞ‚¤ ƞ‚¤"18182   en0! ŕž‚¤ ŕž‚¤ ŕž‚¤ ŕž‚¤"18142   en0" …Ÿ‚¤ …Ÿ‚¤ …Ÿ‚¤ …Ÿ‚¤"18532   en0# ˜Ÿ‚¤ ˜Ÿ‚¤ ˜Ÿ‚¤ ˜Ÿ‚¤"18102   en0$ šŸ‚¤ šŸ‚¤ šŸ‚¤ šŸ‚¤"18082   en0% П‚¤ П‚¤ П‚¤ П‚¤"18062   en0& űŸ‚¤ űŸ‚¤ űŸ‚¤ űŸ‚¤"17902   en0' • ‚¤ • ‚¤ • ‚¤ • ‚¤"18022   en0( Č ‚¤ Č ‚¤ Č ‚¤ Č ‚¤"18552   en0) 젂¤ 젂¤ 젂¤ 젂¤"17992   en.* ĄĄ‚¤ ĄĄ‚¤ ĄĄ‚¤ ĄĄ‚¤"832   en0+ ŢĄ‚¤ ŢĄ‚¤ ŢĄ‚¤ ŢĄ‚¤"19472   en0, ˘‚¤ ˘‚¤ ˘‚¤ ˘‚¤"19452   en0- •˘‚¤ •˘‚¤ •˘‚¤ •˘‚¤"19442   en0. ˝˘‚¤ ˝˘‚¤ ˝˘‚¤ ˝˘‚¤"19422   en0/ ΢‚¤ ΢‚¤ ΢‚¤ ΢‚¤"19552   en00 䢂¤ 䢂¤ 䢂¤ 䢂¤"19542   en01 ř˘‚¤ ř˘‚¤ ř˘‚¤ ř˘‚¤"19532   en02 ŒŁ‚¤ ŒŁ‚¤ ŒŁ‚¤ ŒŁ‚¤"33462   en63 ÔŁ‚¤ ÔŁ‚¤ ÔŁ‚¤ ÔŁ‚¤"DCSPLATK2   en 21301020 Б‚¤2o 5646032023060708:50:00"463142  #60 UNIVERSITY/INGERSOLLen:  #60 UNIVERSITY/INGERSOLLenB430573:B 564601-585Ů 564415Î ! 56441508:23:0020230607*60 4/“‚¤ 䏂¤/“‚¤ 䏂¤"17832   en4/°‚¤ ‚¤/°‚¤ ‚¤"40222   en4/ŕ‚¤ ą‚¤/ŕ‚¤ ą‚¤"40242   en4/ř‚¤ ɐ‚¤/ř‚¤ ɐ‚¤"40252   en4/—‘‚¤ 萂¤/—‘‚¤ 萂¤"40272   en4/­‘‚¤ ţ‚¤/­‘‚¤ ţ‚¤"16472   en4/͑‚¤ ž‘‚¤/͑‚¤ ž‘‚¤"42642   en4/瑂¤ ¸‘‚¤/瑂¤ ¸‘‚¤"42622   en4 /ý‘‚¤ Α‚¤/ý‘‚¤ Α‚¤"42602   en4!/Ş’‚¤ ű‘‚¤/Ş’‚¤ ű‘‚¤"25592   en4"/ޒ‚¤ Ż’‚¤/ޒ‚¤ Ż’‚¤"42592   en8#/““‚¤ 䒂¤/““‚¤ 䒂¤"DCSPLATC2   en 22501025 Ǒ‚¤2ƒ 5644152023060708:23:00"0*620 . (#6 INDIANOLA TO DART CENTRAL STATION VIAen:% # #6 INDIANOLA TO DART CENTRAL enB430564:B0• 563906Š ! 56390608:45:0020230607*40 2 ܓ‚¤ ܓ‚¤ ܓ‚¤ ܓ‚¤"22222   en 0 ţ“‚¤ ţ“‚¤ ţ“‚¤ ţ“‚¤"40942   en0 “”‚¤ “”‚¤ “”‚¤ “”‚¤"40952   en0 ą”‚¤ ą”‚¤ ą”‚¤ ą”‚¤"32412   en0 Ŕ‚¤ Ŕ‚¤ Ŕ‚¤ Ŕ‚¤"14022   en0 䔂¤ 䔂¤ 䔂¤ 䔂¤"14052   en0 €•‚¤ €•‚¤ €•‚¤ €•‚¤"32432   en0 ”•‚¤ ”•‚¤ ”•‚¤ ”•‚¤"32442   en0  Ż•‚¤ Ż•‚¤ Ż•‚¤ Ż•‚¤"32462   en0  ̕‚¤ ̕‚¤ ̕‚¤ ̕‚¤"10462   en0  ܕ‚¤ ܕ‚¤ ܕ‚¤ ܕ‚¤"10502   en0  ö•‚¤ ö•‚¤ ö•‚¤ ö•‚¤"10622   en0  Ś–‚¤ Ś–‚¤ Ś–‚¤ Ś–‚¤"10212   en0 Á–‚¤ Á–‚¤ Á–‚¤ Á–‚¤"10582   en/ Ֆ‚¤ Ֆ‚¤ Ֆ‚¤ Ֆ‚¤"9992   en0 ň–‚¤ ň–‚¤ ň–‚¤ ň–‚¤"10232   en0 ‹—‚¤ ‹—‚¤ ‹—‚¤ ‹—‚¤"10602   en0 §—‚¤ §—‚¤ §—‚¤ §—‚¤"10332   en0 ˝—‚¤ ˝—‚¤ ˝—‚¤ ˝—‚¤"10482   en0 ֗‚¤ ֗‚¤ ֗‚¤ ֗‚¤"10672   en0 €˜‚¤ €˜‚¤ €˜‚¤ €˜‚¤"10102   en0  ˜‚¤  ˜‚¤  ˜‚¤  ˜‚¤"10182   en0 ˛˜‚¤ ˛˜‚¤ ˛˜‚¤ ˛˜‚¤"10642   en0 Ә‚¤ Ә‚¤ Ә‚¤ Ә‚¤"10072   en0 ☂¤ ☂¤ ☂¤ ☂¤"10652   en0 ™‚¤ ™‚¤ ™‚¤ ™‚¤"10292   en0 Ź™‚¤ Ź™‚¤ Ź™‚¤ Ź™‚¤"15702   en0 ᙂ¤ ᙂ¤ ᙂ¤ ᙂ¤"15662   en0 ‰š‚¤ ‰š‚¤ ‰š‚¤ ‰š‚¤"15642   en0 ˘š‚¤ ˘š‚¤ ˘š‚¤ ˘š‚¤"16022   en0 ǚ‚¤ ǚ‚¤ ǚ‚¤ ǚ‚¤"22762   en0  嚂¤ 嚂¤ 嚂¤ 嚂¤"36932   en0! š›‚¤ š›‚¤ š›‚¤ š›‚¤"36952   en0" ț‚¤ ț‚¤ ț‚¤ ț‚¤"36972   en0# ™œ‚¤ ™œ‚¤ ™œ‚¤ ™œ‚¤"36992   en0$ Źœ‚¤ Źœ‚¤ Źœ‚¤ Źœ‚¤"37002   en0% ɜ‚¤ ɜ‚¤ ɜ‚¤ ɜ‚¤"37012   en/& ţœ‚¤ ţœ‚¤ ţœ‚¤ ţœ‚¤"4522   en0' ’‚¤ ’‚¤ ’‚¤ ’‚¤"33462   en4( „ž‚¤ „ž‚¤ „ž‚¤ „ž‚¤"DCSPLATB2   en 22511026 ͑‚¤2x 5639062023060708:45:00"02) ' !#4 E 14TH TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:$ " GRIMES / NW JOHNSTON ON CALLenB430562:B0• 561634Š " 56163408:25:0020230607*1006‡Б‚¤ ɐ‚¤‡Б‚¤ ɐ‚¤"42382   en6‡„’‚¤ ý‚¤‡„’‚¤ ý‚¤"42392   en6‡Š’‚¤ ˘‘‚¤‡Š’‚¤ ˘‘‚¤"28202   en6‡ˇ’‚¤ °‘‚¤‡ˇ’‚¤ °‘‚¤"37662   en6‡ɒ‚¤ ‘‚¤‡ɒ‚¤ ‘‚¤"37672   en6‡⒂¤ ۑ‚¤‡⒂¤ ۑ‚¤"37682   en6‡풂¤ 摂¤‡풂¤ 摂¤"37692   en6‡ú’‚¤ 󑂤‡ú’‚¤ 󑂤"37702   en6‡‰“‚¤ ‚’‚¤‡‰“‚¤ ‚’‚¤"37712   en6 ‡š“‚¤ “’‚¤‡š“‚¤ “’‚¤"37722   en6!‡Ś“‚¤ Ÿ’‚¤‡Ś“‚¤ Ÿ’‚¤"37732   en6"‡´“‚¤ ­’‚¤‡´“‚¤ ­’‚¤"37742   en6#‡§”‚¤  “‚¤‡§”‚¤  “‚¤"42462   en6$‡ŕ”‚¤ ٓ‚¤‡ŕ”‚¤ ٓ‚¤"43242   en8%‡Ÿ•‚¤ ˜”‚¤‡Ÿ•‚¤ ˜”‚¤"37132   en 22607612 ɑ‚¤2€ 5616342023060708:25:00"0*102, * $#10 EAST UNIVERSITY TO PLEASANT HILLen:% # #10 EAST UNIVERSITY TO PLEASAenB430568:B0˜ 561638 " 56163808:49:0020230607*100 6-ů•‚¤ ̕‚¤-ů•‚¤ ̕‚¤"37132   en 4-™–‚¤ 앂¤-™–‚¤ 앂¤"37142   en4-Ȗ‚¤ ›–‚¤-Ȗ‚¤ ›–‚¤"37162   en4-ń–‚¤ Ė‚¤-ń–‚¤ Ė‚¤"37152   en4-˜—‚¤ 떂¤-˜—‚¤ 떂¤"43252   en4-­—‚¤ €—‚¤-­—‚¤ €—‚¤"43262   en4-ߗ‚¤ ˛—‚¤-ߗ‚¤ ˛—‚¤"43272   en4-昂¤ š˜‚¤-昂¤ š˜‚¤"37752   en4 -ö˜‚¤ ɘ‚¤-ö˜‚¤ ɘ‚¤"37762   en4 -‡™‚¤ ژ‚¤-‡™‚¤ ژ‚¤"37772   en4 -š™‚¤ 혂¤-š™‚¤ 혂¤"37782   en4 -Ş™‚¤ ý˜‚¤-Ş™‚¤ ý˜‚¤"37792   en4 -ş™‚¤ ™‚¤-ş™‚¤ ™‚¤"37802   en4-̙‚¤ Ÿ™‚¤-̙‚¤ Ÿ™‚¤"37812   en4-♂¤ ľ™‚¤-♂¤ ľ™‚¤"37822   en4-ů™‚¤ ̙‚¤-ů™‚¤ ̙‚¤"37832   en4-–š‚¤ 陂¤-–š‚¤ 陂¤"28212   en4-śš‚¤ ‰š‚¤-śš‚¤ ‰š‚¤"42402   en4-ňš‚¤ Ś‚¤-ňš‚¤ Ś‚¤"42412   en4-›‚¤ ŕš‚¤-›‚¤ ŕš‚¤"42422   en4-˝›‚¤ ›‚¤-˝›‚¤ ›‚¤"42432   en4-žœ‚¤ ‘œ‚¤-žœ‚¤ ‘œ‚¤"36192   en4-͜‚¤  œ‚¤-͜‚¤  œ‚¤"28182   en4-䜂¤ ˇœ‚¤-䜂¤ ˇœ‚¤"28312   en4-űœ‚¤ Μ‚¤-űœ‚¤ Μ‚¤"28162   en4-“‚¤ 朂¤-“‚¤ 朂¤"28142   en4-š‚¤ Œ‚¤-š‚¤ Œ‚¤"40502   en4-ԝ‚¤ §‚¤-ԝ‚¤ §‚¤"28102   en4-䝂¤ ˇ‚¤-䝂¤ ˇ‚¤"40512   en4-ř‚¤ ˝‚¤-ř‚¤ ˝‚¤"40522   en4-œž‚¤ ¤-œž‚¤ ¤"43222   en4 -ނ¤ –ž‚¤-ނ¤ –ž‚¤"43202   en4!-–Ÿ‚¤ 鞂¤-–Ÿ‚¤ 鞂¤"12152   en4"-ÁŸ‚¤ ”Ÿ‚¤-ÁŸ‚¤ ”Ÿ‚¤"12192   en4#-柂¤ šŸ‚¤-柂¤ šŸ‚¤"29882   en4$-… ‚¤ ؟‚¤-… ‚¤ ؟‚¤"29862   en4%-¤ ‚¤ ÷Ÿ‚¤-¤ ‚¤ ÷Ÿ‚¤"29842   en4&-Ó ‚¤ Ś ‚¤-Ó ‚¤ Ś ‚¤"29922   en4'-ţ ‚¤ Ń ‚¤-ţ ‚¤ Ń ‚¤"36992   en4(-Ą‚¤ ࠂ¤-Ą‚¤ ࠂ¤"37002   en4)-ŁĄ‚¤ ö ‚¤-ŁĄ‚¤ ö ‚¤"37012   en3*-ËĄ‚¤ žĄ‚¤-ËĄ‚¤ žĄ‚¤"4522   en4+-ÚĄ‚¤ ­Ą‚¤-ÚĄ‚¤ ­Ą‚¤"33462   en8,-‘˘‚¤ 䡂¤-‘˘‚¤ 䡂¤"DCSPLATM2   en 22607612 ɑ‚¤2€ 5616382023060708:49:00"020 . (#10 EAST UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATen:% # #10 EAST UNIVERSITY TO DART CenB430568:B0ű 561535đ ! 56153508:25:0020230607*10 4}‘‚¤ “‚¤}‘‚¤ “‚¤"15992   en4}¨‘‚¤ Ť‚¤}¨‘‚¤ Ť‚¤"15972   en4 }đ‚¤ ǐ‚¤}đ‚¤ ǐ‚¤"15952   en4!}ŕ‘‚¤ 㐂¤}ŕ‘‚¤ 㐂¤"15932   en4"}ý‘‚¤ €‘‚¤}ý‘‚¤ €‘‚¤"15912   en4#}™’‚¤ œ‘‚¤}™’‚¤ œ‘‚¤"15892   en4$}´’‚¤ ˇ‘‚¤}´’‚¤ ˇ‘‚¤"15872   en4%}Ւ‚¤ ؑ‚¤}Ւ‚¤ ؑ‚¤"15852   en4&}쒂¤ ¤}쒂¤ ¤"15832   en4'}ţ’‚¤ ’‚¤}ţ’‚¤ ’‚¤"15812   en4(}Ľ“‚¤ ¨’‚¤}Ľ“‚¤ ¨’‚¤"15792   en4)}ӂ¤ ƒ‚¤}ӂ¤ ƒ‚¤"17272   en4*}蓂¤ 뒂¤}蓂¤ 뒂¤"15762   en4+}˜”‚¤ ›“‚¤}˜”‚¤ ›“‚¤"15742   en4,}ş”‚¤ ˝“‚¤}ş”‚¤ ˝“‚¤"15722   en4-}ٔ‚¤ ܓ‚¤}ٔ‚¤ ܓ‚¤"15702   en4.}‡•‚¤ Š”‚¤}‡•‚¤ Š”‚¤"15662   en4/}Ş•‚¤ ­”‚¤}Ş•‚¤ ­”‚¤"15642   en40}Ŕ•‚¤ Ԃ¤}Ŕ•‚¤ Ԃ¤"16022   en41}ŕ•‚¤ 㔂¤}ŕ•‚¤ 㔂¤"22762   en42}ú•‚¤ ý”‚¤}ú•‚¤ ý”‚¤"36932   en43}¨–‚¤ Ť•‚¤}¨–‚¤ Ť•‚¤"36952   en44}Ж‚¤ ӕ‚¤}Ж‚¤ ӕ‚¤"36972   en45}–—‚¤ ™–‚¤}–—‚¤ ™–‚¤"36992   en46}§—‚¤ Ş–‚¤}§—‚¤ Ş–‚¤"37002   en47}Ŕ—‚¤ ւ¤}Ŕ—‚¤ ւ¤"37012   en38}¤ ń–‚¤}¤ ń–‚¤"4522   en49}˙—‚¤ ‚—‚¤}˙—‚¤ ‚—‚¤"33462   en::}š˜‚¤ ź—‚¤}š˜‚¤ ź—‚¤"DCSPLATG2   en 22641413 ̑‚¤2… 5615352023060708:25:00"46322*12. ,  FAIRGROUNDS TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #1 FAIRGROUNDS TO DART CENTRAenB430515:B 561535-235¨ 561527 ! 56152709:00:0020230607*106 ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤"DCSPLATG2   en / –›‚¤ –›‚¤ –›‚¤ –›‚¤"3342   en/ Ś›‚¤ Ś›‚¤ Ś›‚¤ Ś›‚¤"3202   en0 š›‚¤ š›‚¤ š›‚¤ š›‚¤"19512   en0 ͛‚¤ ͛‚¤ ͛‚¤ ͛‚¤"19502   en0 ąœ‚¤ ąœ‚¤ ąœ‚¤ ąœ‚¤"43292   en0 ᜂ¤ ᜂ¤ ᜂ¤ ᜂ¤"43302   en0 ˆ‚¤ ˆ‚¤ ˆ‚¤ ˆ‚¤"42342   en0  Ľ‚¤ Ľ‚¤ Ľ‚¤ Ľ‚¤"40022   en0  ݂¤ ݂¤ ݂¤ ݂¤"16012   en0  ŕ‚¤ ŕ‚¤ ŕ‚¤ ŕ‚¤"15632   en0  ř‚¤ ř‚¤ ř‚¤ ř‚¤"15652   en0  Ąž‚¤ Ąž‚¤ Ąž‚¤ Ąž‚¤"16042   en0 Ŕž‚¤ Ŕž‚¤ Ŕž‚¤ Ŕž‚¤"15692   en0 ٞ‚¤ ٞ‚¤ ٞ‚¤ ٞ‚¤"15712   en0 ňž‚¤ ňž‚¤ ňž‚¤ ňž‚¤"15732   en0 †Ÿ‚¤ †Ÿ‚¤ †Ÿ‚¤ †Ÿ‚¤"15752   en0 §Ÿ‚¤ §Ÿ‚¤ §Ÿ‚¤ §Ÿ‚¤"15772   en0 śŸ‚¤ śŸ‚¤ śŸ‚¤ śŸ‚¤"15782   en0 ԟ‚¤ ԟ‚¤ ԟ‚¤ ԟ‚¤"15802   en0 ⟂¤ ⟂¤ ⟂¤ ⟂¤"15822   en0 řŸ‚¤ řŸ‚¤ řŸ‚¤ řŸ‚¤"15842   en0 Ž ‚¤ Ž ‚¤ Ž ‚¤ Ž ‚¤"15862   en0 ¤ ‚¤ ¤ ‚¤ ¤ ‚¤ ¤ ‚¤"15882   en0 ş ‚¤ ş ‚¤ ş ‚¤ ş ‚¤"15902   en0 Đ ‚¤ Đ ‚¤ Đ ‚¤ Đ ‚¤"15922   en0 栂¤ 栂¤ 栂¤ 栂¤"15942   en0 ü ‚¤ ü ‚¤ ü ‚¤ ü ‚¤"15962   en0 Ą‚¤ Ą‚¤ Ą‚¤ Ą‚¤"15982   en0 ¨Ą‚¤ ¨Ą‚¤ ¨Ą‚¤ ¨Ą‚¤"16002   en0 ČĄ‚¤ ČĄ‚¤ ČĄ‚¤ ČĄ‚¤"11482   en0  ߥ‚¤ ߥ‚¤ ߥ‚¤ ߥ‚¤"11532   en0! †˘‚¤ †˘‚¤ †˘‚¤ †˘‚¤"28202   en""1173(2   en#"1169(2   en$"1158(2   en%"1156(2   en&"1163(2   en'"1175(2   en("1165(2   en)"3689(2   en*"1160(2   en+"1309(2   en,"1312(2   en0- ¤‚¤ ¤‚¤ ¤‚¤ ¤‚¤"11892   en0. Ŕ¤‚¤ Ŕ¤‚¤ Ŕ¤‚¤ Ŕ¤‚¤"11962   en0/ פ‚¤ פ‚¤ פ‚¤ פ‚¤"11852   en00 椂¤ 椂¤ 椂¤ 椂¤"11922   en01 ÷¤‚¤ ÷¤‚¤ ÷¤‚¤ ÷¤‚¤"11952   en02 ˆĽ‚¤ ˆĽ‚¤ ˆĽ‚¤ ˆĽ‚¤"11942   en03 ĄĽ‚¤ ĄĽ‚¤ ĄĽ‚¤ ĄĽ‚¤"11862   en04 ÁĽ‚¤ ÁĽ‚¤ ÁĽ‚¤ ÁĽ‚¤"38382   en05 ⥂¤ ⥂¤ ⥂¤ ⥂¤"17202   en06 Ś‚¤ Ś‚¤ Ś‚¤ Ś‚¤"17222   en07 ŁŚ‚¤ ŁŚ‚¤ ŁŚ‚¤ ŁŚ‚¤"12082   en28 źŚ‚¤ źŚ‚¤ źŚ‚¤ źŚ‚¤"37652   en 22641413 ̑‚¤2~ 5615272023060709:00:00"464482* ( "#1 FAIRGROUNDS TO E 42ND & HUBBELLen:% # #1 FAIRGROUNDS TO E 42ND & HUenB430515:B 561535-235ě 562798á " 56279808:20:0020230607*160 3-Б‚¤ Ł‘‚¤-Б‚¤ Ł‘‚¤"4002   en3-¤ ‘‚¤-¤ ‘‚¤"3982   en4-•’‚¤ 葂¤-•’‚¤ 葂¤"18752   en4 -˒‚¤ ž’‚¤-˒‚¤ ž’‚¤"18722   en4!-‚“‚¤ Ւ‚¤-‚“‚¤ Ւ‚¤"41132   en4"-Ł“‚¤ ö’‚¤-Ł“‚¤ ö’‚¤"31332   en3#-ē‚¤ —“‚¤-ē‚¤ —“‚¤"3792   en2$-䓂¤ ˇ“‚¤-䓂¤ ˇ“‚¤"452   en4%-”‚¤ Ⓜ¤-”‚¤ Ⓜ¤"32762   en4&-§”‚¤ ú“‚¤-§”‚¤ ú“‚¤"32782   en4'-Ŕ‚¤ ˜”‚¤-Ŕ‚¤ ˜”‚¤"32802   en3(-ޔ‚¤ ą”‚¤-ޔ‚¤ ą”‚¤"5552   en3)-€•‚¤ Ӕ‚¤-€•‚¤ Ӕ‚¤"5722   en3*-Ť•‚¤ ţ”‚¤-Ť•‚¤ ţ”‚¤"5782   en3+-ž•‚¤ ‘•‚¤-ž•‚¤ ‘•‚¤"5612   en3,-ᕂ¤ ´•‚¤-ᕂ¤ ´•‚¤"5702   en3--‰–‚¤ ܕ‚¤-‰–‚¤ ܕ‚¤"5762   en3.-™–‚¤ 앂¤-™–‚¤ 앂¤"5662   en4/-–‚¤ •–‚¤-–‚¤ •–‚¤"19542   en40-Җ‚¤ Ľ–‚¤-Җ‚¤ Ľ–‚¤"19532   en41-ޖ‚¤ ą–‚¤-ޖ‚¤ ą–‚¤"33462   en:2-­—‚¤ €—‚¤-­—‚¤ €—‚¤"DCSPLATJ2   en 22661415 Ǒ‚¤2ƒ 5627982023060708:20:00"0*162/ - '#16 DOUGLAS AVE TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #16 DOUGLAS AVE TO DART CENTRenB430535:B0ˇ 562725Ź " 56272509:05:0020230607*1606 Œ‚¤ Œ‚¤ Œ‚¤ Œ‚¤"DCSPLATJ2   en / ڝ‚¤ ڝ‚¤ ڝ‚¤ ڝ‚¤"3342   en/ 蝂¤ 蝂¤ 蝂¤ 蝂¤"3202   en0 ‡ž‚¤ ‡ž‚¤ ‡ž‚¤ ‡ž‚¤"37022   en/ Łž‚¤ Łž‚¤ Łž‚¤ Łž‚¤"5242   en/ łž‚¤ łž‚¤ łž‚¤ łž‚¤"5292   en/ គ¤ គ¤ គ¤ គ¤"5222   en/ €Ÿ‚¤ €Ÿ‚¤ €Ÿ‚¤ €Ÿ‚¤"5602   en/  Ÿ‚¤ Ÿ‚¤ Ÿ‚¤ Ÿ‚¤"5772   en/  Ÿ‚¤ Ÿ‚¤ Ÿ‚¤ Ÿ‚¤"5712   en/  ŕŸ‚¤ ŕŸ‚¤ ŕŸ‚¤ ŕŸ‚¤"5792   en/  ôŸ‚¤ ôŸ‚¤ ôŸ‚¤ ôŸ‚¤"5812   en0  › ‚¤ › ‚¤ › ‚¤ › ‚¤"39932   en0 ¸ ‚¤ ¸ ‚¤ ¸ ‚¤ ¸ ‚¤"32842   en. × ‚¤ × ‚¤ × ‚¤ × ‚¤"442   en/ ô ‚¤ ô ‚¤ ô ‚¤ ô ‚¤"3782   en/ —Ą‚¤ —Ą‚¤ —Ą‚¤ —Ą‚¤"3752   en0 °Ą‚¤ °Ą‚¤ °Ą‚¤ °Ą‚¤"41142   en0 桂¤ 桂¤ 桂¤ 桂¤"18642   en0 ˜˘‚¤ ˜˘‚¤ ˜˘‚¤ ˜˘‚¤"18762   en/ ˛˘‚¤ ˛˘‚¤ ˛˘‚¤ ˛˘‚¤"3972   en/ Ó˘‚¤ Ó˘‚¤ Ó˘‚¤ Ó˘‚¤"3992   en0 ˜Ł‚¤ ˜Ł‚¤ ˜Ł‚¤ ˜Ł‚¤"16642   en0 ŔŁ‚¤ ŔŁ‚¤ ŔŁ‚¤ ŔŁ‚¤"44082   en0 ף‚¤ ף‚¤ ף‚¤ ף‚¤"42682   en0 ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤"21532   en0 Ž¤‚¤ Ž¤‚¤ Ž¤‚¤ Ž¤‚¤"21772   en0 ¨¤‚¤ ¨¤‚¤ ¨¤‚¤ ¨¤‚¤"21482   en0 Ȥ‚¤ Ȥ‚¤ Ȥ‚¤ Ȥ‚¤"21842   en0 í¤‚¤ í¤‚¤ í¤‚¤ í¤‚¤"21802   en0 ÄĽ‚¤ ÄĽ‚¤ ÄĽ‚¤ ÄĽ‚¤"36822   en/  ˙Ľ‚¤ ˙Ľ‚¤ ˙Ľ‚¤ ˙Ľ‚¤"9042   en/! ’Ś‚¤ ’Ś‚¤ ’Ś‚¤ ’Ś‚¤"9542   en/" ˛Ś‚¤ ˛Ś‚¤ ˛Ś‚¤ ˛Ś‚¤"9072   en/# ČŚ‚¤ ČŚ‚¤ ČŚ‚¤ ČŚ‚¤"9172   en/$ řŚ‚¤ řŚ‚¤ řŚ‚¤ řŚ‚¤"9532   en/% ‡§‚¤ ‡§‚¤ ‡§‚¤ ‡§‚¤"9182   en/& Š§‚¤ Š§‚¤ Š§‚¤ Š§‚¤"9232   en/' 炤 炤 炤 炤"9262   en/( ާ‚¤ ާ‚¤ ާ‚¤ ާ‚¤"9292   en/) ţ§‚¤ ţ§‚¤ ţ§‚¤ ţ§‚¤"9512   en/*  ¨‚¤  ¨‚¤  ¨‚¤  ¨‚¤"9142   en/+ Ť¨‚¤ Ť¨‚¤ Ť¨‚¤ Ť¨‚¤"9332   en/, ¨‚¤ ¨‚¤ ¨‚¤ ¨‚¤"9152   en/- ר‚¤ ר‚¤ ר‚¤ ר‚¤"9372   en/. ô¨‚¤ ô¨‚¤ ô¨‚¤ ô¨‚¤"9422   en// ‡Š‚¤ ‡Š‚¤ ‡Š‚¤ ‡Š‚¤"9462   en00 ŠŠ‚¤ ŠŠ‚¤ ŠŠ‚¤ ŠŠ‚¤"20972   en21 ੂ¤ ੂ¤ ੂ¤ ੂ¤"21232   en 22661415 Ǒ‚¤2s 5627252023060709:05:00"02$ " #16 DOUGLAS AVE TO MERLE HAYen:$ " #16 DOUGLAS AVE TO MERLE HAYenB430535:B0Š 561954˙ " 56195408:40:0020230607*150:Ƒ‚¤ °‘‚¤Ƒ‚¤ °‘‚¤"DCSPLATH2   en 3‹’‚¤ ő‘‚¤‹’‚¤ ő‘‚¤"3342   en3˜’‚¤ ‚’‚¤˜’‚¤ ‚’‚¤"3202   en3§’‚¤ ‘’‚¤§’‚¤ ‘’‚¤"3092   en3Ғ‚¤ ź’‚¤Ғ‚¤ ź’‚¤"3292   en3⒂¤ ̒‚¤⒂¤ ̒‚¤"2932   en3ţ’‚¤ 蒂¤ţ’‚¤ 蒂¤"3002   en3ť“‚¤ Ľ“‚¤ť“‚¤ Ľ“‚¤"3192   en3 ٓ‚¤ ӂ¤ٓ‚¤ ӂ¤"3212   en3 ň“‚¤ ܓ‚¤ň“‚¤ ܓ‚¤"3322   en3 ”‚¤ 듂¤”‚¤ 듂¤"3142   en3 §”‚¤ ‘”‚¤§”‚¤ ‘”‚¤"3052   en4 Ք‚¤ ż”‚¤Ք‚¤ ż”‚¤"43822   en3ô”‚¤ ޔ‚¤ô”‚¤ ޔ‚¤"3352   en3‘•‚¤ ű”‚¤‘•‚¤ ű”‚¤"3072   en3啂¤ ϕ‚¤啂¤ ϕ‚¤"3122   en3‘–‚¤ ű•‚¤‘–‚¤ ű•‚¤"3232   en3§–‚¤ ‘–‚¤§–‚¤ ‘–‚¤"2982   en3ź–‚¤ Ś–‚¤ź–‚¤ Ś–‚¤"2912   en3͖‚¤ ˇ–‚¤͖‚¤ ˇ–‚¤"2872   en3斂¤ Ж‚¤斂¤ Ж‚¤"3272   en3ń–‚¤ ۖ‚¤ń–‚¤ ۖ‚¤"3252   en4ƒ—‚¤ 햂¤ƒ—‚¤ 햂¤"13962   en4š—‚¤ „—‚¤š—‚¤ „—‚¤"40912   en4ľ—‚¤ Ÿ—‚¤ľ—‚¤ Ÿ—‚¤"40922   en4ϗ‚¤ š—‚¤ϗ‚¤ š—‚¤"40932   en4헂¤ ח‚¤헂¤ ח‚¤"40942   en4ƒ˜‚¤ 헂¤ƒ˜‚¤ 헂¤"40952   en4Ł˜‚¤ ˜‚¤Ł˜‚¤ ˜‚¤"32372   en6ʘ‚¤ ´˜‚¤ʘ‚¤ ´˜‚¤"14092   en 22941607 Ƒ‚¤2x 5619542023060708:40:00"02( & #15 6TH AVENUE TO PARK FAIR MALLen:% # #15 6TH AVENUE TO PARK FAIR MenB430531:B0Ć 561770ť " 56177008:20:0020230607*1406ᖏ‚¤ ľ‚¤á–‚¤ ľ‚¤"41022   en5áޏ‚¤ ɍ‚¤áޏ‚¤ ɍ‚¤"4122   en5áς¤ ⍂¤áς¤ ⍂¤"4092   en5áُ‚¤ ř‚¤áُ‚¤ ř‚¤"4102   en6ář‚¤ —Ž‚¤ář‚¤ —Ž‚¤"21822   en6᎐‚¤ ­Ž‚¤áŽ‚¤ ­Ž‚¤"21642   en6ነ‚¤ Ȏ‚¤áŠ‚¤ Ȏ‚¤"21712   en6áҐ‚¤ ńŽ‚¤áҐ‚¤ ńŽ‚¤"34092   en6áń‚¤ ‚¤áń‚¤ ‚¤"16682   en6ბ‚¤ ˘‚¤áƒ‘‚¤ ˘‚¤"16702   en6á°‘‚¤ Ϗ‚¤á°‘‚¤ Ϗ‚¤"16602   en6áʑ‚¤ 鏂¤áʑ‚¤ 鏂¤"16722   en6á䑂¤ ƒ‚¤á䑂¤ ƒ‚¤"40592   en6 áţ‘‚¤ ‚¤áţ‘‚¤ ‚¤"40602   en6!á™’‚¤ ¸‚¤á™’‚¤ ¸‚¤"40612   en6"áĒ‚¤ 㐂¤áĒ‚¤ 㐂¤"40622   en6#áΒ‚¤ 퐂¤áΒ‚¤ 퐂¤"28422   en6$áؒ‚¤ ÷‚¤áؒ‚¤ ÷‚¤"28442   en6%á쒂¤ ‹‘‚¤á쒂¤ ‹‘‚¤"28462   en6&áú’‚¤ ™‘‚¤áú’‚¤ ™‘‚¤"28352   en6'᎓‚¤ ­‘‚¤áŽ“‚¤ ­‘‚¤"40632   en6(Ꮣ‚¤ ˑ‚¤áŹ“‚¤ ˑ‚¤"40642   en6)áŔ“‚¤ ߑ‚¤áŔ“‚¤ ߑ‚¤"40652   en6*áГ‚¤ ¤áГ‚¤ ¤"40662   en6+á꓂¤ ‰’‚¤á꓂¤ ‰’‚¤"40672   en6,ቔ‚¤ ¨’‚¤á‰”‚¤ ¨’‚¤"40682   en6-áł”‚¤ Ғ‚¤áł”‚¤ Ғ‚¤"40692   en6.áД‚¤ ¤áД‚¤ ¤"40702   en6/á攂¤ …“‚¤á攂¤ …“‚¤"40712   en60áú”‚¤ ™“‚¤áú”‚¤ ™“‚¤"40722   en61Ꮥ‚¤ Ž“‚¤á•‚¤ Ž“‚¤"31312   en62ጕ‚¤ œ‚¤áŚ•‚¤ œ‚¤"40732   en63áş•‚¤ ٓ‚¤áş•‚¤ ٓ‚¤"31302   en54áǕ‚¤ 擂¤áǕ‚¤ 擂¤"6792   en55áҕ‚¤ ń“‚¤áҕ‚¤ ń“‚¤"6812   en56á蕂¤ ‡”‚¤á蕂¤ ‡”‚¤"6852   en57á󕂤 ’”‚¤á󕂤 ’”‚¤"6872   en58á…–‚¤ ¤”‚¤á…–‚¤ ¤”‚¤"6992   en89áń–‚¤ •‚¤áń–‚¤ •‚¤"21232   en 22951608 Ƒ‚¤2z 5617702023060708:20:00"0*142& $ #14 BEAVER AVENUE TO MERLE HAYen:% # #14 BEAVER AVENUE TO MERLE HAenB430528:B0Ž 561793Ł " 56179308:55:0020230607*140 6؂¤ ´˜‚¤؂¤ ´˜‚¤"21232   en 4­™‚¤ ž™‚¤­™‚¤ ž™‚¤"38692   en3Ι‚¤ ż™‚¤Ι‚¤ ż™‚¤"6862   en3ڙ‚¤ ˙‚¤ڙ‚¤ ˙‚¤"6842   en3왂¤ ݙ‚¤왂¤ ݙ‚¤"6802   en4Œš‚¤ ý™‚¤Œš‚¤ ý™‚¤"40752   en4¨š‚¤ ™š‚¤¨š‚¤ ™š‚¤"40762   en4ؚ‚¤ ɚ‚¤ؚ‚¤ ɚ‚¤"40772   en4 󚂤 䚂¤󚂤 䚂¤"40782   en4 Š›‚¤ űš‚¤Š›‚¤ űš‚¤"41122   en4 §›‚¤ ˜›‚¤§›‚¤ ˜›‚¤"40792   en4 盂¤ ؛‚¤盂¤ ؛‚¤"40802   en4 ů›‚¤ ꛂ¤ů›‚¤ ꛂ¤"40812   en4”œ‚¤ …œ‚¤”œ‚¤ …œ‚¤"40822   en4Łœ‚¤ ”œ‚¤Łœ‚¤ ”œ‚¤"40832   en4şœ‚¤ Ťœ‚¤şœ‚¤ Ťœ‚¤"40842   en4ۜ‚¤ ̜‚¤ۜ‚¤ ̜‚¤"28362   en4𜂤 ᜂ¤𜂤 ᜂ¤"28472   en4ţœ‚¤ ¤ţœ‚¤ ¤"28452   en4“‚¤ „‚¤“‚¤ „‚¤"28432   en4‚¤ Ž‚¤‚¤ Ž‚¤"28412   en3§‚¤ ˜‚¤§‚¤ ˜‚¤"4602   en4ם‚¤ ȝ‚¤ם‚¤ ȝ‚¤"40852   en4𝂤 ᝂ¤𝂤 ᝂ¤"40862   en4Šž‚¤ ű‚¤Šž‚¤ ű‚¤"40872   en4Žž‚¤ Ÿž‚¤Žž‚¤ Ÿž‚¤"16712   en4Ŕž‚¤ ąž‚¤Ŕž‚¤ ąž‚¤"16582   en4Ꞃ¤ ۞‚¤Ꞃ¤ ۞‚¤"16692   en4üž‚¤ 힂¤üž‚¤ 힂¤"16672   en4–Ÿ‚¤ ‡Ÿ‚¤–Ÿ‚¤ ‡Ÿ‚¤"16652   en4ŞŸ‚¤ ›Ÿ‚¤ŞŸ‚¤ ›Ÿ‚¤"21632   en4 Ÿ‚¤ łŸ‚¤Ÿ‚¤ łŸ‚¤"21722   en4!ݟ‚¤ Ο‚¤ݟ‚¤ Ο‚¤"21652   en4"öŸ‚¤ 矂¤öŸ‚¤ 矂¤"21832   en4#ˆ ‚¤ ůŸ‚¤ˆ ‚¤ ůŸ‚¤"21732   en4$¨ ‚¤ ™ ‚¤¨ ‚¤ ™ ‚¤"21582   en4%Ŕ ‚¤ ą ‚¤Ŕ ‚¤ ą ‚¤"21612   en4&Ű ‚¤ Ě ‚¤Ű ‚¤ Ě ‚¤"21572   en4'ű ‚¤ 젂¤ű ‚¤ 젂¤"21792   en4( Ą‚¤ ‘Ą‚¤ Ą‚¤ ‘Ą‚¤"21522   en4)⡂¤ ÓĄ‚¤⡂¤ ÓĄ‚¤"35152   en3*˙Ą‚¤ 𡂤˙Ą‚¤ 𡂤"7702   en4+‘˘‚¤ ‚˘‚¤‘˘‚¤ ‚˘‚¤"33142   en3,Ż˘‚¤  ˘‚¤Ż˘‚¤  ˘‚¤"7682   en4-¢‚¤ ł˘‚¤¢‚¤ ł˘‚¤"33172   en4.ۢ‚¤ ̢‚¤ۢ‚¤ ̢‚¤"33182   en4/𢂤 ᢂ¤𢂤 ᢂ¤"40892   en40§Ł‚¤ ˜Ł‚¤§Ł‚¤ ˜Ł‚¤"38752   en41ÝŁ‚¤ ÎŁ‚¤ÝŁ‚¤ ÎŁ‚¤"38742   en42ôŁ‚¤ 壂¤ôŁ‚¤ 壂¤"36832   en43Ŕ¤‚¤ ą¤‚¤Ŕ¤‚¤ ą¤‚¤"19542   en44Ú¤‚¤ ˤ‚¤Ú¤‚¤ ˤ‚¤"19532   en45ő¤‚¤ 椂¤ő¤‚¤ 椂¤"33462   en:6Ś‚¤ €Ś‚¤Ś‚¤ €Ś‚¤"DCSPLATF2   en 22951608 Ƒ‚¤2~ 5617932023060708:55:00"02. ,  BEAVER AVE TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #14 BEAVER AVE TO DART CENTRAenB430528:B0ó 563223č ! 56322306:40:0020230607*30 0  œÜ¤ œÜ¤ œÜ¤ œÜ¤"39972   en0  Í܁¤ Í܁¤ Í܁¤ Í܁¤"27982   en0 î܁¤ î܁¤ î܁¤ î܁¤"44072   en0 ¤Ý¤ ¤Ý¤ ¤Ý¤ ¤Ý¤"27882   en0 Ĺ݁¤ Ĺ݁¤ Ĺ݁¤ Ĺ݁¤"28072   en0 á݁¤ á݁¤ á݁¤ á݁¤"27832   en0 ‚ށ¤ ‚ށ¤ ‚ށ¤ ‚ށ¤"27792   en0  Ţ¤  Ţ¤  Ţ¤  Ţ¤"27322   en0 Śß¤ Śß¤ Śß¤ Śß¤"27292   en0 Á߁¤ Á߁¤ Á߁¤ Á߁¤"28302   en0 č߁¤ č߁¤ č߁¤ č߁¤"27662   en"2762(2   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en"2725(2   en0 Üၤ Üၤ Üၤ Üၤ"27432   en0 űၤ űၤ űၤ űၤ"27412   en0 Şâ¤ Şâ¤ Şâ¤ Şâ¤"43992   en0 Ď⁤ Ď⁤ Ď⁤ Ď⁤"32642   en0  ę⁤ ę⁤ ę⁤ ę⁤"32662   en0! —つ —つ —つ —つ"32682   en0" ¸ă¤ ¸ă¤ ¸ă¤ ¸ă¤"32692   en0# Űつ Űつ Űつ Űつ"32722   en0$ ‡ä¤ ‡ä¤ ‡ä¤ ‡ä¤"32742   en0% ­ä¤ ­ä¤ ­ä¤ ­ä¤"32762   en0& Â䁤 Â䁤 Â䁤 Â䁤"32782   en0' Ů䁤 Ů䁤 Ů䁤 Ů䁤"32802   en0( ý䁤 ý䁤 ý䁤 ý䁤"36322   en/) ¨ĺ¤ ¨ĺ¤ ¨ĺ¤ ¨ĺ¤"2822   en/* Ú偤 Ú偤 Ú偤 Ú偤"4512   en/+ §ć¤ §ć¤ §ć¤ §ć¤"4462   en/, Ě恤 Ě恤 Ě恤 Ě恤"4452   en/- â恤 â恤 â恤 â恤"4552   en0. ů恤 ů恤 ů恤 ů恤"42922   en0/ Ÿç¤ Ÿç¤ Ÿç¤ Ÿç¤"43442   en/0 łç¤ łç¤ łç¤ łç¤"4522   en01 Ć灤 Ć灤 Ć灤 Ć灤"33462   en62 č¤ č¤ č¤ č¤"DCSPLATO2   en 22961609 ňŽ‚¤2„ 5632232023060706:40:00"46381*32- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB430518:B 563223-588 563178‚ ! 56317807:20:0020230607*306 󎂤 đ끤 󎂤 đ끤"DCSPLATO2   en /  ‚¤ ě¤  ‚¤ ě¤"3342   en/ Ž‚¤ Ťě¤ Ž‚¤ Ťě¤"3202   en/ ž‚¤ ťě¤ ž‚¤ ťě¤"3092   en/ 돂¤ č쁤 돂¤ č쁤"3292   en/ ü‚¤ ů쁤 ü‚¤ ů쁤"2932   en/ š‚¤ —큤 š‚¤ —큤"3002   en/ ې‚¤ Ř큤 ې‚¤ Ř큤"3192   en/  ű‚¤ ř큤 ű‚¤ ř큤"3212   en0  Ÿ‘‚¤ œî¤ Ÿ‘‚¤ œî¤"39912   en0  ż‘‚¤ źî¤ ż‘‚¤ źî¤"39922   en0  ّ‚¤ Ö ّ‚¤ Ö"39932   en0  ň‘‚¤ ď ň‘‚¤ ď"32842   en0 ’’‚¤ ď¤ ’’‚¤ ď¤"32862   en0 ą’‚¤ Žď¤ ą’‚¤ Žď¤"39942   en0 Ӓ‚¤ Đ Ӓ‚¤ Đ"32892   en0 璂¤ ä 璂¤ ä"32912   en0 “‚¤ ţ “‚¤ ţ"32932   en0 ”“‚¤ ‘đ¤ ”“‚¤ ‘đ¤"32942   en0 ¸“‚¤ ľđ¤ ¸“‚¤ ľđ¤"27392   en0 ٓ‚¤ Öđ¤ ٓ‚¤ Öđ¤"28322   en"2744(2   en"2747(2   en"2753(2   en"2757(2   en"2761(2   en0 ˙”‚¤ üń¤ ˙”‚¤ üń¤"27632   en0 š•‚¤ —ň¤ š•‚¤ —ň¤"27672   en0 ´•‚¤ ąň¤ ´•‚¤ ąň¤"27702   en0 Ε‚¤ Ëň¤ Ε‚¤ Ëň¤"27722   en0 ǖ‚¤ Äó¤ ǖ‚¤ Äó¤"27742   en0  ږ‚¤ ×ó¤ ږ‚¤ ×ó¤"27782   en0! ˙–‚¤ üó¤ ˙–‚¤ üó¤"28292   en0" ž—‚¤ ›ô¤ ž—‚¤ ›ô¤"28082   en0# ź—‚¤ šô¤ ź—‚¤ šô¤"44112   en0$ ň—‚¤ ďô¤ ň—‚¤ ďô¤"27952   en0% …˜‚¤ ‚ő¤ …˜‚¤ ‚ő¤"27992   en0& °˜‚¤ ­ő¤ °˜‚¤ ­ő¤"39962   en0' ߘ‚¤ Üő¤ ߘ‚¤ Üő¤"15492   en/( Š™‚¤ ‡ö¤ Š™‚¤ ‡ö¤"7572   en/) ż™‚¤ źö¤ ż™‚¤ źö¤"7592   en/* 時¤ ăö¤ 時¤ ăö¤"7472   en/+ ˆš‚¤ …÷¤ ˆš‚¤ …÷¤"7512   en0, śš‚¤ ł÷¤ śš‚¤ ł÷¤"30412   en0- ך‚¤ Ô÷¤ ך‚¤ Ô÷¤"30282   en0. ¤ ë÷¤ ¤ ë÷¤"34402   en0/ “›‚¤ ř¤ “›‚¤ ř¤"30312   en00 ż›‚¤ źř¤ ż›‚¤ źř¤"36732   en01 ڛ‚¤ ×ř¤ ڛ‚¤ ×ř¤"34172   en22 żœ‚¤ źů¤ żœ‚¤ źů¤"42202   en 22961609 ňŽ‚¤2} 5631782023060707:20:00"464812) ' !#3 UNIVERSITY TO VALLEY WEST MALLen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO VALLEY WEST enB430518:B 563223-588 562742… " 56274207:55:0020230607*1605$ˇ ¤‚¤ 턂¤ˇ ¤‚¤ 턂¤"9182   en5%ˇ ˏ‚¤ ”…‚¤ˇ ˏ‚¤ ”…‚¤"9232   en5&ˇ 鏂¤ ˛…‚¤ˇ 鏂¤ ˛…‚¤"9262   en5'ˇ ‰‚¤ ҅‚¤ˇ ‰‚¤ ҅‚¤"9292   en5(ˇ Ž‚¤ ÷…‚¤ˇ Ž‚¤ ÷…‚¤"9512   en5)ˇ Ր‚¤ ž†‚¤ˇ Ր‚¤ ž†‚¤"9142   en5*ˇ ␂¤ Ť†‚¤ˇ ␂¤ Ť†‚¤"9332   en5+ˇ ü‚¤ ņ‚¤ˇ ü‚¤ ņ‚¤"9152   en5,ˇ •‘‚¤ ކ‚¤ˇ •‘‚¤ ކ‚¤"9372   en5-ˇ ˇ‘‚¤ €‡‚¤ˇ ˇ‘‚¤ €‡‚¤"9422   en5.ˇ Α‚¤ —‡‚¤ˇ Α‚¤ —‡‚¤"9462   en6/ˇ ö‘‚¤ ż‡‚¤ˇ ö‘‚¤ ż‡‚¤"20972   en80ˇ ˇ’‚¤ €ˆ‚¤ˇ ˇ’‚¤ €ˆ‚¤"21232   en 22981611 Α‚¤2w 5627422023060707:55:00"0*162$ " #16 DOUGLAS AVE TO MERLE HAYen:$ " #16 DOUGLAS AVE TO MERLE HAYenB430532:B0Ľ 562797š " 56279708:40:0020230607*160 8ߏ—‚¤ °‘‚¤ß—‚¤ °‘‚¤"21232   en 6ßҗ‚¤ 󑂤ßҗ‚¤ 󑂤"21282   en5ßö—‚¤ —’‚¤ßö—‚¤ —’‚¤"9552   en5ߘ˜‚¤ š’‚¤ß˜˜‚¤ š’‚¤"9432   en5ßž˜‚¤ ߒ‚¤ßž˜‚¤ ߒ‚¤"9362   en5ßט‚¤ ř’‚¤ßט‚¤ ř’‚¤"9352   en5ß𘂤 ‘“‚¤ß𘂤 ‘“‚¤"9342   en5ß„™‚¤ Ľ“‚¤ß„™‚¤ Ľ“‚¤"9322   en5 ß™‚¤ 㓂¤ß™‚¤ 㓂¤"9502   en5 ßי‚¤ ř“‚¤ßי‚¤ ř“‚¤"9282   en5 ßů™‚¤ š”‚¤ßů™‚¤ š”‚¤"9252   en5 ߟš‚¤ Ŕ”‚¤ßŸš‚¤ Ŕ”‚¤"9222   en5 ßžš‚¤ ߔ‚¤ßžš‚¤ ߔ‚¤"9192   en6ßԚ‚¤ ő”‚¤ßԚ‚¤ ő”‚¤"38072   en5ß¤ •‚¤ß¤ •‚¤"9522   en5ߎ›‚¤ Ż•‚¤ßŽ›‚¤ Ż•‚¤"9082   en5ߨ›‚¤ ɕ‚¤ß¨›‚¤ ɕ‚¤"9062   en5ß삤 啂¤ß삤 啂¤"9612   en6ߣœ‚¤ Ė‚¤ßŁœ‚¤ Ė‚¤"36822   en6ßňœ‚¤ “—‚¤ßňœ‚¤ “—‚¤"41442   en6߇‚¤ ¨—‚¤ß‡‚¤ ¨—‚¤"21442   en6ߧ‚¤ ȗ‚¤ß§‚¤ ȗ‚¤"21812   en6ßޝ‚¤ ˙—‚¤ßޝ‚¤ ˙—‚¤"21492   en6߃ž‚¤ ¤˜‚¤ßƒž‚¤ ¤˜‚¤"21782   en6ߧž‚¤ Ș‚¤ß§ž‚¤ Ș‚¤"21542   en6ß잂¤ ™‚¤ß잂¤ ™‚¤"34082   en5ßǟ‚¤ 虂¤ßǟ‚¤ 虂¤"7362   en6߃ ‚¤ ¤š‚¤ßƒ ‚¤ ¤š‚¤"16632   en5߲ ‚¤ Ӛ‚¤ß˛ ‚¤ Ӛ‚¤"4002   en5ßŃ ‚¤ ňš‚¤ßŃ ‚¤ ňš‚¤"3982   en6ß÷ ‚¤ ˜›‚¤ß÷ ‚¤ ˜›‚¤"18752   en6 ß­Ą‚¤ Λ‚¤ß­Ą‚¤ Λ‚¤"18722   en6!ß䡂¤ …œ‚¤ß䡂¤ …œ‚¤"41132   en6"ß…˘‚¤ Śœ‚¤ß…˘‚¤ Śœ‚¤"31332   en5#ߌ˘‚¤ ǜ‚¤ßŚ˘‚¤ ǜ‚¤"3792   en4$ßƢ‚¤ 眂¤ßƢ‚¤ 眂¤"452   en6%ßń˘‚¤ ’‚¤ßń˘‚¤ ’‚¤"32762   en6&߉Ł‚¤ ޝ‚¤ß‰Ł‚¤ ޝ‚¤"32782   en6'ߧŁ‚¤ ȝ‚¤ß§Ł‚¤ ȝ‚¤"32802   en5(ßŔŁ‚¤ ᝂ¤ßŔŁ‚¤ ᝂ¤"5552   en5)ß⣂¤ ƒž‚¤ß⣂¤ ƒž‚¤"5722   en5*ߍ¤‚¤ Žž‚¤ß¤‚¤ Žž‚¤"5782   en5+ß ¤‚¤ Áž‚¤ß ¤‚¤ Áž‚¤"5612   en5,ß䂤 䞂¤ß䂤 䞂¤"5702   en5-ß뤂¤ ŒŸ‚¤ß뤂¤ ŒŸ‚¤"5762   en5.ßű¤‚¤ œŸ‚¤ßű¤‚¤ œŸ‚¤"5662   en6/ߤĽ‚¤ ş‚¤ß¤Ľ‚¤ ş‚¤"19542   en60ß´Ľ‚¤ ՟‚¤ß´Ľ‚¤ ՟‚¤"19532   en61ßŔĽ‚¤ ែ¤ßŔĽ‚¤ ែ¤"33462   en<2ߏŚ‚¤ ° ‚¤ßŚ‚¤ ° ‚¤"DCSPLATJ2   en 22981611 Α‚¤2 5627972023060708:40:00"02/ - '#16 DOUGLAS AVE TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #16 DOUGLAS AVE TO DART CENTRenB430532:B0§ 564368œ ! 56436808:30:0020230607*604x‘‚¤ ʐ‚¤x‘‚¤ ʐ‚¤"17762   en4xܑ‚¤ 䐂¤xܑ‚¤ 䐂¤"23992   en4x쑂¤ ô‚¤x쑂¤ ô‚¤"24002   en4xˆ’‚¤ ‘‚¤xˆ’‚¤ ‘‚¤"23792   en4xˇ’‚¤ ż‘‚¤xˇ’‚¤ ż‘‚¤"23852   en4x䒂¤ 쑂¤x䒂¤ 쑂¤"34452   en4x’“‚¤ š’‚¤x’“‚¤ š’‚¤"34462   en4xƓ‚¤ Β‚¤xƓ‚¤ Β‚¤"34472   en4xߓ‚¤ 璂¤xߓ‚¤ 璂¤"40192   en4xú“‚¤ ‚“‚¤xú“‚¤ ‚“‚¤"36792   en4x™”‚¤ Ą“‚¤x™”‚¤ Ą“‚¤"34482   en4xű”‚¤ ƒ”‚¤xű”‚¤ ƒ”‚¤"13522   en4x™•‚¤ Ą”‚¤x™•‚¤ Ą”‚¤"17512   en4xš•‚¤ Á”‚¤xš•‚¤ Á”‚¤"44312   en4x啂¤ 픂¤x啂¤ 픂¤"43802   en6xˆ–‚¤ •‚¤xˆ–‚¤ •‚¤"24982   en 22991612 ԑ‚¤2| 5643682023060708:30:00"0*62. ,  INDIANOLA TO SOUTHRIDGE VIA SE 14THen:  Southridge Mall Via 14thenB430526:B0‘ 564857† ! 56485708:50:0020230607*70 6<Ė‚¤ ˆ–‚¤<Ė‚¤ ˆ–‚¤"24982   en 4<ᖂ¤ Ľ–‚¤<ᖂ¤ Ľ–‚¤"26882   en4<€—‚¤ Ė‚¤<€—‚¤ Ė‚¤"14322   en3<—‚¤ Ԗ‚¤<—‚¤ Ԗ‚¤"6252   en3<­—‚¤ ń–‚¤<­—‚¤ ń–‚¤"6202   en4<ʗ‚¤ Ž—‚¤<ʗ‚¤ Ž—‚¤"40212   en3<藂¤ Ź—‚¤<藂¤ Ź—‚¤"6332   en3<˜‚¤ ŗ‚¤<˜‚¤ ŗ‚¤"6312   en3 <˝˜‚¤ ˜‚¤<˝˜‚¤ ˜‚¤"6272   en3 <ߘ‚¤ Ł˜‚¤<ߘ‚¤ Ł˜‚¤"6452   en3 <ˆ™‚¤ ̘‚¤<ˆ™‚¤ ̘‚¤"6492   en4 <Ź™‚¤ 𘂤<Ź™‚¤ 𘂤"25882   en4 <Ǚ‚¤ ‹™‚¤<Ǚ‚¤ ‹™‚¤"25832   en4<療¤ Ť™‚¤<療¤ Ť™‚¤"26812   en4<ü™‚¤ Ŕ™‚¤<ü™‚¤ Ŕ™‚¤"26602   en4<žš‚¤ ♂¤<žš‚¤ ♂¤"25822   en4<˛š‚¤ ö™‚¤<˛š‚¤ ö™‚¤"26202   en4<ٚ‚¤ š‚¤<ٚ‚¤ š‚¤"26462   en4<횂¤ ąš‚¤<횂¤ ąš‚¤"26102   en4<‰›‚¤ ͚‚¤<‰›‚¤ ͚‚¤"26752   en4<ž›‚¤ ⚂¤<ž›‚¤ ⚂¤"26422   en4<­›‚¤ ńš‚¤<­›‚¤ ńš‚¤"26832   en4<ż›‚¤ ƒ›‚¤<ż›‚¤ ƒ›‚¤"26652   en4<⛂¤ Ś›‚¤<⛂¤ Ś›‚¤"25782   en4<…œ‚¤ ɛ‚¤<…œ‚¤ ɛ‚¤"26532   en4<§œ‚¤ 뛂¤<§œ‚¤ 뛂¤"26772   en4<М‚¤ ”œ‚¤<М‚¤ ”œ‚¤"25772   en4<ܜ‚¤  œ‚¤<ܜ‚¤  œ‚¤"25922   en4<㜂¤ §œ‚¤<㜂¤ §œ‚¤"25742   en4<휂¤ ąœ‚¤<휂¤ ąœ‚¤"26292   en4<űœ‚¤ żœ‚¤<űœ‚¤ żœ‚¤"26182   en4 <‹‚¤ Ϝ‚¤<‹‚¤ Ϝ‚¤"44262   en4!<“‚¤ ל‚¤<“‚¤ ל‚¤"25902   en4"<ȝ‚¤ Œ‚¤<ȝ‚¤ Œ‚¤"26482   en4#<Ꝃ¤ Ž‚¤<Ꝃ¤ Ž‚¤"25722   en4$<˜ž‚¤ ܝ‚¤<˜ž‚¤ ܝ‚¤"34512   en:%<Ŕž‚¤ „ž‚¤<Ŕž‚¤ „ž‚¤"DCSPLATD2   en 22991612 ԑ‚¤2y 5648572023060708:50:00"02) ' !#7 SW 9TH TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #7 SW 9TH TO DART CENTRAL STAenB430526:B0ř 563861í ! 56386108:45:0020230607*406 ܓ‚¤ ܓ‚¤ ܓ‚¤ ܓ‚¤"DCSPLATB2   en / ”‚¤ ”‚¤ ”‚¤ ”‚¤"3342   en/ Ք‚¤ Ք‚¤ Ք‚¤ Ք‚¤"3202   en0 씂¤ 씂¤ 씂¤ 씂¤"19512   en0 ƒ•‚¤ ƒ•‚¤ ƒ•‚¤ ƒ•‚¤"19502   en0 ř•‚¤ ř•‚¤ ř•‚¤ ř•‚¤"43292   en0 °–‚¤ °–‚¤ °–‚¤ °–‚¤"43302   en0 ޖ‚¤ ޖ‚¤ ޖ‚¤ ޖ‚¤"42342   en0  €—‚¤ €—‚¤ €—‚¤ €—‚¤"40022   en0  Ł—‚¤ Ł—‚¤ Ł—‚¤ Ł—‚¤"16012   en0  ŗ‚¤ ŗ‚¤ ŗ‚¤ ŗ‚¤"15632   en0  ᗂ¤ ᗂ¤ ᗂ¤ ᗂ¤"15652   en0  ˜‚¤ ˜‚¤ ˜‚¤ ˜‚¤"16042   en0 ´˜‚¤ ´˜‚¤ ´˜‚¤ ´˜‚¤"15692   en0 Ϙ‚¤ Ϙ‚¤ Ϙ‚¤ Ϙ‚¤"10722   en0 ™‚¤ ™‚¤ ™‚¤ ™‚¤"10742   en0 Ŕ™‚¤ Ŕ™‚¤ Ŕ™‚¤ Ŕ™‚¤"10632   en0 ҙ‚¤ ҙ‚¤ ҙ‚¤ ҙ‚¤"10172   en0 ř™‚¤ ř™‚¤ ř™‚¤ ř™‚¤"10092   en0 š‚¤ š‚¤ š‚¤ š‚¤"10662   en0 śš‚¤ śš‚¤ śš‚¤ śš‚¤"10282   en0 ͚‚¤ ͚‚¤ ͚‚¤ ͚‚¤"10322   en0 隂¤ 隂¤ 隂¤ 隂¤"10592   en0 …›‚¤ …›‚¤ …›‚¤ …›‚¤"10222   en/ ˘›‚¤ ˘›‚¤ ˘›‚¤ ˘›‚¤"9982   en/ ľ›‚¤ ľ›‚¤ ľ›‚¤ ľ›‚¤"9942   en0 қ‚¤ қ‚¤ қ‚¤ қ‚¤"10202   en0 ‚œ‚¤ ‚œ‚¤ ‚œ‚¤ ‚œ‚¤"10612   en0 ›œ‚¤ ›œ‚¤ ›œ‚¤ ›œ‚¤"10492   en0 М‚¤ М‚¤ М‚¤ М‚¤"32282   en0 蜂¤ 蜂¤ 蜂¤ 蜂¤"32292   en0  ţœ‚¤ ţœ‚¤ ţœ‚¤ ţœ‚¤"32312   en0! •‚¤ •‚¤ •‚¤ •‚¤"39992   en0" °‚¤ °‚¤ °‚¤ °‚¤"32352   en0# ɝ‚¤ ɝ‚¤ ɝ‚¤ ɝ‚¤"32372   en0$ ᝂ¤ ᝂ¤ ᝂ¤ ᝂ¤"14092   en2% „ž‚¤ „ž‚¤ „ž‚¤ „ž‚¤"22222   en 23001613 ʑ‚¤2q 5638612023060708:45:00"02# ! #4 E 14TH TO PARK FAIR MALLen:# ! #4 E 14TH TO PARK FAIR MALLenB430520:B0ż 564024´ ! 56402408:10:0020230607*50 4%ZՂ¤ 돂¤ZՂ¤ 돂¤"42052   en4&Z”‘‚¤ ş‚¤Z”‘‚¤ ş‚¤"41992   en4'Zđ‚¤ ꐂ¤Zđ‚¤ ꐂ¤"42002   en4(Z瑂¤ ‘‚¤Z瑂¤ ‘‚¤"42012   en4)Z—’‚¤ ˝‘‚¤Z—’‚¤ ˝‘‚¤"42022   en4*ZŒ‚¤ 둂¤ZŒ‚¤ 둂¤"42032   en4+Zᒂ¤ ‡’‚¤Zᒂ¤ ‡’‚¤"42552   en4,Ző’‚¤ ›’‚¤Ző’‚¤ ›’‚¤"42532   en4-Z’“‚¤ ¸’‚¤Z’“‚¤ ¸’‚¤"42512   en4.Zž“‚¤ 䒂¤Zž“‚¤ 䒂¤"32962   en4/Z铂¤ “‚¤Z铂¤ “‚¤"32972   en40Z˛”‚¤ ؓ‚¤Z˛”‚¤ ؓ‚¤"19552   en41Zɔ‚¤ ¤Zɔ‚¤ ¤"19542   en42Zŕ”‚¤ †”‚¤Zŕ”‚¤ †”‚¤"19532   en43Zń”‚¤ —”‚¤Zń”‚¤ —”‚¤"33462   en:4Zꕂ¤ •‚¤Zꕂ¤ •‚¤"DCSPLATA2   en 23051618 ő‚¤2† 5640242023060708:10:00"46392*52/ - '#5 FRANKLIN AVE TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #5 FRANKLIN AVE TO DART CENTRenB430521:B 564024-680ľ 564008Ş ! 56400809:00:0020230607*506 ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤"DCSPLATA2   en / Ŕ›‚¤ Ŕ›‚¤ Ŕ›‚¤ Ŕ›‚¤"3342   en/ қ‚¤ қ‚¤ қ‚¤ қ‚¤"3202   en0 ů›‚¤ ů›‚¤ ů›‚¤ ů›‚¤"37022   en0 Ÿœ‚¤ Ÿœ‚¤ Ÿœ‚¤ Ÿœ‚¤"37042   en0 ąœ‚¤ ąœ‚¤ ąœ‚¤ ąœ‚¤"37052   en0 ڜ‚¤ ڜ‚¤ ڜ‚¤ ڜ‚¤"33112   en0 Œ‚¤ Œ‚¤ Œ‚¤ Œ‚¤"31122   en0  Ż‚¤ Ż‚¤ Ż‚¤ Ż‚¤"42502   en0  ҝ‚¤ ҝ‚¤ ҝ‚¤ ҝ‚¤"42522   en0  ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤"42542   en0  ”ž‚¤ ”ž‚¤ ”ž‚¤ ”ž‚¤"41942   en0  ž‚¤ ž‚¤ ž‚¤ ž‚¤"41962   en0 űž‚¤ űž‚¤ űž‚¤ űž‚¤"41952   en0 ¨Ÿ‚¤ ¨Ÿ‚¤ ¨Ÿ‚¤ ¨Ÿ‚¤"41972   en0 łŸ‚¤ łŸ‚¤ łŸ‚¤ łŸ‚¤"43762   en0 䟂¤ 䟂¤ 䟂¤ 䟂¤"41982   en0 š ‚¤ š ‚¤ š ‚¤ š ‚¤"42042   en0 젂¤ 젂¤ 젂¤ 젂¤"42062   en0 ˜Ą‚¤ ˜Ą‚¤ ˜Ą‚¤ ˜Ą‚¤"42082   en0 ĚĄ‚¤ ĚĄ‚¤ ĚĄ‚¤ ĚĄ‚¤"35812   en/ ꡂ¤ ꡂ¤ ꡂ¤ ꡂ¤"8212   en/ …˘‚¤ …˘‚¤ …˘‚¤ …˘‚¤"8242   en/ ˘˘‚¤ ˘˘‚¤ ˘˘‚¤ ˘˘‚¤"4622   en/ ş˘‚¤ ş˘‚¤ ş˘‚¤ ş˘‚¤"4712   en0 Ő˘‚¤ Ő˘‚¤ Ő˘‚¤ Ő˘‚¤"14762   en0 𢂤 𢂤 𢂤 𢂤"14802   en0 ‹Ł‚¤ ‹Ł‚¤ ‹Ł‚¤ ‹Ł‚¤"14842   en"1488(2   en"1530(2   en"1495(2   en "1499(2   en!"1503(2   en""1531(2   en#"1509(2   en0$ …Ľ‚¤ …Ľ‚¤ …Ľ‚¤ …Ľ‚¤"15132   en0% Ľ‚¤ Ľ‚¤ Ľ‚¤ Ľ‚¤"15172   en0& żĽ‚¤ żĽ‚¤ żĽ‚¤ żĽ‚¤"15342   en0' €Ś‚¤ €Ś‚¤ €Ś‚¤ €Ś‚¤"21192   en0( ­Ś‚¤ ­Ś‚¤ ­Ś‚¤ ­Ś‚¤"21362   en0) ꦂ¤ ꦂ¤ ꦂ¤ ꦂ¤"21422   en0* §‚¤ §‚¤ §‚¤ §‚¤"21342   en0+ ť§‚¤ ť§‚¤ ť§‚¤ ť§‚¤"20932   en0, 姂¤ 姂¤ 姂¤ 姂¤"20972   en0- Ź¨‚¤ Ź¨‚¤ Ź¨‚¤ Ź¨‚¤"21232   en0. €Š‚¤ €Š‚¤ €Š‚¤ €Š‚¤"21112   en0/ ôŠ‚¤ ôŠ‚¤ ôŠ‚¤ ôŠ‚¤"44222   en00 ⪂¤ ⪂¤ ⪂¤ ⪂¤"42702   en01 “Ť‚¤ “Ť‚¤ “Ť‚¤ “Ť‚¤"42722   en02 °Ť‚¤ °Ť‚¤ °Ť‚¤ °Ť‚¤"42742   en03 ŘŤ‚¤ ŘŤ‚¤ ŘŤ‚¤ ŘŤ‚¤"42762   en04 ŒŹ‚¤ ŒŹ‚¤ ŒŹ‚¤ ŒŹ‚¤"42782   en05 ¤Ź‚¤ ¤Ź‚¤ ¤Ź‚¤ ¤Ź‚¤"42792   en06 ÝŹ‚¤ ÝŹ‚¤ ÝŹ‚¤ ÝŹ‚¤"43042   en07 ­‚¤ ­‚¤ ­‚¤ ­‚¤"42842   en08 筂¤ 筂¤ 筂¤ 筂¤"42852   en29 ü­‚¤ ü­‚¤ ü­‚¤ ü­‚¤"42862   en 23051618 ő‚¤2u 5640082023060709:00:00"464862# ! #5 FRANKLIN AVE TO JOHNSTONen:# ! #5 FRANKLIN AVE TO JOHNSTONenB430521:B 564024-680‹ 564193€ " 56419308:45:0020230607*5206 ܓ‚¤ ܓ‚¤ ܓ‚¤ ܓ‚¤"DCSPLATE2   en / ˘”‚¤ ˘”‚¤ ˘”‚¤ ˘”‚¤"3342   en/ ś”‚¤ ś”‚¤ ś”‚¤ ś”‚¤"3202   en/ ˔‚¤ ˔‚¤ ˔‚¤ ˔‚¤"3092   en/ ‰•‚¤ ‰•‚¤ ‰•‚¤ ‰•‚¤"3292   en/  •‚¤  •‚¤  •‚¤  •‚¤"2932   en/ ̕‚¤ ̕‚¤ ̕‚¤ ̕‚¤"3002   en0 ľš‚¤ ľš‚¤ ľš‚¤ ľš‚¤"36742   en0  ߚ‚¤ ߚ‚¤ ߚ‚¤ ߚ‚¤"34312   en0  횂¤ 횂¤ 횂¤ 횂¤"34172   en0  œ›‚¤ œ›‚¤ œ›‚¤ œ›‚¤"42202   en0  ź›‚¤ ź›‚¤ ź›‚¤ ź›‚¤"34832   en0  üž‚¤ üž‚¤ üž‚¤ üž‚¤"41012   en0 ÁŸ‚¤ ÁŸ‚¤ ÁŸ‚¤ ÁŸ‚¤"41082   en0 ܟ‚¤ ܟ‚¤ ܟ‚¤ ܟ‚¤"41092   en0 ţŸ‚¤ ţŸ‚¤ ţŸ‚¤ ţŸ‚¤"41102   en0 ń ‚¤ ń ‚¤ ń ‚¤ ń ‚¤"44022   en0 ÇĄ‚¤ ÇĄ‚¤ ÇĄ‚¤ ÇĄ‚¤"39372   en0 䡂¤ 䡂¤ 䡂¤ 䡂¤"35472   en0 ݢ‚¤ ݢ‚¤ ݢ‚¤ ݢ‚¤"43532   en0 ÉŁ‚¤ ÉŁ‚¤ ÉŁ‚¤ ÉŁ‚¤"38102   en2 ¤‚¤ ¤‚¤ ¤‚¤ ¤‚¤"43432   en 23071620 ё‚¤2s 5641932023060708:45:00"02$ " #52 VALLEY WEST/JORDAN CREEKen:$ " #52 VALLEY WEST/JORDAN CREEKenB430553:B0ˇ 564224Ź " 56422408:27:0020230607*520 F ń˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˜”‚¤ §”‚¤ń˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˜”‚¤ §”‚¤"30382   enF ń˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙Ł”‚¤ ˛”‚¤ń˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙Ł”‚¤ ˛”‚¤"30852   en0 Ԕ‚¤ Ԕ‚¤ Ԕ‚¤ Ԕ‚¤"42212   en/ ˙”‚¤ ˙”‚¤ ˙”‚¤ ˙”‚¤"4332   en0 •‚¤ •‚¤ •‚¤ •‚¤"31662   en0 ą•‚¤ ą•‚¤ ą•‚¤ ą•‚¤"37402   en/ 虂¤ 虂¤ 虂¤ 虂¤"4462   en/ ü™‚¤ ü™‚¤ ü™‚¤ ü™‚¤"4452   en/ ˆš‚¤ ˆš‚¤ ˆš‚¤ ˆš‚¤"4552   en0 •š‚¤ •š‚¤ •š‚¤ •š‚¤"42922   en0 Şš‚¤ Şš‚¤ Şš‚¤ Şš‚¤"43442   en/ ľš‚¤ ľš‚¤ ľš‚¤ ľš‚¤"4522   en0 żš‚¤ żš‚¤ żš‚¤ żš‚¤"33462   en6 ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤"DCSPLATE2   en 23081621 Ǒ‚¤2ƒ 5642242023060708:27:00"0*522/ - '#52 VALLEY WEST TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #52 VALLEY WEST TO DART CENTRenB430552:B0‹ 564192€ " 56419209:15:0020230607*5206 䡂¤ 䡂¤ 䡂¤ 䡂¤"DCSPLATE2   en / Ş˘‚¤ Ş˘‚¤ Ş˘‚¤ Ş˘‚¤"3342   en/ ž˘‚¤ ž˘‚¤ ž˘‚¤ ž˘‚¤"3202   en/ Ó˘‚¤ Ó˘‚¤ Ó˘‚¤ Ó˘‚¤"3092   en/ ‘Ł‚¤ ‘Ł‚¤ ‘Ł‚¤ ‘Ł‚¤"3292   en/ ¨Ł‚¤ ¨Ł‚¤ ¨Ł‚¤ ¨Ł‚¤"2932   en/ ÔŁ‚¤ ÔŁ‚¤ ÔŁ‚¤ ÔŁ‚¤"3002   en0 ˝¨‚¤ ˝¨‚¤ ˝¨‚¤ ˝¨‚¤"36742   en0  稂¤ 稂¤ 稂¤ 稂¤"34312   en0  ő¨‚¤ ő¨‚¤ ő¨‚¤ ő¨‚¤"34172   en0  ¤Š‚¤ ¤Š‚¤ ¤Š‚¤ ¤Š‚¤"42202   en0  ÄŠ‚¤ ÄŠ‚¤ ÄŠ‚¤ ÄŠ‚¤"34832   en0  „­‚¤ „­‚¤ „­‚¤ „­‚¤"41012   en0 É­‚¤ É­‚¤ É­‚¤ É­‚¤"41082   en0 䭂¤ 䭂¤ 䭂¤ 䭂¤"41092   en0 †Ž‚¤ †Ž‚¤ †Ž‚¤ †Ž‚¤"41102   en0 ůŽ‚¤ ůŽ‚¤ ůŽ‚¤ ůŽ‚¤"44022   en0 ĎŻ‚¤ ĎŻ‚¤ ĎŻ‚¤ ĎŻ‚¤"39372   en0 쯂¤ 쯂¤ 쯂¤ 쯂¤"35472   en0 専¤ 専¤ 専¤ 専¤"43532   en0 Ńą‚¤ Ńą‚¤ Ńą‚¤ Ńą‚¤"38102   en2 ˜˛‚¤ ˜˛‚¤ ˜˛‚¤ ˜˛‚¤"43432   en 23081621 Ǒ‚¤2s 5641922023060709:15:00"02$ " #52 VALLEY WEST/JORDAN CREEKen:$ " #52 VALLEY WEST/JORDAN CREEKenB430552:B0Ď 562958Ä " 56295808:15:0020230607*17000 ‘‚¤ ‘‚¤ ‘‚¤ ‘‚¤"38392   en01 Ľ‘‚¤ Ľ‘‚¤ Ľ‘‚¤ Ľ‘‚¤"38402   en02 ź‘‚¤ ź‘‚¤ ź‘‚¤ ź‘‚¤"41872   en03 ԑ‚¤ ԑ‚¤ ԑ‚¤ ԑ‚¤"38412   en04 ‹’‚¤ ‹’‚¤ ‹’‚¤ ‹’‚¤"38422   en05 ˝’‚¤ ˝’‚¤ ˝’‚¤ ˝’‚¤"44062   en06 䒂¤ 䒂¤ 䒂¤ 䒂¤"42892   en27 ˜”‚¤ ˜”‚¤ ˜”‚¤ ˜”‚¤"42882   en 23091622 Ƒ‚¤2s 5629582023060708:15:00"0*172" #17 HUBBELL AVE TO ALTOONAen:" #17 HUBBELL AVE TO ALTOONAenB430536:B0× 562996Ě " 56299608:55:0020230607*170 2 ´˜‚¤ ´˜‚¤ ´˜‚¤ ´˜‚¤"42882   en 0 ¤š‚¤ ¤š‚¤ ¤š‚¤ ¤š‚¤"42902   en0 źš‚¤ źš‚¤ źš‚¤ źš‚¤"42912   en0 řš‚¤ řš‚¤ řš‚¤ řš‚¤"38222   en0 ś›‚¤ ś›‚¤ ś›‚¤ ś›‚¤"38232   en0 ͛‚¤ ͛‚¤ ͛‚¤ ͛‚¤"41862   en0 㛂¤ 㛂¤ 㛂¤ 㛂¤"38242   en0 ř›‚¤ ř›‚¤ ř›‚¤ ř›‚¤"38252   en0  ”œ‚¤ ”œ‚¤ ”œ‚¤ ”œ‚¤"17242   en0  żœ‚¤ żœ‚¤ żœ‚¤ żœ‚¤"40972   en0  圂¤ 圂¤ 圂¤ 圂¤"38282   en0  ‚¤ ‚¤ ‚¤ ‚¤"41932   en0  Ÿ‚¤ Ÿ‚¤ Ÿ‚¤ Ÿ‚¤"38302   en0 ߝ‚¤ ߝ‚¤ ߝ‚¤ ߝ‚¤"38312   en0 „ž‚¤ „ž‚¤ „ž‚¤ „ž‚¤"38322   en0 ˛ž‚¤ ˛ž‚¤ ˛ž‚¤ ˛ž‚¤"33632   en0 Ŕž‚¤ Ŕž‚¤ Ŕž‚¤ Ŕž‚¤"11422   en0 ˞‚¤ ˞‚¤ ˞‚¤ ˞‚¤"11342   en0 គ¤ គ¤ គ¤ គ¤"11402   en0 ÷ž‚¤ ÷ž‚¤ ÷ž‚¤ ÷ž‚¤"11292   en0 •Ÿ‚¤ •Ÿ‚¤ •Ÿ‚¤ •Ÿ‚¤"36772   en0 ŞŸ‚¤ ŞŸ‚¤ ŞŸ‚¤ ŞŸ‚¤"17292   en0 ğ‚¤ ğ‚¤ ğ‚¤ ğ‚¤"17262   en0 ŕŸ‚¤ ŕŸ‚¤ ŕŸ‚¤ ŕŸ‚¤"17322   en0 ‘ ‚¤ ‘ ‚¤ ‘ ‚¤ ‘ ‚¤"17162   en0 ť ‚¤ ť ‚¤ ť ‚¤ ť ‚¤"17152   en0 젂¤ 젂¤ 젂¤ 젂¤"40482   en0 Ą‚¤ Ą‚¤ Ą‚¤ Ą‚¤"41412   en0 §Ą‚¤ §Ą‚¤ §Ą‚¤ §Ą‚¤"36172   en0 ĆĄ‚¤ ĆĄ‚¤ ĆĄ‚¤ ĆĄ‚¤"17362   en0 Ǣ‚¤ Ǣ‚¤ Ǣ‚¤ Ǣ‚¤"36192   en0  آ‚¤ آ‚¤ آ‚¤ آ‚¤"28182   en0! 󢂤 󢂤 󢂤 󢂤"28312   en0" ŽŁ‚¤ ŽŁ‚¤ ŽŁ‚¤ ŽŁ‚¤"28162   en0# ŠŁ‚¤ ŠŁ‚¤ ŠŁ‚¤ ŠŁ‚¤"28142   en0$ ÔŁ‚¤ ÔŁ‚¤ ÔŁ‚¤ ÔŁ‚¤"40502   en0% 飂¤ 飂¤ 飂¤ 飂¤"28102   en0& őŁ‚¤ őŁ‚¤ őŁ‚¤ őŁ‚¤"40512   en0' „¤‚¤ „¤‚¤ „¤‚¤ „¤‚¤"40522   en0( ¤‚¤ ¤‚¤ ¤‚¤ ¤‚¤"40532   en0) ľ¤‚¤ ľ¤‚¤ ľ¤‚¤ ľ¤‚¤"40542   en0* 㤂¤ 㤂¤ 㤂¤ 㤂¤"40552   en0+ ř¤‚¤ ř¤‚¤ ř¤‚¤ ř¤‚¤"40562   en0, ˜Ľ‚¤ ˜Ľ‚¤ ˜Ľ‚¤ ˜Ľ‚¤"40582   en/- ÄĽ‚¤ ÄĽ‚¤ ÄĽ‚¤ ÄĽ‚¤"2822   en/. ÷Ľ‚¤ ÷Ľ‚¤ ÷Ľ‚¤ ÷Ľ‚¤"4512   en// ĹŚ‚¤ ĹŚ‚¤ ĹŚ‚¤ ĹŚ‚¤"4462   en/0 릂¤ 릂¤ 릂¤ 릂¤"4452   en/1 §‚¤ §‚¤ §‚¤ §‚¤"4552   en02 ˜§‚¤ ˜§‚¤ ˜§‚¤ ˜§‚¤"42922   en03 ż§‚¤ ż§‚¤ ż§‚¤ ż§‚¤"43442   en/4 Ô§‚¤ Ô§‚¤ Ô§‚¤ Ô§‚¤"4522   en05 观¤ 观¤ 观¤ 观¤"33462   en66 Ź¨‚¤ Ź¨‚¤ Ź¨‚¤ Ź¨‚¤"DCSPLATN2   en 23091622 Ƒ‚¤2 5629962023060708:55:00"02/ - '#17 HUBBELL AVE TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #17 HUBBELL AVE TO DART CENTRenB430536:B0é 564807Ţ ! 56480708:40:0020230607*70:Ǒ‚¤ °‘‚¤Ǒ‚¤ °‘‚¤"DCSPLATD2   en 4˙‘‚¤ 葂¤˙‘‚¤ 葂¤"31722   en3—’‚¤ €’‚¤—’‚¤ €’‚¤"4592   en4ڒ‚¤ ҂¤ڒ‚¤ ҂¤"42692   en4ű’‚¤ 䒂¤ű’‚¤ 䒂¤"26492   en4ӂ¤ Ź“‚¤ӂ¤ Ź“‚¤"25912   en4꓂¤ ӓ‚¤꓂¤ ӓ‚¤"26192   en4€”‚¤ 铂¤€”‚¤ 铂¤"26302   en4 ’”‚¤ ű“‚¤’”‚¤ ű“‚¤"25752   en4 Ż”‚¤ ˜”‚¤Ż”‚¤ ˜”‚¤"26382   en4 │¤ ˔‚¤│¤ ˔‚¤"26782   en4 ƒ•‚¤ 씂¤ƒ•‚¤ 씂¤"26542   en4 Ľ•‚¤ Ž•‚¤Ľ•‚¤ Ž•‚¤"26242   en4ȕ‚¤ ą•‚¤ȕ‚¤ ą•‚¤"26662   en4敂¤ ϕ‚¤敂¤ ϕ‚¤"26842   en4†–‚¤ ¤†–‚¤ ¤"26092   en4Ł–‚¤ Œ–‚¤Ł–‚¤ Œ–‚¤"26112   en4Ŗ‚¤ Ž–‚¤Ŗ‚¤ Ž–‚¤"26472   en4㖂¤ ̖‚¤㖂¤ ̖‚¤"26212   en4ű–‚¤ 䖂¤ű–‚¤ 䖂¤"26692   en4ž—‚¤ ‡—‚¤ž—‚¤ ‡—‚¤"26612   en4ź—‚¤ Ľ—‚¤ź—‚¤ Ľ—‚¤"26132   en4ٗ‚¤ —‚¤ٗ‚¤ —‚¤"26622   en3˜‚¤ ř—‚¤˜‚¤ ř—‚¤"6502   en3¸˜‚¤ Ą˜‚¤¸˜‚¤ Ą˜‚¤"6442   en3ט‚¤ Ŕ˜‚¤ט‚¤ Ŕ˜‚¤"6232   en3ý˜‚¤ 昂¤ý˜‚¤ 昂¤"6302   en3™‚¤ ů˜‚¤™‚¤ ů˜‚¤"6322   en3Ť™‚¤ ”™‚¤Ť™‚¤ ”™‚¤"6342   en4ۙ‚¤ ꂤۙ‚¤ ꂤ"13522   en4¤ ؙ‚¤¤ ؙ‚¤"17512   en4 „š‚¤ 홂¤„š‚¤ 홂¤"44312   en4!˘š‚¤ ‹š‚¤˘š‚¤ ‹š‚¤"43802   en6"ťš‚¤ ¤š‚¤ťš‚¤ ¤š‚¤"24982   en 23121625 Ƒ‚¤2s 5648072023060708:40:00"02$ " #7 SW 9TH TO SOUTHRIDGE MALLen:$ " #7 SW 9TH TO SOUTHRIDGE MALLenB430524:B0ą 562948Ś " 56294808:45:0020230607*1706 ܓ‚¤ ܓ‚¤ ܓ‚¤ ܓ‚¤"DCSPLATN2   en / ”‚¤ ”‚¤ ”‚¤ ”‚¤"3342   en/ ž”‚¤ ž”‚¤ ž”‚¤ ž”‚¤"3202   en/ Ž”‚¤ Ž”‚¤ Ž”‚¤ Ž”‚¤"3092   en/ ܔ‚¤ ܔ‚¤ ܔ‚¤ ܔ‚¤"3292   en/ 픂¤ 픂¤ 픂¤ 픂¤"2932   en/ ‹•‚¤ ‹•‚¤ ‹•‚¤ ‹•‚¤"3002   en/ ͕‚¤ ͕‚¤ ͕‚¤ ͕‚¤"3192   en/  핂¤ 핂¤ 핂¤ 핂¤"3212   en/  ˆ–‚¤ ˆ–‚¤ ˆ–‚¤ ˆ–‚¤"3322   en0  §–‚¤ §–‚¤ §–‚¤ §–‚¤"40362   en0  ̖‚¤ ̖‚¤ ̖‚¤ ̖‚¤"40382   en0  햂¤ 햂¤ 햂¤ 햂¤"40392   en0 Ľ—‚¤ Ľ—‚¤ Ľ—‚¤ Ľ—‚¤"40402   en0 Ǘ‚¤ Ǘ‚¤ Ǘ‚¤ Ǘ‚¤"40412   en0 㗂¤ 㗂¤ 㗂¤ 㗂¤"40422   en0 ÷—‚¤ ÷—‚¤ ÷—‚¤ ÷—‚¤"40432   en0 ‡˜‚¤ ‡˜‚¤ ‡˜‚¤ ‡˜‚¤"28092   en0 ´˜‚¤ ´˜‚¤ ´˜‚¤ ´˜‚¤"28112   en0 ǘ‚¤ ǘ‚¤ ǘ‚¤ ǘ‚¤"28132   en0 ݘ‚¤ ݘ‚¤ ݘ‚¤ ݘ‚¤"28152   en0 ń˜‚¤ ń˜‚¤ ń˜‚¤ ń˜‚¤"36752   en0 „™‚¤ „™‚¤ „™‚¤ „™‚¤"31412   en0 ’™‚¤ ’™‚¤ ’™‚¤ ’™‚¤"36212   en0 ř™‚¤ ř™‚¤ ř™‚¤ ř™‚¤"36242   en0 “š‚¤ “š‚¤ “š‚¤ “š‚¤"36262   en0 Şš‚¤ Şš‚¤ Şš‚¤ Şš‚¤"41392   en0 šš‚¤ šš‚¤ šš‚¤ šš‚¤"41402   en0 ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤"17132   en0 €›‚¤ €›‚¤ €›‚¤ €›‚¤"36762   en0  ›‚¤  ›‚¤  ›‚¤  ›‚¤"40442   en0  ͛‚¤ ͛‚¤ ͛‚¤ ͛‚¤"40452   en0! ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤"17252   en0" ‡œ‚¤ ‡œ‚¤ ‡œ‚¤ ‡œ‚¤"17182   en0# łœ‚¤ łœ‚¤ łœ‚¤ łœ‚¤"11262   en0$ Ɯ‚¤ Ɯ‚¤ Ɯ‚¤ Ɯ‚¤"11282   en0% ߜ‚¤ ߜ‚¤ ߜ‚¤ ߜ‚¤"11392   en0& řœ‚¤ řœ‚¤ řœ‚¤ řœ‚¤"11332   en0' Œ‚¤ Œ‚¤ Œ‚¤ Œ‚¤"11412   en0( Ż‚¤ Ż‚¤ Ż‚¤ Ż‚¤"38342   en0) ş‚¤ ş‚¤ ş‚¤ ş‚¤"38352   en0* ֝‚¤ ֝‚¤ ֝‚¤ ֝‚¤"38362   en0+ Šž‚¤ Šž‚¤ Šž‚¤ Šž‚¤"38372   en0, žž‚¤ žž‚¤ žž‚¤ žž‚¤"38382   en0- ˝ž‚¤ ˝ž‚¤ ˝ž‚¤ ˝ž‚¤"17202   en0. ڞ‚¤ ڞ‚¤ ڞ‚¤ ڞ‚¤"17222   en0/ üž‚¤ üž‚¤ üž‚¤ üž‚¤"12082   en00 —Ÿ‚¤ —Ÿ‚¤ —Ÿ‚¤ —Ÿ‚¤"38392   en01 ­Ÿ‚¤ ­Ÿ‚¤ ­Ÿ‚¤ ­Ÿ‚¤"38402   en02 ğ‚¤ ğ‚¤ ğ‚¤ ğ‚¤"41872   en03 ܟ‚¤ ܟ‚¤ ܟ‚¤ ܟ‚¤"38412   en04 “ ‚¤ “ ‚¤ “ ‚¤ “ ‚¤"38422   en05 Ĺ ‚¤ Ĺ ‚¤ Ĺ ‚¤ Ĺ ‚¤"44062   en06 젂¤ 젂¤ 젂¤ 젂¤"42892   en07  ˘‚¤  ˘‚¤  ˘‚¤  ˘‚¤"42882   en28 ¤‚¤ ¤‚¤ ¤‚¤ ¤‚¤"44122   en 23131626 ˑ‚¤2x 5629482023060708:45:00"02( & #17 HUBBELL AVE TO ADVENTURELANDen:% # #17 HUBBELL AVE TO ADVENTURELenB430537:B0  564007• ! 56400708:20:0020230607*506 ‘Ž‚¤ ϊ‚¤Â‘Ž‚¤ ϊ‚¤"42502   en6 ´Ž‚¤ ňŠ‚¤Â´Ž‚¤ ňŠ‚¤"42522   en6 ÂЎ‚¤ Ž‹‚¤ÂЎ‚¤ Ž‹‚¤"42542   en6 ÂöŽ‚¤ ´‹‚¤ÂöŽ‚¤ ´‹‚¤"41942   en6 ¤‚¤ ⋂¤Â¤‚¤ ⋂¤"41962   en6Âݏ‚¤ ›Œ‚¤Âݏ‚¤ ›Œ‚¤"41952   en6Š‚¤ Ȍ‚¤ÂŠ‚¤ Ȍ‚¤"41972   en6•‚¤ ӌ‚¤Â•‚¤ ӌ‚¤"43762   en6ÂƐ‚¤ „‚¤ÂƐ‚¤ „‚¤"41982   en6›‘‚¤ ٍ‚¤Â›‘‚¤ ٍ‚¤"42042   en6ÂΑ‚¤ ŒŽ‚¤ÂΑ‚¤ ŒŽ‚¤"42062   en6Âú‘‚¤ ¸Ž‚¤Âú‘‚¤ ¸Ž‚¤"42082   en6ÂŽ’‚¤ 쎂¤ÂŽ’‚¤ 쎂¤"35812   en5Â̒‚¤ Š‚¤Â̒‚¤ Š‚¤"8212   en5Â璂¤ Ľ‚¤Â璂¤ Ľ‚¤"8242   en5„“‚¤ ‚¤Â„“‚¤ ‚¤"4622   en5Âœ“‚¤ ڏ‚¤Âœ“‚¤ ڏ‚¤"4712   en6¡“‚¤ ő‚¤Âˇ“‚¤ ő‚¤"14762   en6Âғ‚¤ ‚¤Âғ‚¤ ‚¤"14802   en6Â퓂¤ Ť‚¤Â퓂¤ Ť‚¤"14842   en"1488(2   en"1530(2   en"1495(2   en "1499(2   en!"1503(2   en""1531(2   en#"1509(2   en6$Â畂¤ Ľ’‚¤Â畂¤ Ľ’‚¤"15132   en6%Â˙•‚¤ ˝’‚¤Â˙•‚¤ ˝’‚¤"15172   en6&ÂĄ–‚¤ ߒ‚¤ÂĄ–‚¤ ߒ‚¤"15342   en6'Â▂¤  “‚¤Â▂¤  “‚¤"21192   en6(—‚¤ ͓‚¤Â—‚¤ ͓‚¤"21362   en6)Â̗‚¤ Š”‚¤Â̗‚¤ Š”‚¤"21422   en6*Âń—‚¤ Ż”‚¤Âń—‚¤ Ż”‚¤"21342   en6+˜‚¤ ۔‚¤Â˜‚¤ ۔‚¤"20932   en6,Âǘ‚¤ …•‚¤Âǘ‚¤ …•‚¤"20972   en6-ÂŽ™‚¤ ̕‚¤ÂŽ™‚¤ ̕‚¤"21232   en6.Â홂¤ Ť–‚¤Â홂¤ Ť–‚¤"21112   en6/Â𚂤 Ž—‚¤Â𚂤 Ž—‚¤"44222   en60Â뛂¤ Š˜‚¤Â뛂¤ Š˜‚¤"42702   en61¢œ‚¤ ŕ˜‚¤Â˘œ‚¤ ŕ˜‚¤"42722   en62Â܂¤ ™‚¤Â܂¤ ™‚¤"42742   en63Â𜂤 Ž™‚¤Â𜂤 Ž™‚¤"42762   en64Âޝ‚¤ 虂¤Âޝ‚¤ 虂¤"42782   en65‚¤ €š‚¤Â‚¤ €š‚¤"42792   en66Âű‚¤ šš‚¤Âű‚¤ šš‚¤"43042   en67Âŕž‚¤ ž›‚¤Âŕž‚¤ ž›‚¤"42842   en68Â…Ÿ‚¤ ۂ¤Â…Ÿ‚¤ ۂ¤"42852   en89šŸ‚¤ ؛‚¤ÂšŸ‚¤ ؛‚¤"42862   en 23181631 ϑ‚¤2x 5640072023060708:20:00"46486*52# ! #5 FRANKLIN AVE TO JOHNSTONen:# ! #5 FRANKLIN AVE TO JOHNSTONenB430522:B 564007-682ů 564032î ! 56403209:05:0020230607*50 8čôŸ‚¤ Œ‚¤čôŸ‚¤ Œ‚¤"42862   en 6č• ‚¤ ­‚¤č• ‚¤ ­‚¤"42872   en6č÷ ‚¤ ž‚¤č÷ ‚¤ ž‚¤"42802   en6訥‚¤ Ŕž‚¤č¨Ą‚¤ Ŕž‚¤"38652   en6čץ‚¤ ¤čץ‚¤ ¤"42772   en6čüĄ‚¤ ”Ÿ‚¤čüĄ‚¤ ”Ÿ‚¤"42752   en6蛢‚¤ łŸ‚¤č›˘‚¤ łŸ‚¤"42732   en6č̢‚¤ 䟂¤č̢‚¤ 䟂¤"42712   en6 čޤ‚¤ ÂĄ‚¤čޤ‚¤ ÂĄ‚¤"38812   en6 čˆĽ‚¤  ˘‚¤čˆĽ‚¤  ˘‚¤"21232   en6 čĆĽ‚¤ ޢ‚¤čĆĽ‚¤ ޢ‚¤"21282   en6 č壟¤ ‡Ł‚¤č壟¤ ‡Ł‚¤"21292   en6 č Ś‚¤ ¸Ł‚¤č Ś‚¤ ¸Ł‚¤"21352   en6čÇŚ‚¤ ߣ‚¤čÇŚ‚¤ ߣ‚¤"21432   en6čůŚ‚¤ ‘¤‚¤čůŚ‚¤ ‘¤‚¤"21372   en6č´§‚¤ ̤‚¤č´§‚¤ ̤‚¤"34382   en6čূ¤ ř¤‚¤čূ¤ ř¤‚¤"21182   en6肨‚¤ šĽ‚¤č‚¨‚¤ šĽ‚¤"15162   en6čœ¨‚¤ ´Ľ‚¤čœ¨‚¤ ´Ľ‚¤"15122   en6踨‚¤ ĐĽ‚¤č¸¨‚¤ ĐĽ‚¤"15082   en"1535(2   en"1502(2   en"1498(2   en"1494(2   en"1529(2   en"1487(2   en6č‹Ş‚¤ Ł§‚¤č‹Ş‚¤ Ł§‚¤"14832   en6裪‚¤ ť§‚¤čŁŞ‚¤ ť§‚¤"14792   en6躪‚¤ ҧ‚¤čşŞ‚¤ ҧ‚¤"14752   en5čÔŞ‚¤ 짂¤čÔŞ‚¤ 짂¤"4722   en5č誂¤ €¨‚¤č誂¤ €¨‚¤"4732   en5 č…Ť‚¤ ¨‚¤č…Ť‚¤ ¨‚¤"1542   en5!čœŤ‚¤ ´¨‚¤čœŤ‚¤ ´¨‚¤"8202   en5"衍‚¤ Ϩ‚¤čˇŤ‚¤ Ϩ‚¤"8162   en6#č䫂¤ ü¨‚¤č䫂¤ ü¨‚¤"42092   en6$čŒŹ‚¤ ¤Š‚¤čŒŹ‚¤ ¤Š‚¤"42072   en6%衏‚¤ ĎŠ‚¤čˇŹ‚¤ ĎŠ‚¤"42052   en6&膭‚¤ žŞ‚¤č†­‚¤ žŞ‚¤"41992   en6'čś­‚¤ ÎŞ‚¤čś­‚¤ ÎŞ‚¤"42002   en6(čŮ­‚¤ ńŞ‚¤čŮ­‚¤ ńŞ‚¤"42012   en6)艎‚¤ ĄŤ‚¤č‰Ž‚¤ ĄŤ‚¤"42022   en6*衎‚¤ ĎŤ‚¤čˇŽ‚¤ ĎŤ‚¤"42032   en6+čÓŽ‚¤ 뫂¤čÓŽ‚¤ 뫂¤"42552   en6,č箂¤ ˙Ť‚¤č箂¤ ˙Ť‚¤"42532   en6-č„Ż‚¤ œŹ‚¤č„Ż‚¤ œŹ‚¤"42512   en6.č°Ż‚¤ ČŹ‚¤č°Ż‚¤ ČŹ‚¤"32962   en6/čŰŻ‚¤ 󬂤čŰŻ‚¤ 󬂤"32972   en60褰‚¤ ź­‚¤č¤°‚¤ ź­‚¤"19552   en61čť°‚¤ Ó­‚¤čť°‚¤ Ó­‚¤"19542   en62čŇ°‚¤ ꭂ¤čŇ°‚¤ ꭂ¤"19532   en63č㰂¤ ű­‚¤č㰂¤ ű­‚¤"33462   en<4čÜą‚¤ ôŽ‚¤čÜą‚¤ ôŽ‚¤"DCSPLATA2   en 23181631 ϑ‚¤2ƒ 5640322023060709:05:00"463922/ - '#5 FRANKLIN AVE TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #5 FRANKLIN AVE TO DART CENTRenB430522:B 564007-682ě 564806á ! 56480608:20:0020230607*705Ľ–‚¤ ńŽ‚¤Ľ–‚¤ ńŽ‚¤"6442   en5Ľľ‚¤ ‚¤Ľľ‚¤ ‚¤"6232   en5Ľې‚¤ ś‚¤Ľې‚¤ ś‚¤"6302   en5Ľ¤ ɏ‚¤Ľ¤ ɏ‚¤"6322   en5Ľ‰‘‚¤ 䏂¤Ľ‰‘‚¤ 䏂¤"6342   en6Ľš‘‚¤ ”‚¤Ľš‘‚¤ ”‚¤"13522   en6Ľ͑‚¤ ¨‚¤Ľ͑‚¤ ¨‚¤"17512   en6 Ľ⑂¤ ˝‚¤Ľ⑂¤ ˝‚¤"44312   en6!Ľ€’‚¤ ې‚¤Ľ€’‚¤ ې‚¤"43802   en8"Ľ™’‚¤ ô‚¤Ľ™’‚¤ ô‚¤"24982   en 23191632 ӑ‚¤2v 5648062023060708:20:00"0*72$ " #7 SW 9TH TO SOUTHRIDGE MALLen:$ " #7 SW 9TH TO SOUTHRIDGE MALLenB430527:B0˜ 564433 ! 56443308:41:0020230607*60 6iՒ‚¤ 쑂¤iՒ‚¤ 쑂¤"24982   en 4iő’‚¤ Œ’‚¤iő’‚¤ Œ’‚¤"26882   en4i—“‚¤ Ž’‚¤i—“‚¤ Ž’‚¤"14322   en4iő“‚¤ Œ“‚¤iő“‚¤ Œ“‚¤"34432   en4i–”‚¤ ­“‚¤i–”‚¤ ­“‚¤"34362   en4i­”‚¤ ē‚¤i­”‚¤ ē‚¤"36782   en4i̔‚¤ 㓂¤i̔‚¤ 㓂¤"34442   en4iŠ•‚¤ Ą”‚¤iŠ•‚¤ Ą”‚¤"40292   en4 i˝•‚¤ Ԕ‚¤i˝•‚¤ Ԕ‚¤"20382   en4 i땂¤ ‚•‚¤i땂¤ ‚•‚¤"23892   en4 iԖ‚¤ 땂¤iԖ‚¤ 땂¤"24032   en4 iś—‚¤ ͖‚¤iś—‚¤ ͖‚¤"23912   en4 i闂¤ €—‚¤i闂¤ €—‚¤"17712   en4i˜‚¤ ¤—‚¤i˜‚¤ ¤—‚¤"17832   en4iޘ‚¤ Á—‚¤iޘ‚¤ Á—‚¤"40222   en4iژ‚¤ ń—‚¤iژ‚¤ ń—‚¤"40242   en4iň˜‚¤ ‰˜‚¤iň˜‚¤ ‰˜‚¤"40252   en4i‘™‚¤ ¨˜‚¤i‘™‚¤ ¨˜‚¤"40272   en4i§™‚¤ ž˜‚¤i§™‚¤ ž˜‚¤"16472   en4iǙ‚¤ ޘ‚¤iǙ‚¤ ޘ‚¤"42642   en4iᙂ¤ ř˜‚¤iᙂ¤ ř˜‚¤"42622   en4i÷™‚¤ Ž™‚¤i÷™‚¤ Ž™‚¤"42602   en4i¤š‚¤ ť™‚¤i¤š‚¤ ť™‚¤"25592   en4iؚ‚¤ ¤iؚ‚¤ ¤"42592   en:i›‚¤ ¤š‚¤i›‚¤ ¤š‚¤"DCSPLATC2   en 23191632 ӑ‚¤2€ 5644332023060708:41:00"020 . (#6 INDIANOLA TO DART CENTRAL STATION VIAen:% # #6 INDIANOLA TO DART CENTRAL enB430527:B0ˇ 562726Ź " 56272608:45:0020230607*1606 ܓ‚¤ ܓ‚¤ ܓ‚¤ ܓ‚¤"DCSPLATJ2   en / Ş”‚¤ Ş”‚¤ Ş”‚¤ Ş”‚¤"3342   en/ ¸”‚¤ ¸”‚¤ ¸”‚¤ ¸”‚¤"3202   en0 ה‚¤ ה‚¤ ה‚¤ ה‚¤"37022   en/ 󔂤 󔂤 󔂤 󔂤"5242   en/ ƒ•‚¤ ƒ•‚¤ ƒ•‚¤ ƒ•‚¤"5292   en/ ą•‚¤ ą•‚¤ ą•‚¤ ą•‚¤"5222   en/ Е‚¤ Е‚¤ Е‚¤ Е‚¤"5602   en/  핂¤ 핂¤ 핂¤ 핂¤"5772   en/  ’–‚¤ ’–‚¤ ’–‚¤ ’–‚¤"5712   en/  °–‚¤ °–‚¤ °–‚¤ °–‚¤"5792   en/  Ė‚¤ Ė‚¤ Ė‚¤ Ė‚¤"5812   en0  喂¤ 喂¤ 喂¤ 喂¤"39932   en0 ý–‚¤ ý–‚¤ ý–‚¤ ý–‚¤"32842   en. ˜—‚¤ ˜—‚¤ ˜—‚¤ ˜—‚¤"442   en/ ą—‚¤ ą—‚¤ ą—‚¤ ą—‚¤"3782   en/ ϗ‚¤ ϗ‚¤ ϗ‚¤ ϗ‚¤"3752   en0 䗂¤ 䗂¤ 䗂¤ 䗂¤"41142   en0 “˜‚¤ “˜‚¤ “˜‚¤ “˜‚¤"18642   en0 ž˜‚¤ ž˜‚¤ ž˜‚¤ ž˜‚¤"18762   en/ Ԙ‚¤ Ԙ‚¤ Ԙ‚¤ Ԙ‚¤"3972   en/ 𘂤 𘂤 𘂤 𘂤"3992   en0 Ź™‚¤ Ź™‚¤ Ź™‚¤ Ź™‚¤"16642   en0 ԙ‚¤ ԙ‚¤ ԙ‚¤ ԙ‚¤"44082   en0 뙂¤ 뙂¤ 뙂¤ 뙂¤"42682   en0 ƒš‚¤ ƒš‚¤ ƒš‚¤ ƒš‚¤"21532   en0 ˘š‚¤ ˘š‚¤ ˘š‚¤ ˘š‚¤"21772   en0 źš‚¤ źš‚¤ źš‚¤ źš‚¤"21482   en0 ܚ‚¤ ܚ‚¤ ܚ‚¤ ܚ‚¤"21842   en0 ›‚¤ ›‚¤ ›‚¤ ›‚¤"21802   en0 ؛‚¤ ؛‚¤ ؛‚¤ ؛‚¤"36822   en/  “œ‚¤ “œ‚¤ “œ‚¤ “œ‚¤"9042   en/! Śœ‚¤ Śœ‚¤ Śœ‚¤ Śœ‚¤"9542   en/" Ɯ‚¤ Ɯ‚¤ Ɯ‚¤ Ɯ‚¤"9072   en/# ܜ‚¤ ܜ‚¤ ܜ‚¤ ܜ‚¤"9172   en/$ Œ‚¤ Œ‚¤ Œ‚¤ Œ‚¤"9532   en/% ›‚¤ ›‚¤ ›‚¤ ›‚¤"9182   en/& ˝‚¤ ˝‚¤ ˝‚¤ ˝‚¤"9232   en/' ם‚¤ ם‚¤ ם‚¤ ם‚¤"9262   en/( ň‚¤ ň‚¤ ň‚¤ ň‚¤"9292   en/) ’ž‚¤ ’ž‚¤ ’ž‚¤ ’ž‚¤"9512   en/* ´ž‚¤ ´ž‚¤ ´ž‚¤ ´ž‚¤"9142   en/+ żž‚¤ żž‚¤ żž‚¤ żž‚¤"9332   en/, ֞‚¤ ֞‚¤ ֞‚¤ ֞‚¤"9152   en/- 랂¤ 랂¤ 랂¤ 랂¤"9372   en/. ˆŸ‚¤ ˆŸ‚¤ ˆŸ‚¤ ˆŸ‚¤"9422   en// ›Ÿ‚¤ ›Ÿ‚¤ ›Ÿ‚¤ ›Ÿ‚¤"9462   en00 ˝Ÿ‚¤ ˝Ÿ‚¤ ˝Ÿ‚¤ ˝Ÿ‚¤"20972   en21 ôŸ‚¤ ôŸ‚¤ ôŸ‚¤ ôŸ‚¤"21232   en 23201633 ˑ‚¤2s 5627262023060708:45:00"02$ " #16 DOUGLAS AVE TO MERLE HAYen:$ " #16 DOUGLAS AVE TO MERLE HAYenB430533:B0Ř 563608Í " 56360806:40:0020230607*300 2 ”ŕ¤ ”ŕ¤ ”ŕ¤ ”ŕ¤"42962   en 23311804 ʑ‚¤2Z 5636082023060706:40:00"0*302# ! DART ON DEMAND JORDAN CREEKen:  enB430540:B0ˆ 563379ý " 56337907:00:0020230607*3002 ˑ‚¤ Ŕ⁤ ˑ‚¤ Ŕ⁤"42962   en 2 Ł–‚¤ ˜ç¤ Ł–‚¤ ˜ç¤"33002   en 23311804 ʑ‚¤2V 5633792023060707:00:00"02# ! DART ON DEMAND JORDAN CREEKen:  enB430540:B0ü 561518ń ! 56151808:30:0020230607*105ŇŕŽ‚¤ Ž‚¤ŇŕŽ‚¤ Ž‚¤"3342   en5ŇđŽ‚¤ ž‚¤ŇđŽ‚¤ ž‚¤"3202   en6Ňƒ‚¤ ą‚¤Ňƒ‚¤ ą‚¤"19512   en6Ň—‚¤ ō‚¤Ň—‚¤ ō‚¤"19502   en6Ňű‚¤ ŠŽ‚¤Ňű‚¤ ŠŽ‚¤"43292   en6ŇŤ‚¤ َ‚¤ŇŤ‚¤ َ‚¤"43302   en6ŇҐ‚¤ €‚¤ŇҐ‚¤ €‚¤"42342   en6 Ň¤ ‚¤Ň¤ ‚¤"40022   en6 ҍ‘‚¤ ť‚¤Ň‘‚¤ ť‚¤"16012   en6 ŇŞ‘‚¤ ؏‚¤ŇŞ‘‚¤ ؏‚¤"15632   en6 Ň‘‚¤ đ‚¤Ň‘‚¤ đ‚¤"15652   en6 Ň둂¤ ™‚¤Ň둂¤ ™‚¤"16042   en6ŇŠ’‚¤ ¸‚¤ŇŠ’‚¤ ¸‚¤"15692   en6ŇŁ’‚¤ ѐ‚¤ŇŁ’‚¤ ѐ‚¤"15712   en6Ňź’‚¤ ꐂ¤Ňź’‚¤ ꐂ¤"15732   en6ŇВ‚¤ ţ‚¤ŇВ‚¤ ţ‚¤"15752   en6Ňń’‚¤ Ÿ‘‚¤Ňń’‚¤ Ÿ‘‚¤"15772   en6Ň€“‚¤ Ž‘‚¤Ň€“‚¤ Ž‘‚¤"15782   en6Ňž“‚¤ ̑‚¤Ňž“‚¤ ̑‚¤"15802   en6ŇŹ“‚¤ ڑ‚¤ŇŹ“‚¤ ڑ‚¤"15822   en6Ň“‚¤ 𑂤Ň“‚¤ 𑂤"15842   en6Ňؓ‚¤ †’‚¤Ňؓ‚¤ †’‚¤"15862   en6Ň¤ œ’‚¤Ň¤ œ’‚¤"15882   en6Ň„”‚¤ ˛’‚¤Ň„”‚¤ ˛’‚¤"15902   en6Ňš”‚¤ Ȓ‚¤Ňš”‚¤ Ȓ‚¤"15922   en6Ň°”‚¤ ޒ‚¤Ň°”‚¤ ޒ‚¤"15942   en6ŇƔ‚¤ ô’‚¤ŇƔ‚¤ ô’‚¤"15962   en6Ňٔ‚¤ ‡“‚¤Ňٔ‚¤ ‡“‚¤"15982   en6Ňň”‚¤  “‚¤Ňň”‚¤  “‚¤"16002   en6Ň’•‚¤ Ŕ“‚¤Ň’•‚¤ Ŕ“‚¤"11482   en6 ŇŠ•‚¤ ד‚¤ŇŠ•‚¤ ד‚¤"11532   en6!ŇЕ‚¤ ţ“‚¤ŇЕ‚¤ ţ“‚¤"28202   en""1173(2   en#"1169(2   en$"1158(2   en%"1156(2   en&"1163(2   en'"1175(2   en("1165(2   en)"3689(2   en*"1160(2   en+"1309(2   en,"1312(2   en6-Ň痂¤ •–‚¤Ň痂¤ •–‚¤"11892   en6.ŇŠ˜‚¤ ¸–‚¤ŇŠ˜‚¤ ¸–‚¤"11962   en6/ŇĄ˜‚¤ ϖ‚¤ŇĄ˜‚¤ ϖ‚¤"11852   en60Ň°˜‚¤ ޖ‚¤Ň°˜‚¤ ޖ‚¤"11922   en61ŇÁ˜‚¤ ¤ŇÁ˜‚¤ ¤"11952   en62ŇҘ‚¤ €—‚¤ŇҘ‚¤ €—‚¤"11942   en63Ň똂¤ ™—‚¤Ň똂¤ ™—‚¤"11862   en64Ň‹™‚¤ š—‚¤Ň‹™‚¤ š—‚¤"38382   en65ŇŹ™‚¤ ڗ‚¤ŇŹ™‚¤ ڗ‚¤"17202   en66Ň˙‚¤ ů—‚¤Ň˙‚¤ ů—‚¤"17222   en67Ň홂¤ ›˜‚¤Ň홂¤ ›˜‚¤"12082   en88҆š‚¤ ´˜‚¤Ň†š‚¤ ´˜‚¤"37652   en 23341807 ӑ‚¤2 5615182023060708:30:00"46448*12* ( "#1 FAIRGROUNDS TO E 42ND & HUBBELLen:% # #1 FAIRGROUNDS TO E 42ND & HUenB430538:B 561518-445Œ 561554 ! 56155408:55:0020230607*10 8Žš‚¤ ´˜‚¤Žš‚¤ ´˜‚¤"37652   en 6ŽҚ‚¤ ʂ¤ŽҚ‚¤ ʂ¤"12112   en6Ž暂¤ ؘ‚¤Ž暂¤ ؘ‚¤"12142   en6Žüš‚¤ ¤Žüš‚¤ ¤"12032   en6Žš›‚¤ Œ™‚¤Žš›‚¤ Œ™‚¤"12052   en6ŽŻ›‚¤ Ą™‚¤ŽŻ›‚¤ Ą™‚¤"12132   en6Žɛ‚¤ ť™‚¤Žɛ‚¤ ť™‚¤"12092   en6Ž盂¤ ٙ‚¤Ž盂¤ ٙ‚¤"12072   en6 Ž‡œ‚¤ ů™‚¤Ž‡œ‚¤ ů™‚¤"11982   en "1331(2   en "1320(2   en "1318(2   en "1316(2   en"1314(2   en"1313(2   en"1310(2   en"1308(2   en"1306(2   en"1166(2   en"1176(2   en"1164(2   en"1157(2   en"1159(2   en"1170(2   en"1174(2   en6ŽŤŸ‚¤ ‚¤ŽŤŸ‚¤ ‚¤"28212   en6Žӟ‚¤ ŝ‚¤Žӟ‚¤ ŝ‚¤"11542   en6Ž韂¤ ۝‚¤Ž韂¤ ۝‚¤"11492   en6Ž’ ‚¤ „ž‚¤Ž’ ‚¤ „ž‚¤"11472   en6ŽŠ ‚¤ ›ž‚¤ŽŠ ‚¤ ›ž‚¤"15992   en6ŽÁ ‚¤ łž‚¤ŽÁ ‚¤ łž‚¤"15972   en6 ŽÝ ‚¤ Ϟ‚¤ŽÝ ‚¤ Ϟ‚¤"15952   en6!Žů ‚¤ 랂¤Žů ‚¤ 랂¤"15932   en6"Ž–Ą‚¤ ˆŸ‚¤Ž–Ą‚¤ ˆŸ‚¤"15912   en6#Ž˛Ą‚¤ ¤Ÿ‚¤Ž˛Ą‚¤ ¤Ÿ‚¤"15892   en6$ŽÍĄ‚¤ żŸ‚¤ŽÍĄ‚¤ żŸ‚¤"15872   en6%Ž¤ ŕŸ‚¤Ž¤ ŕŸ‚¤"15852   en6&Ž…˘‚¤ ÷Ÿ‚¤Ž…˘‚¤ ÷Ÿ‚¤"15832   en6'Ž—˘‚¤ ‰ ‚¤Ž—˘‚¤ ‰ ‚¤"15812   en6(Žž˘‚¤ ° ‚¤Žž˘‚¤ ° ‚¤"15792   en6)Žܢ‚¤ Π‚¤Žܢ‚¤ Π‚¤"17272   en6*ŽŁ‚¤ 󠂤ŽŁ‚¤ 󠂤"15762   en6+ŽąŁ‚¤ ŁĄ‚¤ŽąŁ‚¤ ŁĄ‚¤"15742   en6,ŽÓŁ‚¤ ĹĄ‚¤ŽÓŁ‚¤ ĹĄ‚¤"15722   en6-ŽňŁ‚¤ 䡂¤ŽňŁ‚¤ 䡂¤"15702   en6.Ž ¤‚¤ ’˘‚¤Ž ¤‚¤ ’˘‚¤"15662   en6/Ž䂤 ľ˘‚¤Ž䂤 ľ˘‚¤"15642   en60Ž٤‚¤ ˢ‚¤Ž٤‚¤ ˢ‚¤"16022   en61Žů¤‚¤ 뢂¤Žů¤‚¤ 뢂¤"22762   en62Ž“Ľ‚¤ …Ł‚¤Ž“Ľ‚¤ …Ł‚¤"36932   en63ŽÁĽ‚¤ łŁ‚¤ŽÁĽ‚¤ łŁ‚¤"36952   en64Ž饂¤ ŰŁ‚¤Ž饂¤ ŰŁ‚¤"36972   en65ŽŻŚ‚¤ Ą¤‚¤ŽŻŚ‚¤ Ą¤‚¤"36992   en66ŽŔŚ‚¤ ˛¤‚¤ŽŔŚ‚¤ ˛¤‚¤"37002   en67ŽŮŚ‚¤ ˤ‚¤ŽŮŚ‚¤ ˤ‚¤"37012   en58Ž‡§‚¤ ů¤‚¤Ž‡§‚¤ ů¤‚¤"4522   en69Ž˜§‚¤ ŠĽ‚¤Ž˜§‚¤ ŠĽ‚¤"33462   en<:Žҧ‚¤ ÄĽ‚¤Žҧ‚¤ ÄĽ‚¤"DCSPLATG2   en 23341807 ӑ‚¤2‚ 5615542023060708:55:00"463222. ,  FAIRGROUNDS TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #1 FAIRGROUNDS TO DART CENTRAenB430538:B 561518-445‹ 564111€ " 56411108:10:0020230607*5005,Ăɏ‚¤ †Ž‚¤Ăɏ‚¤ †Ž‚¤"9142   en5-Ă܏‚¤ ™Ž‚¤Ă܏‚¤ ™Ž‚¤"9332   en5.Ă€‚¤ ˝Ž‚¤Ă€‚¤ ˝Ž‚¤"9152   en5/ĂŁ‚¤ ŕŽ‚¤ĂŁ‚¤ ŕŽ‚¤"9372   en50ĂӐ‚¤ ‚¤ĂӐ‚¤ ‚¤"9422   en51Ăň‚¤ Ż‚¤Ăň‚¤ Ż‚¤"9462   en62ĂŠ‘‚¤ 揂¤ĂŠ‘‚¤ 揂¤"20972   en83Ăű‘‚¤ ¸‚¤Ăű‘‚¤ ¸‚¤"21232   en 23361809 ɑ‚¤2„ 5641112023060708:10:00"0*5020 . (#50 EUCLID-DOUGLAS CROSSTOWN TO MERLE Hen:% # EUCLID CROSSTOWN TO MERLE HAYenB430550:B0Đ 564134Ĺ 56413408:50:0020230607*502 ˆ–‚¤ ˆ–‚¤ ˆ–‚¤ ˆ–‚¤"21232   en 0 ֖‚¤ ֖‚¤ ֖‚¤ ֖‚¤"21282   en/ €—‚¤ €—‚¤ €—‚¤ €—‚¤"9552   en/ §—‚¤ §—‚¤ §—‚¤ §—‚¤"9432   en/ ӗ‚¤ ӗ‚¤ ӗ‚¤ ӗ‚¤"9362   en/ 𗂤 𗂤 𗂤 𗂤"9352   en/ ˜‚¤ ˜‚¤ ˜‚¤ ˜‚¤"9342   en/ Ľ˜‚¤ Ľ˜‚¤ Ľ˜‚¤ Ľ˜‚¤"9322   en/  𘂤 𘂤 𘂤 𘂤"9502   en/  ‡™‚¤ ‡™‚¤ ‡™‚¤ ‡™‚¤"9282   en/  Ź™‚¤ Ź™‚¤ Ź™‚¤ Ź™‚¤"9252   en/  ՙ‚¤ ՙ‚¤ ՙ‚¤ ՙ‚¤"9222   en/  ö™‚¤ ö™‚¤ ö™‚¤ ö™‚¤"9192   en0 Žš‚¤ Žš‚¤ Žš‚¤ Žš‚¤"38072   en/ ˘š‚¤ ˘š‚¤ ˘š‚¤ ˘š‚¤"9522   en/ Áš‚¤ Áš‚¤ Áš‚¤ Áš‚¤"9082   en/ ۚ‚¤ ۚ‚¤ ۚ‚¤ ۚ‚¤"9062   en/ öš‚¤ öš‚¤ öš‚¤ öš‚¤"9612   en0 ؛‚¤ ؛‚¤ ؛‚¤ ؛‚¤"36822   en0 ŕœ‚¤ ŕœ‚¤ ŕœ‚¤ ŕœ‚¤"13872   en0 úœ‚¤ úœ‚¤ úœ‚¤ úœ‚¤"13852   en0 ‘‚¤ ‘‚¤ ‘‚¤ ‘‚¤"13832   en0 Ź‚¤ Ź‚¤ Ź‚¤ Ź‚¤"13812   en0 ‚¤ ‚¤ ‚¤ ‚¤"13992   en0 ö‚¤ ö‚¤ ö‚¤ ö‚¤"44052   en0 Œž‚¤ Œž‚¤ Œž‚¤ Œž‚¤"13912   en0 Ŕž‚¤ Ŕž‚¤ Ŕž‚¤ Ŕž‚¤"32392   en0 ٞ‚¤ ٞ‚¤ ٞ‚¤ ٞ‚¤"32412   en0 Ꞃ¤ Ꞃ¤ Ꞃ¤ Ꞃ¤"14022   en0 „Ÿ‚¤ „Ÿ‚¤ „Ÿ‚¤ „Ÿ‚¤"14052   en0 œŸ‚¤ œŸ‚¤ œŸ‚¤ œŸ‚¤"32432   en0  ­Ÿ‚¤ ­Ÿ‚¤ ­Ÿ‚¤ ­Ÿ‚¤"32442   en0! ğ‚¤ ğ‚¤ ğ‚¤ ğ‚¤"32462   en0" ן‚¤ ן‚¤ ן‚¤ ן‚¤"43152   en0# Ş ‚¤ Ş ‚¤ Ş ‚¤ Ş ‚¤"43132   en0$ ƒĄ‚¤ ƒĄ‚¤ ƒĄ‚¤ ƒĄ‚¤"43112   en0% 䡂¤ 䡂¤ 䡂¤ 䡂¤"43092   en0& üĄ‚¤ üĄ‚¤ üĄ‚¤ üĄ‚¤"14132   en0' Ž˘‚¤ Ž˘‚¤ Ž˘‚¤ Ž˘‚¤"13802   en0(  ˘‚¤  ˘‚¤  ˘‚¤  ˘‚¤"33632   en0) ź˘‚¤ ź˘‚¤ ź˘‚¤ ź˘‚¤"38342   en0* Ƣ‚¤ Ƣ‚¤ Ƣ‚¤ Ƣ‚¤"38352   en0+ ࢂ¤ ࢂ¤ ࢂ¤ ࢂ¤"38362   en0, ‘Ł‚¤ ‘Ł‚¤ ‘Ł‚¤ ‘Ł‚¤"38372   en0- ¤Ł‚¤ ¤Ł‚¤ ¤Ł‚¤ ¤Ł‚¤"38382   en0. ÁŁ‚¤ ÁŁ‚¤ ÁŁ‚¤ ÁŁ‚¤"17202   en0/ ÜŁ‚¤ ÜŁ‚¤ ÜŁ‚¤ ÜŁ‚¤"17222   en00 úŁ‚¤ úŁ‚¤ úŁ‚¤ úŁ‚¤"12082   en21 ¤‚¤ ¤‚¤ ¤‚¤ ¤‚¤"37652   en 23361809 ɑ‚¤2€ 5641342023060708:50:00"020 . (#50 EUCLID-DOUGLAS CROSSTOWN TO E 42ND Sen:% # EUCLID CROSSTOWN TO E 42ND STenB430550:B0É 562006ž " 56200608:35:0020230607*150 Fí˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙ˆ‚¤ ›‚¤í˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙ˆ‚¤ ›‚¤"13892   enFí˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˜‚¤ Ť‚¤í˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˜‚¤ Ť‚¤"13922   enEí˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙¸‚¤ ˏ‚¤í˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙¸‚¤ ˏ‚¤"3042   enEí˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙ȏ‚¤ ۏ‚¤í˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙ȏ‚¤ ۏ‚¤"3282   enEí˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙؏‚¤ 돂¤í˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙؏‚¤ 돂¤"2882   enEí˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙ő‚¤ ˆ‚¤í˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙ő‚¤ ˆ‚¤"2922   enEí˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙‘‚¤ ¤‚¤í˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙‘‚¤ ¤‚¤"3242   enE í˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙ź‚¤ ϐ‚¤í˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙ź‚¤ ϐ‚¤"3132   enE í˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙†‘‚¤ ™‘‚¤í˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙†‘‚¤ ™‘‚¤"3082   enE í˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙Ÿ‘‚¤ ˛‘‚¤í˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙Ÿ‘‚¤ ˛‘‚¤"3362   enE í˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙ľ‘‚¤ ȑ‚¤í˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙ľ‘‚¤ ȑ‚¤"2972   enE í˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙ꑂ¤ ý‘‚¤í˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙ꑂ¤ ý‘‚¤"3062   en0 ¨’‚¤ ¨’‚¤ ¨’‚¤ ¨’‚¤"36332   en/ ’‚¤ ’‚¤ ’‚¤ ’‚¤"2822   en/ 풂¤ 풂¤ 풂¤ 풂¤"4512   en/ Ż“‚¤ Ż“‚¤ Ż“‚¤ Ż“‚¤"4462   en/ ϓ‚¤ ϓ‚¤ ϓ‚¤ ϓ‚¤"4452   en/ Ⓜ¤ Ⓜ¤ Ⓜ¤ Ⓜ¤"4552   en0 ö“‚¤ ö“‚¤ ö“‚¤ ö“‚¤"42922   en0 —”‚¤ —”‚¤ —”‚¤ —”‚¤"43442   en/ Š”‚¤ Š”‚¤ Š”‚¤ Š”‚¤"4522   en0 š”‚¤ š”‚¤ š”‚¤ š”‚¤"33462   en6 •‚¤ •‚¤ •‚¤ •‚¤"DCSPLATH2   en 23401813 ґ‚¤2‚ 5620062023060708:35:00"0*152. ,  6TH AVENUE TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #15 6TH AVENUE TO DART CENTRAenB430530:B0’ 561955‡ " 56195509:00:0020230607*1506 ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤"DCSPLATH2   en / Ľ›‚¤ Ľ›‚¤ Ľ›‚¤ Ľ›‚¤"3342   en/ ˛›‚¤ ˛›‚¤ ˛›‚¤ ˛›‚¤"3202   en/ Á›‚¤ Á›‚¤ Á›‚¤ Á›‚¤"3092   en/ 웂¤ 웂¤ 웂¤ 웂¤"3292   en/ ü›‚¤ ü›‚¤ ü›‚¤ ü›‚¤"2932   en/ ˜œ‚¤ ˜œ‚¤ ˜œ‚¤ ˜œ‚¤"3002   en/ ՜‚¤ ՜‚¤ ՜‚¤ ՜‚¤"3192   en/  󜂤 󜂤 󜂤 󜂤"3212   en/  Œ‚¤ Œ‚¤ Œ‚¤ Œ‚¤"3322   en/  ›‚¤ ›‚¤ ›‚¤ ›‚¤"3142   en/  Á‚¤ Á‚¤ Á‚¤ Á‚¤"3052   en0  ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤"43822   en/ Žž‚¤ Žž‚¤ Žž‚¤ Žž‚¤"3352   en/ Ťž‚¤ Ťž‚¤ Ťž‚¤ Ťž‚¤"3072   en/ ˙ž‚¤ ˙ž‚¤ ˙ž‚¤ ˙ž‚¤"3122   en/ ŤŸ‚¤ ŤŸ‚¤ ŤŸ‚¤ ŤŸ‚¤"3232   en/ ÁŸ‚¤ ÁŸ‚¤ ÁŸ‚¤ ÁŸ‚¤"2982   en/ ֟‚¤ ֟‚¤ ֟‚¤ ֟‚¤"2912   en/ 矂¤ 矂¤ 矂¤ 矂¤"2872   en/ € ‚¤ € ‚¤ € ‚¤ € ‚¤"3272   en/ ‹ ‚¤ ‹ ‚¤ ‹ ‚¤ ‹ ‚¤"3252   en0  ‚¤  ‚¤  ‚¤  ‚¤"13962   en0 ´ ‚¤ ´ ‚¤ ´ ‚¤ ´ ‚¤"40912   en0 Ď ‚¤ Ď ‚¤ Ď ‚¤ Ď ‚¤"40922   en0 頂¤ 頂¤ 頂¤ 頂¤"40932   en0 ‡Ą‚¤ ‡Ą‚¤ ‡Ą‚¤ ‡Ą‚¤"40942   en0 Ą‚¤ Ą‚¤ Ą‚¤ Ą‚¤"40952   en0 ˝Ą‚¤ ˝Ą‚¤ ˝Ą‚¤ ˝Ą‚¤"32372   en2 䡂¤ 䡂¤ 䡂¤ 䡂¤"14092   en 23401813 ґ‚¤2x 5619552023060709:00:00"02( & #15 6TH AVENUE TO PARK FAIR MALLen:% # #15 6TH AVENUE TO PARK FAIR MenB430530:B0Ł 565047˜ " 56504708:26:0020230607*7206¤Ԏ‚¤ °‹‚¤¤Ԏ‚¤ °‹‚¤"43532   en6¤•‚¤ ń‹‚¤¤•‚¤ ń‹‚¤"38102   en6¤Ź‚¤ ˆŒ‚¤¤Ź‚¤ ˆŒ‚¤"36542   en6¤  Œ‚¤¤  Œ‚¤"36492   en6¤ꏂ¤ ƌ‚¤¤ꏂ¤ ƌ‚¤"38112   en6¤ü‚¤ ،‚¤¤ü‚¤ ،‚¤"35512   en6¤͐‚¤ Š‚¤¤͐‚¤ Š‚¤"36502   en6 ¤ߐ‚¤ ť‚¤¤ߐ‚¤ ť‚¤"35522   en6 ¤…‘‚¤ ፂ¤¤…‘‚¤ ፂ¤"35532   en6 ¤Ś‘‚¤ ‚Ž‚¤¤Ś‘‚¤ ‚Ž‚¤"38122   en6 ¤´‘‚¤ Ž‚¤¤´‘‚¤ Ž‚¤"35542   en6 ¤ґ‚¤ ŽŽ‚¤¤ґ‚¤ ŽŽ‚¤"35552   en6¤쑂¤ Ȏ‚¤¤쑂¤ Ȏ‚¤"38132   en6¤ş’‚¤ –‚¤¤ş’‚¤ –‚¤"35572   en6¤쒂¤ ȏ‚¤¤쒂¤ ȏ‚¤"13562   en6¤“‚¤ 鏂¤¤“‚¤ 鏂¤"13542   en6¤­“‚¤ ‰‚¤¤­“‚¤ ‰‚¤"37882   en6¤œ‚¤ Ą‚¤¤œ‚¤ Ą‚¤"13712   en6¤ܓ‚¤ ¸‚¤¤ܓ‚¤ ¸‚¤"37892   en6¤˜”‚¤ ô‚¤¤˜”‚¤ ô‚¤"35122   en6¤­”‚¤ ‰‘‚¤¤­”‚¤ ‰‘‚¤"16032   en6¤ɔ‚¤ Ľ‘‚¤¤ɔ‚¤ Ľ‘‚¤"16062   en6¤攂¤ ‘‚¤¤攂¤ ‘‚¤"35582   en"2904(2   en"2902(2   en"4361(2   en"3559(2   en6¤‹–‚¤ 璂¤¤‹–‚¤ 璂¤"43622   en5¤¸–‚¤ ”“‚¤¤¸–‚¤ ”“‚¤"5532   en6¤ۖ‚¤ ˇ“‚¤¤ۖ‚¤ ˇ“‚¤"13482   en8 ¤€—‚¤ ܓ‚¤¤€—‚¤ ܓ‚¤"13402   en 23482009 ˑ‚¤2† 5650472023060708:26:00"46517*722. , H TO VALLEY JUNCTION VIA MILLS CIVICen:% # #72 TO VALLEY JUNCTION VIA MIenB430558:B 565047-674Ý 565059Ň " 56505908:46:0020230607*7208¤ź—‚¤ ˜”‚¤¤ź—‚¤ ˜”‚¤"13402   en 5¤֗‚¤ ˛”‚¤¤֗‚¤ ˛”‚¤"5032   en5¤ü—‚¤ ؔ‚¤¤ü—‚¤ ؔ‚¤"5012   en5¤‘˜‚¤ 픂¤¤‘˜‚¤ 픂¤"4952   en5¤°˜‚¤ Œ•‚¤¤°˜‚¤ Œ•‚¤"4942   en6¤¤ ˕‚¤¤¤ ˕‚¤"39192   en5¤˜™‚¤ ô•‚¤¤˜™‚¤ ô•‚¤"6752   en5¤§™‚¤ ƒ–‚¤¤§™‚¤ ƒ–‚¤"6572   en5 ¤ř‚¤ Ą–‚¤¤ř‚¤ Ą–‚¤"6652   en5 ¤噂¤ Á–‚¤¤噂¤ Á–‚¤"6672   en6 ¤Śš‚¤ ‚—‚¤¤Śš‚¤ ‚—‚¤"39202   en6 ¤ƚ‚¤ ˘—‚¤¤ƚ‚¤ ˘—‚¤"39212   en6 ¤ňš‚¤ Η‚¤¤ňš‚¤ Η‚¤"39222   en5¤•›‚¤ ń—‚¤¤•›‚¤ ń—‚¤"6592   en5¤ś‚¤ Ą˜‚¤¤ś‚¤ Ą˜‚¤"4752   en5¤ۛ‚¤ ˇ˜‚¤¤ۛ‚¤ ˇ˜‚¤"4762   en5¤훂¤ ɘ‚¤¤훂¤ ɘ‚¤"4802   en6¤śœ‚¤ ’™‚¤¤śœ‚¤ ’™‚¤"30382   en6¤М‚¤ Ź™‚¤¤М‚¤ Ź™‚¤"30852   en6¤üž‚¤ ؛‚¤¤üž‚¤ ؛‚¤"42212   en6¤¸Ÿ‚¤ ”œ‚¤¤¸Ÿ‚¤ ”œ‚¤"42182   en6¤럂¤ ǜ‚¤¤럂¤ ǜ‚¤"39242   en6¤Ş ‚¤ †‚¤¤Ş ‚¤ †‚¤"39252   en6¤Ű ‚¤ ˇ‚¤¤Ű ‚¤ ˇ‚¤"39262   en6¤ü ‚¤ ؝‚¤¤ü ‚¤ ؝‚¤"39272   en6¤ץ‚¤ łž‚¤¤ץ‚¤ łž‚¤"39282   en6¤ůĄ‚¤ ՞‚¤¤ůĄ‚¤ ՞‚¤"39292   en6¤Ź˘‚¤ ˆŸ‚¤¤Ź˘‚¤ ˆŸ‚¤"39302   en6¤ܢ‚¤ ¸Ÿ‚¤¤ܢ‚¤ ¸Ÿ‚¤"39312   en6¤’Ł‚¤ ¤¤’Ł‚¤ ¤"39322   en6¤ÓŁ‚¤ Ż ‚¤¤ÓŁ‚¤ Ż ‚¤"39332   en6 ¤‡¤‚¤ 㠂¤¤‡¤‚¤ 㠂¤"39342   en6!¤Ϥ‚¤ ŤĄ‚¤¤Ϥ‚¤ ŤĄ‚¤"42492   en6"¤餂¤ ĹĄ‚¤¤餂¤ ĹĄ‚¤"39352   en6#¤‹Ľ‚¤ 硂¤¤‹Ľ‚¤ 硂¤"39362   en6$¤›Ś‚¤ ÷˘‚¤¤›Ś‚¤ ÷˘‚¤"39372   en8%¤źŚ‚¤ ˜Ł‚¤¤źŚ‚¤ ˜Ł‚¤"35472   en 23482009 ˑ‚¤2z 5650592023060708:46:00"02* ( "#72 TO JORDAN CREEK VIA UNIVERSITYen:% # #72 TO JORDAN CREEK VIA UNIVEenB430558:B 565047-674ň 565439ç $ 56543908:45:0020230607*D-LINE0 ܓ‚¤ ܓ‚¤ ܓ‚¤ ܓ‚¤"832   en 0 ™”‚¤ ™”‚¤ ™”‚¤ ™”‚¤"19472   en0 ˝”‚¤ ˝”‚¤ ˝”‚¤ ˝”‚¤"19452   en0 є‚¤ є‚¤ є‚¤ є‚¤"19442   en0 ú”‚¤ ú”‚¤ ú”‚¤ ú”‚¤"19422   en0 ‹•‚¤ ‹•‚¤ ‹•‚¤ ‹•‚¤"19552   en0 Ą•‚¤ Ą•‚¤ Ą•‚¤ Ą•‚¤"19542   en0 ľ•‚¤ ľ•‚¤ ľ•‚¤ ľ•‚¤"19532   en0  ̕‚¤ ̕‚¤ ̕‚¤ ̕‚¤"19522   en0  ݕ‚¤ ݕ‚¤ ݕ‚¤ ݕ‚¤"19512   en0  ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤"19502   en0  ––‚¤ ––‚¤ ––‚¤ ––‚¤"19702   en0  ˝–‚¤ ˝–‚¤ ˝–‚¤ ˝–‚¤"19562   en0 薂¤ 薂¤ 薂¤ 薂¤"19622   en0 ú–‚¤ ú–‚¤ ú–‚¤ ú–‚¤"19642   en0 Œ—‚¤ Œ—‚¤ Œ—‚¤ Œ—‚¤"19662   en0 ˛—‚¤ ˛—‚¤ ˛—‚¤ ˛—‚¤"42352   en0 ̗‚¤ ̗‚¤ ̗‚¤ ̗‚¤"16012   en0 旂¤ 旂¤ 旂¤ 旂¤"15632   en0 ü—‚¤ ü—‚¤ ü—‚¤ ü—‚¤"15652   en/ ş˜‚¤ ş˜‚¤ ş˜‚¤ ş˜‚¤"9892   en2 𘂤 𘂤 𘂤 𘂤"35102   en 23502011 ͑‚¤2Y 5654392023060708:45:00"02  #42 STATE CAPITOLen:  STATE CAPITOLenB430547:B0ű 561794đ " 56179408:18:0020230607*140 4(ż‚¤ Ą‚¤ż‚¤ Ą‚¤"21522   en4)‘‚¤ 㐂¤‘‚¤ 㐂¤"35152   en3*ž‘‚¤ €‘‚¤ž‘‚¤ €‘‚¤"7702   en4+°‘‚¤ ’‘‚¤°‘‚¤ ’‘‚¤"33142   en3,Α‚¤ °‘‚¤Α‚¤ °‘‚¤"7682   en4-ᑂ¤ т¤ᑂ¤ т¤"33172   en4.ú‘‚¤ ܑ‚¤ú‘‚¤ ܑ‚¤"33182   en4/’‚¤ ń‘‚¤’‚¤ ń‘‚¤"40892   en40ƒ‚¤ ¨’‚¤ƒ‚¤ ¨’‚¤"38752   en41ü’‚¤ ޒ‚¤ü’‚¤ ޒ‚¤"38742   en42““‚¤ ő’‚¤““‚¤ ő’‚¤"36832   en43ߓ‚¤ Á“‚¤ߓ‚¤ Á“‚¤"19542   en44ů“‚¤ ۓ‚¤ů“‚¤ ۓ‚¤"19532   en45””‚¤ ö“‚¤””‚¤ ö“‚¤"33462   en:6Ž•‚¤ •‚¤Ž•‚¤ •‚¤"DCSPLATF2   en 23592013 ё‚¤2‚ 5617942023060708:18:00"0*142. ,  BEAVER AVE TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #14 BEAVER AVE TO DART CENTRAenB430529:B0Ű 561769Đ " 56176909:00:0020230607*1406 ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤"DCSPLATF2   en / ś›‚¤ ś›‚¤ ś›‚¤ ś›‚¤"3342   en/ ƛ‚¤ ƛ‚¤ ƛ‚¤ ƛ‚¤"3202   en0 ř›‚¤ ř›‚¤ ř›‚¤ ř›‚¤"17012   en0 ˆœ‚¤ ˆœ‚¤ ˆœ‚¤ ˆœ‚¤"17032   en0 ˜œ‚¤ ˜œ‚¤ ˜œ‚¤ ˜œ‚¤"17042   en0 Šœ‚¤ Šœ‚¤ Šœ‚¤ Šœ‚¤"16972   en0 М‚¤ М‚¤ М‚¤ М‚¤"38792   en0  ‹‚¤ ‹‚¤ ‹‚¤ ‹‚¤"38782   en0  Ż‚¤ Ż‚¤ Ż‚¤ Ż‚¤"30932   en0  Н‚¤ Н‚¤ Н‚¤ Н‚¤"33192   en/  ń‚¤ ń‚¤ ń‚¤ ń‚¤"7692   en0  Ÿž‚¤ Ÿž‚¤ Ÿž‚¤ Ÿž‚¤"33222   en0 ¸ž‚¤ ¸ž‚¤ ¸ž‚¤ ¸ž‚¤"33242   en0 ͞‚¤ ͞‚¤ ͞‚¤ ͞‚¤"34192   en/ ŻŸ‚¤ ŻŸ‚¤ ŻŸ‚¤ ŻŸ‚¤"4082   en/ П‚¤ П‚¤ П‚¤ П‚¤"4072   en. ôŸ‚¤ ôŸ‚¤ ôŸ‚¤ ôŸ‚¤"972   en0 • ‚¤ • ‚¤ • ‚¤ • ‚¤"41022   en/ Š ‚¤ Š ‚¤ Š ‚¤ Š ‚¤"4122   en/  ‚¤  ‚¤  ‚¤  ‚¤"4092   en/ Ř ‚¤ Ř ‚¤ Ř ‚¤ Ř ‚¤"4102   en0 ÷ ‚¤ ÷ ‚¤ ÷ ‚¤ ÷ ‚¤"21822   en0 Ą‚¤ Ą‚¤ Ą‚¤ Ą‚¤"21642   en0 ¨Ą‚¤ ¨Ą‚¤ ¨Ą‚¤ ¨Ą‚¤"21712   en0 ŃĄ‚¤ ŃĄ‚¤ ŃĄ‚¤ ŃĄ‚¤"34092   en0 𡂤 𡂤 𡂤 𡂤"16682   en0 ‚˘‚¤ ‚˘‚¤ ‚˘‚¤ ‚˘‚¤"16702   en0 Ż˘‚¤ Ż˘‚¤ Ż˘‚¤ Ż˘‚¤"16602   en0 ɢ‚¤ ɢ‚¤ ɢ‚¤ ɢ‚¤"16722   en0 㢂¤ 㢂¤ 㢂¤ 㢂¤"40592   en0  ý˘‚¤ ý˘‚¤ ý˘‚¤ ý˘‚¤"40602   en0! ˜Ł‚¤ ˜Ł‚¤ ˜Ł‚¤ ˜Ł‚¤"40612   en0" ÎŁ‚¤ ÎŁ‚¤ ÎŁ‚¤ ÎŁ‚¤"40622   en0# ŰŁ‚¤ ŰŁ‚¤ ŰŁ‚¤ ŰŁ‚¤"28422   en0$ 磂¤ 磂¤ 磂¤ 磂¤"28442   en0% €¤‚¤ €¤‚¤ €¤‚¤ €¤‚¤"28462   en0& ‘¤‚¤ ‘¤‚¤ ‘¤‚¤ ‘¤‚¤"28352   en0' ޤ‚¤ ޤ‚¤ ޤ‚¤ ޤ‚¤"40632   en0( Ϥ‚¤ Ϥ‚¤ Ϥ‚¤ Ϥ‚¤"40642   en0) 褂¤ 褂¤ 褂¤ 褂¤"40652   en0* ü¤‚¤ ü¤‚¤ ü¤‚¤ ü¤‚¤"40662   en0+ Ľ‚¤ Ľ‚¤ Ľ‚¤ Ľ‚¤"40672   en0, ÄĽ‚¤ ÄĽ‚¤ ÄĽ‚¤ ÄĽ‚¤"40682   en0- ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤"40692   en0. ‹Ś‚¤ ‹Ś‚¤ ‹Ś‚¤ ‹Ś‚¤"40702   en0/ ĄŚ‚¤ ĄŚ‚¤ ĄŚ‚¤ ĄŚ‚¤"40712   en00 ľŚ‚¤ ľŚ‚¤ ľŚ‚¤ ľŚ‚¤"40722   en01 ĘŚ‚¤ ĘŚ‚¤ ĘŚ‚¤ ĘŚ‚¤"31312   en02 ᦂ¤ ᦂ¤ ᦂ¤ ᦂ¤"40732   en03 őŚ‚¤ őŚ‚¤ őŚ‚¤ őŚ‚¤"31302   en/4 ‚§‚¤ ‚§‚¤ ‚§‚¤ ‚§‚¤"6792   en/5 §‚¤ §‚¤ §‚¤ §‚¤"6812   en/6 Ł§‚¤ Ł§‚¤ Ł§‚¤ Ł§‚¤"6852   en/7 Ž§‚¤ Ž§‚¤ Ž§‚¤ Ž§‚¤"6872   en/8 Ŕ§‚¤ Ŕ§‚¤ Ŕ§‚¤ Ŕ§‚¤"6992   en29 Ź¨‚¤ Ź¨‚¤ Ź¨‚¤ Ź¨‚¤"21232   en 23592013 ё‚¤2v 5617692023060709:00:00"02& $ #14 BEAVER AVENUE TO MERLE HAYen:% # #14 BEAVER AVENUE TO MERLE HAenB430529:B0Ž 562983Ł " 56298308:26:0020230607*170 6˝Ł‚¤ 掂¤˝Ł‚¤ 掂¤"42912   en6˝¤ ą‚¤˝¤ ą‚¤"38222   en6˝ź‘‚¤ ˙‚¤˝ź‘‚¤ ˙‚¤"38232   en6˝ؑ‚¤ ›‚¤˝ؑ‚¤ ›‚¤"41862   en6˝ô‘‚¤ ˇ‚¤˝ô‘‚¤ ˇ‚¤"38242   en6 ˝’‚¤ Ґ‚¤˝’‚¤ Ґ‚¤"38252   en6 ˝ą’‚¤ ô‚¤˝ą’‚¤ ô‚¤"17242   en6 ˝咂¤ ¨‘‚¤˝咂¤ ¨‘‚¤"40972   en6 ˝““‚¤ ֑‚¤˝““‚¤ ֑‚¤"38282   en6 ˝Ǔ‚¤ Š’‚¤˝Ǔ‚¤ Š’‚¤"41932   en6˝ٓ‚¤ œ’‚¤˝ٓ‚¤ œ’‚¤"38302   en6˝Ś”‚¤ 钂¤˝Ś”‚¤ 钂¤"38312   en6˝Ҕ‚¤ •“‚¤˝Ҕ‚¤ •“‚¤"38322   en6˝Š•‚¤ ͓‚¤˝Š•‚¤ ͓‚¤"33632   en6˝™•‚¤ ܓ‚¤˝™•‚¤ ܓ‚¤"11422   en6˝¤•‚¤ 瓂¤˝¤•‚¤ 瓂¤"11342   en6˝ş•‚¤ ý“‚¤˝ş•‚¤ ý“‚¤"11402   en6˝Е‚¤ “”‚¤˝Е‚¤ “”‚¤"11292   en6˝¤ ą”‚¤˝¤ ą”‚¤"36772   en6˝ƒ–‚¤ Ɣ‚¤˝ƒ–‚¤ Ɣ‚¤"17292   en6˝–‚¤ ŕ”‚¤˝–‚¤ ŕ”‚¤"17262   en6˝š–‚¤ ü”‚¤˝š–‚¤ ü”‚¤"17322   en6˝ꖂ¤ ­•‚¤˝ꖂ¤ ­•‚¤"17162   en6˝”—‚¤ ו‚¤˝”—‚¤ ו‚¤"17152   en6˝ŗ‚¤ ˆ–‚¤˝ŗ‚¤ ˆ–‚¤"40482   en6˝藂¤ Ť–‚¤˝藂¤ Ť–‚¤"41412   en6˝€˜‚¤ ւ¤˝€˜‚¤ ւ¤"36172   en6˝Ÿ˜‚¤ ▂¤˝Ÿ˜‚¤ ▂¤"17362   en6 ˝ ™‚¤ 㗂¤˝ ™‚¤ 㗂¤"36192   en6!˝ą™‚¤ ô—‚¤˝ą™‚¤ ô—‚¤"28182   en6"˝̙‚¤ ˜‚¤˝̙‚¤ ˜‚¤"28312   en6#˝療¤ ޘ‚¤˝療¤ ޘ‚¤"28162   en6$˝‚š‚¤ ؂¤˝‚š‚¤ ؂¤"28142   en6%˝­š‚¤ 𘂤˝­š‚¤ 𘂤"40502   en6&˝š‚¤ …™‚¤˝š‚¤ …™‚¤"28102   en6'˝Κ‚¤ ‘™‚¤˝Κ‚¤ ‘™‚¤"40512   en6(˝ݚ‚¤  ™‚¤˝ݚ‚¤  ™‚¤"40522   en6)˝öš‚¤ š™‚¤˝öš‚¤ š™‚¤"40532   en6*˝Ž›‚¤ љ‚¤˝Ž›‚¤ љ‚¤"40542   en6+˝ź›‚¤ ˙™‚¤˝ź›‚¤ ˙™‚¤"40552   en6,˝ћ‚¤ ”š‚¤˝ћ‚¤ ”š‚¤"40562   en6-˝ń›‚¤ ´š‚¤˝ń›‚¤ ´š‚¤"40582   en5.˝œ‚¤ ŕš‚¤˝œ‚¤ ŕš‚¤"2822   en5/˝М‚¤ “›‚¤˝М‚¤ “›‚¤"4512   en50˝ž‚¤ ᛂ¤˝ž‚¤ ᛂ¤"4462   en51˝ĝ‚¤ ‡œ‚¤˝ĝ‚¤ ‡œ‚¤"4452   en52˝ڝ‚¤ œ‚¤˝ڝ‚¤ œ‚¤"4552   en63˝ń‚¤ ´œ‚¤˝ń‚¤ ´œ‚¤"42922   en64˝˜ž‚¤ ۜ‚¤˝˜ž‚¤ ۜ‚¤"43442   en55˝­ž‚¤ 𜂤˝­ž‚¤ 𜂤"4522   en66˝Áž‚¤ „‚¤˝Áž‚¤ „‚¤"33462   en<7˝…Ÿ‚¤ ȝ‚¤˝…Ÿ‚¤ ȝ‚¤"DCSPLATN2   en 23612015 ɑ‚¤2ƒ 5629832023060708:26:00"0*172/ - '#17 HUBBELL AVE TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #17 HUBBELL AVE TO DART CENTRenB430539:B0ö 562979ë " 56297909:15:0020230607*1706 䡂¤ 䡂¤ 䡂¤ 䡂¤"DCSPLATN2   en / ˜˘‚¤ ˜˘‚¤ ˜˘‚¤ ˜˘‚¤"3342   en/ Ś˘‚¤ Ś˘‚¤ Ś˘‚¤ Ś˘‚¤"3202   en/ ś˘‚¤ ś˘‚¤ ś˘‚¤ ś˘‚¤"3092   en/ 䢂¤ 䢂¤ 䢂¤ 䢂¤"3292   en/ ő˘‚¤ ő˘‚¤ ő˘‚¤ ő˘‚¤"2932   en/ “Ł‚¤ “Ł‚¤ “Ł‚¤ “Ł‚¤"3002   en/ ŐŁ‚¤ ŐŁ‚¤ ŐŁ‚¤ ŐŁ‚¤"3192   en/  őŁ‚¤ őŁ‚¤ őŁ‚¤ őŁ‚¤"3212   en/  ¤‚¤ ¤‚¤ ¤‚¤ ¤‚¤"3322   en0  Ż¤‚¤ Ż¤‚¤ Ż¤‚¤ Ż¤‚¤"40362   en0  Ô¤‚¤ Ô¤‚¤ Ô¤‚¤ Ô¤‚¤"40382   en0  ő¤‚¤ ő¤‚¤ ő¤‚¤ ő¤‚¤"40392   en0 ­Ľ‚¤ ­Ľ‚¤ ­Ľ‚¤ ­Ľ‚¤"40402   en0 ĎĽ‚¤ ĎĽ‚¤ ĎĽ‚¤ ĎĽ‚¤"40412   en0 륂¤ 륂¤ 륂¤ 륂¤"40422   en0 ˙Ľ‚¤ ˙Ľ‚¤ ˙Ľ‚¤ ˙Ľ‚¤"40432   en0 Ś‚¤ Ś‚¤ Ś‚¤ Ś‚¤"28092   en0 źŚ‚¤ źŚ‚¤ źŚ‚¤ źŚ‚¤"28112   en0 ĎŚ‚¤ ĎŚ‚¤ ĎŚ‚¤ ĎŚ‚¤"28132   en0 如¤ 如¤ 如¤ 如¤"28152   en0 ůŚ‚¤ ůŚ‚¤ ůŚ‚¤ ůŚ‚¤"36752   en0 Œ§‚¤ Œ§‚¤ Œ§‚¤ Œ§‚¤"31412   en0 š§‚¤ š§‚¤ š§‚¤ š§‚¤"36212   en0 €¨‚¤ €¨‚¤ €¨‚¤ €¨‚¤"36242   en0 ›¨‚¤ ›¨‚¤ ›¨‚¤ ›¨‚¤"36262   en0 ˛¨‚¤ ˛¨‚¤ ˛¨‚¤ ˛¨‚¤"41392   en0 Á¨‚¤ Á¨‚¤ Á¨‚¤ Á¨‚¤"41402   en0 訂¤ 訂¤ 訂¤ 訂¤"17132   en0 ˆŠ‚¤ ˆŠ‚¤ ˆŠ‚¤ ˆŠ‚¤"36762   en0 ¨Š‚¤ ¨Š‚¤ ¨Š‚¤ ¨Š‚¤"40442   en0  ŐŠ‚¤ ŐŠ‚¤ ŐŠ‚¤ ŐŠ‚¤"40452   en0! ÷Š‚¤ ÷Š‚¤ ÷Š‚¤ ÷Š‚¤"17252   en0" Ş‚¤ Ş‚¤ Ş‚¤ Ş‚¤"17182   en0# ťŞ‚¤ ťŞ‚¤ ťŞ‚¤ ťŞ‚¤"11262   en0$ ÎŞ‚¤ ÎŞ‚¤ ÎŞ‚¤ ÎŞ‚¤"11282   en0% 窂¤ 窂¤ 窂¤ 窂¤"11392   en0& €Ť‚¤ €Ť‚¤ €Ť‚¤ €Ť‚¤"11332   en0' ”Ť‚¤ ”Ť‚¤ ”Ť‚¤ ”Ť‚¤"11412   en0( ˇŤ‚¤ ˇŤ‚¤ ˇŤ‚¤ ˇŤ‚¤"38342   en0) ÂŤ‚¤ ÂŤ‚¤ ÂŤ‚¤ ÂŤ‚¤"38352   en0* ŢŤ‚¤ ŢŤ‚¤ ŢŤ‚¤ ŢŤ‚¤"38362   en0+ ’Ź‚¤ ’Ź‚¤ ’Ź‚¤ ’Ź‚¤"38372   en0, ŚŹ‚¤ ŚŹ‚¤ ŚŹ‚¤ ŚŹ‚¤"38382   en0- ĹŹ‚¤ ĹŹ‚¤ ĹŹ‚¤ ĹŹ‚¤"17202   en0. ⬂¤ ⬂¤ ⬂¤ ⬂¤"17222   en0/ „­‚¤ „­‚¤ „­‚¤ „­‚¤"12082   en00 Ÿ­‚¤ Ÿ­‚¤ Ÿ­‚¤ Ÿ­‚¤"38392   en01 ľ­‚¤ ľ­‚¤ ľ­‚¤ ľ­‚¤"38402   en02 Ě­‚¤ Ě­‚¤ Ě­‚¤ Ě­‚¤"41872   en03 䭂¤ 䭂¤ 䭂¤ 䭂¤"38412   en04 ›Ž‚¤ ›Ž‚¤ ›Ž‚¤ ›Ž‚¤"38422   en05 ÍŽ‚¤ ÍŽ‚¤ ÍŽ‚¤ ÍŽ‚¤"44062   en06 ôŽ‚¤ ôŽ‚¤ ôŽ‚¤ ôŽ‚¤"42892   en27 ¨°‚¤ ¨°‚¤ ¨°‚¤ ¨°‚¤"42882   en 23612015 ɑ‚¤2o 5629792023060709:15:00"02" #17 HUBBELL AVE TO ALTOONAen:" #17 HUBBELL AVE TO ALTOONAenB430539:B0Ĺ 562727ş " 56272708:25:0020230607*1606 ˙´‚¤ ľ‚¤˙´‚¤ ľ‚¤"39932   en6˙̏‚¤ ͍‚¤˙̏‚¤ ͍‚¤"32842   en4˙珂¤ 荂¤˙珂¤ 荂¤"442   en5˙€‚¤ Ž‚¤˙€‚¤ Ž‚¤"3782   en5˙ž‚¤ ŸŽ‚¤˙ž‚¤ ŸŽ‚¤"3752   en6˙ł‚¤ ´Ž‚¤˙ł‚¤ ´Ž‚¤"41142   en6˙␂¤ ㎂¤˙␂¤ ㎂¤"18642   en6˙‘‚¤ Ž‚¤˙‘‚¤ Ž‚¤"18762   en5˙Ł‘‚¤ ¤‚¤˙Ł‘‚¤ ¤‚¤"3972   en5˙ż‘‚¤ Ŕ‚¤˙ż‘‚¤ Ŕ‚¤"3992   en6˙ű‘‚¤ ü‚¤˙ű‘‚¤ ü‚¤"16642   en6˙Ł’‚¤ ¤‚¤˙Ł’‚¤ ¤‚¤"44082   en6˙ş’‚¤ ť‚¤˙ş’‚¤ ť‚¤"42682   en6˙Ғ‚¤ Ӑ‚¤˙Ғ‚¤ Ӑ‚¤"21532   en6˙ń’‚¤ ň‚¤˙ń’‚¤ ň‚¤"21772   en6˙‹“‚¤ Œ‘‚¤˙‹“‚¤ Œ‘‚¤"21482   en6˙Ť“‚¤ Ź‘‚¤˙Ť“‚¤ Ź‘‚¤"21842   en6˙Г‚¤ ё‚¤˙Г‚¤ ё‚¤"21802   en6˙§”‚¤ ¨’‚¤˙§”‚¤ ¨’‚¤"36822   en5 ˙│¤ 㒂¤˙│¤ 㒂¤"9042   en5!˙ő”‚¤ ö’‚¤˙ő”‚¤ ö’‚¤"9542   en5"˙••‚¤ –“‚¤˙••‚¤ –“‚¤"9072   en5#˙Ť•‚¤ Ź“‚¤˙Ť•‚¤ Ź“‚¤"9172   en5$˙ە‚¤ ܓ‚¤˙ە‚¤ ܓ‚¤"9532   en5%˙ꕂ¤ 듂¤˙ꕂ¤ 듂¤"9182   en5&˙Œ–‚¤ ”‚¤˙Œ–‚¤ ”‚¤"9232   en5'˙Ś–‚¤ §”‚¤˙Ś–‚¤ §”‚¤"9262   en5(˙Á–‚¤ ”‚¤˙Á–‚¤ ”‚¤"9292   en5)˙ᖂ¤ │¤˙ᖂ¤ │¤"9512   en5*˙ƒ—‚¤ „•‚¤˙ƒ—‚¤ „•‚¤"9142   en5+˙Ž—‚¤ •‚¤˙Ž—‚¤ •‚¤"9332   en5,˙Ľ—‚¤ Ś•‚¤˙Ľ—‚¤ Ś•‚¤"9152   en5-˙ş—‚¤ ť•‚¤˙ş—‚¤ ť•‚¤"9372   en5.˙ח‚¤ ؕ‚¤˙ח‚¤ ؕ‚¤"9422   en5/˙ꗂ¤ 땂¤˙ꗂ¤ 땂¤"9462   en60˙Œ˜‚¤ –‚¤˙Œ˜‚¤ –‚¤"20972   en81˙؂¤ Ė‚¤˙؂¤ Ė‚¤"21232   en 23632017 ̑‚¤2w 5627272023060708:25:00"0*162$ " #16 DOUGLAS AVE TO MERLE HAYen:$ " #16 DOUGLAS AVE TO MERLE HAYenB430534:B0ů 562796î " 56279609:00:0020230607*160 2 ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤"21232   en 0 Ł›‚¤ Ł›‚¤ Ł›‚¤ Ł›‚¤"21282   en/ Ǜ‚¤ Ǜ‚¤ Ǜ‚¤ Ǜ‚¤"9552   en/ 雂¤ 雂¤ 雂¤ 雂¤"9432   en/ œ‚¤ œ‚¤ œ‚¤ œ‚¤"9362   en/ ¨œ‚¤ ¨œ‚¤ ¨œ‚¤ ¨œ‚¤"9352   en/ Áœ‚¤ Áœ‚¤ Áœ‚¤ Áœ‚¤"9342   en/ ՜‚¤ ՜‚¤ ՜‚¤ ՜‚¤"9322   en/  “‚¤ “‚¤ “‚¤ “‚¤"9502   en/  ¨‚¤ ¨‚¤ ¨‚¤ ¨‚¤"9282   en/  ʝ‚¤ ʝ‚¤ ʝ‚¤ ʝ‚¤"9252   en/  𝂤 𝂤 𝂤 𝂤"9222   en/  ž‚¤ ž‚¤ ž‚¤ ž‚¤"9192   en0 Ľž‚¤ Ľž‚¤ Ľž‚¤ Ľž‚¤"38072   en/ Ŕž‚¤ Ŕž‚¤ Ŕž‚¤ Ŕž‚¤"9522   en/ ߞ‚¤ ߞ‚¤ ߞ‚¤ ߞ‚¤"9082   en/ ůž‚¤ ůž‚¤ ůž‚¤ ůž‚¤"9062   en/ •Ÿ‚¤ •Ÿ‚¤ •Ÿ‚¤ •Ÿ‚¤"9612   en0 ôŸ‚¤ ôŸ‚¤ ôŸ‚¤ ôŸ‚¤"36822   en0 Π‚¤ Π‚¤ Π‚¤ Π‚¤"41442   en0 栂¤ 栂¤ 栂¤ 栂¤"21442   en0 ‹Ą‚¤ ‹Ą‚¤ ‹Ą‚¤ ‹Ą‚¤"21812   en0 ĘĄ‚¤ ĘĄ‚¤ ĘĄ‚¤ ĘĄ‚¤"21492   en0 őĄ‚¤ őĄ‚¤ őĄ‚¤ őĄ‚¤"21782   en0 ž˘‚¤ ž˘‚¤ ž˘‚¤ ž˘‚¤"21542   en0 í˘‚¤ í˘‚¤ í˘‚¤ í˘‚¤"34082   en/ ÔŁ‚¤ ÔŁ‚¤ ÔŁ‚¤ ÔŁ‚¤"7362   en0 ¤‚¤ ¤‚¤ ¤‚¤ ¤‚¤"16632   en/ ż¤‚¤ ż¤‚¤ ż¤‚¤ ż¤‚¤"4002   en/ ޤ‚¤ ޤ‚¤ ޤ‚¤ ޤ‚¤"3982   en0 „Ľ‚¤ „Ľ‚¤ „Ľ‚¤ „Ľ‚¤"18752   en0  şĽ‚¤ şĽ‚¤ şĽ‚¤ şĽ‚¤"18722   en0! ńĽ‚¤ ńĽ‚¤ ńĽ‚¤ ńĽ‚¤"41132   en0" ’Ś‚¤ ’Ś‚¤ ’Ś‚¤ ’Ś‚¤"31332   en/# łŚ‚¤ łŚ‚¤ łŚ‚¤ łŚ‚¤"3792   en.$ ÓŚ‚¤ ÓŚ‚¤ ÓŚ‚¤ ÓŚ‚¤"452   en0% ţŚ‚¤ ţŚ‚¤ ţŚ‚¤ ţŚ‚¤"32762   en0& –§‚¤ –§‚¤ –§‚¤ –§‚¤"32782   en0' ´§‚¤ ´§‚¤ ´§‚¤ ´§‚¤"32802   en/( ͧ‚¤ ͧ‚¤ ͧ‚¤ ͧ‚¤"5552   en/) 蓼¤ 蓼¤ 蓼¤ 蓼¤"5722   en/* š¨‚¤ š¨‚¤ š¨‚¤ š¨‚¤"5782   en/+ ­¨‚¤ ­¨‚¤ ­¨‚¤ ­¨‚¤"5612   en/, Ш‚¤ Ш‚¤ Ш‚¤ Ш‚¤"5702   en/- ř¨‚¤ ř¨‚¤ ř¨‚¤ ř¨‚¤"5762   en/. ˆŠ‚¤ ˆŠ‚¤ ˆŠ‚¤ ˆŠ‚¤"5662   en0/ ąŠ‚¤ ąŠ‚¤ ąŠ‚¤ ąŠ‚¤"19542   en00 ÁŠ‚¤ ÁŠ‚¤ ÁŠ‚¤ ÁŠ‚¤"19532   en01 ÍŠ‚¤ ÍŠ‚¤ ÍŠ‚¤ ÍŠ‚¤"33462   en62 œŞ‚¤ œŞ‚¤ œŞ‚¤ œŞ‚¤"DCSPLATJ2   en 23632017 ̑‚¤2 5627962023060709:00:00"02/ - '#16 DOUGLAS AVE TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #16 DOUGLAS AVE TO DART CENTRenB430534:B0Í 565638 $ 56563808:45:0020230607*LINK02 ܓ‚¤ ܓ‚¤ ܓ‚¤ ܓ‚¤"19412   en / †”‚¤ †”‚¤ †”‚¤ †”‚¤"4552   en0 š”‚¤ š”‚¤ š”‚¤ š”‚¤"42922   en0 ş”‚¤ ş”‚¤ ş”‚¤ ş”‚¤"43442   en/ ˔‚¤ ˔‚¤ ˔‚¤ ˔‚¤"4522   en0 ۔‚¤ ۔‚¤ ۔‚¤ ۔‚¤"33462   en0 •‚¤ •‚¤ •‚¤ •‚¤"43852   en0 œ•‚¤ œ•‚¤ œ•‚¤ œ•‚¤"44132   en/  š•‚¤ š•‚¤ š•‚¤ š•‚¤"3342   en/  ̕‚¤ ̕‚¤ ̕‚¤ ̕‚¤"3202   en0  ô•‚¤ ô•‚¤ ô•‚¤ ô•‚¤"37022   en/  ˜–‚¤ ˜–‚¤ ˜–‚¤ ˜–‚¤"5242   en/  Ź–‚¤ Ź–‚¤ Ź–‚¤ Ź–‚¤"5292   en2 ź—‚¤ ź—‚¤ ź—‚¤ ź—‚¤"19412   en 23642101 ȑ‚¤2G 5656382023060708:45:00"02  #40 LINKen: LINKenB430546:B0† 565438ű $ 56543808:30:0020230607*D-LINE6 Ẑ‚¤ َ‚¤áş‚¤ َ‚¤"19512   en6 á̐‚¤ 뎂¤á̐‚¤ 뎂¤"19502   en6 á󐂤 ’‚¤á󐂤 ’‚¤"19702   en6 áš‘‚¤ š‚¤áš‘‚¤ š‚¤"19562   en6áő‚¤ 䏂¤áő‚¤ 䏂¤"19622   en6áב‚¤ ö‚¤áב‚¤ ö‚¤"19642   en6á鑂¤ ˆ‚¤á鑂¤ ˆ‚¤"19662   en6Ꮢ‚¤ Ž‚¤á’‚¤ Ž‚¤"42352   en6ኒ‚¤ Ȑ‚¤áŠ’‚¤ Ȑ‚¤"16012   en6á҂¤ ␂¤á҂¤ ␂¤"15632   en6áْ‚¤ ř‚¤áْ‚¤ ř‚¤"15652   en5á—“‚¤ ś‘‚¤á—“‚¤ ś‘‚¤"9892   en8á͓‚¤ 쑂¤á͓‚¤ 쑂¤"35102   en 23652102 Ƒ‚¤2a 5654382023060708:30:00"0*D-LINE2  #42 STATE CAPITOLen:  STATE CAPITOLenB430548:B0Š 565486ž & 56548608:42:0020230607*D-LINE08ቔ‚¤ ¨’‚¤á‰”‚¤ ¨’‚¤"35102   en 6áş”‚¤ ْ‚¤áş”‚¤ ْ‚¤"15642   en6áה‚¤ ö’‚¤áה‚¤ ö’‚¤"16022   en6ၕ‚¤  “‚¤á•‚¤  “‚¤"22762   en6ᤕ‚¤ ӂ¤á¤•‚¤ ӂ¤"36932   en6áᕂ¤ €”‚¤áᕂ¤ €”‚¤"36952   en6á––‚¤ ľ”‚¤á––‚¤ ľ”‚¤"36972   en6áň–‚¤ ‘•‚¤áň–‚¤ ‘•‚¤"36992   en6 ሗ‚¤ §•‚¤áˆ—‚¤ §•‚¤"37002   en6 á­—‚¤ ̕‚¤á­—‚¤ ̕‚¤"37012   en6 áė‚¤ 㕂¤áė‚¤ 㕂¤"37022   en6 áߗ‚¤ ţ•‚¤áߗ‚¤ ţ•‚¤"37042   en6 á엂¤ ‹–‚¤á엂¤ ‹–‚¤"37052   en6መ‚¤ §–‚¤áˆ˜‚¤ §–‚¤"37062   en6áŚ˜‚¤ Ŗ‚¤áŚ˜‚¤ Ŗ‚¤"15522   en6áᘂ¤ €—‚¤áᘂ¤ €—‚¤"832   en 23652102 Ƒ‚¤2Y 5654862023060708:42:00"02  #42 STATE CAPITOLen:  STATE CAPITOLenB430548:B0ă 565180Ř " 56518008:35:0020230607*7406áž‘‚¤ ˝‚¤áž‘‚¤ ˝‚¤"42182   en6ᇒ‚¤ Ś‚¤á‡’‚¤ Ś‚¤"41492   en6á̒‚¤ 됂¤á̒‚¤ 됂¤"41502   en6áů’‚¤ ˜‘‚¤áů’‚¤ ˜‘‚¤"41512   en6á͓‚¤ 쑂¤á͓‚¤ 쑂¤"41522   en6áű“‚¤ š’‚¤áű“‚¤ š’‚¤"41532   en6ፔ‚¤ ʒ‚¤áŤ”‚¤ ʒ‚¤"41542   en6 áΔ‚¤ 풂¤áΔ‚¤ 풂¤"41552   en6 á…•‚¤ ¤“‚¤á…•‚¤ ¤“‚¤"41562   en6 áş•‚¤ ٓ‚¤áş•‚¤ ٓ‚¤"41832   en6 áů•‚¤ ˜”‚¤áů•‚¤ ˜”‚¤"41572   en6 ἖‚¤ Ĕ‚¤áĽ–‚¤ Ĕ‚¤"41582   en6áǖ‚¤ 攂¤áǖ‚¤ 攂¤"41592   en6áߖ‚¤ ţ”‚¤áߖ‚¤ ţ”‚¤"41602   en6ᐗ‚¤ Ż•‚¤á—‚¤ Ż•‚¤"41612   en6á藂¤ ‡–‚¤á藂¤ ‡–‚¤"39702   en8áĽ˜‚¤ Ė‚¤áĽ˜‚¤ Ė‚¤"39422   en 23662103 ȑ‚¤2_ 5651802023060708:35:00"0*742  #74 NW URBANDALEen:  #74 NW URBANDALEenB430574:B0­ 565186˘ 56518608:52:0020230607*748áᘂ¤ €—‚¤áᘂ¤ €—‚¤"39422   en 6áš™‚¤ š—‚¤áš™‚¤ š—‚¤"39432   en6áٙ‚¤ ř—‚¤áٙ‚¤ ř—‚¤"41622   en6ኚ‚¤ Š˜‚¤áŠš‚¤ Š˜‚¤"41632   en6᧚‚¤ Ƙ‚¤á§š‚¤ Ƙ‚¤"41642   en6áњ‚¤ 𘂤áњ‚¤ 𘂤"41652   en6áýœ‚¤ œ›‚¤áýœ‚¤ œ›‚¤"41762   en6᝝‚¤ ź›‚¤á‚¤ ź›‚¤"41772   en6 á͝‚¤ 웂¤á͝‚¤ 웂¤"41782   en6 áő‚¤ ”œ‚¤áő‚¤ ”œ‚¤"41792   en6 á´ž‚¤ Ӝ‚¤á´ž‚¤ Ӝ‚¤"41802   en6 áמ‚¤ öœ‚¤áמ‚¤ öœ‚¤"41812   en6 ጟ‚¤ Ť‚¤áŒŸ‚¤ Ť‚¤"41822   en6áߟ‚¤ ţ‚¤áߟ‚¤ ţ‚¤"42192   en6ᥠ‚¤ Ŕž‚¤áĄ ‚¤ Ŕž‚¤"42202   en6áś ‚¤ ՞‚¤áś ‚¤ ՞‚¤"30342   en6áŮ ‚¤ řž‚¤áŮ ‚¤ řž‚¤"30302   en6áů ‚¤ ˜Ÿ‚¤áů ‚¤ ˜Ÿ‚¤"30292   en6ᝡ‚¤ źŸ‚¤áĄ‚¤ źŸ‚¤"36742   en6áĎĄ‚¤ ¤áĎĄ‚¤ ¤"44002   en6áŐ˘‚¤ ô ‚¤áŐ˘‚¤ ô ‚¤"43592   en6áœŁ‚¤ ťĄ‚¤áœŁ‚¤ ťĄ‚¤"43572   en6ၤ‚¤  ˘‚¤á¤‚¤  ˘‚¤"15492   en 23662103 ȑ‚¤2[ 5651862023060708:52:00"02  #74 NW URBANDALEen:  #74 NW URBANDALEenB430574:B0ü 565016ń " 56501608:15:0020230607*720 6á̑‚¤ 돂¤á̑‚¤ 돂¤"34832   en5Ꮢ‚¤ ː‚¤áŹ’‚¤ ː‚¤"1722   en5áے‚¤ ú‚¤áے‚¤ ú‚¤"6602   en6ᆓ‚¤ Ľ‘‚¤á†“‚¤ Ľ‘‚¤"39132   en6ᣓ‚¤ ‘‚¤áŁ“‚¤ ‘‚¤"39142   en6áԓ‚¤ 󑂤áԓ‚¤ 󑂤"39152   en6áú“‚¤ ™’‚¤áú“‚¤ ™’‚¤"39162   en5áś”‚¤ Ւ‚¤áś”‚¤ Ւ‚¤"6662   en6áٔ‚¤ ř’‚¤áٔ‚¤ ř’‚¤"31692   en5áö”‚¤ •“‚¤áö”‚¤ •“‚¤"6632   en5ᆕ‚¤ Ľ“‚¤á†•‚¤ Ľ“‚¤"6732   en5ᤕ‚¤ ӂ¤á¤•‚¤ ӂ¤"5492   en5á핂¤ Œ”‚¤á핂¤ Œ”‚¤"4912   en5 Ꮦ‚¤ Ž”‚¤á–‚¤ Ž”‚¤"4962   en5!ᤖ‚¤ Ԃ¤á¤–‚¤ Ԃ¤"5022   en5"á˖‚¤ ꔂ¤á˖‚¤ ꔂ¤"5042   en8#áń–‚¤ •‚¤áń–‚¤ •‚¤"13412   en 23672104 ȑ‚¤2 5650162023060708:15:00"0*722- + %#72 TO VALLEY JUNCTION VIA UNIVERSITYen:% # #72 TO VALLEY JUNCTION VIA UNenB430557:B0ł 565029¨ " 56502908:49:0020230607*720 8á­—‚¤ ̕‚¤á­—‚¤ ̕‚¤"13412   en 6áė‚¤ 㕂¤áė‚¤ 㕂¤"13492   en5áŕ—‚¤ ˙•‚¤áŕ—‚¤ ˙•‚¤"5522   en5ᇘ‚¤ Ś–‚¤á‡˜‚¤ Ś–‚¤"5502   en6៘‚¤ ž–‚¤áŸ˜‚¤ ž–‚¤"35362   en"4360(2   en"2903(2   en"2905(2   en6 ᢙ‚¤ Á—‚¤á˘™‚¤ Á—‚¤"16072   en6 á´™‚¤ ӗ‚¤á´™‚¤ ӗ‚¤"34642   en6 áٙ‚¤ ř—‚¤áٙ‚¤ ř—‚¤"34652   en6 á’š‚¤ ą˜‚¤á’š‚¤ ą˜‚¤"37922   en6 ኚ‚¤ Ș‚¤áŠš‚¤ Ș‚¤"13722   en6áɚ‚¤ 蘂¤áɚ‚¤ 蘂¤"37932   en6á¤ Ž™‚¤á¤ Ž™‚¤"13552   en6á™›‚¤ ¸™‚¤á™›‚¤ ¸™‚¤"13572   en6áݛ‚¤ ü™‚¤áݛ‚¤ ü™‚¤"35372   en6áÁœ‚¤ ŕš‚¤áÁœ‚¤ ŕš‚¤"38162   en6áҜ‚¤ ńš‚¤áҜ‚¤ ńš‚¤"35392   en6áôœ‚¤ “›‚¤áôœ‚¤ “›‚¤"35402   en6ო‚¤ ˘›‚¤áƒ‚¤ ˘›‚¤"43512   en6ᦝ‚¤ ś‚¤áŚ‚¤ ś‚¤"35422   en6áӝ‚¤ ň›‚¤áӝ‚¤ ň›‚¤"35412   en6á㝂¤ ‚œ‚¤á㝂¤ ‚œ‚¤"36522   en6á´ž‚¤ Ӝ‚¤á´ž‚¤ Ӝ‚¤"35432   en6áԞ‚¤ 󜂤áԞ‚¤ 󜂤"38182   en6á¤ Ž‚¤á¤ Ž‚¤"36532   en6ᙟ‚¤ ¸‚¤á™Ÿ‚¤ ¸‚¤"38202   en6áąŸ‚¤ Н‚¤áąŸ‚¤ Н‚¤"36512   en6á÷Ÿ‚¤ –ž‚¤á÷Ÿ‚¤ –ž‚¤"43522   en8áÝ ‚¤ üž‚¤áÝ ‚¤ üž‚¤"35472   en 23672104 ȑ‚¤2 5650292023060708:49:00"463202+ ) ##72 TO JORDAN CREEK VIA MILLS CIVICen:% # #72 TO JORDAN CREEK VIA MILLSenB430557:B0Ä 564567š " 56456708:50:0020230607*600 6 ˆ–‚¤ ˆ–‚¤ ˆ–‚¤ ˆ–‚¤"DCSPLATI2   en / ł–‚¤ ł–‚¤ ł–‚¤ ł–‚¤"3342   en/ –‚¤ –‚¤ –‚¤ –‚¤"3202   en0 㖂¤ 㖂¤ 㖂¤ 㖂¤"37022   en0 ƒ—‚¤ ƒ—‚¤ ƒ—‚¤ ƒ—‚¤"37042   en0 ’—‚¤ ’—‚¤ ’—‚¤ ’—‚¤"37052   en0 ł—‚¤ ł—‚¤ ł—‚¤ ł—‚¤"37062   en0 ֗‚¤ ֗‚¤ ֗‚¤ ֗‚¤"15522   en0  ý—‚¤ ý—‚¤ ý—‚¤ ý—‚¤"15542   en.  ”˜‚¤ ”˜‚¤ ”˜‚¤ ”˜‚¤"822   en0  ´˜‚¤ ´˜‚¤ ´˜‚¤ ´˜‚¤"38772   en0  ޘ‚¤ ޘ‚¤ ޘ‚¤ ޘ‚¤"18562   en0  ű˜‚¤ ű˜‚¤ ű˜‚¤ ű˜‚¤"18032   en0 –™‚¤ –™‚¤ –™‚¤ –™‚¤"17922   en0 Ť™‚¤ Ť™‚¤ Ť™‚¤ Ť™‚¤"18072   en0 ż™‚¤ ż™‚¤ ż™‚¤ ż™‚¤"18092   en0 י‚¤ י‚¤ י‚¤ י‚¤"18112   en0 虂¤ 虂¤ 虂¤ 虂¤"18542   en0 ţ™‚¤ ţ™‚¤ ţ™‚¤ ţ™‚¤"18152   en0 šš‚¤ šš‚¤ šš‚¤ šš‚¤"18192   en0 ¸š‚¤ ¸š‚¤ ¸š‚¤ ¸š‚¤"18232   en0 ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤"18292   en0 ţš‚¤ ţš‚¤ ţš‚¤ ţš‚¤"31992   en"3201(2   en"3202(2   en"2762(2   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en"2725(2   en"2743(2   en0  –ž‚¤ –ž‚¤ –ž‚¤ –ž‚¤"27412   en0! žž‚¤ žž‚¤ žž‚¤ žž‚¤"43992   en0" ޞ‚¤ ޞ‚¤ ޞ‚¤ ޞ‚¤"32642   en0# őž‚¤ őž‚¤ őž‚¤ őž‚¤"32662   en0$ œŸ‚¤ œŸ‚¤ œŸ‚¤ œŸ‚¤"32682   en0% ¸Ÿ‚¤ ¸Ÿ‚¤ ¸Ÿ‚¤ ¸Ÿ‚¤"32692   en0& ۟‚¤ ۟‚¤ ۟‚¤ ۟‚¤"32722   en0' ‡ ‚¤ ‡ ‚¤ ‡ ‚¤ ‡ ‚¤"32742   en0( ­ ‚¤ ­ ‚¤ ­ ‚¤ ­ ‚¤"32762   en0)  ‚¤  ‚¤  ‚¤  ‚¤"32782   en0* Ů ‚¤ Ů ‚¤ Ů ‚¤ Ů ‚¤"32802   en0+ ý ‚¤ ý ‚¤ ý ‚¤ ý ‚¤"36322   en/, ¨Ą‚¤ ¨Ą‚¤ ¨Ą‚¤ ¨Ą‚¤"2822   en/- ĘĄ‚¤ ĘĄ‚¤ ĘĄ‚¤ ĘĄ‚¤"4512   en/. ţĄ‚¤ ţĄ‚¤ ţĄ‚¤ ţĄ‚¤"4462   en// —˘‚¤ —˘‚¤ —˘‚¤ —˘‚¤"4452   en/0 Ś˘‚¤ Ś˘‚¤ Ś˘‚¤ Ś˘‚¤"4552   en01 ľ˘‚¤ ľ˘‚¤ ľ˘‚¤ ľ˘‚¤"42922   en02 Ϣ‚¤ Ϣ‚¤ Ϣ‚¤ Ϣ‚¤"43442   en/3 ݢ‚¤ ݢ‚¤ ݢ‚¤ ݢ‚¤"4522   en04 ꢂ¤ ꢂ¤ ꢂ¤ ꢂ¤"33462   en65 ˜Ł‚¤ ˜Ł‚¤ ˜Ł‚¤ ˜Ł‚¤"DCSPLATI2   en 23692106 ̑‚¤2e 5645672023060708:50:00"463092  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB430555:B 564558-584ę 565336ß " 56533608:13:0020230607*9800 “‚¤ 呂¤ “‚¤ 呂¤"42952   en"4331(2   en"3665(2   en"3979(2   en"4145(2   en 23702107 ӑ‚¤2‚ 5653362023060708:13:00"46510*982* ( "#98 ANKENY EXPRESS TO DMACC ANKENYen:% # #98 ANKENY EXPRESS TO DMACC AenB430580:B 565336-600“ 565357ˆ " 56535708:47:0020230607*980 "4145(2   en "3980(2   en"3664(2   en"4332(2   en0 ´—‚¤ ´—‚¤ ´—‚¤ ´—‚¤"42102   en0 Š˜‚¤ Š˜‚¤ Š˜‚¤ Š˜‚¤"42122   en/ 𘂤 𘂤 𘂤 𘂤"7872   en0 ”œ‚¤ ”œ‚¤ ”œ‚¤ ”œ‚¤"33002   en0  ¤‚¤ ¤‚¤ ¤‚¤ ¤‚¤"38802   en0  ˘¤‚¤ ˘¤‚¤ ˘¤‚¤ ˘¤‚¤"37002   en0  ˝¤‚¤ ˝¤‚¤ ˝¤‚¤ ˝¤‚¤"37012   en0  ۤ‚¤ ۤ‚¤ ۤ‚¤ ۤ‚¤"37022   en0  ˙¤‚¤ ˙¤‚¤ ˙¤‚¤ ˙¤‚¤"37042   en0 Ľ‚¤ Ľ‚¤ Ľ‚¤ Ľ‚¤"37052   en0 ľĽ‚¤ ľĽ‚¤ ľĽ‚¤ ľĽ‚¤"37062   en0 ÜĽ‚¤ ÜĽ‚¤ ÜĽ‚¤ ÜĽ‚¤"15522   en. ĽŚ‚¤ ĽŚ‚¤ ĽŚ‚¤ ĽŚ‚¤"832   en0 ÝŚ‚¤ ÝŚ‚¤ ÝŚ‚¤ ÝŚ‚¤"19472   en0 ţŚ‚¤ ţŚ‚¤ ţŚ‚¤ ţŚ‚¤"19452   en0 §‚¤ §‚¤ §‚¤ §‚¤"19442   en0 ľ§‚¤ ľ§‚¤ ľ§‚¤ ľ§‚¤"19422   en0 ŧ‚¤ ŧ‚¤ ŧ‚¤ ŧ‚¤"19552   en0 ٧‚¤ ٧‚¤ ٧‚¤ ٧‚¤"19542   en0 ꧂¤ ꧂¤ ꧂¤ ꧂¤"19532   en0 ű§‚¤ ű§‚¤ ű§‚¤ ű§‚¤"19522   en0 ¨‚¤ ¨‚¤ ¨‚¤ ¨‚¤"19512   en0 Ź¨‚¤ Ź¨‚¤ Ź¨‚¤ Ź¨‚¤"19502   en 23702107 ӑ‚¤2c 5653572023060708:47:00"464402  #98 ANKENY EXPRESSen:  #98 ANKENY EXPRESSenB430580:B 565336-600ż 563218´ ! 56321808:20:0020230607*30 6 ‡ˌ‚¤ ċ‚¤‡ˌ‚¤ ċ‚¤"39972   en6 ‡öŒ‚¤ ¤‡öŒ‚¤ ¤"27982   en6‡“‚¤ ŒŒ‚¤‡“‚¤ ŒŒ‚¤"44072   en6‡͂¤ źŒ‚¤‡͂¤ źŒ‚¤"27882   en6‡ŕ‚¤ ٌ‚¤‡ŕ‚¤ ٌ‚¤"28072   en6‡ř‚¤ ńŒ‚¤‡ř‚¤ ńŒ‚¤"27832   en6‡•Ž‚¤ Ž‚¤‡•Ž‚¤ Ž‚¤"27792   en6‡ŻŽ‚¤ ¨‚¤‡ŻŽ‚¤ ¨‚¤"27322   en6‡Ś‚¤ ŸŽ‚¤‡Ś‚¤ ŸŽ‚¤"27292   en6‡ž‚¤ ˇŽ‚¤‡ž‚¤ ˇŽ‚¤"28302   en6‡ŕ‚¤ َ‚¤‡ŕ‚¤ َ‚¤"27662   en"2762(2   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en"2725(2   en6‡ˇ‘‚¤ °‚¤‡ˇ‘‚¤ °‚¤"27432   en6‡ё‚¤ ʐ‚¤‡ё‚¤ ʐ‚¤"27412   en6‡ů‘‚¤ ň‚¤‡ů‘‚¤ ň‚¤"43992   en6‡™’‚¤ ’‘‚¤‡™’‚¤ ’‘‚¤"32642   en6 ‡°’‚¤ Š‘‚¤‡°’‚¤ Š‘‚¤"32662   en6!‡ג‚¤ Б‚¤‡ג‚¤ Б‚¤"32682   en6"‡󒂤 쑂¤‡󒂤 쑂¤"32692   en6#‡–“‚¤ ’‚¤‡–“‚¤ ’‚¤"32722   en6$‡“‚¤ ť’‚¤‡“‚¤ ť’‚¤"32742   en6%‡蓂¤ ᒂ¤‡蓂¤ ᒂ¤"32762   en6&‡ý“‚¤ ö’‚¤‡ý“‚¤ ö’‚¤"32782   en6'‡””‚¤ “‚¤‡””‚¤ “‚¤"32802   en6(‡¸”‚¤ ą“‚¤‡¸”‚¤ ą“‚¤"36322   en5)‡㔂¤ ܓ‚¤‡㔂¤ ܓ‚¤"2822   en5*‡•‚¤ †”‚¤‡•‚¤ †”‚¤"4512   en5+‡͕‚¤ Ɣ‚¤‡͕‚¤ Ɣ‚¤"4462   en5,‡앂¤ 唂¤‡앂¤ 唂¤"4452   en5-‡ţ•‚¤ ÷”‚¤‡ţ•‚¤ ÷”‚¤"4552   en6.‡‘–‚¤ Š•‚¤‡‘–‚¤ Š•‚¤"42922   en6/‡ą–‚¤ Ş•‚¤‡ą–‚¤ Ş•‚¤"43442   en50‡–‚¤ ť•‚¤‡–‚¤ ť•‚¤"4522   en61‡Җ‚¤ ˕‚¤‡Җ‚¤ ˕‚¤"33462   en<2‡—‚¤ ˆ–‚¤‡—‚¤ ˆ–‚¤"DCSPLATO2   en 23712108 Б‚¤2„ 5632182023060708:20:00"46381*32- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB430517:B 563218-588 563173‚ ! 56317309:00:0020230607*306 ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤"DCSPLATO2   en / Ÿ›‚¤ Ÿ›‚¤ Ÿ›‚¤ Ÿ›‚¤"3342   en/ ł›‚¤ ł›‚¤ ł›‚¤ ł›‚¤"3202   en/ ɛ‚¤ ɛ‚¤ ɛ‚¤ ɛ‚¤"3092   en/ ‰œ‚¤ ‰œ‚¤ ‰œ‚¤ ‰œ‚¤"3292   en/ Ąœ‚¤ Ąœ‚¤ Ąœ‚¤ Ąœ‚¤"2932   en/ ˜‚¤ ˜‚¤ ˜‚¤ ˜‚¤"3002   en/ Ś‚¤ Ś‚¤ Ś‚¤ Ś‚¤"3192   en/  ӝ‚¤ ӝ‚¤ ӝ‚¤ ӝ‚¤"3212   en0  „ž‚¤ „ž‚¤ „ž‚¤ „ž‚¤"39912   en0  ¤ž‚¤ ¤ž‚¤ ¤ž‚¤ ¤ž‚¤"39922   en0  žž‚¤ žž‚¤ žž‚¤ žž‚¤"39932   en0  מ‚¤ מ‚¤ מ‚¤ מ‚¤"32842   en0 ÷ž‚¤ ÷ž‚¤ ÷ž‚¤ ÷ž‚¤"32862   en0 –Ÿ‚¤ –Ÿ‚¤ –Ÿ‚¤ –Ÿ‚¤"39942   en0 ¸Ÿ‚¤ ¸Ÿ‚¤ ¸Ÿ‚¤ ¸Ÿ‚¤"32892   en0 П‚¤ П‚¤ П‚¤ П‚¤"32912   en0 ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤"32932   en0 † ‚¤ † ‚¤ † ‚¤ † ‚¤"32942   en0 ˛ ‚¤ ˛ ‚¤ ˛ ‚¤ ˛ ‚¤"27392   en0 Ú ‚¤ Ú ‚¤ Ú ‚¤ Ú ‚¤"28322   en"2744(2   en"2747(2   en"2753(2   en"2757(2   en"2761(2   en0  ˘‚¤  ˘‚¤  ˘‚¤  ˘‚¤"27632   en0 ť˘‚¤ ť˘‚¤ ť˘‚¤ ť˘‚¤"27672   en0 Ő˘‚¤ Ő˘‚¤ Ő˘‚¤ Ő˘‚¤"27702   en0 ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤"27722   en0 裂¤ 裂¤ 裂¤ 裂¤"27742   en0  űŁ‚¤ űŁ‚¤ űŁ‚¤ űŁ‚¤"27782   en0!  ¤‚¤  ¤‚¤  ¤‚¤  ¤‚¤"28292   en0" ż¤‚¤ ż¤‚¤ ż¤‚¤ ż¤‚¤"28082   en0# ݤ‚¤ ݤ‚¤ ݤ‚¤ ݤ‚¤"44112   en0$ “Ľ‚¤ “Ľ‚¤ “Ľ‚¤ “Ľ‚¤"27952   en0% ŚĽ‚¤ ŚĽ‚¤ ŚĽ‚¤ ŚĽ‚¤"27992   en0& ŃĽ‚¤ ŃĽ‚¤ ŃĽ‚¤ ŃĽ‚¤"39962   en0' €Ś‚¤ €Ś‚¤ €Ś‚¤ €Ś‚¤"15492   en/( ŤŚ‚¤ ŤŚ‚¤ ŤŚ‚¤ ŤŚ‚¤"7572   en/) ং¤ ং¤ ং¤ ং¤"7592   en/* ‡§‚¤ ‡§‚¤ ‡§‚¤ ‡§‚¤"7472   en/+ Š§‚¤ Š§‚¤ Š§‚¤ Š§‚¤"7512   en0, ק‚¤ ק‚¤ ק‚¤ ק‚¤"30412   en0- ř§‚¤ ř§‚¤ ř§‚¤ ř§‚¤"30282   en0. ¨‚¤ ¨‚¤ ¨‚¤ ¨‚¤"34402   en0/ ´¨‚¤ ´¨‚¤ ´¨‚¤ ´¨‚¤"30312   en00 ਂ¤ ਂ¤ ਂ¤ ਂ¤"36732   en01 ű¨‚¤ ű¨‚¤ ű¨‚¤ ű¨‚¤"34172   en22 ੂ¤ ੂ¤ ੂ¤ ੂ¤"42202   en 23712108 Б‚¤2} 5631732023060709:00:00"464812) ' !#3 UNIVERSITY TO VALLEY WEST MALLen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO VALLEY WEST enB430517:B 563218-588¤ 564850™ ! 56485008:32:0020230607*70 6Ľ’‚¤ 퍂¤Ľ’‚¤ 퍂¤"26882   en6Ľą‚¤ ŒŽ‚¤Ľą‚¤ ŒŽ‚¤"14322   en5ĽÁ‚¤ œŽ‚¤ĽÁ‚¤ œŽ‚¤"6252   en5Ľޏ‚¤ šŽ‚¤Ľޏ‚¤ šŽ‚¤"6202   en6Ľű‚¤ ֎‚¤Ľű‚¤ ֎‚¤"40212   en5Ľ™‚¤ ôŽ‚¤Ľ™‚¤ ôŽ‚¤"6332   en5Ľ˛‚¤ ‚¤Ľ˛‚¤ ‚¤"6312   en5 Ľ¤ ɏ‚¤Ľ¤ ɏ‚¤"6272   en5 Ľ‘‚¤ 돂¤Ľ‘‚¤ 돂¤"6452   en5 Ľš‘‚¤ ”‚¤Ľš‘‚¤ ”‚¤"6492   en6 Ľݑ‚¤ ¸‚¤Ľݑ‚¤ ¸‚¤"25882   en6 Ľř‘‚¤ Ӑ‚¤Ľř‘‚¤ Ӑ‚¤"25832   en6Ľ˜’‚¤ 󐂤Ľ˜’‚¤ 󐂤"26812   en6Ľ­’‚¤ ˆ‘‚¤Ľ­’‚¤ ˆ‘‚¤"26602   en6Ľϒ‚¤ Ş‘‚¤Ľϒ‚¤ Ş‘‚¤"25822   en6Ľ㒂¤ ž‘‚¤Ľ㒂¤ ž‘‚¤"26202   en6ĽŠ“‚¤ 呂¤ĽŠ“‚¤ 呂¤"26462   en6Ľž“‚¤ ů‘‚¤Ľž“‚¤ ů‘‚¤"26102   en6Ľş“‚¤ •’‚¤Ľş“‚¤ •’‚¤"26752   en6Ľϓ‚¤ Ş’‚¤Ľϓ‚¤ Ş’‚¤"26422   en6Ľޓ‚¤ š’‚¤Ľޓ‚¤ š’‚¤"26832   en6Ľ𓂤 ˒‚¤Ľ𓂤 ˒‚¤"26652   en6Ľ“”‚¤ ¤Ľ“”‚¤ ¤"25782   en6Ľś”‚¤ ‘“‚¤Ľś”‚¤ ‘“‚¤"26532   en6Ľؔ‚¤ ł“‚¤Ľؔ‚¤ ł“‚¤"26772   en6Ľ•‚¤ ܓ‚¤Ľ•‚¤ ܓ‚¤"25772   en6Ľ•‚¤ 蓂¤Ľ•‚¤ 蓂¤"25922   en6Ľ”•‚¤ ¤Ľ”•‚¤ ¤"25742   en6Ľž•‚¤ ů“‚¤Ľž•‚¤ ů“‚¤"26292   en6ĽŹ•‚¤ ‡”‚¤ĽŹ•‚¤ ‡”‚¤"26182   en6 Ľź•‚¤ —”‚¤Ľź•‚¤ —”‚¤"44262   en6!Ľĕ‚¤ Ÿ”‚¤Ľĕ‚¤ Ÿ”‚¤"25902   en6"Ľů•‚¤ Ԕ‚¤Ľů•‚¤ Ԕ‚¤"26482   en6#Ľ›–‚¤ ö”‚¤Ľ›–‚¤ ö”‚¤"25722   en6$Ľɖ‚¤ ¤•‚¤Ľɖ‚¤ ¤•‚¤"34512   en<%Ľń–‚¤ ̕‚¤Ľń–‚¤ ̕‚¤"DCSPLATD2   en 23722109 ɑ‚¤2| 5648502023060708:32:00"0*72) ' !#7 SW 9TH TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #7 SW 9TH TO DART CENTRAL STAenB430525:B0á 564808Ö ! 56480809:00:0020230607*706 ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤"DCSPLATD2   en 0 ˜›‚¤ ˜›‚¤ ˜›‚¤ ˜›‚¤"31722   en/ °›‚¤ °›‚¤ °›‚¤ °›‚¤"4592   en0 󛂤 󛂤 󛂤 󛂤"42692   en0 ”œ‚¤ ”œ‚¤ ”œ‚¤ ”œ‚¤"26492   en0 ܜ‚¤ ܜ‚¤ ܜ‚¤ ܜ‚¤"25912   en0 ƒ‚¤ ƒ‚¤ ƒ‚¤ ƒ‚¤"26192   en0 ™‚¤ ™‚¤ ™‚¤ ™‚¤"26302   en0  Ť‚¤ Ť‚¤ Ť‚¤ Ť‚¤"25752   en0  ȝ‚¤ ȝ‚¤ ȝ‚¤ ȝ‚¤"26382   en0  ű‚¤ ű‚¤ ű‚¤ ű‚¤"26782   en0  œž‚¤ œž‚¤ œž‚¤ œž‚¤"26542   en0  žž‚¤ žž‚¤ žž‚¤ žž‚¤"26242   en0 គ¤ គ¤ គ¤ គ¤"26662   en0 ˙ž‚¤ ˙ž‚¤ ˙ž‚¤ ˙ž‚¤"26842   en0 ŸŸ‚¤ ŸŸ‚¤ ŸŸ‚¤ ŸŸ‚¤"26092   en0 źŸ‚¤ źŸ‚¤ źŸ‚¤ źŸ‚¤"26112   en0 ޟ‚¤ ޟ‚¤ ޟ‚¤ ޟ‚¤"26472   en0 üŸ‚¤ üŸ‚¤ üŸ‚¤ üŸ‚¤"26212   en0 ” ‚¤ ” ‚¤ ” ‚¤ ” ‚¤"26692   en0 ˇ ‚¤ ˇ ‚¤ ˇ ‚¤ ˇ ‚¤"26612   en0 Ő ‚¤ Ő ‚¤ Ő ‚¤ Ő ‚¤"26132   en0 ň ‚¤ ň ‚¤ ň ‚¤ ň ‚¤"26622   en/ ¨Ą‚¤ ¨Ą‚¤ ¨Ą‚¤ ¨Ą‚¤"6502   en/ ŃĄ‚¤ ŃĄ‚¤ ŃĄ‚¤ ŃĄ‚¤"6442   en/ 𡂤 𡂤 𡂤 𡂤"6232   en/ –˘‚¤ –˘‚¤ –˘‚¤ –˘‚¤"6302   en/ Š˘‚¤ Š˘‚¤ Š˘‚¤ Š˘‚¤"6322   en/ Ģ‚¤ Ģ‚¤ Ģ‚¤ Ģ‚¤"6342   en0 ô˘‚¤ ô˘‚¤ ô˘‚¤ ô˘‚¤"13522   en0 ˆŁ‚¤ ˆŁ‚¤ ˆŁ‚¤ ˆŁ‚¤"17512   en0  Ł‚¤ Ł‚¤ Ł‚¤ Ł‚¤"44312   en0! ťŁ‚¤ ťŁ‚¤ ťŁ‚¤ ťŁ‚¤"43802   en2" ÔŁ‚¤ ÔŁ‚¤ ÔŁ‚¤ ÔŁ‚¤"24982   en 23722109 ɑ‚¤2s 5648082023060709:00:00"02$ " #7 SW 9TH TO SOUTHRIDGE MALLen:$ " #7 SW 9TH TO SOUTHRIDGE MALLenB430525:B0ć 564385Ű ! 56438508:50:0020230607*604 ˆ–‚¤ ˆ–‚¤ ˆ–‚¤ ˆ–‚¤"DCSPLATC2   en0 ž–‚¤ ž–‚¤ ž–‚¤ ž–‚¤"42582   en0 ꖂ¤ ꖂ¤ ꖂ¤ ꖂ¤"25642   en0 ´—‚¤ ´—‚¤ ´—‚¤ ´—‚¤"42612   en0 ԗ‚¤ ԗ‚¤ ԗ‚¤ ԗ‚¤"42632   en0 ö—‚¤ ö—‚¤ ö—‚¤ ö—‚¤"40132   en0 ‘˜‚¤ ‘˜‚¤ ‘˜‚¤ ‘˜‚¤"40142   en0 œ˜‚¤ œ˜‚¤ œ˜‚¤ œ˜‚¤"40162   en0  ľ˜‚¤ ľ˜‚¤ ľ˜‚¤ ľ˜‚¤"40302   en0  Ҙ‚¤ Ҙ‚¤ Ҙ‚¤ Ҙ‚¤"40152   en0  𘂤 𘂤 𘂤 𘂤"40172   en0  ‚™‚¤ ‚™‚¤ ‚™‚¤ ‚™‚¤"40182   en0  §™‚¤ §™‚¤ §™‚¤ §™‚¤"17842   en0 Ǚ‚¤ Ǚ‚¤ Ǚ‚¤ Ǚ‚¤"17722   en0 虂¤ 虂¤ 虂¤ 虂¤"17662   en0 ţ™‚¤ ţ™‚¤ ţ™‚¤ ţ™‚¤"17762   en0 œš‚¤ œš‚¤ œš‚¤ œš‚¤"23992   en0 °š‚¤ °š‚¤ °š‚¤ °š‚¤"24002   en0 њ‚¤ њ‚¤ њ‚¤ њ‚¤"30092   en0 ⚂¤ ⚂¤ ⚂¤ ⚂¤"30072   en0 ôš‚¤ ôš‚¤ ôš‚¤ ôš‚¤"29962   en0 „›‚¤ „›‚¤ „›‚¤ „›‚¤"30142   en0 Ź›‚¤ Ź›‚¤ Ź›‚¤ Ź›‚¤"30122   en0 ś‚¤ ś‚¤ ś‚¤ ś‚¤"24462   en0 㛂¤ 㛂¤ 㛂¤ 㛂¤"24682   en0 ú›‚¤ ú›‚¤ ú›‚¤ ú›‚¤"24542   en0 ”œ‚¤ ”œ‚¤ ”œ‚¤ ”œ‚¤"24522   en0 ˝œ‚¤ ˝œ‚¤ ˝œ‚¤ ˝œ‚¤"24242   en0 朂¤ 朂¤ 朂¤ 朂¤"24432   en0 …‚¤ …‚¤ …‚¤ …‚¤"41352   en0 Ą‚¤ Ą‚¤ Ą‚¤ Ą‚¤"24662   en0  ľ‚¤ ľ‚¤ ľ‚¤ ľ‚¤"24532   en0! Н‚¤ Н‚¤ Н‚¤ Н‚¤"24482   en/" ö‚¤ ö‚¤ ö‚¤ ö‚¤"6342   en0# ˇž‚¤ ˇž‚¤ ˇž‚¤ ˇž‚¤"13522   en0$ Ҟ‚¤ Ҟ‚¤ Ҟ‚¤ Ҟ‚¤"17512   en0% ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤"44312   en0& —Ÿ‚¤ —Ÿ‚¤ —Ÿ‚¤ —Ÿ‚¤"43802   en2' ¸Ÿ‚¤ ¸Ÿ‚¤ ¸Ÿ‚¤ ¸Ÿ‚¤"24982   en 23732110 Ǒ‚¤2z 5643852023060708:50:00"0*62- + %#6 INDIANOLA TO SOUTHRIDGE VIA SE 5THen:  Southridge Mall Via 5thenB430523:B0ý 564858ň ! 56485809:12:0020230607*70 2 ° ‚¤ ° ‚¤ ° ‚¤ ° ‚¤"24982   en 0 Í ‚¤ Í ‚¤ Í ‚¤ Í ‚¤"26882   en0 젂¤ 젂¤ 젂¤ 젂¤"14322   en/ ü ‚¤ ü ‚¤ ü ‚¤ ü ‚¤"6252   en/ ™Ą‚¤ ™Ą‚¤ ™Ą‚¤ ™Ą‚¤"6202   en0 śĄ‚¤ śĄ‚¤ śĄ‚¤ śĄ‚¤"40212   en/ ÔĄ‚¤ ÔĄ‚¤ ÔĄ‚¤ ÔĄ‚¤"6332   en/ íĄ‚¤ íĄ‚¤ íĄ‚¤ íĄ‚¤"6312   en/  Š˘‚¤ Š˘‚¤ Š˘‚¤ Š˘‚¤"6272   en/  ˢ‚¤ ˢ‚¤ ˢ‚¤ ˢ‚¤"6452   en/  ô˘‚¤ ô˘‚¤ ô˘‚¤ ô˘‚¤"6492   en0  ˜Ł‚¤ ˜Ł‚¤ ˜Ł‚¤ ˜Ł‚¤"25882   en0  łŁ‚¤ łŁ‚¤ łŁ‚¤ łŁ‚¤"25832   en0 ÓŁ‚¤ ÓŁ‚¤ ÓŁ‚¤ ÓŁ‚¤"26812   en0 裂¤ 裂¤ 裂¤ 裂¤"26602   en0 Š¤‚¤ Š¤‚¤ Š¤‚¤ Š¤‚¤"25822   en0 ž¤‚¤ ž¤‚¤ ž¤‚¤ ž¤‚¤"26202   en0 Ť‚¤ Ť‚¤ Ť‚¤ Ť‚¤"26462   en0 ٤‚¤ ٤‚¤ ٤‚¤ ٤‚¤"26102   en0 ő¤‚¤ ő¤‚¤ ő¤‚¤ ő¤‚¤"26752   en0 ŠĽ‚¤ ŠĽ‚¤ ŠĽ‚¤ ŠĽ‚¤"26422   en0 ™Ľ‚¤ ™Ľ‚¤ ™Ľ‚¤ ™Ľ‚¤"26832   en0 ŤĽ‚¤ ŤĽ‚¤ ŤĽ‚¤ ŤĽ‚¤"26652   en0 ÎĽ‚¤ ÎĽ‚¤ ÎĽ‚¤ ÎĽ‚¤"25782   en0 ńĽ‚¤ ńĽ‚¤ ńĽ‚¤ ńĽ‚¤"26532   en0 “Ś‚¤ “Ś‚¤ “Ś‚¤ “Ś‚¤"26772   en0 źŚ‚¤ źŚ‚¤ źŚ‚¤ źŚ‚¤"25772   en0 ČŚ‚¤ ČŚ‚¤ ČŚ‚¤ ČŚ‚¤"25922   en0 ĎŚ‚¤ ĎŚ‚¤ ĎŚ‚¤ ĎŚ‚¤"25742   en0 ŮŚ‚¤ ŮŚ‚¤ ŮŚ‚¤ ŮŚ‚¤"26292   en0 禂¤ 禂¤ 禂¤ 禂¤"26182   en0  ÷Ś‚¤ ÷Ś‚¤ ÷Ś‚¤ ÷Ś‚¤"44262   en0! ˙Ś‚¤ ˙Ś‚¤ ˙Ś‚¤ ˙Ś‚¤"25902   en0" ´§‚¤ ´§‚¤ ´§‚¤ ´§‚¤"26482   en0# Ö§‚¤ Ö§‚¤ Ö§‚¤ Ö§‚¤"25722   en0$ „¨‚¤ „¨‚¤ „¨‚¤ „¨‚¤"34512   en6% Ź¨‚¤ Ź¨‚¤ Ź¨‚¤ Ź¨‚¤"DCSPLATD2   en 23732110 Ǒ‚¤2y 5648582023060709:12:00"02) ' !#7 SW 9TH TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #7 SW 9TH TO DART CENTRAL STAenB430523:B0á 564602Ö " 56460208:30:0020230607*600 6 Á‘‚¤ ¤‚¤Á‘‚¤ ¤‚¤"39922   en6 ۑ‚¤ ž‚¤ۑ‚¤ ž‚¤"39932   en6 ô‘‚¤ ׏‚¤ô‘‚¤ ׏‚¤"32842   en6”’‚¤ ÷‚¤”’‚¤ ÷‚¤"32862   en6ł’‚¤ –‚¤ł’‚¤ –‚¤"39942   en6Ւ‚¤ ¸‚¤Ւ‚¤ ¸‚¤"32892   en6뒂¤ ΐ‚¤뒂¤ ΐ‚¤"32912   en6‡“‚¤ ꐂ¤‡“‚¤ ꐂ¤"32932   en6œ“‚¤ ˙‚¤œ“‚¤ ˙‚¤"32942   en6ӂ¤ Ś‘‚¤ӂ¤ Ś‘‚¤"27392   en6瓂¤ ʑ‚¤瓂¤ ʑ‚¤"28322   en"2744(2   en"2747(2   en"2753(2   en"2757(2   en"2761(2   en"181(2   en"3197(2   en6Җ‚¤ ľ”‚¤Җ‚¤ ľ”‚¤"31982   en6ń–‚¤ Ԕ‚¤ń–‚¤ Ԕ‚¤"18262   en6’—‚¤ ő”‚¤’—‚¤ ő”‚¤"18222   en6 ł—‚¤ –•‚¤ł—‚¤ –•‚¤"18182   en6!͗‚¤ °•‚¤͗‚¤ °•‚¤"18142   en6"ň—‚¤ Օ‚¤ň—‚¤ Օ‚¤"18532   en6#…˜‚¤ 蕂¤…˜‚¤ 蕂¤"18102   en6$Ś˜‚¤ ‰–‚¤Ś˜‚¤ ‰–‚¤"18082   en6%˝˜‚¤  –‚¤˝˜‚¤  –‚¤"18062   en6&蘂¤ ˖‚¤蘂¤ ˖‚¤"17902   en6'‚™‚¤ 喂¤‚™‚¤ 喂¤"18022   en6(ľ™‚¤ ˜—‚¤ľ™‚¤ ˜—‚¤"18552   en6)ٙ‚¤ ź—‚¤ٙ‚¤ ź—‚¤"17992   en4*…š‚¤ 藂¤…š‚¤ 藂¤"832   en6+¸š‚¤ ›˜‚¤¸š‚¤ ›˜‚¤"19472   en6,՚‚¤ ¸˜‚¤՚‚¤ ¸˜‚¤"19452   en6-嚂¤ Ș‚¤嚂¤ Ș‚¤"19442   en6.‡›‚¤ ꘂ¤‡›‚¤ ꘂ¤"19422   en6/•›‚¤ ř˜‚¤•›‚¤ ř˜‚¤"19552   en60§›‚¤ Š™‚¤§›‚¤ Š™‚¤"19542   en61ˇ›‚¤ š™‚¤ˇ›‚¤ š™‚¤"19532   en62ț‚¤ Ť™‚¤ț‚¤ Ť™‚¤"33462   en<3…œ‚¤ 虂¤…œ‚¤ 虂¤"DCSPLATK2   en 23742111 ő‚¤2s 5646022023060708:30:00"46314*602  #60 UNIVERSITY/INGERSOLLen:  #60 UNIVERSITY/INGERSOLLenB430554:B 564602-585ƒ 564604ř " 56460409:10:0020230607*600 6 ¸Ÿ‚¤ ¸Ÿ‚¤ ¸Ÿ‚¤ ¸Ÿ‚¤"DCSPLATK2   en / ߟ‚¤ ߟ‚¤ ߟ‚¤ ߟ‚¤"3342   en/ ퟂ¤ ퟂ¤ ퟂ¤ ퟂ¤"3202   en/ ýŸ‚¤ ýŸ‚¤ ýŸ‚¤ ýŸ‚¤"3092   en/ Ť ‚¤ Ť ‚¤ Ť ‚¤ Ť ‚¤"3292   en/ ˝ ‚¤ ˝ ‚¤ ˝ ‚¤ ˝ ‚¤"2932   en/ Ű ‚¤ Ű ‚¤ Ű ‚¤ Ű ‚¤"3002   en/ žĄ‚¤ žĄ‚¤ žĄ‚¤ žĄ‚¤"3192   en/  żĄ‚¤ żĄ‚¤ żĄ‚¤ żĄ‚¤"3212   en0  䡂¤ 䡂¤ 䡂¤ 䡂¤"39912   en0  „˘‚¤ „˘‚¤ „˘‚¤ „˘‚¤"39922   en0  ž˘‚¤ ž˘‚¤ ž˘‚¤ ž˘‚¤"39932   en0  ˇ˘‚¤ ˇ˘‚¤ ˇ˘‚¤ ˇ˘‚¤"32842   en0 ע‚¤ ע‚¤ ע‚¤ ע‚¤"32862   en0 ö˘‚¤ ö˘‚¤ ö˘‚¤ ö˘‚¤"39942   en0 ˜Ł‚¤ ˜Ł‚¤ ˜Ł‚¤ ˜Ł‚¤"32892   en0 ŽŁ‚¤ ŽŁ‚¤ ŽŁ‚¤ ŽŁ‚¤"32912   en0 ĘŁ‚¤ ĘŁ‚¤ ĘŁ‚¤ ĘŁ‚¤"32932   en0 ߣ‚¤ ߣ‚¤ ߣ‚¤ ߣ‚¤"32942   en0 †¤‚¤ †¤‚¤ †¤‚¤ †¤‚¤"27392   en0 ޤ‚¤ ޤ‚¤ ޤ‚¤ ޤ‚¤"28322   en"2744(2   en"2747(2   en"2753(2   en"2757(2   en"2761(2   en"181(2   en"3197(2   en0 •§‚¤ •§‚¤ •§‚¤ •§‚¤"31982   en0 ´§‚¤ ´§‚¤ ´§‚¤ ´§‚¤"18262   en0 Ő§‚¤ Ő§‚¤ Ő§‚¤ Ő§‚¤"18222   en0  ö§‚¤ ö§‚¤ ö§‚¤ ö§‚¤"18182   en0! ¨‚¤ ¨‚¤ ¨‚¤ ¨‚¤"18142   en0" ľ¨‚¤ ľ¨‚¤ ľ¨‚¤ ľ¨‚¤"18532   en0# Ȩ‚¤ Ȩ‚¤ Ȩ‚¤ Ȩ‚¤"18102   en0$ 騂¤ 騂¤ 騂¤ 騂¤"18082   en0% €Š‚¤ €Š‚¤ €Š‚¤ €Š‚¤"18062   en0& ŤŠ‚¤ ŤŠ‚¤ ŤŠ‚¤ ŤŠ‚¤"17902   en0' ĹŠ‚¤ ĹŠ‚¤ ĹŠ‚¤ ĹŠ‚¤"18022   en0( řŠ‚¤ řŠ‚¤ řŠ‚¤ řŠ‚¤"18552   en0) œŞ‚¤ œŞ‚¤ œŞ‚¤ œŞ‚¤"17992   en.* ŃŞ‚¤ ŃŞ‚¤ ŃŞ‚¤ ŃŞ‚¤"832   en0+ ŽŤ‚¤ ŽŤ‚¤ ŽŤ‚¤ ŽŤ‚¤"19472   en0, ąŤ‚¤ ąŤ‚¤ ąŤ‚¤ ąŤ‚¤"19452   en0- ĹŤ‚¤ ĹŤ‚¤ ĹŤ‚¤ ĹŤ‚¤"19442   en0. 퍂¤ 퍂¤ 퍂¤ 퍂¤"19422   en0/ ţŤ‚¤ ţŤ‚¤ ţŤ‚¤ ţŤ‚¤"19552   en00 ”Ź‚¤ ”Ź‚¤ ”Ź‚¤ ”Ź‚¤"19542   en01 ¨Ź‚¤ ¨Ź‚¤ ¨Ź‚¤ ¨Ź‚¤"19532   en02 źŹ‚¤ źŹ‚¤ źŹ‚¤ źŹ‚¤"33462   en63 „­‚¤ „­‚¤ „­‚¤ „­‚¤"DCSPLATK2   en 23742111 ő‚¤2o 5646042023060709:10:00"463142  #60 UNIVERSITY/INGERSOLLen:  #60 UNIVERSITY/INGERSOLLenB430554:B 564602-585ě 564559á " 56455908:30:0020230607*600 6 ´␂¤ Ž‚¤´␂¤ Ž‚¤"18562   en6 ´˙‚¤ ˏ‚¤´˙‚¤ ˏ‚¤"18032   en6´š‘‚¤ 揂¤´š‘‚¤ 揂¤"17922   en6´Ż‘‚¤ ű‚¤´Ż‘‚¤ ű‚¤"18072   en6´т¤ ‚¤´т¤ ‚¤"18092   en6´ۑ‚¤ §‚¤´ۑ‚¤ §‚¤"18112   en6´쑂¤ ¸‚¤´쑂¤ ¸‚¤"18542   en6´‚’‚¤ ΐ‚¤´‚’‚¤ ΐ‚¤"18152   en6´ž’‚¤ ꐂ¤´ž’‚¤ ꐂ¤"18192   en6´ź’‚¤ ˆ‘‚¤´ź’‚¤ ˆ‘‚¤"18232   en6´䒂¤ °‘‚¤´䒂¤ °‘‚¤"18292   en6´‚“‚¤ Α‚¤´‚“‚¤ Α‚¤"31992   en"3201(2   en"3202(2   en"2762(2   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en"2725(2   en"2743(2   en6 ´š–‚¤ 攂¤´š–‚¤ 攂¤"27412   en6!´–‚¤ Ž•‚¤´–‚¤ Ž•‚¤"43992   en6"´▂¤ Ž•‚¤´▂¤ Ž•‚¤"32642   en6#´ů–‚¤ ŕ‚¤´ů–‚¤ ŕ‚¤"32662   en6$´ —‚¤ 앂¤´ —‚¤ 앂¤"32682   en6%´ź—‚¤ ˆ–‚¤´ź—‚¤ ˆ–‚¤"32692   en6&´ߗ‚¤ Ť–‚¤´ߗ‚¤ Ť–‚¤"32722   en6'´‹˜‚¤ ז‚¤´‹˜‚¤ ז‚¤"32742   en6(´ą˜‚¤ ý–‚¤´ą˜‚¤ ý–‚¤"32762   en6)´Ƙ‚¤ ’—‚¤´Ƙ‚¤ ’—‚¤"32782   en6*´ݘ‚¤ Š—‚¤´ݘ‚¤ Š—‚¤"32802   en6+´™‚¤ ͗‚¤´™‚¤ ͗‚¤"36322   en5,´Ź™‚¤ ř—‚¤´Ź™‚¤ ř—‚¤"2822   en5-´Ι‚¤ š˜‚¤´Ι‚¤ š˜‚¤"4512   en5.´‚š‚¤ Θ‚¤´‚š‚¤ Θ‚¤"4462   en5/´›š‚¤ 瘂¤´›š‚¤ 瘂¤"4452   en50´Şš‚¤ ö˜‚¤´Şš‚¤ ö˜‚¤"4552   en61´šš‚¤ …™‚¤´šš‚¤ …™‚¤"42922   en62´Ӛ‚¤ Ÿ™‚¤´Ӛ‚¤ Ÿ™‚¤"43442   en53´ᚂ¤ ­™‚¤´ᚂ¤ ­™‚¤"4522   en64´¤ ş™‚¤´¤ ş™‚¤"33462   en<5´œ›‚¤ 虂¤´œ›‚¤ 虂¤"DCSPLATI2   en 23752112 Б‚¤2i 5645592023060708:30:00"46309*602  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB430572:B 564559-584Ä 564568š " 56456809:10:0020230607*600 6 ¸Ÿ‚¤ ¸Ÿ‚¤ ¸Ÿ‚¤ ¸Ÿ‚¤"DCSPLATI2   en / 㟂¤ 㟂¤ 㟂¤ 㟂¤"3342   en/ ňŸ‚¤ ňŸ‚¤ ňŸ‚¤ ňŸ‚¤"3202   en0 “ ‚¤ “ ‚¤ “ ‚¤ “ ‚¤"37022   en0 ł ‚¤ ł ‚¤ ł ‚¤ ł ‚¤"37042   en0  ‚¤  ‚¤  ‚¤  ‚¤"37052   en0 㠂¤ 㠂¤ 㠂¤ 㠂¤"37062   en0 †Ą‚¤ †Ą‚¤ †Ą‚¤ †Ą‚¤"15522   en0  ­Ą‚¤ ­Ą‚¤ ­Ą‚¤ ­Ą‚¤"15542   en.  ÄĄ‚¤ ÄĄ‚¤ ÄĄ‚¤ ÄĄ‚¤"822   en0  䡂¤ 䡂¤ 䡂¤ 䡂¤"38772   en0  Ž˘‚¤ Ž˘‚¤ Ž˘‚¤ Ž˘‚¤"18562   en0  Ť˘‚¤ Ť˘‚¤ Ť˘‚¤ Ť˘‚¤"18032   en0 Ƣ‚¤ Ƣ‚¤ Ƣ‚¤ Ƣ‚¤"17922   en0 ۢ‚¤ ۢ‚¤ ۢ‚¤ ۢ‚¤"18072   en0 ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤"18092   en0 ‡Ł‚¤ ‡Ł‚¤ ‡Ł‚¤ ‡Ł‚¤"18112   en0 ˜Ł‚¤ ˜Ł‚¤ ˜Ł‚¤ ˜Ł‚¤"18542   en0 ŽŁ‚¤ ŽŁ‚¤ ŽŁ‚¤ ŽŁ‚¤"18152   en0 ĘŁ‚¤ ĘŁ‚¤ ĘŁ‚¤ ĘŁ‚¤"18192   en0 裂¤ 裂¤ 裂¤ 裂¤"18232   en0 ¤‚¤ ¤‚¤ ¤‚¤ ¤‚¤"18292   en0 Ž¤‚¤ Ž¤‚¤ Ž¤‚¤ Ž¤‚¤"31992   en"3201(2   en"3202(2   en"2762(2   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en"2725(2   en"2743(2   en0  Ƨ‚¤ Ƨ‚¤ Ƨ‚¤ Ƨ‚¤"27412   en0! ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤"43992   en0" Ž¨‚¤ Ž¨‚¤ Ž¨‚¤ Ž¨‚¤"32642   en0# Ľ¨‚¤ Ľ¨‚¤ Ľ¨‚¤ Ľ¨‚¤"32662   en0$ ̨‚¤ ̨‚¤ ̨‚¤ ̨‚¤"32682   en0% 訂¤ 訂¤ 訂¤ 訂¤"32692   en0& ‹Š‚¤ ‹Š‚¤ ‹Š‚¤ ‹Š‚¤"32722   en0' ˇŠ‚¤ ˇŠ‚¤ ˇŠ‚¤ ˇŠ‚¤"32742   en0( ÝŠ‚¤ ÝŠ‚¤ ÝŠ‚¤ ÝŠ‚¤"32762   en0) ňŠ‚¤ ňŠ‚¤ ňŠ‚¤ ňŠ‚¤"32782   en0* ‰Ş‚¤ ‰Ş‚¤ ‰Ş‚¤ ‰Ş‚¤"32802   en0+ ­Ş‚¤ ­Ş‚¤ ­Ş‚¤ ­Ş‚¤"36322   en/, ŘŞ‚¤ ŘŞ‚¤ ŘŞ‚¤ ŘŞ‚¤"2822   en/- úŞ‚¤ úŞ‚¤ úŞ‚¤ úŞ‚¤"4512   en/. ŽŤ‚¤ ŽŤ‚¤ ŽŤ‚¤ ŽŤ‚¤"4462   en// ÇŤ‚¤ ÇŤ‚¤ ÇŤ‚¤ ÇŤ‚¤"4452   en/0 ÖŤ‚¤ ÖŤ‚¤ ÖŤ‚¤ ÖŤ‚¤"4552   en01 嫂¤ 嫂¤ 嫂¤ 嫂¤"42922   en02 ˙Ť‚¤ ˙Ť‚¤ ˙Ť‚¤ ˙Ť‚¤"43442   en/3 Ź‚¤ Ź‚¤ Ź‚¤ Ź‚¤"4522   en04 šŹ‚¤ šŹ‚¤ šŹ‚¤ šŹ‚¤"33462   en65 ČŹ‚¤ ČŹ‚¤ ČŹ‚¤ ČŹ‚¤"DCSPLATI2   en 23752112 Б‚¤2e 5645682023060709:10:00"463092  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB430572:B 564559-584Ů 563175Î ! 56317508:20:0020230607*306˙ž‘‚¤ Ÿ‚¤˙ž‘‚¤ Ÿ‚¤"27672   en6˙¸‘‚¤ š‚¤˙¸‘‚¤ š‚¤"27702   en6˙ґ‚¤ ӏ‚¤˙ґ‚¤ ӏ‚¤"27722   en6˙˒‚¤ ̐‚¤˙˒‚¤ ̐‚¤"27742   en6 ˙ޒ‚¤ ߐ‚¤˙ޒ‚¤ ߐ‚¤"27782   en6!˙ƒ“‚¤ „‘‚¤˙ƒ“‚¤ „‘‚¤"28292   en6"˙˘“‚¤ Ł‘‚¤˙˘“‚¤ Ł‘‚¤"28082   en6#˙Ŕ“‚¤ Á‘‚¤˙Ŕ“‚¤ Á‘‚¤"44112   en6$˙ö“‚¤ ÷‘‚¤˙ö“‚¤ ÷‘‚¤"27952   en6%˙‰”‚¤ Š’‚¤˙‰”‚¤ Š’‚¤"27992   en6&˙´”‚¤ ľ’‚¤˙´”‚¤ ľ’‚¤"39962   en6'˙㔂¤ 䒂¤˙㔂¤ 䒂¤"15492   en5(˙Ž•‚¤ “‚¤˙Ž•‚¤ “‚¤"7572   en5)˙Ղ¤ ē‚¤˙Ղ¤ ē‚¤"7592   en5*˙ꕂ¤ 듂¤˙ꕂ¤ 듂¤"7472   en5+˙Œ–‚¤ ”‚¤˙Œ–‚¤ ”‚¤"7512   en6,˙ş–‚¤ ť”‚¤˙ş–‚¤ ť”‚¤"30412   en6-˙ۖ‚¤ ܔ‚¤˙ۖ‚¤ ܔ‚¤"30282   en6.˙ň–‚¤ 󔂤˙ň–‚¤ 󔂤"34402   en6/˙——‚¤ ˜•‚¤˙——‚¤ ˜•‚¤"30312   en60˙ׂ¤ ĕ‚¤˙ׂ¤ ĕ‚¤"36732   en61˙ޗ‚¤ ߕ‚¤˙ޗ‚¤ ߕ‚¤"34172   en82˙؂¤ Ė‚¤˙؂¤ Ė‚¤"42202   en 23762113 ˑ‚¤2€ 5631752023060708:20:00"46481*32) ' !#3 UNIVERSITY TO VALLEY WEST MALLen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO VALLEY WEST enB430519:B 563175-589” 563216‰ ! 56321609:00:0020230607*30 2 ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤"42202   en 0 úš‚¤ úš‚¤ úš‚¤ úš‚¤"30342   en0 ¤›‚¤ ¤›‚¤ ¤›‚¤ ¤›‚¤"30302   en0 ̛‚¤ ̛‚¤ ̛‚¤ ̛‚¤"30292   en0 ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤"30272   en0 ˆœ‚¤ ˆœ‚¤ ˆœ‚¤ ˆœ‚¤"30402   en/ żœ‚¤ żœ‚¤ żœ‚¤ żœ‚¤"7502   en/ 㜂¤ 㜂¤ 㜂¤ 㜂¤"7462   en/  ‹‚¤ ‹‚¤ ‹‚¤ ‹‚¤"7582   en/  ɝ‚¤ ɝ‚¤ ɝ‚¤ ɝ‚¤"7562   en0  „ž‚¤ „ž‚¤ „ž‚¤ „ž‚¤"29572   en0  ¤ž‚¤ ¤ž‚¤ ¤ž‚¤ ¤ž‚¤"39972   en0  Ϟ‚¤ Ϟ‚¤ Ϟ‚¤ Ϟ‚¤"27982   en0 잂¤ 잂¤ 잂¤ 잂¤"44072   en0 œŸ‚¤ œŸ‚¤ œŸ‚¤ œŸ‚¤"27882   en0 šŸ‚¤ šŸ‚¤ šŸ‚¤ šŸ‚¤"28072   en0 џ‚¤ џ‚¤ џ‚¤ џ‚¤"27832   en0 ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤"27792   en0 ˆ ‚¤ ˆ ‚¤ ˆ ‚¤ ˆ ‚¤"27322   en0 ˙ ‚¤ ˙ ‚¤ ˙ ‚¤ ˙ ‚¤"27292   en0 —Ą‚¤ —Ą‚¤ —Ą‚¤ —Ą‚¤"28302   en0 šĄ‚¤ šĄ‚¤ šĄ‚¤ šĄ‚¤"27662   en"2762(2   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en"2725(2   en0 Ł‚¤ Ł‚¤ Ł‚¤ Ł‚¤"27432   en0 ŞŁ‚¤ ŞŁ‚¤ ŞŁ‚¤ ŞŁ‚¤"27412   en0 ŇŁ‚¤ ŇŁ‚¤ ŇŁ‚¤ ŇŁ‚¤"43992   en0 ňŁ‚¤ ňŁ‚¤ ňŁ‚¤ ňŁ‚¤"32642   en0  ‰¤‚¤ ‰¤‚¤ ‰¤‚¤ ‰¤‚¤"32662   en0! °¤‚¤ °¤‚¤ °¤‚¤ °¤‚¤"32682   en0" ̤‚¤ ̤‚¤ ̤‚¤ ̤‚¤"32692   en0# 車¤ 車¤ 車¤ 車¤"32722   en0$ ›Ľ‚¤ ›Ľ‚¤ ›Ľ‚¤ ›Ľ‚¤"32742   en0% ÁĽ‚¤ ÁĽ‚¤ ÁĽ‚¤ ÁĽ‚¤"32762   en0& ÖĽ‚¤ ÖĽ‚¤ ÖĽ‚¤ ÖĽ‚¤"32782   en0' íĽ‚¤ íĽ‚¤ íĽ‚¤ íĽ‚¤"32802   en0( ‘Ś‚¤ ‘Ś‚¤ ‘Ś‚¤ ‘Ś‚¤"36322   en/) źŚ‚¤ źŚ‚¤ źŚ‚¤ źŚ‚¤"2822   en/* 概¤ 概¤ 概¤ 概¤"4512   en/+ Ś§‚¤ Ś§‚¤ Ś§‚¤ Ś§‚¤"4462   en/, ŧ‚¤ ŧ‚¤ ŧ‚¤ ŧ‚¤"4452   en/- ק‚¤ ק‚¤ ק‚¤ ק‚¤"4552   en0. ꧂¤ ꧂¤ ꧂¤ ꧂¤"42922   en0/ Š¨‚¤ Š¨‚¤ Š¨‚¤ Š¨‚¤"43442   en/0 ›¨‚¤ ›¨‚¤ ›¨‚¤ ›¨‚¤"4522   en01 Ť¨‚¤ Ť¨‚¤ Ť¨‚¤ Ť¨‚¤"33462   en62 訂¤ 訂¤ 訂¤ 訂¤"DCSPLATO2   en 23762113 ˑ‚¤2 5632162023060709:00:00"463812- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB430519:B 563175-589Č 563217˝ ! 56321708:40:0020230607*30 6Ƒ‚¤ °‘‚¤Ƒ‚¤ °‘‚¤"42202   en 4ŕ‘‚¤ ʑ‚¤ŕ‘‚¤ ʑ‚¤"30342   en4Š’‚¤ ô‘‚¤Š’‚¤ ô‘‚¤"30302   en4˛’‚¤ œ’‚¤˛’‚¤ œ’‚¤"30292   en4Ւ‚¤ ż’‚¤Ւ‚¤ ż’‚¤"30272   en4¤ ؒ‚¤¤ ؒ‚¤"30402   en3Ľ“‚¤ “‚¤Ľ“‚¤ “‚¤"7502   en3ɓ‚¤ ł“‚¤ɓ‚¤ ł“‚¤"7462   en3 ń“‚¤ ۓ‚¤ń“‚¤ ۓ‚¤"7582   en3 Ż”‚¤ ™”‚¤Ż”‚¤ ™”‚¤"7562   en4 ꔂ¤ Ԕ‚¤ꔂ¤ Ԕ‚¤"29572   en4 Š•‚¤ ô”‚¤Š•‚¤ ô”‚¤"39972   en4 ľ•‚¤ Ÿ•‚¤ľ•‚¤ Ÿ•‚¤"27982   en4ҕ‚¤ ź•‚¤ҕ‚¤ ź•‚¤"44072   en4‚–‚¤ 앂¤‚–‚¤ 앂¤"27882   en4Ÿ–‚¤ ‰–‚¤Ÿ–‚¤ ‰–‚¤"28072   en4ˇ–‚¤ Ą–‚¤ˇ–‚¤ Ą–‚¤"27832   en4Ԗ‚¤ ž–‚¤Ԗ‚¤ ž–‚¤"27792   en4¤ ؖ‚¤¤ ؖ‚¤"27322   en4嗂¤ ϗ‚¤嗂¤ ϗ‚¤"27292   en4ý—‚¤ 痂¤ý—‚¤ 痂¤"28302   en4Ÿ˜‚¤ ‰˜‚¤Ÿ˜‚¤ ‰˜‚¤"27662   en"2762(2   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en"2725(2   en4ö™‚¤ ŕ™‚¤ö™‚¤ ŕ™‚¤"27432   en4š‚¤ ú™‚¤š‚¤ ú™‚¤"27412   en4¸š‚¤ ˘š‚¤¸š‚¤ ˘š‚¤"43992   en4ؚ‚¤ š‚¤ؚ‚¤ š‚¤"32642   en4 ¤ ٚ‚¤¤ ٚ‚¤"32662   en4!–›‚¤ €›‚¤–›‚¤ €›‚¤"32682   en4"˛›‚¤ œ›‚¤˛›‚¤ œ›‚¤"32692   en4#՛‚¤ ż›‚¤՛‚¤ ż›‚¤"32722   en4$œ‚¤ 뛂¤œ‚¤ 뛂¤"32742   en4%§œ‚¤ ‘œ‚¤§œ‚¤ ‘œ‚¤"32762   en4&źœ‚¤ Śœ‚¤źœ‚¤ Śœ‚¤"32782   en4'Ӝ‚¤ ˝œ‚¤Ӝ‚¤ ˝œ‚¤"32802   en4(÷œ‚¤ ᜂ¤÷œ‚¤ ᜂ¤"36322   en3)˘‚¤ Œ‚¤˘‚¤ Œ‚¤"2822   en3*̝‚¤ ś‚¤̝‚¤ ś‚¤"4512   en3+Œž‚¤ ö‚¤Œž‚¤ ö‚¤"4462   en3,Ťž‚¤ •ž‚¤Ťž‚¤ •ž‚¤"4452   en3-˝ž‚¤ §ž‚¤˝ž‚¤ §ž‚¤"4552   en4.О‚¤ şž‚¤О‚¤ şž‚¤"42922   en4/𞂤 ڞ‚¤𞂤 ڞ‚¤"43442   en30Ÿ‚¤ 랂¤Ÿ‚¤ 랂¤"4522   en41‘Ÿ‚¤ űž‚¤‘Ÿ‚¤ űž‚¤"33462   en:2Ο‚¤ ¸Ÿ‚¤Ο‚¤ ¸Ÿ‚¤"DCSPLATO2   en 23772114 ő‚¤2 5632172023060708:40:00"463812- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB430516:B 563176-589• 564194Š " 56419408:15:0020230607*5204 #ߍ‚¤ ź‚¤#ߍ‚¤ ź‚¤"34832   en4 #’‚¤ 쑂¤#’‚¤ 쑂¤"41012   en4#ߒ‚¤ ź’‚¤#ߒ‚¤ ź’‚¤"41082   en4#˙’‚¤ ܒ‚¤#˙’‚¤ ܒ‚¤"41092   en4#§“‚¤ „“‚¤#§“‚¤ „“‚¤"41102   en4#­”‚¤ Š”‚¤#­”‚¤ Š”‚¤"44022   en4#’•‚¤ ¤#’•‚¤ ¤"39372   en4#ł•‚¤ •‚¤#ł•‚¤ •‚¤"35472   en4#Ė‚¤ Ą–‚¤#Ė‚¤ Ą–‚¤"43532   en4#Ɨ‚¤ Ł—‚¤#Ɨ‚¤ Ł—‚¤"38102   en6#›˜‚¤ ř—‚¤#›˜‚¤ ř—‚¤"43432   en 23782115 Α‚¤2w 5641942023060708:15:00"0*522$ " #52 VALLEY WEST/JORDAN CREEKen:$ " #52 VALLEY WEST/JORDAN CREEKenB430551:B0Ž 564223Ł " 56422308:57:0020230607*520 2 Ź™‚¤ Ź™‚¤ Ź™‚¤ Ź™‚¤"43432   en 0 ֙‚¤ ֙‚¤ ֙‚¤ ֙‚¤"43552   en0 ˆš‚¤ ˆš‚¤ ˆš‚¤ ˆš‚¤"43542   en0 ښ‚¤ ښ‚¤ ښ‚¤ ښ‚¤"43522   en0 ؛‚¤ ؛‚¤ ؛‚¤ ؛‚¤"35472   en0 Ÿœ‚¤ Ÿœ‚¤ Ÿœ‚¤ Ÿœ‚¤"38992   en0 ܂¤ ܂¤ ܂¤ ܂¤"44032   en0 ą‚¤ ą‚¤ ą‚¤ ą‚¤"41032   en0  ٝ‚¤ ٝ‚¤ ٝ‚¤ ٝ‚¤"41042   en0  Žž‚¤ Žž‚¤ Žž‚¤ Žž‚¤"41052   en0  Ŕž‚¤ Ŕž‚¤ Ŕž‚¤ Ŕž‚¤"41002   en0  󡂤 󡂤 󡂤 󡂤"30382   en0  ţĄ‚¤ ţĄ‚¤ ţĄ‚¤ ţĄ‚¤"30852   en0  ˘‚¤  ˘‚¤  ˘‚¤  ˘‚¤"42212   en/ ˢ‚¤ ˢ‚¤ ˢ‚¤ ˢ‚¤"4332   en0 ٢‚¤ ٢‚¤ ٢‚¤ ٢‚¤"31662   en0 ý˘‚¤ ý˘‚¤ ý˘‚¤ ý˘‚¤"37402   en/ ´§‚¤ ´§‚¤ ´§‚¤ ´§‚¤"4462   en/ ȧ‚¤ ȧ‚¤ ȧ‚¤ ȧ‚¤"4452   en/ Ô§‚¤ Ô§‚¤ Ô§‚¤ Ô§‚¤"4552   en0 ᧂ¤ ᧂ¤ ᧂ¤ ᧂ¤"42922   en0 ö§‚¤ ö§‚¤ ö§‚¤ ö§‚¤"43442   en/ ¨‚¤ ¨‚¤ ¨‚¤ ¨‚¤"4522   en0 ‹¨‚¤ ‹¨‚¤ ‹¨‚¤ ‹¨‚¤"33462   en6 Ź¨‚¤ Ź¨‚¤ Ź¨‚¤ Ź¨‚¤"DCSPLATE2   en 23782115 Α‚¤2 5642232023060708:57:00"02/ - '#52 VALLEY WEST TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #52 VALLEY WEST TO DART CENTRenB430551:B0Ů 563213Î ! 56321310:00:0020230607*30 2 𶂤 𶂤 𶂤 𶂤"42202   en 0 Šˇ‚¤ Šˇ‚¤ Šˇ‚¤ Šˇ‚¤"30342   en0 ´ˇ‚¤ ´ˇ‚¤ ´ˇ‚¤ ´ˇ‚¤"30302   en0 ܡ‚¤ ܡ‚¤ ܡ‚¤ ܡ‚¤"30292   en0 ˙ˇ‚¤ ˙ˇ‚¤ ˙ˇ‚¤ ˙ˇ‚¤"30272   en0 ˜¸‚¤ ˜¸‚¤ ˜¸‚¤ ˜¸‚¤"30402   en/ ϸ‚¤ ϸ‚¤ ϸ‚¤ ϸ‚¤"7502   en/ 󸂤 󸂤 󸂤 󸂤"7462   en/  ›š‚¤ ›š‚¤ ›š‚¤ ›š‚¤"7582   en/  Ůš‚¤ Ůš‚¤ Ůš‚¤ Ůš‚¤"7562   en0  ”ş‚¤ ”ş‚¤ ”ş‚¤ ”ş‚¤"29572   en0  ´ş‚¤ ´ş‚¤ ´ş‚¤ ´ş‚¤"39972   en0  ßş‚¤ ßş‚¤ ßş‚¤ ßş‚¤"27982   en0 üş‚¤ üş‚¤ üş‚¤ üş‚¤"44072   en0 Źť‚¤ Źť‚¤ Źť‚¤ Źť‚¤"27882   en0 Éť‚¤ Éť‚¤ Éť‚¤ Éť‚¤"28072   en0 Ể¤ Ể¤ Ể¤ Ể¤"27832   en0 ţť‚¤ ţť‚¤ ţť‚¤ ţť‚¤"27792   en0 ˜ź‚¤ ˜ź‚¤ ˜ź‚¤ ˜ź‚¤"27322   en0 ˝‚¤ ˝‚¤ ˝‚¤ ˝‚¤"27292   en0 §˝‚¤ §˝‚¤ §˝‚¤ §˝‚¤"28302   en0 É˝‚¤ É˝‚¤ É˝‚¤ É˝‚¤"27662   en0 ô˝‚¤ ô˝‚¤ ô˝‚¤ ô˝‚¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 ‰ż‚¤ ‰ż‚¤ ‰ż‚¤ ‰ż‚¤"27252   en0  ż‚¤  ż‚¤  ż‚¤  ż‚¤"27432   en0 şż‚¤ şż‚¤ şż‚¤ şż‚¤"27412   en0 ⿂¤ ⿂¤ ⿂¤ ⿂¤"43992   en0 ‚Ŕ‚¤ ‚Ŕ‚¤ ‚Ŕ‚¤ ‚Ŕ‚¤"32642   en0  ™Ŕ‚¤ ™Ŕ‚¤ ™Ŕ‚¤ ™Ŕ‚¤"32662   en0! ŔŔ‚¤ ŔŔ‚¤ ŔŔ‚¤ ŔŔ‚¤"32682   en0" ÜŔ‚¤ ÜŔ‚¤ ÜŔ‚¤ ÜŔ‚¤"32692   en0# ˙Ŕ‚¤ ˙Ŕ‚¤ ˙Ŕ‚¤ ˙Ŕ‚¤"32722   en0$ ŤÁ‚¤ ŤÁ‚¤ ŤÁ‚¤ ŤÁ‚¤"32742   en0% ŃÁ‚¤ ŃÁ‚¤ ŃÁ‚¤ ŃÁ‚¤"32762   en0& ćÁ‚¤ ćÁ‚¤ ćÁ‚¤ ćÁ‚¤"32782   en0' ýÁ‚¤ ýÁ‚¤ ýÁ‚¤ ýÁ‚¤"32802   en0( ĄÂ‚¤ ĄÂ‚¤ ĄÂ‚¤ ĄÂ‚¤"36322   en/) Ě‚¤ Ě‚¤ Ě‚¤ Ě‚¤"2822   en/* ö‚¤ ö‚¤ ö‚¤ ö‚¤"4512   en/+ śĂ‚¤ śĂ‚¤ śĂ‚¤ śĂ‚¤"4462   en/, Ő¤ Ő¤ Ő¤ Ő¤"4452   en/- ç¤ ç¤ ç¤ ç¤"4552   en0. ú¤ ú¤ ú¤ ú¤"42922   en0/ šÄ‚¤ šÄ‚¤ šÄ‚¤ šÄ‚¤"43442   en/0 ŤÄ‚¤ ŤÄ‚¤ ŤÄ‚¤ ŤÄ‚¤"4522   en01 ťÄ‚¤ ťÄ‚¤ ťÄ‚¤ ťÄ‚¤"33462   en62 řä řä řä řä"DCSPLATO2   en ԑ‚¤2  5632132023060710:00:00"46381*32- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 563213-588Ů 563209Î ! 56320911:20:0020230607*30 2 °Ü‚¤ °Ü‚¤ °Ü‚¤ °Ü‚¤"42202   en 0 Ę܂¤ Ę܂¤ Ę܂¤ Ę܂¤"30342   en0 ô܂¤ ô܂¤ ô܂¤ ô܂¤"30302   en0 œÝ‚¤ œÝ‚¤ œÝ‚¤ œÝ‚¤"30292   en0 żÝ‚¤ żÝ‚¤ żÝ‚¤ żÝ‚¤"30272   en0 Ř݂¤ Ř݂¤ Ř݂¤ Ř݂¤"30402   en/ Ţ‚¤ Ţ‚¤ Ţ‚¤ Ţ‚¤"7502   en/ łŢ‚¤ łŢ‚¤ łŢ‚¤ łŢ‚¤"7462   en/  Űނ¤ Űނ¤ Űނ¤ Űނ¤"7582   en/  ™ß‚¤ ™ß‚¤ ™ß‚¤ ™ß‚¤"7562   en0  Ô߂¤ Ô߂¤ Ô߂¤ Ô߂¤"29572   en0  ô߂¤ ô߂¤ ô߂¤ ô߂¤"39972   en0  Ÿŕ‚¤ Ÿŕ‚¤ Ÿŕ‚¤ Ÿŕ‚¤"27982   en0 źŕ‚¤ źŕ‚¤ źŕ‚¤ źŕ‚¤"44072   en0 ěŕ‚¤ ěŕ‚¤ ěŕ‚¤ ěŕ‚¤"27882   en0 ‰á‚¤ ‰á‚¤ ‰á‚¤ ‰á‚¤"28072   en0 Ąá‚¤ Ąá‚¤ Ąá‚¤ Ąá‚¤"27832   en0 žá‚¤ žá‚¤ žá‚¤ žá‚¤"27792   en0 ŘႤ ŘႤ ŘႤ ŘႤ"27322   en0 Ď₤ Ď₤ Ď₤ Ď₤"27292   en0 ç₤ ç₤ ç₤ ç₤"28302   en0 ‰ă‚¤ ‰ă‚¤ ‰ă‚¤ ‰ă‚¤"27662   en0 ´ă‚¤ ´ă‚¤ ´ă‚¤ ´ă‚¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 É䂤 É䂤 É䂤 É䂤"27252   en0 ŕ䂤 ŕ䂤 ŕ䂤 ŕ䂤"27432   en0 ú䂤 ú䂤 ú䂤 ú䂤"27412   en0 ˘ĺ‚¤ ˘ĺ‚¤ ˘ĺ‚¤ ˘ĺ‚¤"43992   en0 Â傤 Â傤 Â傤 Â傤"32642   en0  Ů傤 Ů傤 Ů傤 Ů傤"32662   en0! €ć‚¤ €ć‚¤ €ć‚¤ €ć‚¤"32682   en0" œć‚¤ œć‚¤ œć‚¤ œć‚¤"32692   en0# żć‚¤ żć‚¤ żć‚¤ żć‚¤"32722   en0$ ë悤 ë悤 ë悤 ë悤"32742   en0% ‘炤 ‘炤 ‘炤 ‘炤"32762   en0& Śç‚¤ Śç‚¤ Śç‚¤ Śç‚¤"32782   en0' ˝ç‚¤ ˝ç‚¤ ˝ç‚¤ ˝ç‚¤"32802   en0( á炤 á炤 á炤 á炤"36322   en/) Œč‚¤ Œč‚¤ Œč‚¤ Œč‚¤"2822   en/* Ç肤 Ç肤 Ç肤 Ç肤"4512   en/+ Ąé‚¤ Ąé‚¤ Ąé‚¤ Ąé‚¤"4462   en/, Ě邤 Ě邤 Ě邤 Ě邤"4452   en/- ć邤 ć邤 ć邤 ć邤"4552   en0. ę‚¤ ę‚¤ ę‚¤ ę‚¤"42922   en0/ Žę‚¤ Žę‚¤ Žę‚¤ Žę‚¤"43442   en/0 Ćꂤ Ćꂤ Ćꂤ Ćꂤ"4522   en01 Ýꂤ Ýꂤ Ýꂤ Ýꂤ"33462   en62 °ë‚¤ °ë‚¤ °ë‚¤ °ë‚¤"DCSPLATO2   en ԑ‚¤2  5632092023060711:20:00"46381*32- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 563209-588Ů 563205Î ! 56320512:40:0020230607*30 2 đƒ¤ đƒ¤ đƒ¤ đƒ¤"42202   en 0 Š‚ƒ¤ Š‚ƒ¤ Š‚ƒ¤ Š‚ƒ¤"30342   en0 ´‚ƒ¤ ´‚ƒ¤ ´‚ƒ¤ ´‚ƒ¤"30302   en0 ܂ƒ¤ ܂ƒ¤ ܂ƒ¤ ܂ƒ¤"30292   en0 ˙‚ƒ¤ ˙‚ƒ¤ ˙‚ƒ¤ ˙‚ƒ¤"30272   en0 ˜ƒƒ¤ ˜ƒƒ¤ ˜ƒƒ¤ ˜ƒƒ¤"30402   en/ σƒ¤ σƒ¤ σƒ¤ σƒ¤"7502   en/ 󃃤 󃃤 󃃤 󃃤"7462   en/  ›„ƒ¤ ›„ƒ¤ ›„ƒ¤ ›„ƒ¤"7582   en/  لƒ¤ لƒ¤ لƒ¤ لƒ¤"7562   en0  ”…ƒ¤ ”…ƒ¤ ”…ƒ¤ ”…ƒ¤"29572   en0  ´…ƒ¤ ´…ƒ¤ ´…ƒ¤ ´…ƒ¤"39972   en0  ߅ƒ¤ ߅ƒ¤ ߅ƒ¤ ߅ƒ¤"27982   en0 ü…ƒ¤ ü…ƒ¤ ü…ƒ¤ ü…ƒ¤"44072   en0 Ź†ƒ¤ Ź†ƒ¤ Ź†ƒ¤ Ź†ƒ¤"27882   en0 Ɇƒ¤ Ɇƒ¤ Ɇƒ¤ Ɇƒ¤"28072   en0 ᆃ¤ ᆃ¤ ᆃ¤ ᆃ¤"27832   en0 ţ†ƒ¤ ţ†ƒ¤ ţ†ƒ¤ ţ†ƒ¤"27792   en0 ˜‡ƒ¤ ˜‡ƒ¤ ˜‡ƒ¤ ˜‡ƒ¤"27322   en0 ˆƒ¤ ˆƒ¤ ˆƒ¤ ˆƒ¤"27292   en0 §ˆƒ¤ §ˆƒ¤ §ˆƒ¤ §ˆƒ¤"28302   en0 Ɉƒ¤ Ɉƒ¤ Ɉƒ¤ Ɉƒ¤"27662   en0 ôˆƒ¤ ôˆƒ¤ ôˆƒ¤ ôˆƒ¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 ‰Šƒ¤ ‰Šƒ¤ ‰Šƒ¤ ‰Šƒ¤"27252   en0  Šƒ¤  Šƒ¤  Šƒ¤  Šƒ¤"27432   en0 şŠƒ¤ şŠƒ¤ şŠƒ¤ şŠƒ¤"27412   en0 ⊃¤ ⊃¤ ⊃¤ ⊃¤"43992   en0 ‚‹ƒ¤ ‚‹ƒ¤ ‚‹ƒ¤ ‚‹ƒ¤"32642   en0  ™‹ƒ¤ ™‹ƒ¤ ™‹ƒ¤ ™‹ƒ¤"32662   en0! Ŕ‹ƒ¤ Ŕ‹ƒ¤ Ŕ‹ƒ¤ Ŕ‹ƒ¤"32682   en0" ܋ƒ¤ ܋ƒ¤ ܋ƒ¤ ܋ƒ¤"32692   en0# ˙‹ƒ¤ ˙‹ƒ¤ ˙‹ƒ¤ ˙‹ƒ¤"32722   en0$ ŤŒƒ¤ ŤŒƒ¤ ŤŒƒ¤ ŤŒƒ¤"32742   en0% ьƒ¤ ьƒ¤ ьƒ¤ ьƒ¤"32762   en0& 挃¤ 挃¤ 挃¤ 挃¤"32782   en0' ýŒƒ¤ ýŒƒ¤ ýŒƒ¤ ýŒƒ¤"32802   en0( Ąƒ¤ Ąƒ¤ Ąƒ¤ Ąƒ¤"36322   en/) ̍ƒ¤ ̍ƒ¤ ̍ƒ¤ ̍ƒ¤"2822   en/* öƒ¤ öƒ¤ öƒ¤ öƒ¤"4512   en/+ śŽƒ¤ śŽƒ¤ śŽƒ¤ śŽƒ¤"4462   en/, Վƒ¤ Վƒ¤ Վƒ¤ Վƒ¤"4452   en/- 玃¤ 玃¤ 玃¤ 玃¤"4552   en0. úŽƒ¤ úŽƒ¤ úŽƒ¤ úŽƒ¤"42922   en0/ šƒ¤ šƒ¤ šƒ¤ šƒ¤"43442   en/0 Ťƒ¤ Ťƒ¤ Ťƒ¤ Ťƒ¤"4522   en01 ťƒ¤ ťƒ¤ ťƒ¤ ťƒ¤"33462   en62 řƒ¤ řƒ¤ řƒ¤ řƒ¤"DCSPLATO2   en ԑ‚¤2  5632052023060712:40:00"46381*32- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 563205-588Ů 563201Î ! 56320114:00:0020230607*30 2 °§ƒ¤ °§ƒ¤ °§ƒ¤ °§ƒ¤"42202   en 0 ͧƒ¤ ͧƒ¤ ͧƒ¤ ͧƒ¤"30342   en0 ý§ƒ¤ ý§ƒ¤ ý§ƒ¤ ý§ƒ¤"30302   en0 ިƒ¤ ިƒ¤ ިƒ¤ ިƒ¤"30292   en0 Ó¨ƒ¤ Ó¨ƒ¤ Ó¨ƒ¤ Ó¨ƒ¤"30272   en0 𨃤 𨃤 𨃤 𨃤"30402   en/ ŻŠƒ¤ ŻŠƒ¤ ŻŠƒ¤ ŻŠƒ¤"7502   en/ ŮŠƒ¤ ŮŠƒ¤ ŮŠƒ¤ ŮŠƒ¤"7462   en/  ‡Şƒ¤ ‡Şƒ¤ ‡Şƒ¤ ‡Şƒ¤"7582   en/  ÍŞƒ¤ ÍŞƒ¤ ÍŞƒ¤ ÍŞƒ¤"7562   en0  Ťƒ¤ Ťƒ¤ Ťƒ¤ Ťƒ¤"29572   en0  ´Ťƒ¤ ´Ťƒ¤ ´Ťƒ¤ ´Ťƒ¤"39972   en0  千¤ 千¤ 千¤ 千¤"27982   en0 †Źƒ¤ †Źƒ¤ †Źƒ¤ †Źƒ¤"44072   en0 źŹƒ¤ źŹƒ¤ źŹƒ¤ źŹƒ¤"27882   en0 ÝŹƒ¤ ÝŹƒ¤ ÝŹƒ¤ ÝŹƒ¤"28072   en0 ůŹƒ¤ ůŹƒ¤ ůŹƒ¤ ůŹƒ¤"27832   en0 š­ƒ¤ š­ƒ¤ š­ƒ¤ š­ƒ¤"27792   en0 ¸­ƒ¤ ¸­ƒ¤ ¸­ƒ¤ ¸­ƒ¤"27322   en0 žŽƒ¤ žŽƒ¤ žŽƒ¤ žŽƒ¤"27292   en0 ŮŽƒ¤ ŮŽƒ¤ ŮŽƒ¤ ŮŽƒ¤"28302   en0 €Żƒ¤ €Żƒ¤ €Żƒ¤ €Żƒ¤"27662   en0 ŹŻƒ¤ ŹŻƒ¤ ŹŻƒ¤ ŹŻƒ¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 Á°ƒ¤ Á°ƒ¤ Á°ƒ¤ Á°ƒ¤"27252   en0 Ř°ƒ¤ Ř°ƒ¤ Ř°ƒ¤ Ř°ƒ¤"27432   en0 ň°ƒ¤ ň°ƒ¤ ň°ƒ¤ ň°ƒ¤"27412   en0 šąƒ¤ šąƒ¤ šąƒ¤ šąƒ¤"43992   en0 şąƒ¤ şąƒ¤ şąƒ¤ şąƒ¤"32642   en0  Ńąƒ¤ Ńąƒ¤ Ńąƒ¤ Ńąƒ¤"32662   en0! řąƒ¤ řąƒ¤ řąƒ¤ řąƒ¤"32682   en0" ”˛ƒ¤ ”˛ƒ¤ ”˛ƒ¤ ”˛ƒ¤"32692   en0# ˇ˛ƒ¤ ˇ˛ƒ¤ ˇ˛ƒ¤ ˇ˛ƒ¤"32722   en0$ 㲃¤ 㲃¤ 㲃¤ 㲃¤"32742   en0% ‰łƒ¤ ‰łƒ¤ ‰łƒ¤ ‰łƒ¤"32762   en0& žłƒ¤ žłƒ¤ žłƒ¤ žłƒ¤"32782   en0' ľłƒ¤ ľłƒ¤ ľłƒ¤ ľłƒ¤"32802   en0( Ůłƒ¤ Ůłƒ¤ Ůłƒ¤ Ůłƒ¤"36322   en/) „´ƒ¤ „´ƒ¤ „´ƒ¤ „´ƒ¤"2822   en/* Ľ´ƒ¤ Ľ´ƒ¤ Ľ´ƒ¤ Ľ´ƒ¤"4512   en/+ Ř´ƒ¤ Ř´ƒ¤ Ř´ƒ¤ Ř´ƒ¤"4462   en/, 𴃤 𴃤 𴃤 𴃤"4452   en/- ţ´ƒ¤ ţ´ƒ¤ ţ´ƒ¤ ţ´ƒ¤"4552   en0. ľƒ¤ ľƒ¤ ľƒ¤ ľƒ¤"42922   en0/ Śľƒ¤ Śľƒ¤ Śľƒ¤ Śľƒ¤"43442   en/0 łľƒ¤ łľƒ¤ łľƒ¤ łľƒ¤"4522   en01 Ŕľƒ¤ Ŕľƒ¤ Ŕľƒ¤ Ŕľƒ¤"33462   en62 ôľƒ¤ ôľƒ¤ ôľƒ¤ ôľƒ¤"DCSPLATO2   en ԑ‚¤2  5632012023060714:00:00"46381*32- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 563201-588Ů 563197Î ! 56319715:20:0020230607*30 2 đ̃¤ đ̃¤ đ̃¤ đ̃¤"42202   en 0 Íƒ¤ Íƒ¤ Íƒ¤ Íƒ¤"30342   en0 ˝Íƒ¤ ˝Íƒ¤ ˝Íƒ¤ ˝Íƒ¤"30302   en0 ę̓¤ ę̓¤ ę̓¤ ę̓¤"30292   en0 “΃¤ “΃¤ “΃¤ “΃¤"30272   en0 °Îƒ¤ °Îƒ¤ °Îƒ¤ °Îƒ¤"30402   en/ ď΃¤ ď΃¤ ď΃¤ ď΃¤"7502   en/ ™Ďƒ¤ ™Ďƒ¤ ™Ďƒ¤ ™Ďƒ¤"7462   en/  Çσ¤ Çσ¤ Çσ¤ Çσ¤"7582   en/  Đƒ¤ Đƒ¤ Đƒ¤ Đƒ¤"7562   en0  ĐЃ¤ ĐЃ¤ ĐЃ¤ ĐЃ¤"29572   en0  ôЃ¤ ôЃ¤ ôЃ¤ ôЃ¤"39972   en0  ĽŃƒ¤ ĽŃƒ¤ ĽŃƒ¤ ĽŃƒ¤"27982   en0 Ćу¤ Ćу¤ Ćу¤ Ćу¤"44072   en0 üу¤ üу¤ üу¤ üу¤"27882   en0 Ňƒ¤ Ňƒ¤ Ňƒ¤ Ňƒ¤"28072   en0 šŇƒ¤ šŇƒ¤ šŇƒ¤ šŇƒ¤"27832   en0 Ú҃¤ Ú҃¤ Ú҃¤ Ú҃¤"27792   en0 ř҃¤ ř҃¤ ř҃¤ ř҃¤"27322   en0 ţӃ¤ ţӃ¤ ţӃ¤ ţӃ¤"27292   en0 ™Ôƒ¤ ™Ôƒ¤ ™Ôƒ¤ ™Ôƒ¤"28302   en0 Ŕԃ¤ Ŕԃ¤ Ŕԃ¤ Ŕԃ¤"27662   en0 ěԃ¤ ěԃ¤ ěԃ¤ ěԃ¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 Öƒ¤ Öƒ¤ Öƒ¤ Öƒ¤"27252   en0 ˜Öƒ¤ ˜Öƒ¤ ˜Öƒ¤ ˜Öƒ¤"27432   en0 ˛Öƒ¤ ˛Öƒ¤ ˛Öƒ¤ ˛Öƒ¤"27412   en0 Úփ¤ Úփ¤ Úփ¤ Úփ¤"43992   en0 úփ¤ úփ¤ úփ¤ úփ¤"32642   en0  ‘׃¤ ‘׃¤ ‘׃¤ ‘׃¤"32662   en0! ¸×ƒ¤ ¸×ƒ¤ ¸×ƒ¤ ¸×ƒ¤"32682   en0" Ô׃¤ Ô׃¤ Ô׃¤ Ô׃¤"32692   en0# ÷׃¤ ÷׃¤ ÷׃¤ ÷׃¤"32722   en0$ ŁŘƒ¤ ŁŘƒ¤ ŁŘƒ¤ ŁŘƒ¤"32742   en0% É؃¤ É؃¤ É؃¤ É؃¤"32762   en0& Ţ؃¤ Ţ؃¤ Ţ؃¤ Ţ؃¤"32782   en0' ő؃¤ ő؃¤ ő؃¤ ő؃¤"32802   en0( ™Ůƒ¤ ™Ůƒ¤ ™Ůƒ¤ ™Ůƒ¤"36322   en/) Äك¤ Äك¤ Äك¤ Äك¤"2822   en/* ĺك¤ ĺك¤ ĺك¤ ĺك¤"4512   en/+ ˜Úƒ¤ ˜Úƒ¤ ˜Úƒ¤ ˜Úƒ¤"4462   en/, °Úƒ¤ °Úƒ¤ °Úƒ¤ °Úƒ¤"4452   en/- žÚƒ¤ žÚƒ¤ žÚƒ¤ žÚƒ¤"4552   en0. Íڃ¤ Íڃ¤ Íڃ¤ Íڃ¤"42922   en0/ ćڃ¤ ćڃ¤ ćڃ¤ ćڃ¤"43442   en/0 óڃ¤ óڃ¤ óڃ¤ óڃ¤"4522   en01 €Űƒ¤ €Űƒ¤ €Űƒ¤ €Űƒ¤"33462   en62 ´Űƒ¤ ´Űƒ¤ ´Űƒ¤ ´Űƒ¤"DCSPLATO2   en ԑ‚¤2  5631972023060715:20:00"46381*32- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 563197-588Ů 563193Î ! 56319316:40:0020230607*30 2 °ňƒ¤ °ňƒ¤ °ňƒ¤ °ňƒ¤"42202   en 0 Íňƒ¤ Íňƒ¤ Íňƒ¤ Íňƒ¤"30342   en0 ýňƒ¤ ýňƒ¤ ýňƒ¤ ýňƒ¤"30302   en0 Şóƒ¤ Şóƒ¤ Şóƒ¤ Şóƒ¤"30292   en0 Óóƒ¤ Óóƒ¤ Óóƒ¤ Óóƒ¤"30272   en0 đóƒ¤ đóƒ¤ đóƒ¤ đóƒ¤"30402   en/ Żôƒ¤ Żôƒ¤ Żôƒ¤ Żôƒ¤"7502   en/ Ůôƒ¤ Ůôƒ¤ Ůôƒ¤ Ůôƒ¤"7462   en/  ‡őƒ¤ ‡őƒ¤ ‡őƒ¤ ‡őƒ¤"7582   en/  Íőƒ¤ Íőƒ¤ Íőƒ¤ Íőƒ¤"7562   en0  öƒ¤ öƒ¤ öƒ¤ öƒ¤"29572   en0  ¸öƒ¤ ¸öƒ¤ ¸öƒ¤ ¸öƒ¤"39972   en0  îöƒ¤ îöƒ¤ îöƒ¤ îöƒ¤"27982   en0 ’÷ƒ¤ ’÷ƒ¤ ’÷ƒ¤ ’÷ƒ¤"44072   en0 Î÷ƒ¤ Î÷ƒ¤ Î÷ƒ¤ Î÷ƒ¤"27882   en0 ó÷ƒ¤ ó÷ƒ¤ ó÷ƒ¤ ó÷ƒ¤"28072   en0 ’řƒ¤ ’řƒ¤ ’řƒ¤ ’řƒ¤"27832   en0 śřƒ¤ śřƒ¤ śřƒ¤ śřƒ¤"27792   en0 ×řƒ¤ ×řƒ¤ ×řƒ¤ ×řƒ¤"27322   en0 ěůƒ¤ ěůƒ¤ ěůƒ¤ ěůƒ¤"27292   en0 Šúƒ¤ Šúƒ¤ Šúƒ¤ Šúƒ¤"28302   en0 ľúƒ¤ ľúƒ¤ ľúƒ¤ ľúƒ¤"27662   en0 čúƒ¤ čúƒ¤ čúƒ¤ čúƒ¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 •üƒ¤ •üƒ¤ •üƒ¤ •üƒ¤"27252   en0 °üƒ¤ °üƒ¤ °üƒ¤ °üƒ¤"27432   en0 Ďüƒ¤ Ďüƒ¤ Ďüƒ¤ Ďüƒ¤"27412   en0 ţüƒ¤ ţüƒ¤ ţüƒ¤ ţüƒ¤"43992   en0 Łýƒ¤ Łýƒ¤ Łýƒ¤ Łýƒ¤"32642   en0  žýƒ¤ žýƒ¤ žýƒ¤ žýƒ¤"32662   en0! ëýƒ¤ ëýƒ¤ ëýƒ¤ ëýƒ¤"32682   en0" Œţƒ¤ Œţƒ¤ Œţƒ¤ Œţƒ¤"32692   en0# Żţƒ¤ Żţƒ¤ Żţƒ¤ Żţƒ¤"32722   en0$ Űţƒ¤ Űţƒ¤ Űţƒ¤ Űţƒ¤"32742   en0% ˙ƒ¤ ˙ƒ¤ ˙ƒ¤ ˙ƒ¤"32762   en0& –˙ƒ¤ –˙ƒ¤ –˙ƒ¤ –˙ƒ¤"32782   en0' ­˙ƒ¤ ­˙ƒ¤ ­˙ƒ¤ ­˙ƒ¤"32802   en0( Ń˙ƒ¤ Ń˙ƒ¤ Ń˙ƒ¤ Ń˙ƒ¤"36322   en/) ü˙ƒ¤ ü˙ƒ¤ ü˙ƒ¤ ü˙ƒ¤"2822   en/* €„¤ €„¤ €„¤ €„¤"4512   en/+ Ѐ„¤ Ѐ„¤ Ѐ„¤ Ѐ„¤"4462   en/, 耄¤ 耄¤ 耄¤ 耄¤"4452   en/- ö€„¤ ö€„¤ ö€„¤ ö€„¤"4552   en0. …„¤ …„¤ …„¤ …„¤"42922   en0/ ž„¤ ž„¤ ž„¤ ž„¤"43442   en/0 Ť„¤ Ť„¤ Ť„¤ Ť„¤"4522   en01 ¸„¤ ¸„¤ ¸„¤ ¸„¤"33462   en62 쁄¤ 쁄¤ 쁄¤ 쁄¤"DCSPLATO2   en ԑ‚¤2  5631932023060716:40:00"46381*32- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 563193-588Ů 563232Î ! 56323218:00:0020230607*30 2 𗄤 𗄤 𗄤 𗄤"42202   en 0 ˜„¤ ˜„¤ ˜„¤ ˜„¤"30342   en0 ˝˜„¤ ˝˜„¤ ˝˜„¤ ˝˜„¤"30302   en0 ꘄ¤ ꘄ¤ ꘄ¤ ꘄ¤"30292   en0 “™„¤ “™„¤ “™„¤ “™„¤"30272   en0 °™„¤ °™„¤ °™„¤ °™„¤"30402   en/ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤"7502   en/ ™š„¤ ™š„¤ ™š„¤ ™š„¤"7462   en/  ǚ„¤ ǚ„¤ ǚ„¤ ǚ„¤"7582   en/  ›„¤ ›„¤ ›„¤ ›„¤"7562   en0  Л„¤ Л„¤ Л„¤ Л„¤"29572   en0  𛄤 𛄤 𛄤 𛄤"39972   en0  ›œ„¤ ›œ„¤ ›œ„¤ ›œ„¤"27982   en0 ¸œ„¤ ¸œ„¤ ¸œ„¤ ¸œ„¤"44072   en0 蜄¤ 蜄¤ 蜄¤ 蜄¤"27882   en0 …„¤ …„¤ …„¤ …„¤"28072   en0 „¤ „¤ „¤ „¤"27832   en0 ş„¤ ş„¤ ş„¤ ş„¤"27792   en0 ԝ„¤ ԝ„¤ ԝ„¤ ԝ„¤"27322   en0 ˞„¤ ˞„¤ ˞„¤ ˞„¤"27292   en0 㞄¤ 㞄¤ 㞄¤ 㞄¤"28302   en0 …Ÿ„¤ …Ÿ„¤ …Ÿ„¤ …Ÿ„¤"27662   en0 °Ÿ„¤ °Ÿ„¤ °Ÿ„¤ °Ÿ„¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 Ĺ „¤ Ĺ „¤ Ĺ „¤ Ĺ „¤"27252   en0 Ü „¤ Ü „¤ Ü „¤ Ü „¤"27432   en0 ö „¤ ö „¤ ö „¤ ö „¤"27412   en0 žĄ„¤ žĄ„¤ žĄ„¤ žĄ„¤"43992   en0 žĄ„¤ žĄ„¤ žĄ„¤ žĄ„¤"32642   en0  ŐĄ„¤ ŐĄ„¤ ŐĄ„¤ ŐĄ„¤"32662   en0! üĄ„¤ üĄ„¤ üĄ„¤ üĄ„¤"32682   en0" ˜˘„¤ ˜˘„¤ ˜˘„¤ ˜˘„¤"32692   en0# ť˘„¤ ť˘„¤ ť˘„¤ ť˘„¤"32722   en0$ 碄¤ 碄¤ 碄¤ 碄¤"32742   en0% Ł„¤ Ł„¤ Ł„¤ Ł„¤"32762   en0& ˘Ł„¤ ˘Ł„¤ ˘Ł„¤ ˘Ł„¤"32782   en0' šŁ„¤ šŁ„¤ šŁ„¤ šŁ„¤"32802   en0( ÝŁ„¤ ÝŁ„¤ ÝŁ„¤ ÝŁ„¤"36322   en/) ˆ¤„¤ ˆ¤„¤ ˆ¤„¤ ˆ¤„¤"2822   en/* Š¤„¤ Š¤„¤ Š¤„¤ Š¤„¤"4512   en/+ ܤ„¤ ܤ„¤ ܤ„¤ ܤ„¤"4462   en/, ô¤„¤ ô¤„¤ ô¤„¤ ô¤„¤"4452   en/- ‚Ľ„¤ ‚Ľ„¤ ‚Ľ„¤ ‚Ľ„¤"4552   en0. ‘Ľ„¤ ‘Ľ„¤ ‘Ľ„¤ ‘Ľ„¤"42922   en0/ ŞĽ„¤ ŞĽ„¤ ŞĽ„¤ ŞĽ„¤"43442   en/0 ˇĽ„¤ ˇĽ„¤ ˇĽ„¤ ˇĽ„¤"4522   en01 ÄĽ„¤ ÄĽ„¤ ÄĽ„¤ ÄĽ„¤"33462   en62 řĽ„¤ řĽ„¤ řĽ„¤ řĽ„¤"DCSPLATO2   en ԑ‚¤2  5632322023060718:00:00"46381*32- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 563232-588Ů 563214Î ! 56321409:40:0020230607*30 2 Ŕ­‚¤ Ŕ­‚¤ Ŕ­‚¤ Ŕ­‚¤"42202   en 0 Ú­‚¤ Ú­‚¤ Ú­‚¤ Ú­‚¤"30342   en0 „Ž‚¤ „Ž‚¤ „Ž‚¤ „Ž‚¤"30302   en0 ŹŽ‚¤ ŹŽ‚¤ ŹŽ‚¤ ŹŽ‚¤"30292   en0 ĎŽ‚¤ ĎŽ‚¤ ĎŽ‚¤ ĎŽ‚¤"30272   en0 讂¤ 讂¤ 讂¤ 讂¤"30402   en/ ŸŻ‚¤ ŸŻ‚¤ ŸŻ‚¤ ŸŻ‚¤"7502   en/ ĂŻ‚¤ ĂŻ‚¤ ĂŻ‚¤ ĂŻ‚¤"7462   en/  믂¤ 믂¤ 믂¤ 믂¤"7582   en/  Š°‚¤ Š°‚¤ Š°‚¤ Š°‚¤"7562   en0  䰂¤ 䰂¤ 䰂¤ 䰂¤"29572   en0  „ą‚¤ „ą‚¤ „ą‚¤ „ą‚¤"39972   en0  Żą‚¤ Żą‚¤ Żą‚¤ Żą‚¤"27982   en0 Ěą‚¤ Ěą‚¤ Ěą‚¤ Ěą‚¤"44072   en0 üą‚¤ üą‚¤ üą‚¤ üą‚¤"27882   en0 ™˛‚¤ ™˛‚¤ ™˛‚¤ ™˛‚¤"28072   en0 ą˛‚¤ ą˛‚¤ ą˛‚¤ ą˛‚¤"27832   en0 ₤ ₤ ₤ ₤"27792   en0 貂¤ 貂¤ 貂¤ 貂¤"27322   en0 ßł‚¤ ßł‚¤ ßł‚¤ ßł‚¤"27292   en0 ÷ł‚¤ ÷ł‚¤ ÷ł‚¤ ÷ł‚¤"28302   en0 ™´‚¤ ™´‚¤ ™´‚¤ ™´‚¤"27662   en0 Ä´‚¤ Ä´‚¤ Ä´‚¤ Ä´‚¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 Ůľ‚¤ Ůľ‚¤ Ůľ‚¤ Ůľ‚¤"27252   en0 𵂤 𵂤 𵂤 𵂤"27432   en0 Šś‚¤ Šś‚¤ Šś‚¤ Šś‚¤"27412   en0 ˛ś‚¤ ˛ś‚¤ ˛ś‚¤ ˛ś‚¤"43992   en0 Ňś‚¤ Ňś‚¤ Ňś‚¤ Ňś‚¤"32642   en0  鶂¤ 鶂¤ 鶂¤ 鶂¤"32662   en0! ˇ‚¤ ˇ‚¤ ˇ‚¤ ˇ‚¤"32682   en0" Źˇ‚¤ Źˇ‚¤ Źˇ‚¤ Źˇ‚¤"32692   en0# ϡ‚¤ ϡ‚¤ ϡ‚¤ ϡ‚¤"32722   en0$ űˇ‚¤ űˇ‚¤ űˇ‚¤ űˇ‚¤"32742   en0% Ą¸‚¤ Ą¸‚¤ Ą¸‚¤ Ą¸‚¤"32762   en0& ś¸‚¤ ś¸‚¤ ś¸‚¤ ś¸‚¤"32782   en0' ͸‚¤ ͸‚¤ ͸‚¤ ͸‚¤"32802   en0( ń¸‚¤ ń¸‚¤ ń¸‚¤ ń¸‚¤"36322   en/) œš‚¤ œš‚¤ œš‚¤ œš‚¤"2822   en/* Ćš‚¤ Ćš‚¤ Ćš‚¤ Ćš‚¤"4512   en/+ †ş‚¤ †ş‚¤ †ş‚¤ †ş‚¤"4462   en/, Ľş‚¤ Ľş‚¤ Ľş‚¤ Ľş‚¤"4452   en/- ˇş‚¤ ˇş‚¤ ˇş‚¤ ˇş‚¤"4552   en0. Ęş‚¤ Ęş‚¤ Ęş‚¤ Ęş‚¤"42922   en0/ 꺂¤ 꺂¤ 꺂¤ 꺂¤"43442   en/0 űş‚¤ űş‚¤ űş‚¤ űş‚¤"4522   en01 ‹ť‚¤ ‹ť‚¤ ‹ť‚¤ ‹ť‚¤"33462   en62 Čť‚¤ Čť‚¤ Čť‚¤ Čť‚¤"DCSPLATO2   en ԑ‚¤2  5632142023060709:40:00"46381*32- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 563214-588Ů 563210Î ! 56321011:00:0020230607*30 2 €Ó‚¤ €Ó‚¤ €Ó‚¤ €Ó‚¤"42202   en 0 šÓ‚¤ šÓ‚¤ šÓ‚¤ šÓ‚¤"30342   en0 Äӂ¤ Äӂ¤ Äӂ¤ Äӂ¤"30302   en0 ěӂ¤ ěӂ¤ ěӂ¤ ěӂ¤"30292   en0 Ô‚¤ Ô‚¤ Ô‚¤ Ô‚¤"30272   en0 ¨Ô‚¤ ¨Ô‚¤ ¨Ô‚¤ ¨Ô‚¤"30402   en/ ßԂ¤ ßԂ¤ ßԂ¤ ßԂ¤"7502   en/ ƒŐ‚¤ ƒŐ‚¤ ƒŐ‚¤ ƒŐ‚¤"7462   en/  ŤŐ‚¤ ŤŐ‚¤ ŤŐ‚¤ ŤŐ‚¤"7582   en/  éՂ¤ éՂ¤ éՂ¤ éՂ¤"7562   en0  ¤Ö‚¤ ¤Ö‚¤ ¤Ö‚¤ ¤Ö‚¤"29572   en0  Äւ¤ Äւ¤ Äւ¤ Äւ¤"39972   en0  ďւ¤ ďւ¤ ďւ¤ ďւ¤"27982   en0 Œ×‚¤ Œ×‚¤ Œ×‚¤ Œ×‚¤"44072   en0 ź×‚¤ ź×‚¤ ź×‚¤ ź×‚¤"27882   en0 Ůׂ¤ Ůׂ¤ Ůׂ¤ Ůׂ¤"28072   en0 ńׂ¤ ńׂ¤ ńׂ¤ ńׂ¤"27832   en0 ŽŘ‚¤ ŽŘ‚¤ ŽŘ‚¤ ŽŘ‚¤"27792   en0 ¨Ř‚¤ ¨Ř‚¤ ¨Ř‚¤ ¨Ř‚¤"27322   en0 ŸŮ‚¤ ŸŮ‚¤ ŸŮ‚¤ ŸŮ‚¤"27292   en0 ˇŮ‚¤ ˇŮ‚¤ ˇŮ‚¤ ˇŮ‚¤"28302   en0 Ůق¤ Ůق¤ Ůق¤ Ůق¤"27662   en0 „Ú‚¤ „Ú‚¤ „Ú‚¤ „Ú‚¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 ™Ű‚¤ ™Ű‚¤ ™Ű‚¤ ™Ű‚¤"27252   en0 °Ű‚¤ °Ű‚¤ °Ű‚¤ °Ű‚¤"27432   en0 Ęۂ¤ Ęۂ¤ Ęۂ¤ Ęۂ¤"27412   en0 ňۂ¤ ňۂ¤ ňۂ¤ ňۂ¤"43992   en0 ’Ü‚¤ ’Ü‚¤ ’Ü‚¤ ’Ü‚¤"32642   en0  ŠÜ‚¤ ŠÜ‚¤ ŠÜ‚¤ ŠÜ‚¤"32662   en0! Đ܂¤ Đ܂¤ Đ܂¤ Đ܂¤"32682   en0" ě܂¤ ě܂¤ ě܂¤ ě܂¤"32692   en0# Ý‚¤ Ý‚¤ Ý‚¤ Ý‚¤"32722   en0$ ťÝ‚¤ ťÝ‚¤ ťÝ‚¤ ťÝ‚¤"32742   en0% á݂¤ á݂¤ á݂¤ á݂¤"32762   en0& ö݂¤ ö݂¤ ö݂¤ ö݂¤"32782   en0' Ţ‚¤ Ţ‚¤ Ţ‚¤ Ţ‚¤"32802   en0( ąŢ‚¤ ąŢ‚¤ ąŢ‚¤ ąŢ‚¤"36322   en/) Üނ¤ Üނ¤ Üނ¤ Üނ¤"2822   en/* †ß‚¤ †ß‚¤ †ß‚¤ †ß‚¤"4512   en/+ Ć߂¤ Ć߂¤ Ć߂¤ Ć߂¤"4462   en/, ĺ߂¤ ĺ߂¤ ĺ߂¤ ĺ߂¤"4452   en/- ÷߂¤ ÷߂¤ ÷߂¤ ÷߂¤"4552   en0. Šŕ‚¤ Šŕ‚¤ Šŕ‚¤ Šŕ‚¤"42922   en0/ Şŕ‚¤ Şŕ‚¤ Şŕ‚¤ Şŕ‚¤"43442   en/0 ťŕ‚¤ ťŕ‚¤ ťŕ‚¤ ťŕ‚¤"4522   en01 Ëŕ‚¤ Ëŕ‚¤ Ëŕ‚¤ Ëŕ‚¤"33462   en62 ˆá‚¤ ˆá‚¤ ˆá‚¤ ˆá‚¤"DCSPLATO2   en ԑ‚¤2  5632102023060711:00:00"46381*32- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 563210-588Ů 563206Î ! 56320612:20:0020230607*30 2 Ŕř‚¤ Ŕř‚¤ Ŕř‚¤ Ŕř‚¤"42202   en 0 Úř‚¤ Úř‚¤ Úř‚¤ Úř‚¤"30342   en0 „ů‚¤ „ů‚¤ „ů‚¤ „ů‚¤"30302   en0 Źů‚¤ Źů‚¤ Źů‚¤ Źů‚¤"30292   en0 Ďů‚¤ Ďů‚¤ Ďů‚¤ Ďů‚¤"30272   en0 čů‚¤ čů‚¤ čů‚¤ čů‚¤"30402   en/ Ÿú‚¤ Ÿú‚¤ Ÿú‚¤ Ÿú‚¤"7502   en/ Ăú‚¤ Ăú‚¤ Ăú‚¤ Ăú‚¤"7462   en/  ëú‚¤ ëú‚¤ ëú‚¤ ëú‚¤"7582   en/  Šű‚¤ Šű‚¤ Šű‚¤ Šű‚¤"7562   en0  äű‚¤ äű‚¤ äű‚¤ äű‚¤"29572   en0  „ü‚¤ „ü‚¤ „ü‚¤ „ü‚¤"39972   en0  Żü‚¤ Żü‚¤ Żü‚¤ Żü‚¤"27982   en0 Ěü‚¤ Ěü‚¤ Ěü‚¤ Ěü‚¤"44072   en0 üü‚¤ üü‚¤ üü‚¤ üü‚¤"27882   en0 ™ý‚¤ ™ý‚¤ ™ý‚¤ ™ý‚¤"28072   en0 ąý‚¤ ąý‚¤ ąý‚¤ ąý‚¤"27832   en0 Îý‚¤ Îý‚¤ Îý‚¤ Îý‚¤"27792   en0 čý‚¤ čý‚¤ čý‚¤ čý‚¤"27322   en0 ßţ‚¤ ßţ‚¤ ßţ‚¤ ßţ‚¤"27292   en0 ÷ţ‚¤ ÷ţ‚¤ ÷ţ‚¤ ÷ţ‚¤"28302   en0 ™˙‚¤ ™˙‚¤ ™˙‚¤ ™˙‚¤"27662   en0 Ä˙‚¤ Ä˙‚¤ Ä˙‚¤ Ä˙‚¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 ـƒ¤ ـƒ¤ ـƒ¤ ـƒ¤"27252   en0 đ€ƒ¤ đ€ƒ¤ đ€ƒ¤ đ€ƒ¤"27432   en0 Šƒ¤ Šƒ¤ Šƒ¤ Šƒ¤"27412   en0 ˛ƒ¤ ˛ƒ¤ ˛ƒ¤ ˛ƒ¤"43992   en0 ҁƒ¤ ҁƒ¤ ҁƒ¤ ҁƒ¤"32642   en0  遃¤ 遃¤ 遃¤ 遃¤"32662   en0! ‚ƒ¤ ‚ƒ¤ ‚ƒ¤ ‚ƒ¤"32682   en0" Ź‚ƒ¤ Ź‚ƒ¤ Ź‚ƒ¤ Ź‚ƒ¤"32692   en0# ςƒ¤ ςƒ¤ ςƒ¤ ςƒ¤"32722   en0$ ű‚ƒ¤ ű‚ƒ¤ ű‚ƒ¤ ű‚ƒ¤"32742   en0% Ąƒƒ¤ Ąƒƒ¤ Ąƒƒ¤ Ąƒƒ¤"32762   en0& śƒƒ¤ śƒƒ¤ śƒƒ¤ śƒƒ¤"32782   en0' ̓ƒ¤ ̓ƒ¤ ̓ƒ¤ ̓ƒ¤"32802   en0( ńƒƒ¤ ńƒƒ¤ ńƒƒ¤ ńƒƒ¤"36322   en/) œ„ƒ¤ œ„ƒ¤ œ„ƒ¤ œ„ƒ¤"2822   en/* Ƅƒ¤ Ƅƒ¤ Ƅƒ¤ Ƅƒ¤"4512   en/+ †…ƒ¤ †…ƒ¤ †…ƒ¤ †…ƒ¤"4462   en/, Ľ…ƒ¤ Ľ…ƒ¤ Ľ…ƒ¤ Ľ…ƒ¤"4452   en/- ˇ…ƒ¤ ˇ…ƒ¤ ˇ…ƒ¤ ˇ…ƒ¤"4552   en0. ʅƒ¤ ʅƒ¤ ʅƒ¤ ʅƒ¤"42922   en0/ ꅃ¤ ꅃ¤ ꅃ¤ ꅃ¤"43442   en/0 ű…ƒ¤ ű…ƒ¤ ű…ƒ¤ ű…ƒ¤"4522   en01 ‹†ƒ¤ ‹†ƒ¤ ‹†ƒ¤ ‹†ƒ¤"33462   en62 Ȇƒ¤ Ȇƒ¤ Ȇƒ¤ Ȇƒ¤"DCSPLATO2   en ԑ‚¤2  5632062023060712:20:00"46381*32- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 563206-588Ů 563202Î ! 56320213:40:0020230607*30 2 €žƒ¤ €žƒ¤ €žƒ¤ €žƒ¤"42202   en 0 šžƒ¤ šžƒ¤ šžƒ¤ šžƒ¤"30342   en0 Ѓ¤ Ѓ¤ Ѓ¤ Ѓ¤"30302   en0 잃¤ 잃¤ 잃¤ 잃¤"30292   en0 Ÿƒ¤ Ÿƒ¤ Ÿƒ¤ Ÿƒ¤"30272   en0 ¨Ÿƒ¤ ¨Ÿƒ¤ ¨Ÿƒ¤ ¨Ÿƒ¤"30402   en/ ߟƒ¤ ߟƒ¤ ߟƒ¤ ߟƒ¤"7502   en/ ƒ ƒ¤ ƒ ƒ¤ ƒ ƒ¤ ƒ ƒ¤"7462   en/  Ť ƒ¤ Ť ƒ¤ Ť ƒ¤ Ť ƒ¤"7582   en/  頃¤ 頃¤ 頃¤ 頃¤"7562   en0  ¤Ąƒ¤ ¤Ąƒ¤ ¤Ąƒ¤ ¤Ąƒ¤"29572   en0  ČĄƒ¤ ČĄƒ¤ ČĄƒ¤ ČĄƒ¤"39972   en0  ůĄƒ¤ ůĄƒ¤ ůĄƒ¤ ůĄƒ¤"27982   en0 š˘ƒ¤ š˘ƒ¤ š˘ƒ¤ š˘ƒ¤"44072   en0 Тƒ¤ Тƒ¤ Тƒ¤ Тƒ¤"27882   en0 ń˘ƒ¤ ń˘ƒ¤ ń˘ƒ¤ ń˘ƒ¤"28072   en0 Łƒ¤ Łƒ¤ Łƒ¤ Łƒ¤"27832   en0 ŽŁƒ¤ ŽŁƒ¤ ŽŁƒ¤ ŽŁƒ¤"27792   en0 ĚŁƒ¤ ĚŁƒ¤ ĚŁƒ¤ ĚŁƒ¤"27322   en0 Ҥƒ¤ Ҥƒ¤ Ҥƒ¤ Ҥƒ¤"27292   en0 í¤ƒ¤ í¤ƒ¤ í¤ƒ¤ í¤ƒ¤"28302   en0 ”Ľƒ¤ ”Ľƒ¤ ”Ľƒ¤ ”Ľƒ¤"27662   en0 ŔĽƒ¤ ŔĽƒ¤ ŔĽƒ¤ ŔĽƒ¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 ŐŚƒ¤ ŐŚƒ¤ ŐŚƒ¤ ŐŚƒ¤"27252   en0 쌃¤ 쌃¤ 쌃¤ 쌃¤"27432   en0 †§ƒ¤ †§ƒ¤ †§ƒ¤ †§ƒ¤"27412   en0 Ž§ƒ¤ Ž§ƒ¤ Ž§ƒ¤ Ž§ƒ¤"43992   en0 Χƒ¤ Χƒ¤ Χƒ¤ Χƒ¤"32642   en0  姃¤ 姃¤ 姃¤ 姃¤"32662   en0! Œ¨ƒ¤ Œ¨ƒ¤ Œ¨ƒ¤ Œ¨ƒ¤"32682   en0" ¨¨ƒ¤ ¨¨ƒ¤ ¨¨ƒ¤ ¨¨ƒ¤"32692   en0# ˨ƒ¤ ˨ƒ¤ ˨ƒ¤ ˨ƒ¤"32722   en0$ ÷¨ƒ¤ ÷¨ƒ¤ ÷¨ƒ¤ ÷¨ƒ¤"32742   en0% Šƒ¤ Šƒ¤ Šƒ¤ Šƒ¤"32762   en0& ˛Šƒ¤ ˛Šƒ¤ ˛Šƒ¤ ˛Šƒ¤"32782   en0' ÉŠƒ¤ ÉŠƒ¤ ÉŠƒ¤ ÉŠƒ¤"32802   en0( 튃¤ 튃¤ 튃¤ 튃¤"36322   en/) ˜Şƒ¤ ˜Şƒ¤ ˜Şƒ¤ ˜Şƒ¤"2822   en/* šŞƒ¤ šŞƒ¤ šŞƒ¤ šŞƒ¤"4512   en/+ 쪃¤ 쪃¤ 쪃¤ 쪃¤"4462   en/, „Ťƒ¤ „Ťƒ¤ „Ťƒ¤ „Ťƒ¤"4452   en/- ’Ťƒ¤ ’Ťƒ¤ ’Ťƒ¤ ’Ťƒ¤"4552   en0. ĄŤƒ¤ ĄŤƒ¤ ĄŤƒ¤ ĄŤƒ¤"42922   en0/ şŤƒ¤ şŤƒ¤ şŤƒ¤ şŤƒ¤"43442   en/0 ÇŤƒ¤ ÇŤƒ¤ ÇŤƒ¤ ÇŤƒ¤"4522   en01 ÔŤƒ¤ ÔŤƒ¤ ÔŤƒ¤ ÔŤƒ¤"33462   en62 ˆŹƒ¤ ˆŹƒ¤ ˆŹƒ¤ ˆŹƒ¤"DCSPLATO2   en ԑ‚¤2  5632022023060713:40:00"46381*32- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 563202-588Ů 563198Î ! 56319815:00:0020230607*30 2 Ŕä Ŕä Ŕä Ŕä"42202   en 0 Ýä Ýä Ýä Ýä"30342   en0 Äƒ¤ Äƒ¤ Äƒ¤ Äƒ¤"30302   en0 şÄƒ¤ şÄƒ¤ şÄƒ¤ şÄƒ¤"30292   en0 ă㤠ă㤠ă㤠ăă¤"30272   en0 €Ĺƒ¤ €Ĺƒ¤ €Ĺƒ¤ €Ĺƒ¤"30402   en/ żĹƒ¤ żĹƒ¤ żĹƒ¤ żĹƒ¤"7502   en/ éѤ éѤ éѤ éѤ"7462   en/  —Ćƒ¤ —Ćƒ¤ —Ćƒ¤ —Ćƒ¤"7582   en/  Ýƃ¤ Ýƃ¤ Ýƃ¤ Ýƃ¤"7562   en0   Çƒ¤  Çƒ¤  Çƒ¤  Çƒ¤"29572   en0  Äǃ¤ Äǃ¤ Äǃ¤ Äǃ¤"39972   en0  őǃ¤ őǃ¤ őǃ¤ őǃ¤"27982   en0 –Čƒ¤ –Čƒ¤ –Čƒ¤ –Čƒ¤"44072   en0 Ěȃ¤ Ěȃ¤ Ěȃ¤ Ěȃ¤"27882   en0 íȃ¤ íȃ¤ íȃ¤ íȃ¤"28072   en0 ‰Éƒ¤ ‰Éƒ¤ ‰Éƒ¤ ‰Éƒ¤"27832   en0 ŞÉƒ¤ ŞÉƒ¤ ŞÉƒ¤ ŞÉƒ¤"27792   en0 ČɃ¤ ČɃ¤ ČɃ¤ ČɃ¤"27322   en0 Îʃ¤ Îʃ¤ Îʃ¤ Îʃ¤"27292   en0 éʃ¤ éʃ¤ éʃ¤ éʃ¤"28302   en0 Ëƒ¤ Ëƒ¤ Ëƒ¤ Ëƒ¤"27662   en0 źËƒ¤ źËƒ¤ źËƒ¤ źËƒ¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 Ń̃¤ Ń̃¤ Ń̃¤ Ń̃¤"27252   en0 č̃¤ č̃¤ č̃¤ č̃¤"27432   en0 ‚̓¤ ‚̓¤ ‚̓¤ ‚̓¤"27412   en0 ŞÍƒ¤ ŞÍƒ¤ ŞÍƒ¤ ŞÍƒ¤"43992   en0 Ę̓¤ Ę̓¤ Ę̓¤ Ę̓¤"32642   en0  á̓¤ á̓¤ á̓¤ á̓¤"32662   en0! ˆÎƒ¤ ˆÎƒ¤ ˆÎƒ¤ ˆÎƒ¤"32682   en0" ¤Îƒ¤ ¤Îƒ¤ ¤Îƒ¤ ¤Îƒ¤"32692   en0# Ç΃¤ Ç΃¤ Ç΃¤ Ç΃¤"32722   en0$ ó΃¤ ó΃¤ ó΃¤ ó΃¤"32742   en0% ™Ďƒ¤ ™Ďƒ¤ ™Ďƒ¤ ™Ďƒ¤"32762   en0& ŽĎƒ¤ ŽĎƒ¤ ŽĎƒ¤ ŽĎƒ¤"32782   en0' Ĺσ¤ Ĺσ¤ Ĺσ¤ Ĺσ¤"32802   en0( éσ¤ éσ¤ éσ¤ éσ¤"36322   en/) ”Đƒ¤ ”Đƒ¤ ”Đƒ¤ ”Đƒ¤"2822   en/* ľĐƒ¤ ľĐƒ¤ ľĐƒ¤ ľĐƒ¤"4512   en/+ čЃ¤ čЃ¤ čЃ¤ čЃ¤"4462   en/, €Ńƒ¤ €Ńƒ¤ €Ńƒ¤ €Ńƒ¤"4452   en/- ŽŃƒ¤ ŽŃƒ¤ ŽŃƒ¤ ŽŃƒ¤"4552   en0. Ńƒ¤ Ńƒ¤ Ńƒ¤ Ńƒ¤"42922   en0/ śŃƒ¤ śŃƒ¤ śŃƒ¤ śŃƒ¤"43442   en/0 Ăу¤ Ăу¤ Ăу¤ Ăу¤"4522   en01 Đу¤ Đу¤ Đу¤ Đу¤"33462   en62 „Ňƒ¤ „Ňƒ¤ „Ňƒ¤ „Ňƒ¤"DCSPLATO2   en ԑ‚¤2  5631982023060715:00:00"46381*32- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 563198-588Ů 563194Î ! 56319416:20:0020230607*30 2 €éƒ¤ €éƒ¤ €éƒ¤ €éƒ¤"42202   en 0 éƒ¤ éƒ¤ éƒ¤ éƒ¤"30342   en0 Í郤 Í郤 Í郤 Í郤"30302   en0 ú郤 ú郤 ú郤 ú郤"30292   en0 Łęƒ¤ Łęƒ¤ Łęƒ¤ Łęƒ¤"30272   en0 Ŕꃤ Ŕꃤ Ŕꃤ Ŕꃤ"30402   en/ ˙ꃤ ˙ꃤ ˙ꃤ ˙ꃤ"7502   en/ Šëƒ¤ Šëƒ¤ Šëƒ¤ Šëƒ¤"7462   en/  ×냤 ×냤 ×냤 ×냤"7582   en/  ěƒ¤ ěƒ¤ ěƒ¤ ěƒ¤"7562   en0  ŕ샤 ŕ샤 ŕ샤 ŕ샤"29572   en0  ˆíƒ¤ ˆíƒ¤ ˆíƒ¤ ˆíƒ¤"39972   en0  žíƒ¤ žíƒ¤ žíƒ¤ žíƒ¤"27982   en0 â탤 â탤 â탤 â탤"44072   en0 žîƒ¤ žîƒ¤ žîƒ¤ žîƒ¤"27882   en0 Ă Ă Ă Ă"28072   en0 â â â â"27832   en0 †ďƒ¤ †ďƒ¤ †ďƒ¤ †ďƒ¤"27792   en0 §ďƒ¤ §ďƒ¤ §ďƒ¤ §ďƒ¤"27322   en0 źđƒ¤ źđƒ¤ źđƒ¤ źđƒ¤"27292   en0 Úđƒ¤ Úđƒ¤ Úđƒ¤ Úđƒ¤"28302   en0 …ńƒ¤ …ńƒ¤ …ńƒ¤ …ńƒ¤"27662   en0 ¸ńƒ¤ ¸ńƒ¤ ¸ńƒ¤ ¸ńƒ¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 ĺňƒ¤ ĺňƒ¤ ĺňƒ¤ ĺňƒ¤"27252   en0 €óƒ¤ €óƒ¤ €óƒ¤ €óƒ¤"27432   en0 Ÿóƒ¤ Ÿóƒ¤ Ÿóƒ¤ Ÿóƒ¤"27412   en0 Îóƒ¤ Îóƒ¤ Îóƒ¤ Îóƒ¤"43992   en0 óóƒ¤ óóƒ¤ óóƒ¤ óóƒ¤"32642   en0  Žôƒ¤ Žôƒ¤ Žôƒ¤ Žôƒ¤"32662   en0! ťôƒ¤ ťôƒ¤ ťôƒ¤ ťôƒ¤"32682   en0" Üôƒ¤ Üôƒ¤ Üôƒ¤ Üôƒ¤"32692   en0# ˙ôƒ¤ ˙ôƒ¤ ˙ôƒ¤ ˙ôƒ¤"32722   en0$ Ťőƒ¤ Ťőƒ¤ Ťőƒ¤ Ťőƒ¤"32742   en0% Ńőƒ¤ Ńőƒ¤ Ńőƒ¤ Ńőƒ¤"32762   en0& ćőƒ¤ ćőƒ¤ ćőƒ¤ ćőƒ¤"32782   en0' ýőƒ¤ ýőƒ¤ ýőƒ¤ ýőƒ¤"32802   en0( Ąöƒ¤ Ąöƒ¤ Ąöƒ¤ Ąöƒ¤"36322   en/) Ěöƒ¤ Ěöƒ¤ Ěöƒ¤ Ěöƒ¤"2822   en/* íöƒ¤ íöƒ¤ íöƒ¤ íöƒ¤"4512   en/+  ÷ƒ¤  ÷ƒ¤  ÷ƒ¤  ÷ƒ¤"4462   en/, ¸÷ƒ¤ ¸÷ƒ¤ ¸÷ƒ¤ ¸÷ƒ¤"4452   en/- Ć÷ƒ¤ Ć÷ƒ¤ Ć÷ƒ¤ Ć÷ƒ¤"4552   en0. Ő÷ƒ¤ Ő÷ƒ¤ Ő÷ƒ¤ Ő÷ƒ¤"42922   en0/ î÷ƒ¤ î÷ƒ¤ î÷ƒ¤ î÷ƒ¤"43442   en/0 ű÷ƒ¤ ű÷ƒ¤ ű÷ƒ¤ ű÷ƒ¤"4522   en01 ˆřƒ¤ ˆřƒ¤ ˆřƒ¤ ˆřƒ¤"33462   en62 źřƒ¤ źřƒ¤ źřƒ¤ źřƒ¤"DCSPLATO2   en ԑ‚¤2  5631942023060716:20:00"46381*32- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 563194-588Ů 563190Î ! 56319017:40:0020230607*30 2 ŔŽ„¤ ŔŽ„¤ ŔŽ„¤ ŔŽ„¤"42202   en 0 ݎ„¤ ݎ„¤ ݎ„¤ ݎ„¤"30342   en0 „¤ „¤ „¤ „¤"30302   en0 ş„¤ ş„¤ ş„¤ ş„¤"30292   en0 ㏄¤ ㏄¤ ㏄¤ ㏄¤"30272   en0 €„¤ €„¤ €„¤ €„¤"30402   en/ ż„¤ ż„¤ ż„¤ ż„¤"7502   en/ 鐄¤ 鐄¤ 鐄¤ 鐄¤"7462   en/  —‘„¤ —‘„¤ —‘„¤ —‘„¤"7582   en/  ݑ„¤ ݑ„¤ ݑ„¤ ݑ„¤"7562   en0   ’„¤  ’„¤  ’„¤  ’„¤"29572   en0  Ŕ’„¤ Ŕ’„¤ Ŕ’„¤ Ŕ’„¤"39972   en0  뒄¤ 뒄¤ 뒄¤ 뒄¤"27982   en0 ˆ“„¤ ˆ“„¤ ˆ“„¤ ˆ“„¤"44072   en0 ¸“„¤ ¸“„¤ ¸“„¤ ¸“„¤"27882   en0 Փ„¤ Փ„¤ Փ„¤ Փ„¤"28072   en0 퓄¤ 퓄¤ 퓄¤ 퓄¤"27832   en0 Š”„¤ Š”„¤ Š”„¤ Š”„¤"27792   en0 ¤”„¤ ¤”„¤ ¤”„¤ ¤”„¤"27322   en0 ›•„¤ ›•„¤ ›•„¤ ›•„¤"27292   en0 ł•„¤ ł•„¤ ł•„¤ ł•„¤"28302   en0 Օ„¤ Օ„¤ Օ„¤ Օ„¤"27662   en0 €–„¤ €–„¤ €–„¤ €–„¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 •—„¤ •—„¤ •—„¤ •—„¤"27252   en0 Ź—„¤ Ź—„¤ Ź—„¤ Ź—„¤"27432   en0 Ɨ„¤ Ɨ„¤ Ɨ„¤ Ɨ„¤"27412   en0 ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤"43992   en0 Ž˜„¤ Ž˜„¤ Ž˜„¤ Ž˜„¤"32642   en0  Ľ˜„¤ Ľ˜„¤ Ľ˜„¤ Ľ˜„¤"32662   en0! ̘„¤ ̘„¤ ̘„¤ ̘„¤"32682   en0" 蘄¤ 蘄¤ 蘄¤ 蘄¤"32692   en0# ‹™„¤ ‹™„¤ ‹™„¤ ‹™„¤"32722   en0$ ˇ™„¤ ˇ™„¤ ˇ™„¤ ˇ™„¤"32742   en0% ݙ„¤ ݙ„¤ ݙ„¤ ݙ„¤"32762   en0& ň™„¤ ň™„¤ ň™„¤ ň™„¤"32782   en0' ‰š„¤ ‰š„¤ ‰š„¤ ‰š„¤"32802   en0( ­š„¤ ­š„¤ ­š„¤ ­š„¤"36322   en/) ؚ„¤ ؚ„¤ ؚ„¤ ؚ„¤"2822   en/* ůš„¤ ůš„¤ ůš„¤ ůš„¤"4512   en/+ Ź›„¤ Ź›„¤ Ź›„¤ Ź›„¤"4462   en/, 설 설 설 설"4452   en/- қ„¤ қ„¤ қ„¤ қ„¤"4552   en0. ᛄ¤ ᛄ¤ ᛄ¤ ᛄ¤"42922   en0/ ú›„¤ ú›„¤ ú›„¤ ú›„¤"43442   en/0 ‡œ„¤ ‡œ„¤ ‡œ„¤ ‡œ„¤"4522   en01 ”œ„¤ ”œ„¤ ”œ„¤ ”œ„¤"33462   en62 Ȝ„¤ Ȝ„¤ Ȝ„¤ Ȝ„¤"DCSPLATO2   en ԑ‚¤2  5631902023060717:40:00"46381*32- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 563190-588Ů 563231Î ! 56323119:00:0020230607*30 2 €´„¤ €´„¤ €´„¤ €´„¤"42202   en 0 ´„¤ ´„¤ ´„¤ ´„¤"30342   en0 Í´„¤ Í´„¤ Í´„¤ Í´„¤"30302   en0 ú´„¤ ú´„¤ ú´„¤ ú´„¤"30292   en0 Łľ„¤ Łľ„¤ Łľ„¤ Łľ„¤"30272   en0 Ŕľ„¤ Ŕľ„¤ Ŕľ„¤ Ŕľ„¤"30402   en/ ˙ľ„¤ ˙ľ„¤ ˙ľ„¤ ˙ľ„¤"7502   en/ Šś„¤ Šś„¤ Šś„¤ Šś„¤"7462   en/  ל„¤ ל„¤ ל„¤ ל„¤"7582   en/  ˇ„¤ ˇ„¤ ˇ„¤ ˇ„¤"7562   en0  හ¤ හ¤ හ¤ හ¤"29572   en0  €¸„¤ €¸„¤ €¸„¤ €¸„¤"39972   en0  Ť¸„¤ Ť¸„¤ Ť¸„¤ Ť¸„¤"27982   en0 ȸ„¤ ȸ„¤ ȸ„¤ ȸ„¤"44072   en0 ř¸„¤ ř¸„¤ ř¸„¤ ř¸„¤"27882   en0 •š„¤ •š„¤ •š„¤ •š„¤"28072   en0 ­š„¤ ­š„¤ ­š„¤ ­š„¤"27832   en0 Ęš„¤ Ęš„¤ Ęš„¤ Ęš„¤"27792   en0 乄¤ 乄¤ 乄¤ 乄¤"27322   en0 Űş„¤ Űş„¤ Űş„¤ Űş„¤"27292   en0 󺄤 󺄤 󺄤 󺄤"28302   en0 •ť„¤ •ť„¤ •ť„¤ •ť„¤"27662   en0 Ŕť„¤ Ŕť„¤ Ŕť„¤ Ŕť„¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 Őź„¤ Őź„¤ Őź„¤ Őź„¤"27252   en0 켄¤ 켄¤ 켄¤ 켄¤"27432   en0 †˝„¤ †˝„¤ †˝„¤ †˝„¤"27412   en0 Ž˝„¤ Ž˝„¤ Ž˝„¤ Ž˝„¤"43992   en0 턤 턤 턤 턤"32642   en0  彄¤ 彄¤ 彄¤ 彄¤"32662   en0! Œž„¤ Œž„¤ Œž„¤ Œž„¤"32682   en0" ¨ž„¤ ¨ž„¤ ¨ž„¤ ¨ž„¤"32692   en0# Ëž„¤ Ëž„¤ Ëž„¤ Ëž„¤"32722   en0$ ÷ž„¤ ÷ž„¤ ÷ž„¤ ÷ž„¤"32742   en0% ż„¤ ż„¤ ż„¤ ż„¤"32762   en0& ˛ż„¤ ˛ż„¤ ˛ż„¤ ˛ż„¤"32782   en0' Éż„¤ Éż„¤ Éż„¤ Éż„¤"32802   en0( íż„¤ íż„¤ íż„¤ íż„¤"36322   en/) ˜Ŕ„¤ ˜Ŕ„¤ ˜Ŕ„¤ ˜Ŕ„¤"2822   en/* šŔ„¤ šŔ„¤ šŔ„¤ šŔ„¤"4512   en/+ ěŔ„¤ ěŔ„¤ ěŔ„¤ ěŔ„¤"4462   en/, „Á„¤ „Á„¤ „Á„¤ „Á„¤"4452   en/- ’Á„¤ ’Á„¤ ’Á„¤ ’Á„¤"4552   en0. ĄÁ„¤ ĄÁ„¤ ĄÁ„¤ ĄÁ„¤"42922   en0/ şÁ„¤ şÁ„¤ şÁ„¤ şÁ„¤"43442   en/0 ÇÁ„¤ ÇÁ„¤ ÇÁ„¤ ÇÁ„¤"4522   en01 ÔÁ„¤ ÔÁ„¤ ÔÁ„¤ ÔÁ„¤"33462   en62 ˆÂ„¤ ˆÂ„¤ ˆÂ„¤ ˆÂ„¤"DCSPLATO2   en ԑ‚¤2  5632312023060719:00:00"46381*32- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 563231-588Ů 563215Î ! 56321509:20:0020230607*30 2 ¤‚¤ ¤‚¤ ¤‚¤ ¤‚¤"42202   en 0 ޤ‚¤ ޤ‚¤ ޤ‚¤ ޤ‚¤"30342   en0 Ô¤‚¤ Ô¤‚¤ Ô¤‚¤ Ô¤‚¤"30302   en0 ü¤‚¤ ü¤‚¤ ü¤‚¤ ü¤‚¤"30292   en0 ŸĽ‚¤ ŸĽ‚¤ ŸĽ‚¤ ŸĽ‚¤"30272   en0 ¸Ľ‚¤ ¸Ľ‚¤ ¸Ľ‚¤ ¸Ľ‚¤"30402   en/ 壟¤ 壟¤ 壟¤ 壟¤"7502   en/ “Ś‚¤ “Ś‚¤ “Ś‚¤ “Ś‚¤"7462   en/  ťŚ‚¤ ťŚ‚¤ ťŚ‚¤ ťŚ‚¤"7582   en/  ůŚ‚¤ ůŚ‚¤ ůŚ‚¤ ůŚ‚¤"7562   en0  ´§‚¤ ´§‚¤ ´§‚¤ ´§‚¤"29572   en0  Ô§‚¤ Ô§‚¤ Ô§‚¤ Ô§‚¤"39972   en0  ˙§‚¤ ˙§‚¤ ˙§‚¤ ˙§‚¤"27982   en0 œ¨‚¤ œ¨‚¤ œ¨‚¤ œ¨‚¤"44072   en0 ̨‚¤ ̨‚¤ ̨‚¤ ̨‚¤"27882   en0 騂¤ 騂¤ 騂¤ 騂¤"28072   en0 Š‚¤ Š‚¤ Š‚¤ Š‚¤"27832   en0 žŠ‚¤ žŠ‚¤ žŠ‚¤ žŠ‚¤"27792   en0 ¸Š‚¤ ¸Š‚¤ ¸Š‚¤ ¸Š‚¤"27322   en0 ŻŞ‚¤ ŻŞ‚¤ ŻŞ‚¤ ŻŞ‚¤"27292   en0 ÇŞ‚¤ ÇŞ‚¤ ÇŞ‚¤ ÇŞ‚¤"28302   en0 骂¤ 骂¤ 骂¤ 骂¤"27662   en0 ”Ť‚¤ ”Ť‚¤ ”Ť‚¤ ”Ť‚¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 ŠŹ‚¤ ŠŹ‚¤ ŠŹ‚¤ ŠŹ‚¤"27252   en0 ŔŹ‚¤ ŔŹ‚¤ ŔŹ‚¤ ŔŹ‚¤"27432   en0 ÚŹ‚¤ ÚŹ‚¤ ÚŹ‚¤ ÚŹ‚¤"27412   en0 ‚­‚¤ ‚­‚¤ ‚­‚¤ ‚­‚¤"43992   en0 ˘­‚¤ ˘­‚¤ ˘­‚¤ ˘­‚¤"32642   en0  š­‚¤ š­‚¤ š­‚¤ š­‚¤"32662   en0! ୂ¤ ୂ¤ ୂ¤ ୂ¤"32682   en0" ü­‚¤ ü­‚¤ ü­‚¤ ü­‚¤"32692   en0# ŸŽ‚¤ ŸŽ‚¤ ŸŽ‚¤ ŸŽ‚¤"32722   en0$ ËŽ‚¤ ËŽ‚¤ ËŽ‚¤ ËŽ‚¤"32742   en0% ńŽ‚¤ ńŽ‚¤ ńŽ‚¤ ńŽ‚¤"32762   en0& †Ż‚¤ †Ż‚¤ †Ż‚¤ †Ż‚¤"32782   en0' Ż‚¤ Ż‚¤ Ż‚¤ Ż‚¤"32802   en0( ÁŻ‚¤ ÁŻ‚¤ ÁŻ‚¤ ÁŻ‚¤"36322   en/) 쯂¤ 쯂¤ 쯂¤ 쯂¤"2822   en/* –°‚¤ –°‚¤ –°‚¤ –°‚¤"4512   en/+ Ö°‚¤ Ö°‚¤ Ö°‚¤ Ö°‚¤"4462   en/, ő°‚¤ ő°‚¤ ő°‚¤ ő°‚¤"4452   en/- ‡ą‚¤ ‡ą‚¤ ‡ą‚¤ ‡ą‚¤"4552   en0. šą‚¤ šą‚¤ šą‚¤ šą‚¤"42922   en0/ şą‚¤ şą‚¤ şą‚¤ şą‚¤"43442   en/0 Ëą‚¤ Ëą‚¤ Ëą‚¤ Ëą‚¤"4522   en01 Űą‚¤ Űą‚¤ Űą‚¤ Űą‚¤"33462   en62 ˜˛‚¤ ˜˛‚¤ ˜˛‚¤ ˜˛‚¤"DCSPLATO2   en ԑ‚¤2  5632152023060709:20:00"46381*32- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 563215-588Ů 563211Î ! 56321110:40:0020230607*30 2 Đɂ¤ Đɂ¤ Đɂ¤ Đɂ¤"42202   en 0 ęɂ¤ ęɂ¤ ęɂ¤ ęɂ¤"30342   en0 ”Ę‚¤ ”Ę‚¤ ”Ę‚¤ ”Ę‚¤"30302   en0 źĘ‚¤ źĘ‚¤ źĘ‚¤ źĘ‚¤"30292   en0 ßʂ¤ ßʂ¤ ßʂ¤ ßʂ¤"30272   en0 řʂ¤ řʂ¤ řʂ¤ řʂ¤"30402   en/ ŻË‚¤ ŻË‚¤ ŻË‚¤ ŻË‚¤"7502   en/ Ó˂¤ Ó˂¤ Ó˂¤ Ó˂¤"7462   en/  ű˂¤ ű˂¤ ű˂¤ ű˂¤"7582   en/  šĚ‚¤ šĚ‚¤ šĚ‚¤ šĚ‚¤"7562   en0  ô̂¤ ô̂¤ ô̂¤ ô̂¤"29572   en0  ”Í‚¤ ”Í‚¤ ”Í‚¤ ”Í‚¤"39972   en0  żÍ‚¤ żÍ‚¤ żÍ‚¤ żÍ‚¤"27982   en0 Ü͂¤ Ü͂¤ Ü͂¤ Ü͂¤"44072   en0 ŒÎ‚¤ ŒÎ‚¤ ŒÎ‚¤ ŒÎ‚¤"27882   en0 ŠÎ‚¤ ŠÎ‚¤ ŠÎ‚¤ ŠÎ‚¤"28072   en0 Á΂¤ Á΂¤ Á΂¤ Á΂¤"27832   en0 Ţ΂¤ Ţ΂¤ Ţ΂¤ Ţ΂¤"27792   en0 ř΂¤ ř΂¤ ř΂¤ ř΂¤"27322   en0 ďς¤ ďς¤ ďς¤ ďς¤"27292   en0 ‡Đ‚¤ ‡Đ‚¤ ‡Đ‚¤ ‡Đ‚¤"28302   en0 ŠĐ‚¤ ŠĐ‚¤ ŠĐ‚¤ ŠĐ‚¤"27662   en0 ÔЂ¤ ÔЂ¤ ÔЂ¤ ÔЂ¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 éт¤ éт¤ éт¤ éт¤"27252   en0 €Ň‚¤ €Ň‚¤ €Ň‚¤ €Ň‚¤"27432   en0 šŇ‚¤ šŇ‚¤ šŇ‚¤ šŇ‚¤"27412   en0 Â҂¤ Â҂¤ Â҂¤ Â҂¤"43992   en0 â҂¤ â҂¤ â҂¤ â҂¤"32642   en0  ů҂¤ ů҂¤ ů҂¤ ů҂¤"32662   en0!  Ó‚¤  Ó‚¤  Ó‚¤  Ó‚¤"32682   en0" źÓ‚¤ źÓ‚¤ źÓ‚¤ źÓ‚¤"32692   en0# ßӂ¤ ßӂ¤ ßӂ¤ ßӂ¤"32722   en0$ ‹Ô‚¤ ‹Ô‚¤ ‹Ô‚¤ ‹Ô‚¤"32742   en0% ąÔ‚¤ ąÔ‚¤ ąÔ‚¤ ąÔ‚¤"32762   en0& ĆԂ¤ ĆԂ¤ ĆԂ¤ ĆԂ¤"32782   en0' ÝԂ¤ ÝԂ¤ ÝԂ¤ ÝԂ¤"32802   en0( Ő‚¤ Ő‚¤ Ő‚¤ Ő‚¤"36322   en/) ŹŐ‚¤ ŹŐ‚¤ ŹŐ‚¤ ŹŐ‚¤"2822   en/* ÖՂ¤ ÖՂ¤ ÖՂ¤ ÖՂ¤"4512   en/+ –Ö‚¤ –Ö‚¤ –Ö‚¤ –Ö‚¤"4462   en/, ľÖ‚¤ ľÖ‚¤ ľÖ‚¤ ľÖ‚¤"4452   en/- Çւ¤ Çւ¤ Çւ¤ Çւ¤"4552   en0. Úւ¤ Úւ¤ Úւ¤ Úւ¤"42922   en0/ úւ¤ úւ¤ úւ¤ úւ¤"43442   en/0 ‹×‚¤ ‹×‚¤ ‹×‚¤ ‹×‚¤"4522   en01 ›×‚¤ ›×‚¤ ›×‚¤ ›×‚¤"33462   en62 Řׂ¤ Řׂ¤ Řׂ¤ Řׂ¤"DCSPLATO2   en ԑ‚¤2  5632112023060710:40:00"46381*32- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 563211-588Ů 563207Î ! 56320712:00:0020230607*30 2 ď‚¤ ď‚¤ ď‚¤ ď‚¤"42202   en 0 Şď‚¤ Şď‚¤ Şď‚¤ Şď‚¤"30342   en0 Ô Ô Ô Ô"30302   en0 ü ü ü ü"30292   en0 Ÿđ‚¤ Ÿđ‚¤ Ÿđ‚¤ Ÿđ‚¤"30272   en0 ¸đ‚¤ ¸đ‚¤ ¸đ‚¤ ¸đ‚¤"30402   en/ ďđ‚¤ ďđ‚¤ ďđ‚¤ ďđ‚¤"7502   en/ “ń‚¤ “ń‚¤ “ń‚¤ “ń‚¤"7462   en/  ťń‚¤ ťń‚¤ ťń‚¤ ťń‚¤"7582   en/  ůń‚¤ ůń‚¤ ůń‚¤ ůń‚¤"7562   en0  ´ň‚¤ ´ň‚¤ ´ň‚¤ ´ň‚¤"29572   en0  Ôň‚¤ Ôň‚¤ Ôň‚¤ Ôň‚¤"39972   en0  ˙ň‚¤ ˙ň‚¤ ˙ň‚¤ ˙ň‚¤"27982   en0 œó‚¤ œó‚¤ œó‚¤ œó‚¤"44072   en0 Ěó‚¤ Ěó‚¤ Ěó‚¤ Ěó‚¤"27882   en0 éó‚¤ éó‚¤ éó‚¤ éó‚¤"28072   en0 ô‚¤ ô‚¤ ô‚¤ ô‚¤"27832   en0 žô‚¤ žô‚¤ žô‚¤ žô‚¤"27792   en0 ¸ô‚¤ ¸ô‚¤ ¸ô‚¤ ¸ô‚¤"27322   en0 Żő‚¤ Żő‚¤ Żő‚¤ Żő‚¤"27292   en0 Çő‚¤ Çő‚¤ Çő‚¤ Çő‚¤"28302   en0 éő‚¤ éő‚¤ éő‚¤ éő‚¤"27662   en0 ”ö‚¤ ”ö‚¤ ”ö‚¤ ”ö‚¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 Š÷‚¤ Š÷‚¤ Š÷‚¤ Š÷‚¤"27252   en0 Ŕ÷‚¤ Ŕ÷‚¤ Ŕ÷‚¤ Ŕ÷‚¤"27432   en0 Ú÷‚¤ Ú÷‚¤ Ú÷‚¤ Ú÷‚¤"27412   en0 ‚ř‚¤ ‚ř‚¤ ‚ř‚¤ ‚ř‚¤"43992   en0 ˘ř‚¤ ˘ř‚¤ ˘ř‚¤ ˘ř‚¤"32642   en0  šř‚¤ šř‚¤ šř‚¤ šř‚¤"32662   en0! ŕř‚¤ ŕř‚¤ ŕř‚¤ ŕř‚¤"32682   en0" üř‚¤ üř‚¤ üř‚¤ üř‚¤"32692   en0# Ÿů‚¤ Ÿů‚¤ Ÿů‚¤ Ÿů‚¤"32722   en0$ Ëů‚¤ Ëů‚¤ Ëů‚¤ Ëů‚¤"32742   en0% ńů‚¤ ńů‚¤ ńů‚¤ ńů‚¤"32762   en0& †ú‚¤ †ú‚¤ †ú‚¤ †ú‚¤"32782   en0' ú‚¤ ú‚¤ ú‚¤ ú‚¤"32802   en0( Áú‚¤ Áú‚¤ Áú‚¤ Áú‚¤"36322   en/) ěú‚¤ ěú‚¤ ěú‚¤ ěú‚¤"2822   en/* –ű‚¤ –ű‚¤ –ű‚¤ –ű‚¤"4512   en/+ Öű‚¤ Öű‚¤ Öű‚¤ Öű‚¤"4462   en/, őű‚¤ őű‚¤ őű‚¤ őű‚¤"4452   en/- ‡ü‚¤ ‡ü‚¤ ‡ü‚¤ ‡ü‚¤"4552   en0. šü‚¤ šü‚¤ šü‚¤ šü‚¤"42922   en0/ şü‚¤ şü‚¤ şü‚¤ şü‚¤"43442   en/0 Ëü‚¤ Ëü‚¤ Ëü‚¤ Ëü‚¤"4522   en01 Űü‚¤ Űü‚¤ Űü‚¤ Űü‚¤"33462   en62 ˜ý‚¤ ˜ý‚¤ ˜ý‚¤ ˜ý‚¤"DCSPLATO2   en ԑ‚¤2  5632072023060712:00:00"46381*32- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 563207-588Ů 563203Î ! 56320313:20:0020230607*30 2 Дƒ¤ Дƒ¤ Дƒ¤ Дƒ¤"42202   en 0 ꔃ¤ ꔃ¤ ꔃ¤ ꔃ¤"30342   en0 ”•ƒ¤ ”•ƒ¤ ”•ƒ¤ ”•ƒ¤"30302   en0 ź•ƒ¤ ź•ƒ¤ ź•ƒ¤ ź•ƒ¤"30292   en0 ߕƒ¤ ߕƒ¤ ߕƒ¤ ߕƒ¤"30272   en0 ř•ƒ¤ ř•ƒ¤ ř•ƒ¤ ř•ƒ¤"30402   en/ Ż–ƒ¤ Ż–ƒ¤ Ż–ƒ¤ Ż–ƒ¤"7502   en/ Ӗƒ¤ Ӗƒ¤ Ӗƒ¤ Ӗƒ¤"7462   en/  ű–ƒ¤ ű–ƒ¤ ű–ƒ¤ ű–ƒ¤"7582   en/  š—ƒ¤ š—ƒ¤ š—ƒ¤ š—ƒ¤"7562   en0  ô—ƒ¤ ô—ƒ¤ ô—ƒ¤ ô—ƒ¤"29572   en0  ”˜ƒ¤ ”˜ƒ¤ ”˜ƒ¤ ”˜ƒ¤"39972   en0  ż˜ƒ¤ ż˜ƒ¤ ż˜ƒ¤ ż˜ƒ¤"27982   en0 ܘƒ¤ ܘƒ¤ ܘƒ¤ ܘƒ¤"44072   en0 Œ™ƒ¤ Œ™ƒ¤ Œ™ƒ¤ Œ™ƒ¤"27882   en0 Š™ƒ¤ Š™ƒ¤ Š™ƒ¤ Š™ƒ¤"28072   en0 Á™ƒ¤ Á™ƒ¤ Á™ƒ¤ Á™ƒ¤"27832   en0 ޙƒ¤ ޙƒ¤ ޙƒ¤ ޙƒ¤"27792   en0 ř™ƒ¤ ř™ƒ¤ ř™ƒ¤ ř™ƒ¤"27322   en0 ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤"27292   en0 ‡›ƒ¤ ‡›ƒ¤ ‡›ƒ¤ ‡›ƒ¤"28302   en0 Š›ƒ¤ Š›ƒ¤ Š›ƒ¤ Š›ƒ¤"27662   en0 ԛƒ¤ ԛƒ¤ ԛƒ¤ ԛƒ¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 霃¤ 霃¤ 霃¤ 霃¤"27252   en0 €ƒ¤ €ƒ¤ €ƒ¤ €ƒ¤"27432   en0 šƒ¤ šƒ¤ šƒ¤ šƒ¤"27412   en0 ƒ¤ ƒ¤ ƒ¤ ƒ¤"43992   en0 ❃¤ ❃¤ ❃¤ ❃¤"32642   en0  ůƒ¤ ůƒ¤ ůƒ¤ ůƒ¤"32662   en0!  žƒ¤  žƒ¤  žƒ¤  žƒ¤"32682   en0" źžƒ¤ źžƒ¤ źžƒ¤ źžƒ¤"32692   en0# ߞƒ¤ ߞƒ¤ ߞƒ¤ ߞƒ¤"32722   en0$ ‹Ÿƒ¤ ‹Ÿƒ¤ ‹Ÿƒ¤ ‹Ÿƒ¤"32742   en0% ąŸƒ¤ ąŸƒ¤ ąŸƒ¤ ąŸƒ¤"32762   en0& Ɵƒ¤ Ɵƒ¤ Ɵƒ¤ Ɵƒ¤"32782   en0' ݟƒ¤ ݟƒ¤ ݟƒ¤ ݟƒ¤"32802   en0(  ƒ¤  ƒ¤  ƒ¤  ƒ¤"36322   en/) Ź ƒ¤ Ź ƒ¤ Ź ƒ¤ Ź ƒ¤"2822   en/* Í ƒ¤ Í ƒ¤ Í ƒ¤ Í ƒ¤"4512   en/+ €Ąƒ¤ €Ąƒ¤ €Ąƒ¤ €Ąƒ¤"4462   en/, ˜Ąƒ¤ ˜Ąƒ¤ ˜Ąƒ¤ ˜Ąƒ¤"4452   en/- ŚĄƒ¤ ŚĄƒ¤ ŚĄƒ¤ ŚĄƒ¤"4552   en0. ľĄƒ¤ ľĄƒ¤ ľĄƒ¤ ľĄƒ¤"42922   en0/ ÎĄƒ¤ ÎĄƒ¤ ÎĄƒ¤ ÎĄƒ¤"43442   en/0 ŰĄƒ¤ ŰĄƒ¤ ŰĄƒ¤ ŰĄƒ¤"4522   en01 襃¤ 襃¤ 襃¤ 襃¤"33462   en62 œ˘ƒ¤ œ˘ƒ¤ œ˘ƒ¤ œ˘ƒ¤"DCSPLATO2   en ԑ‚¤2  5632032023060713:20:00"46381*32- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 563203-588Ů 563199Î ! 56319914:40:0020230607*30 2 şƒ¤ şƒ¤ şƒ¤ şƒ¤"42202   en 0 ­şƒ¤ ­şƒ¤ ­şƒ¤ ­şƒ¤"30342   en0 Ýşƒ¤ Ýşƒ¤ Ýşƒ¤ Ýşƒ¤"30302   en0 Šťƒ¤ Šťƒ¤ Šťƒ¤ Šťƒ¤"30292   en0 łťƒ¤ łťƒ¤ łťƒ¤ łťƒ¤"30272   en0 Đťƒ¤ Đťƒ¤ Đťƒ¤ Đťƒ¤"30402   en/ źƒ¤ źƒ¤ źƒ¤ źƒ¤"7502   en/ šźƒ¤ šźƒ¤ šźƒ¤ šźƒ¤"7462   en/  矃¤ 矃¤ 矃¤ 矃¤"7582   en/  ­˝ƒ¤ ­˝ƒ¤ ­˝ƒ¤ ­˝ƒ¤"7562   en0  𽃤 𽃤 𽃤 𽃤"29572   en0  ”žƒ¤ ”žƒ¤ ”žƒ¤ ”žƒ¤"39972   en0  Ĺžƒ¤ Ĺžƒ¤ Ĺžƒ¤ Ĺžƒ¤"27982   en0 枃¤ 枃¤ 枃¤ 枃¤"44072   en0 œżƒ¤ œżƒ¤ œżƒ¤ œżƒ¤"27882   en0 ˝żƒ¤ ˝żƒ¤ ˝żƒ¤ ˝żƒ¤"28072   en0 Ůżƒ¤ Ůżƒ¤ Ůżƒ¤ Ůżƒ¤"27832   en0 úżƒ¤ úżƒ¤ úżƒ¤ úżƒ¤"27792   en0 ˜Ŕƒ¤ ˜Ŕƒ¤ ˜Ŕƒ¤ ˜Ŕƒ¤"27322   en0 žÁƒ¤ žÁƒ¤ žÁƒ¤ žÁƒ¤"27292   en0 šÁƒ¤ šÁƒ¤ šÁƒ¤ šÁƒ¤"28302   en0 ŕÁƒ¤ ŕÁƒ¤ ŕÁƒ¤ ŕÁƒ¤"27662   en0 ŒÂƒ¤ ŒÂƒ¤ ŒÂƒ¤ ŒÂƒ¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 ĄĂƒ¤ ĄĂƒ¤ ĄĂƒ¤ ĄĂƒ¤"27252   en0 ¸Ăƒ¤ ¸Ăƒ¤ ¸Ăƒ¤ ¸Ăƒ¤"27432   en0 Ňä Ňä Ňä Ňä"27412   en0 úä úä úä úä"43992   en0 šÄƒ¤ šÄƒ¤ šÄƒ¤ šÄƒ¤"32642   en0  ąÄƒ¤ ąÄƒ¤ ąÄƒ¤ ąÄƒ¤"32662   en0! Ř㤠Ř㤠Ř㤠Řă¤"32682   en0" ô㤠ô㤠ô㤠ôă¤"32692   en0# —Ĺƒ¤ —Ĺƒ¤ —Ĺƒ¤ —Ĺƒ¤"32722   en0$ ĂѤ ĂѤ ĂѤ ĂѤ"32742   en0% éѤ éѤ éѤ éѤ"32762   en0& ţѤ ţѤ ţѤ ţѤ"32782   en0' •Ćƒ¤ •Ćƒ¤ •Ćƒ¤ •Ćƒ¤"32802   en0( šĆƒ¤ šĆƒ¤ šĆƒ¤ šĆƒ¤"36322   en/) äƃ¤ äƃ¤ äƃ¤ äƃ¤"2822   en/* …ǃ¤ …ǃ¤ …ǃ¤ …ǃ¤"4512   en/+ ¸Çƒ¤ ¸Çƒ¤ ¸Çƒ¤ ¸Çƒ¤"4462   en/, Đǃ¤ Đǃ¤ Đǃ¤ Đǃ¤"4452   en/- Ţǃ¤ Ţǃ¤ Ţǃ¤ Ţǃ¤"4552   en0. íǃ¤ íǃ¤ íǃ¤ íǃ¤"42922   en0/ †Čƒ¤ †Čƒ¤ †Čƒ¤ †Čƒ¤"43442   en/0 “Čƒ¤ “Čƒ¤ “Čƒ¤ “Čƒ¤"4522   en01  Čƒ¤  Čƒ¤  Čƒ¤  Čƒ¤"33462   en62 Ôȃ¤ Ôȃ¤ Ôȃ¤ Ôȃ¤"DCSPLATO2   en ԑ‚¤2  5631992023060714:40:00"46381*32- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 563199-588Ů 563195Î ! 56319516:00:0020230607*30 2 Đ߃¤ Đ߃¤ Đ߃¤ Đ߃¤"42202   en 0 í߃¤ í߃¤ í߃¤ í߃¤"30342   en0 ŕƒ¤ ŕƒ¤ ŕƒ¤ ŕƒ¤"30302   en0 Ęŕƒ¤ Ęŕƒ¤ Ęŕƒ¤ Ęŕƒ¤"30292   en0 óŕƒ¤ óŕƒ¤ óŕƒ¤ óŕƒ¤"30272   en0 áƒ¤ áƒ¤ áƒ¤ áƒ¤"30402   en/ Ďფ Ďფ Ďფ Ďფ"7502   en/ ůფ ůფ ůფ ůფ"7462   en/  §âƒ¤ §âƒ¤ §âƒ¤ §âƒ¤"7582   en/  í⃤ í⃤ í⃤ í⃤"7562   en0  °ăƒ¤ °ăƒ¤ °ăƒ¤ °ăƒ¤"29572   en0  Řヤ Řヤ Řヤ Řヤ"39972   en0  Žäƒ¤ Žäƒ¤ Žäƒ¤ Žäƒ¤"27982   en0 ˛äƒ¤ ˛äƒ¤ ˛äƒ¤ ˛äƒ¤"44072   en0 î䃤 î䃤 î䃤 î䃤"27882   en0 “ĺƒ¤ “ĺƒ¤ “ĺƒ¤ “ĺƒ¤"28072   en0 ˛ĺƒ¤ ˛ĺƒ¤ ˛ĺƒ¤ ˛ĺƒ¤"27832   en0 Ö僤 Ö僤 Ö僤 Ö僤"27792   en0 ÷僤 ÷僤 ÷僤 ÷僤"27322   en0 Œçƒ¤ Œçƒ¤ Œçƒ¤ Œçƒ¤"27292   en0 Şçƒ¤ Şçƒ¤ Şçƒ¤ Şçƒ¤"28302   en0 Ő烤 Ő烤 Ő烤 Ő烤"27662   en0 ˆčƒ¤ ˆčƒ¤ ˆčƒ¤ ˆčƒ¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 ľéƒ¤ ľéƒ¤ ľéƒ¤ ľéƒ¤"27252   en0 Đ郤 Đ郤 Đ郤 Đ郤"27432   en0 ď郤 ď郤 ď郤 ď郤"27412   en0 žęƒ¤ žęƒ¤ žęƒ¤ žęƒ¤"43992   en0 Ăꃤ Ăꃤ Ăꃤ Ăꃤ"32642   en0  Ţꃤ Ţꃤ Ţꃤ Ţꃤ"32662   en0! ‹ëƒ¤ ‹ëƒ¤ ‹ëƒ¤ ‹ëƒ¤"32682   en0" Źëƒ¤ Źëƒ¤ Źëƒ¤ Źëƒ¤"32692   en0# Ď냤 Ď냤 Ď냤 Ď냤"32722   en0$ ű냤 ű냤 ű냤 ű냤"32742   en0% Ąěƒ¤ Ąěƒ¤ Ąěƒ¤ Ąěƒ¤"32762   en0& śěƒ¤ śěƒ¤ śěƒ¤ śěƒ¤"32782   en0' Í샤 Í샤 Í샤 Í샤"32802   en0( ń샤 ń샤 ń샤 ń샤"36322   en/) œíƒ¤ œíƒ¤ œíƒ¤ œíƒ¤"2822   en/* ˝íƒ¤ ˝íƒ¤ ˝íƒ¤ ˝íƒ¤"4512   en/+ đ탤 đ탤 đ탤 đ탤"4462   en/, ˆîƒ¤ ˆîƒ¤ ˆîƒ¤ ˆîƒ¤"4452   en/- – – – –"4552   en0. Ľîƒ¤ Ľîƒ¤ Ľîƒ¤ Ľîƒ¤"42922   en0/ žîƒ¤ žîƒ¤ žîƒ¤ žîƒ¤"43442   en/0 Ë Ë Ë Ë"4522   en01 Ř Ř Ř Ř"33462   en62 Œďƒ¤ Œďƒ¤ Œďƒ¤ Œďƒ¤"DCSPLATO2   en ԑ‚¤2  5631952023060716:00:00"46381*32- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 563195-588Ů 563191Î ! 56319117:20:0020230607*30 2 …„¤ …„¤ …„¤ …„¤"42202   en 0 ­…„¤ ­…„¤ ­…„¤ ­…„¤"30342   en0 ݅„¤ ݅„¤ ݅„¤ ݅„¤"30302   en0 Š†„¤ Š†„¤ Š†„¤ Š†„¤"30292   en0 ł†„¤ ł†„¤ ł†„¤ ł†„¤"30272   en0 І„¤ І„¤ І„¤ І„¤"30402   en/ ‡„¤ ‡„¤ ‡„¤ ‡„¤"7502   en/ š‡„¤ š‡„¤ š‡„¤ š‡„¤"7462   en/  燄¤ 燄¤ 燄¤ 燄¤"7582   en/  ­ˆ„¤ ­ˆ„¤ ­ˆ„¤ ­ˆ„¤"7562   en0  đˆ„¤ đˆ„¤ đˆ„¤ đˆ„¤"29572   en0  ‰„¤ ‰„¤ ‰„¤ ‰„¤"39972   en0  ť‰„¤ ť‰„¤ ť‰„¤ ť‰„¤"27982   en0 ؉„¤ ؉„¤ ؉„¤ ؉„¤"44072   en0 ˆŠ„¤ ˆŠ„¤ ˆŠ„¤ ˆŠ„¤"27882   en0 ĽŠ„¤ ĽŠ„¤ ĽŠ„¤ ĽŠ„¤"28072   en0 ˝Š„¤ ˝Š„¤ ˝Š„¤ ˝Š„¤"27832   en0 ڊ„¤ ڊ„¤ ڊ„¤ ڊ„¤"27792   en0 ôŠ„¤ ôŠ„¤ ôŠ„¤ ôŠ„¤"27322   en0 닄¤ 닄¤ 닄¤ 닄¤"27292   en0 ƒŒ„¤ ƒŒ„¤ ƒŒ„¤ ƒŒ„¤"28302   en0 ĽŒ„¤ ĽŒ„¤ ĽŒ„¤ ĽŒ„¤"27662   en0 Ќ„¤ Ќ„¤ Ќ„¤ Ќ„¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 卄¤ 卄¤ 卄¤ 卄¤"27252   en0 ü„¤ ü„¤ ü„¤ ü„¤"27432   en0 –Ž„¤ –Ž„¤ –Ž„¤ –Ž„¤"27412   en0 žŽ„¤ žŽ„¤ žŽ„¤ žŽ„¤"43992   en0 ގ„¤ ގ„¤ ގ„¤ ގ„¤"32642   en0  őŽ„¤ őŽ„¤ őŽ„¤ őŽ„¤"32662   en0! œ„¤ œ„¤ œ„¤ œ„¤"32682   en0" ¸„¤ ¸„¤ ¸„¤ ¸„¤"32692   en0# ۏ„¤ ۏ„¤ ۏ„¤ ۏ„¤"32722   en0$ ‡„¤ ‡„¤ ‡„¤ ‡„¤"32742   en0% ­„¤ ­„¤ ­„¤ ­„¤"32762   en0& „¤ „¤ „¤ „¤"32782   en0' ِ„¤ ِ„¤ ِ„¤ ِ„¤"32802   en0( ý„¤ ý„¤ ý„¤ ý„¤"36322   en/) ¨‘„¤ ¨‘„¤ ¨‘„¤ ¨‘„¤"2822   en/* ɑ„¤ ɑ„¤ ɑ„¤ ɑ„¤"4512   en/+ ü‘„¤ ü‘„¤ ü‘„¤ ü‘„¤"4462   en/, ”’„¤ ”’„¤ ”’„¤ ”’„¤"4452   en/- ˘’„¤ ˘’„¤ ˘’„¤ ˘’„¤"4552   en0. ą’„¤ ą’„¤ ą’„¤ ą’„¤"42922   en0/ ʒ„¤ ʒ„¤ ʒ„¤ ʒ„¤"43442   en/0 ג„¤ ג„¤ ג„¤ ג„¤"4522   en01 䒄¤ 䒄¤ 䒄¤ 䒄¤"33462   en62 ˜“„¤ ˜“„¤ ˜“„¤ ˜“„¤"DCSPLATO2   en ԑ‚¤2  5631912023060717:20:00"46381*32- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 563191-588Ů 563216Î ! 56321609:00:0020230607*30 2 ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤"42202   en 0 úš‚¤ úš‚¤ úš‚¤ úš‚¤"30342   en0 ¤›‚¤ ¤›‚¤ ¤›‚¤ ¤›‚¤"30302   en0 ̛‚¤ ̛‚¤ ̛‚¤ ̛‚¤"30292   en0 ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤"30272   en0 ˆœ‚¤ ˆœ‚¤ ˆœ‚¤ ˆœ‚¤"30402   en/ żœ‚¤ żœ‚¤ żœ‚¤ żœ‚¤"7502   en/ 㜂¤ 㜂¤ 㜂¤ 㜂¤"7462   en/  ‹‚¤ ‹‚¤ ‹‚¤ ‹‚¤"7582   en/  ɝ‚¤ ɝ‚¤ ɝ‚¤ ɝ‚¤"7562   en0  „ž‚¤ „ž‚¤ „ž‚¤ „ž‚¤"29572   en0  ¤ž‚¤ ¤ž‚¤ ¤ž‚¤ ¤ž‚¤"39972   en0  Ϟ‚¤ Ϟ‚¤ Ϟ‚¤ Ϟ‚¤"27982   en0 잂¤ 잂¤ 잂¤ 잂¤"44072   en0 œŸ‚¤ œŸ‚¤ œŸ‚¤ œŸ‚¤"27882   en0 šŸ‚¤ šŸ‚¤ šŸ‚¤ šŸ‚¤"28072   en0 џ‚¤ џ‚¤ џ‚¤ џ‚¤"27832   en0 ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤"27792   en0 ˆ ‚¤ ˆ ‚¤ ˆ ‚¤ ˆ ‚¤"27322   en0 ˙ ‚¤ ˙ ‚¤ ˙ ‚¤ ˙ ‚¤"27292   en0 —Ą‚¤ —Ą‚¤ —Ą‚¤ —Ą‚¤"28302   en0 šĄ‚¤ šĄ‚¤ šĄ‚¤ šĄ‚¤"27662   en0 䡂¤ 䡂¤ 䡂¤ 䡂¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 ů˘‚¤ ů˘‚¤ ů˘‚¤ ů˘‚¤"27252   en0 Ł‚¤ Ł‚¤ Ł‚¤ Ł‚¤"27432   en0 ŞŁ‚¤ ŞŁ‚¤ ŞŁ‚¤ ŞŁ‚¤"27412   en0 ŇŁ‚¤ ŇŁ‚¤ ŇŁ‚¤ ŇŁ‚¤"43992   en0 ňŁ‚¤ ňŁ‚¤ ňŁ‚¤ ňŁ‚¤"32642   en0  ‰¤‚¤ ‰¤‚¤ ‰¤‚¤ ‰¤‚¤"32662   en0! °¤‚¤ °¤‚¤ °¤‚¤ °¤‚¤"32682   en0" ̤‚¤ ̤‚¤ ̤‚¤ ̤‚¤"32692   en0# 車¤ 車¤ 車¤ 車¤"32722   en0$ ›Ľ‚¤ ›Ľ‚¤ ›Ľ‚¤ ›Ľ‚¤"32742   en0% ÁĽ‚¤ ÁĽ‚¤ ÁĽ‚¤ ÁĽ‚¤"32762   en0& ÖĽ‚¤ ÖĽ‚¤ ÖĽ‚¤ ÖĽ‚¤"32782   en0' íĽ‚¤ íĽ‚¤ íĽ‚¤ íĽ‚¤"32802   en0( ‘Ś‚¤ ‘Ś‚¤ ‘Ś‚¤ ‘Ś‚¤"36322   en/) źŚ‚¤ źŚ‚¤ źŚ‚¤ źŚ‚¤"2822   en/* 概¤ 概¤ 概¤ 概¤"4512   en/+ Ś§‚¤ Ś§‚¤ Ś§‚¤ Ś§‚¤"4462   en/, ŧ‚¤ ŧ‚¤ ŧ‚¤ ŧ‚¤"4452   en/- ק‚¤ ק‚¤ ק‚¤ ק‚¤"4552   en0. ꧂¤ ꧂¤ ꧂¤ ꧂¤"42922   en0/ Š¨‚¤ Š¨‚¤ Š¨‚¤ Š¨‚¤"43442   en/0 ›¨‚¤ ›¨‚¤ ›¨‚¤ ›¨‚¤"4522   en01 Ť¨‚¤ Ť¨‚¤ Ť¨‚¤ Ť¨‚¤"33462   en62 訂¤ 訂¤ 訂¤ 訂¤"DCSPLATO2   en ԑ‚¤2  5632162023060709:00:00"46381*32- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 563216-588Ů 563212Î ! 56321210:20:0020230607*30 2  Ŕ‚¤  Ŕ‚¤  Ŕ‚¤  Ŕ‚¤"42202   en 0 şŔ‚¤ şŔ‚¤ şŔ‚¤ şŔ‚¤"30342   en0 äŔ‚¤ äŔ‚¤ äŔ‚¤ äŔ‚¤"30302   en0 ŒÁ‚¤ ŒÁ‚¤ ŒÁ‚¤ ŒÁ‚¤"30292   en0 ŻÁ‚¤ ŻÁ‚¤ ŻÁ‚¤ ŻÁ‚¤"30272   en0 ČÁ‚¤ ČÁ‚¤ ČÁ‚¤ ČÁ‚¤"30402   en/ ˙Á‚¤ ˙Á‚¤ ˙Á‚¤ ˙Á‚¤"7502   en/ ŁÂ‚¤ ŁÂ‚¤ ŁÂ‚¤ ŁÂ‚¤"7462   en/  Ë‚¤ Ë‚¤ Ë‚¤ Ë‚¤"7582   en/  ‰Ă‚¤ ‰Ă‚¤ ‰Ă‚¤ ‰Ă‚¤"7562   en0  Ĥ Ĥ Ĥ Ĥ"29572   en0  ä¤ ä¤ ä¤ ä¤"39972   en0  Ä‚¤ Ä‚¤ Ä‚¤ Ä‚¤"27982   en0 ŹÄ‚¤ ŹÄ‚¤ ŹÄ‚¤ ŹÄ‚¤"44072   en0 Üä Üä Üä Üä"27882   en0 ůä ůä ůä ůä"28072   en0 ‘Ĺ‚¤ ‘Ĺ‚¤ ‘Ĺ‚¤ ‘Ĺ‚¤"27832   en0 ŽĹ‚¤ ŽĹ‚¤ ŽĹ‚¤ ŽĹ‚¤"27792   en0 Čł¤ Čł¤ Čł¤ Čł¤"27322   en0 żĆ‚¤ żĆ‚¤ żĆ‚¤ żĆ‚¤"27292   en0 ×Ƃ¤ ×Ƃ¤ ×Ƃ¤ ×Ƃ¤"28302   en0 ůƂ¤ ůƂ¤ ůƂ¤ ůƂ¤"27662   en0 ¤Ç‚¤ ¤Ç‚¤ ¤Ç‚¤ ¤Ç‚¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 šČ‚¤ šČ‚¤ šČ‚¤ šČ‚¤"27252   en0 ĐȂ¤ ĐȂ¤ ĐȂ¤ ĐȂ¤"27432   en0 ęȂ¤ ęȂ¤ ęȂ¤ ęȂ¤"27412   en0 ’É‚¤ ’É‚¤ ’É‚¤ ’É‚¤"43992   en0 ˛É‚¤ ˛É‚¤ ˛É‚¤ ˛É‚¤"32642   en0  Éɂ¤ Éɂ¤ Éɂ¤ Éɂ¤"32662   en0! đɂ¤ đɂ¤ đɂ¤ đɂ¤"32682   en0" ŒĘ‚¤ ŒĘ‚¤ ŒĘ‚¤ ŒĘ‚¤"32692   en0# ŻĘ‚¤ ŻĘ‚¤ ŻĘ‚¤ ŻĘ‚¤"32722   en0$ Űʂ¤ Űʂ¤ Űʂ¤ Űʂ¤"32742   en0% Ë‚¤ Ë‚¤ Ë‚¤ Ë‚¤"32762   en0& –Ë‚¤ –Ë‚¤ –Ë‚¤ –Ë‚¤"32782   en0' ­Ë‚¤ ­Ë‚¤ ­Ë‚¤ ­Ë‚¤"32802   en0( Ń˂¤ Ń˂¤ Ń˂¤ Ń˂¤"36322   en/) ü˂¤ ü˂¤ ü˂¤ ü˂¤"2822   en/* ŚĚ‚¤ ŚĚ‚¤ ŚĚ‚¤ ŚĚ‚¤"4512   en/+ ć̂¤ ć̂¤ ć̂¤ ć̂¤"4462   en/, …Í‚¤ …Í‚¤ …Í‚¤ …Í‚¤"4452   en/- —Í‚¤ —Í‚¤ —Í‚¤ —Í‚¤"4552   en0. ŞÍ‚¤ ŞÍ‚¤ ŞÍ‚¤ ŞÍ‚¤"42922   en0/ Ę͂¤ Ę͂¤ Ę͂¤ Ę͂¤"43442   en/0 Ű͂¤ Ű͂¤ Ű͂¤ Ű͂¤"4522   en01 ë͂¤ ë͂¤ ë͂¤ ë͂¤"33462   en62 ¨Î‚¤ ¨Î‚¤ ¨Î‚¤ ¨Î‚¤"DCSPLATO2   en ԑ‚¤2  5632122023060710:20:00"46381*32- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 563212-588Ů 563208Î ! 56320811:40:0020230607*30 2 ŕ傤 ŕ傤 ŕ傤 ŕ傤"42202   en 0 ú傤 ú傤 ú傤 ú傤"30342   en0 ¤ć‚¤ ¤ć‚¤ ¤ć‚¤ ¤ć‚¤"30302   en0 Ě悤 Ě悤 Ě悤 Ě悤"30292   en0 ď悤 ď悤 ď悤 ď悤"30272   en0 ˆç‚¤ ˆç‚¤ ˆç‚¤ ˆç‚¤"30402   en/ żç‚¤ żç‚¤ żç‚¤ żç‚¤"7502   en/ ă炤 ă炤 ă炤 ă炤"7462   en/  ‹č‚¤ ‹č‚¤ ‹č‚¤ ‹č‚¤"7582   en/  É肤 É肤 É肤 É肤"7562   en0  „邤 „邤 „邤 „邤"29572   en0  ¤é‚¤ ¤é‚¤ ¤é‚¤ ¤é‚¤"39972   en0  Ď邤 Ď邤 Ď邤 Ď邤"27982   en0 ě邤 ě邤 ě邤 ě邤"44072   en0 œę‚¤ œę‚¤ œę‚¤ œę‚¤"27882   en0 šę‚¤ šę‚¤ šę‚¤ šę‚¤"28072   en0 Ńꂤ Ńꂤ Ńꂤ Ńꂤ"27832   en0 îꂤ îꂤ îꂤ îꂤ"27792   en0 ˆë‚¤ ˆë‚¤ ˆë‚¤ ˆë‚¤"27322   en0 ˙낤 ˙낤 ˙낤 ˙낤"27292   en0 —삤 —삤 —삤 —삤"28302   en0 šě‚¤ šě‚¤ šě‚¤ šě‚¤"27662   en0 ä삤 ä삤 ä삤 ä삤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 ů키 ů키 ů키 ů키"27252   en0 î‚¤ î‚¤ î‚¤ î‚¤"27432   en0 Şî‚¤ Şî‚¤ Şî‚¤ Şî‚¤"27412   en0 Ň Ň Ň Ň"43992   en0 ň ň ň ň"32642   en0  ‰ď‚¤ ‰ď‚¤ ‰ď‚¤ ‰ď‚¤"32662   en0! °ď‚¤ °ď‚¤ °ď‚¤ °ď‚¤"32682   en0" Ě Ě Ě Ě"32692   en0# ď ď ď ď"32722   en0$ ›đ‚¤ ›đ‚¤ ›đ‚¤ ›đ‚¤"32742   en0% Áđ‚¤ Áđ‚¤ Áđ‚¤ Áđ‚¤"32762   en0& Öđ‚¤ Öđ‚¤ Öđ‚¤ Öđ‚¤"32782   en0' íđ‚¤ íđ‚¤ íđ‚¤ íđ‚¤"32802   en0( ‘ń‚¤ ‘ń‚¤ ‘ń‚¤ ‘ń‚¤"36322   en/) źń‚¤ źń‚¤ źń‚¤ źń‚¤"2822   en/* ćń‚¤ ćń‚¤ ćń‚¤ ćń‚¤"4512   en/+ Śň‚¤ Śň‚¤ Śň‚¤ Śň‚¤"4462   en/, Ĺň‚¤ Ĺň‚¤ Ĺň‚¤ Ĺň‚¤"4452   en/- ×ň‚¤ ×ň‚¤ ×ň‚¤ ×ň‚¤"4552   en0. ęň‚¤ ęň‚¤ ęň‚¤ ęň‚¤"42922   en0/ Šó‚¤ Šó‚¤ Šó‚¤ Šó‚¤"43442   en/0 ›ó‚¤ ›ó‚¤ ›ó‚¤ ›ó‚¤"4522   en01 Ťó‚¤ Ťó‚¤ Ťó‚¤ Ťó‚¤"33462   en62 čó‚¤ čó‚¤ čó‚¤ čó‚¤"DCSPLATO2   en ԑ‚¤2  5632082023060711:40:00"46381*32- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 563208-588Ů 563204Î ! 56320413:00:0020230607*30 2  ‹ƒ¤  ‹ƒ¤  ‹ƒ¤  ‹ƒ¤"42202   en 0 ş‹ƒ¤ ş‹ƒ¤ ş‹ƒ¤ ş‹ƒ¤"30342   en0 䋃¤ 䋃¤ 䋃¤ 䋃¤"30302   en0 ŒŒƒ¤ ŒŒƒ¤ ŒŒƒ¤ ŒŒƒ¤"30292   en0 ŻŒƒ¤ ŻŒƒ¤ ŻŒƒ¤ ŻŒƒ¤"30272   en0 Ȍƒ¤ Ȍƒ¤ Ȍƒ¤ Ȍƒ¤"30402   en/ ˙Œƒ¤ ˙Œƒ¤ ˙Œƒ¤ ˙Œƒ¤"7502   en/ Łƒ¤ Łƒ¤ Łƒ¤ Łƒ¤"7462   en/  ˍƒ¤ ˍƒ¤ ˍƒ¤ ˍƒ¤"7582   en/  ‰Žƒ¤ ‰Žƒ¤ ‰Žƒ¤ ‰Žƒ¤"7562   en0  σ¤ σ¤ σ¤ σ¤"29572   en0  䎃¤ 䎃¤ 䎃¤ 䎃¤"39972   en0  ƒ¤ ƒ¤ ƒ¤ ƒ¤"27982   en0 Źƒ¤ Źƒ¤ Źƒ¤ Źƒ¤"44072   en0 ܏ƒ¤ ܏ƒ¤ ܏ƒ¤ ܏ƒ¤"27882   en0 ůƒ¤ ůƒ¤ ůƒ¤ ůƒ¤"28072   en0 ‘ƒ¤ ‘ƒ¤ ‘ƒ¤ ‘ƒ¤"27832   en0 Žƒ¤ Žƒ¤ Žƒ¤ Žƒ¤"27792   en0 Ȑƒ¤ Ȑƒ¤ Ȑƒ¤ Ȑƒ¤"27322   en0 ż‘ƒ¤ ż‘ƒ¤ ż‘ƒ¤ ż‘ƒ¤"27292   en0 בƒ¤ בƒ¤ בƒ¤ בƒ¤"28302   en0 ů‘ƒ¤ ů‘ƒ¤ ů‘ƒ¤ ů‘ƒ¤"27662   en0 ¤’ƒ¤ ¤’ƒ¤ ¤’ƒ¤ ¤’ƒ¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 š“ƒ¤ š“ƒ¤ š“ƒ¤ š“ƒ¤"27252   en0 Гƒ¤ Гƒ¤ Гƒ¤ Гƒ¤"27432   en0 ꓃¤ ꓃¤ ꓃¤ ꓃¤"27412   en0 ’”ƒ¤ ’”ƒ¤ ’”ƒ¤ ’”ƒ¤"43992   en0 ˛”ƒ¤ ˛”ƒ¤ ˛”ƒ¤ ˛”ƒ¤"32642   en0  ɔƒ¤ ɔƒ¤ ɔƒ¤ ɔƒ¤"32662   en0! 𔃤 𔃤 𔃤 𔃤"32682   en0" Œ•ƒ¤ Œ•ƒ¤ Œ•ƒ¤ Œ•ƒ¤"32692   en0# Ż•ƒ¤ Ż•ƒ¤ Ż•ƒ¤ Ż•ƒ¤"32722   en0$ ەƒ¤ ەƒ¤ ەƒ¤ ەƒ¤"32742   en0% –ƒ¤ –ƒ¤ –ƒ¤ –ƒ¤"32762   en0& ––ƒ¤ ––ƒ¤ ––ƒ¤ ––ƒ¤"32782   en0' ­–ƒ¤ ­–ƒ¤ ­–ƒ¤ ­–ƒ¤"32802   en0( іƒ¤ іƒ¤ іƒ¤ іƒ¤"36322   en/) ü–ƒ¤ ü–ƒ¤ ü–ƒ¤ ü–ƒ¤"2822   en/* Ś—ƒ¤ Ś—ƒ¤ Ś—ƒ¤ Ś—ƒ¤"4512   en/+ 旃¤ 旃¤ 旃¤ 旃¤"4462   en/, …˜ƒ¤ …˜ƒ¤ …˜ƒ¤ …˜ƒ¤"4452   en/- —˜ƒ¤ —˜ƒ¤ —˜ƒ¤ —˜ƒ¤"4552   en0. ޘƒ¤ ޘƒ¤ ޘƒ¤ ޘƒ¤"42922   en0/ ʘƒ¤ ʘƒ¤ ʘƒ¤ ʘƒ¤"43442   en/0 ۘƒ¤ ۘƒ¤ ۘƒ¤ ۘƒ¤"4522   en01 똃¤ 똃¤ 똃¤ 똃¤"33462   en62 ¨™ƒ¤ ¨™ƒ¤ ¨™ƒ¤ ¨™ƒ¤"DCSPLATO2   en ԑ‚¤2  5632042023060713:00:00"46381*32- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 563204-588Ů 563200Î ! 56320014:20:0020230607*30 2 ః¤ ః¤ ః¤ ః¤"42202   en 0 ý°ƒ¤ ý°ƒ¤ ý°ƒ¤ ý°ƒ¤"30342   en0 ­ąƒ¤ ­ąƒ¤ ­ąƒ¤ ­ąƒ¤"30302   en0 Úąƒ¤ Úąƒ¤ Úąƒ¤ Úąƒ¤"30292   en0 ƒ˛ƒ¤ ƒ˛ƒ¤ ƒ˛ƒ¤ ƒ˛ƒ¤"30272   en0  ˛ƒ¤  ˛ƒ¤  ˛ƒ¤  ˛ƒ¤"30402   en/ ߲ƒ¤ ߲ƒ¤ ߲ƒ¤ ߲ƒ¤"7502   en/ ‰łƒ¤ ‰łƒ¤ ‰łƒ¤ ‰łƒ¤"7462   en/  ˇłƒ¤ ˇłƒ¤ ˇłƒ¤ ˇłƒ¤"7582   en/  ýłƒ¤ ýłƒ¤ ýłƒ¤ ýłƒ¤"7562   en0  Ŕ´ƒ¤ Ŕ´ƒ¤ Ŕ´ƒ¤ Ŕ´ƒ¤"29572   en0  䴃¤ 䴃¤ 䴃¤ 䴃¤"39972   en0  •ľƒ¤ •ľƒ¤ •ľƒ¤ •ľƒ¤"27982   en0 śľƒ¤ śľƒ¤ śľƒ¤ śľƒ¤"44072   en0 쾃¤ 쾃¤ 쾃¤ 쾃¤"27882   en0 śƒ¤ śƒ¤ śƒ¤ śƒ¤"28072   en0 Šśƒ¤ Šśƒ¤ Šśƒ¤ Šśƒ¤"27832   en0 Ęśƒ¤ Ęśƒ¤ Ęśƒ¤ Ęśƒ¤"27792   en0 蜃¤ 蜃¤ 蜃¤ 蜃¤"27322   en0 ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤"27292   en0 ‰¸ƒ¤ ‰¸ƒ¤ ‰¸ƒ¤ ‰¸ƒ¤"28302   en0 °¸ƒ¤ °¸ƒ¤ °¸ƒ¤ °¸ƒ¤"27662   en0 ܸƒ¤ ܸƒ¤ ܸƒ¤ ܸƒ¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 ńšƒ¤ ńšƒ¤ ńšƒ¤ ńšƒ¤"27252   en0 ˆşƒ¤ ˆşƒ¤ ˆşƒ¤ ˆşƒ¤"27432   en0 ˘şƒ¤ ˘şƒ¤ ˘şƒ¤ ˘şƒ¤"27412   en0 Ęşƒ¤ Ęşƒ¤ Ęşƒ¤ Ęşƒ¤"43992   en0 꺃¤ 꺃¤ 꺃¤ 꺃¤"32642   en0  ťƒ¤ ťƒ¤ ťƒ¤ ťƒ¤"32662   en0! ¨ťƒ¤ ¨ťƒ¤ ¨ťƒ¤ ¨ťƒ¤"32682   en0" Äťƒ¤ Äťƒ¤ Äťƒ¤ Äťƒ¤"32692   en0# 睃¤ 睃¤ 睃¤ 睃¤"32722   en0$ “źƒ¤ “źƒ¤ “źƒ¤ “źƒ¤"32742   en0% šźƒ¤ šźƒ¤ šźƒ¤ šźƒ¤"32762   en0& Îźƒ¤ Îźƒ¤ Îźƒ¤ Îźƒ¤"32782   en0' 埃¤ 埃¤ 埃¤ 埃¤"32802   en0( ‰˝ƒ¤ ‰˝ƒ¤ ‰˝ƒ¤ ‰˝ƒ¤"36322   en/) ´˝ƒ¤ ´˝ƒ¤ ´˝ƒ¤ ´˝ƒ¤"2822   en/* Ő˝ƒ¤ Ő˝ƒ¤ Ő˝ƒ¤ Ő˝ƒ¤"4512   en/+ ˆžƒ¤ ˆžƒ¤ ˆžƒ¤ ˆžƒ¤"4462   en/,  žƒ¤  žƒ¤  žƒ¤  žƒ¤"4452   en/- Žžƒ¤ Žžƒ¤ Žžƒ¤ Žžƒ¤"4552   en0. ˝žƒ¤ ˝žƒ¤ ˝žƒ¤ ˝žƒ¤"42922   en0/ Öžƒ¤ Öžƒ¤ Öžƒ¤ Öžƒ¤"43442   en/0 㞃¤ 㞃¤ 㞃¤ 㞃¤"4522   en01 𞃤 𞃤 𞃤 𞃤"33462   en62 ¤żƒ¤ ¤żƒ¤ ¤żƒ¤ ¤żƒ¤"DCSPLATO2   en ԑ‚¤2  5632002023060714:20:00"46381*32- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 563200-588Ů 563196Î ! 56319615:40:0020230607*30 2  Öƒ¤  Öƒ¤  Öƒ¤  Öƒ¤"42202   en 0 ˝Öƒ¤ ˝Öƒ¤ ˝Öƒ¤ ˝Öƒ¤"30342   en0 íփ¤ íփ¤ íփ¤ íփ¤"30302   en0 š×ƒ¤ š×ƒ¤ š×ƒ¤ š×ƒ¤"30292   en0 Ă׃¤ Ă׃¤ Ă׃¤ Ă׃¤"30272   en0 ŕ׃¤ ŕ׃¤ ŕ׃¤ ŕ׃¤"30402   en/ ŸŘƒ¤ ŸŘƒ¤ ŸŘƒ¤ ŸŘƒ¤"7502   en/ É؃¤ É؃¤ É؃¤ É؃¤"7462   en/  ÷؃¤ ÷؃¤ ÷؃¤ ÷؃¤"7582   en/  ˝Ůƒ¤ ˝Ůƒ¤ ˝Ůƒ¤ ˝Ůƒ¤"7562   en0  €Úƒ¤ €Úƒ¤ €Úƒ¤ €Úƒ¤"29572   en0  ¨Úƒ¤ ¨Úƒ¤ ¨Úƒ¤ ¨Úƒ¤"39972   en0  Ţڃ¤ Ţڃ¤ Ţڃ¤ Ţڃ¤"27982   en0 ‚Űƒ¤ ‚Űƒ¤ ‚Űƒ¤ ‚Űƒ¤"44072   en0 žŰƒ¤ žŰƒ¤ žŰƒ¤ žŰƒ¤"27882   en0 ăۃ¤ ăۃ¤ ăۃ¤ ăۃ¤"28072   en0 ‚܃¤ ‚܃¤ ‚܃¤ ‚܃¤"27832   en0 ŚÜƒ¤ ŚÜƒ¤ ŚÜƒ¤ ŚÜƒ¤"27792   en0 Ç܃¤ Ç܃¤ Ç܃¤ Ç܃¤"27322   en0 Ü݃¤ Ü݃¤ Ü݃¤ Ü݃¤"27292   en0 ú݃¤ ú݃¤ ú݃¤ ú݃¤"28302   en0 ĽŢƒ¤ ĽŢƒ¤ ĽŢƒ¤ ĽŢƒ¤"27662   en0 Řރ¤ Řރ¤ Řރ¤ Řރ¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 …ŕƒ¤ …ŕƒ¤ …ŕƒ¤ …ŕƒ¤"27252   en0  ŕƒ¤  ŕƒ¤  ŕƒ¤  ŕƒ¤"27432   en0 żŕƒ¤ żŕƒ¤ żŕƒ¤ żŕƒ¤"27412   en0 îŕƒ¤ îŕƒ¤ îŕƒ¤ îŕƒ¤"43992   en0 “ფ “ფ “ფ “ფ"32642   en0  Žáƒ¤ Žáƒ¤ Žáƒ¤ Žáƒ¤"32662   en0! Űფ Űფ Űფ Űფ"32682   en0" üფ üფ üფ üფ"32692   en0# Ÿâƒ¤ Ÿâƒ¤ Ÿâƒ¤ Ÿâƒ¤"32722   en0$ Ë⃤ Ë⃤ Ë⃤ Ë⃤"32742   en0% ń⃤ ń⃤ ń⃤ ń⃤"32762   en0& †ăƒ¤ †ăƒ¤ †ăƒ¤ †ăƒ¤"32782   en0' ăƒ¤ ăƒ¤ ăƒ¤ ăƒ¤"32802   en0( Áヤ Áヤ Áヤ Áヤ"36322   en/) ěヤ ěヤ ěヤ ěヤ"2822   en/* äƒ¤ äƒ¤ äƒ¤ äƒ¤"4512   en/+ Ŕ䃤 Ŕ䃤 Ŕ䃤 Ŕ䃤"4462   en/, Ř䃤 Ř䃤 Ř䃤 Ř䃤"4452   en/- ć䃤 ć䃤 ć䃤 ć䃤"4552   en0. ő䃤 ő䃤 ő䃤 ő䃤"42922   en0/ Žĺƒ¤ Žĺƒ¤ Žĺƒ¤ Žĺƒ¤"43442   en/0 ›ĺƒ¤ ›ĺƒ¤ ›ĺƒ¤ ›ĺƒ¤"4522   en01 ¨ĺƒ¤ ¨ĺƒ¤ ¨ĺƒ¤ ¨ĺƒ¤"33462   en62 Ü僤 Ü僤 Ü僤 Ü僤"DCSPLATO2   en ԑ‚¤2  5631962023060715:40:00"46381*32- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 563196-588Ů 563192Î ! 56319217:00:0020230607*30 2 ŕűƒ¤ ŕűƒ¤ ŕűƒ¤ ŕűƒ¤"42202   en 0 ýűƒ¤ ýűƒ¤ ýűƒ¤ ýűƒ¤"30342   en0 ­üƒ¤ ­üƒ¤ ­üƒ¤ ­üƒ¤"30302   en0 Úüƒ¤ Úüƒ¤ Úüƒ¤ Úüƒ¤"30292   en0 ƒýƒ¤ ƒýƒ¤ ƒýƒ¤ ƒýƒ¤"30272   en0  ýƒ¤  ýƒ¤  ýƒ¤  ýƒ¤"30402   en/ ßýƒ¤ ßýƒ¤ ßýƒ¤ ßýƒ¤"7502   en/ ‰ţƒ¤ ‰ţƒ¤ ‰ţƒ¤ ‰ţƒ¤"7462   en/  ˇţƒ¤ ˇţƒ¤ ˇţƒ¤ ˇţƒ¤"7582   en/  ýţƒ¤ ýţƒ¤ ýţƒ¤ ýţƒ¤"7562   en0  Ŕ˙ƒ¤ Ŕ˙ƒ¤ Ŕ˙ƒ¤ Ŕ˙ƒ¤"29572   en0  ŕ˙ƒ¤ ŕ˙ƒ¤ ŕ˙ƒ¤ ŕ˙ƒ¤"39972   en0  ‹€„¤ ‹€„¤ ‹€„¤ ‹€„¤"27982   en0 ¨€„¤ ¨€„¤ ¨€„¤ ¨€„¤"44072   en0 ؀„¤ ؀„¤ ؀„¤ ؀„¤"27882   en0 ő€„¤ ő€„¤ ő€„¤ ő€„¤"28072   en0 „¤ „¤ „¤ „¤"27832   en0 ށ„¤ ށ„¤ ށ„¤ ށ„¤"27792   en0 ā„¤ ā„¤ ā„¤ ā„¤"27322   en0 ť‚„¤ ť‚„¤ ť‚„¤ ť‚„¤"27292   en0 ӂ„¤ ӂ„¤ ӂ„¤ ӂ„¤"28302   en0 ő‚„¤ ő‚„¤ ő‚„¤ ő‚„¤"27662   en0  ƒ„¤  ƒ„¤  ƒ„¤  ƒ„¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 ľ„„¤ ľ„„¤ ľ„„¤ ľ„„¤"27252   en0 ̄„¤ ̄„¤ ̄„¤ ̄„¤"27432   en0 愄¤ 愄¤ 愄¤ 愄¤"27412   en0 Ž…„¤ Ž…„¤ Ž…„¤ Ž…„¤"43992   en0 Ž…„¤ Ž…„¤ Ž…„¤ Ž…„¤"32642   en0  Ņ„¤ Ņ„¤ Ņ„¤ Ņ„¤"32662   en0! 셄¤ 셄¤ 셄¤ 셄¤"32682   en0" ˆ†„¤ ˆ†„¤ ˆ†„¤ ˆ†„¤"32692   en0# Ť†„¤ Ť†„¤ Ť†„¤ Ť†„¤"32722   en0$ ׆„¤ ׆„¤ ׆„¤ ׆„¤"32742   en0% ý†„¤ ý†„¤ ý†„¤ ý†„¤"32762   en0& ’‡„¤ ’‡„¤ ’‡„¤ ’‡„¤"32782   en0' Š‡„¤ Š‡„¤ Š‡„¤ Š‡„¤"32802   en0( ͇„¤ ͇„¤ ͇„¤ ͇„¤"36322   en/) ř‡„¤ ř‡„¤ ř‡„¤ ř‡„¤"2822   en/* ™ˆ„¤ ™ˆ„¤ ™ˆ„¤ ™ˆ„¤"4512   en/+ ̈„¤ ̈„¤ ̈„¤ ̈„¤"4462   en/, 䈄¤ 䈄¤ 䈄¤ 䈄¤"4452   en/- ňˆ„¤ ňˆ„¤ ňˆ„¤ ňˆ„¤"4552   en0. ‰„¤ ‰„¤ ‰„¤ ‰„¤"42922   en0/ š‰„¤ š‰„¤ š‰„¤ š‰„¤"43442   en/0 §‰„¤ §‰„¤ §‰„¤ §‰„¤"4522   en01 ´‰„¤ ´‰„¤ ´‰„¤ ´‰„¤"33462   en62 艄¤ 艄¤ 艄¤ 艄¤"DCSPLATO2   en ԑ‚¤2  5631922023060717:00:00"46381*32- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 563192-588× 563230Ě ! 56323020:11:0020230607*30 0 ¤Ő„¤ ¤Ő„¤ ¤Ő„¤ ¤Ő„¤"42202   en0 şŐ„¤ şŐ„¤ şŐ„¤ şŐ„¤"30342   en0 ŢՄ¤ ŢՄ¤ ŢՄ¤ ŢՄ¤"30302   en0 €Ö„¤ €Ö„¤ €Ö„¤ €Ö„¤"30292   en0 žÖ„¤ žÖ„¤ žÖ„¤ žÖ„¤"30272   en0 łÖ„¤ łÖ„¤ łÖ„¤ łÖ„¤"30402   en/ âք¤ âք¤ âք¤ âք¤"7502   en/ ×„¤ ×„¤ ×„¤ ×„¤"7462   en/  Ł×„¤ Ł×„¤ Ł×„¤ Ł×„¤"7582   en/  Řׄ¤ Řׄ¤ Řׄ¤ Řׄ¤"7562   en0  ŒŘ„¤ ŒŘ„¤ ŒŘ„¤ ŒŘ„¤"29572   en0  ŹŘ„¤ ŹŘ„¤ ŹŘ„¤ ŹŘ„¤"39972   en0  ×؄¤ ×؄¤ ×؄¤ ×؄¤"27982   en0 ô؄¤ ô؄¤ ô؄¤ ô؄¤"44072   en0 ¤Ů„¤ ¤Ů„¤ ¤Ů„¤ ¤Ů„¤"27882   en0 Áل¤ Áل¤ Áل¤ Áل¤"28072   en0 Ůل¤ Ůل¤ Ůل¤ Ůل¤"27832   en0 öل¤ öل¤ öل¤ öل¤"27792   en0 Ú„¤ Ú„¤ Ú„¤ Ú„¤"27322   en0 ‡Ű„¤ ‡Ű„¤ ‡Ű„¤ ‡Ű„¤"27292   en0 ŸŰ„¤ ŸŰ„¤ ŸŰ„¤ ŸŰ„¤"28302   en0 Áۄ¤ Áۄ¤ Áۄ¤ Áۄ¤"27662   en0 ěۄ¤ ěۄ¤ ěۄ¤ ěۄ¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 Ý„¤ Ý„¤ Ý„¤ Ý„¤"27252   en0 ˜Ý„¤ ˜Ý„¤ ˜Ý„¤ ˜Ý„¤"27432   en0 ˛Ý„¤ ˛Ý„¤ ˛Ý„¤ ˛Ý„¤"27412   en0 Ú݄¤ Ú݄¤ Ú݄¤ Ú݄¤"43992   en0 ú݄¤ ú݄¤ ú݄¤ ú݄¤"32642   en0  ‘Ţ„¤ ‘Ţ„¤ ‘Ţ„¤ ‘Ţ„¤"32662   en0! ¸Ţ„¤ ¸Ţ„¤ ¸Ţ„¤ ¸Ţ„¤"32682   en0" Ôބ¤ Ôބ¤ Ôބ¤ Ôބ¤"32692   en0# îބ¤ îބ¤ îބ¤ îބ¤"32722   en0$ ß„¤ ß„¤ ß„¤ ß„¤"32742   en0% Ťß„¤ Ťß„¤ Ťß„¤ Ťß„¤"32762   en0& ťß„¤ ťß„¤ ťß„¤ ťß„¤"32782   en0' Ě߄¤ Ě߄¤ Ě߄¤ Ě߄¤"32802   en0( ç߄¤ ç߄¤ ç߄¤ ç߄¤"36322   en/) ˆŕ„¤ ˆŕ„¤ ˆŕ„¤ ˆŕ„¤"2822   en/* Ąŕ„¤ Ąŕ„¤ Ąŕ„¤ Ąŕ„¤"4512   en/+ Çŕ„¤ Çŕ„¤ Çŕ„¤ Çŕ„¤"4462   en/, Ůŕ„¤ Ůŕ„¤ Ůŕ„¤ Ůŕ„¤"4452   en/- äŕ„¤ äŕ„¤ äŕ„¤ äŕ„¤"4552   en0. ďŕ„¤ ďŕ„¤ ďŕ„¤ ďŕ„¤"42922   en0/ ‚ᄤ ‚ᄤ ‚ᄤ ‚ᄤ"43442   en/0 Œá„¤ Œá„¤ Œá„¤ Œá„¤"4522   en01 •á„¤ •á„¤ •á„¤ •á„¤"33462   en62 źá„¤ źá„¤ źá„¤ źá„¤"DCSPLATO2   en ԑ‚¤2  5632302023060720:11:00"46381*32- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 563230-588Ů 564567Î " 56456708:50:0020230607*600 6 ˆ–‚¤ ˆ–‚¤ ˆ–‚¤ ˆ–‚¤"DCSPLATI2   en / ł–‚¤ ł–‚¤ ł–‚¤ ł–‚¤"3342   en/ –‚¤ –‚¤ –‚¤ –‚¤"3202   en0 㖂¤ 㖂¤ 㖂¤ 㖂¤"37022   en0 ƒ—‚¤ ƒ—‚¤ ƒ—‚¤ ƒ—‚¤"37042   en0 ’—‚¤ ’—‚¤ ’—‚¤ ’—‚¤"37052   en0 ł—‚¤ ł—‚¤ ł—‚¤ ł—‚¤"37062   en0 ֗‚¤ ֗‚¤ ֗‚¤ ֗‚¤"15522   en0  ý—‚¤ ý—‚¤ ý—‚¤ ý—‚¤"15542   en.  ”˜‚¤ ”˜‚¤ ”˜‚¤ ”˜‚¤"822   en0  ´˜‚¤ ´˜‚¤ ´˜‚¤ ´˜‚¤"38772   en0  ޘ‚¤ ޘ‚¤ ޘ‚¤ ޘ‚¤"18562   en0  ű˜‚¤ ű˜‚¤ ű˜‚¤ ű˜‚¤"18032   en0 –™‚¤ –™‚¤ –™‚¤ –™‚¤"17922   en0 Ť™‚¤ Ť™‚¤ Ť™‚¤ Ť™‚¤"18072   en0 ż™‚¤ ż™‚¤ ż™‚¤ ż™‚¤"18092   en0 י‚¤ י‚¤ י‚¤ י‚¤"18112   en0 虂¤ 虂¤ 虂¤ 虂¤"18542   en0 ţ™‚¤ ţ™‚¤ ţ™‚¤ ţ™‚¤"18152   en0 šš‚¤ šš‚¤ šš‚¤ šš‚¤"18192   en0 ¸š‚¤ ¸š‚¤ ¸š‚¤ ¸š‚¤"18232   en0 ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤ ŕš‚¤"18292   en0 ţš‚¤ ţš‚¤ ţš‚¤ ţš‚¤"31992   en0 ˛‚¤ ˛‚¤ ˛‚¤ ˛‚¤"32012   en0 †œ‚¤ †œ‚¤ †œ‚¤ †œ‚¤"32022   en0 М‚¤ М‚¤ М‚¤ М‚¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 坂¤ 坂¤ 坂¤ 坂¤"27252   en0 ü‚¤ ü‚¤ ü‚¤ ü‚¤"27432   en0  –ž‚¤ –ž‚¤ –ž‚¤ –ž‚¤"27412   en0! žž‚¤ žž‚¤ žž‚¤ žž‚¤"43992   en0" ޞ‚¤ ޞ‚¤ ޞ‚¤ ޞ‚¤"32642   en0# őž‚¤ őž‚¤ őž‚¤ őž‚¤"32662   en0$ œŸ‚¤ œŸ‚¤ œŸ‚¤ œŸ‚¤"32682   en0% ¸Ÿ‚¤ ¸Ÿ‚¤ ¸Ÿ‚¤ ¸Ÿ‚¤"32692   en0& ۟‚¤ ۟‚¤ ۟‚¤ ۟‚¤"32722   en0' ‡ ‚¤ ‡ ‚¤ ‡ ‚¤ ‡ ‚¤"32742   en0( ­ ‚¤ ­ ‚¤ ­ ‚¤ ­ ‚¤"32762   en0)  ‚¤  ‚¤  ‚¤  ‚¤"32782   en0* Ů ‚¤ Ů ‚¤ Ů ‚¤ Ů ‚¤"32802   en0+ ý ‚¤ ý ‚¤ ý ‚¤ ý ‚¤"36322   en/, ¨Ą‚¤ ¨Ą‚¤ ¨Ą‚¤ ¨Ą‚¤"2822   en/- ĘĄ‚¤ ĘĄ‚¤ ĘĄ‚¤ ĘĄ‚¤"4512   en/. ţĄ‚¤ ţĄ‚¤ ţĄ‚¤ ţĄ‚¤"4462   en// —˘‚¤ —˘‚¤ —˘‚¤ —˘‚¤"4452   en/0 Ś˘‚¤ Ś˘‚¤ Ś˘‚¤ Ś˘‚¤"4552   en01 ľ˘‚¤ ľ˘‚¤ ľ˘‚¤ ľ˘‚¤"42922   en02 Ϣ‚¤ Ϣ‚¤ Ϣ‚¤ Ϣ‚¤"43442   en/3 ݢ‚¤ ݢ‚¤ ݢ‚¤ ݢ‚¤"4522   en04 ꢂ¤ ꢂ¤ ꢂ¤ ꢂ¤"33462   en65 ˜Ł‚¤ ˜Ł‚¤ ˜Ł‚¤ ˜Ł‚¤"DCSPLATI2   en ԑ‚¤2… 5645672023060708:50:00"46309*602  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 564567-584Ů 564569Î " 56456909:30:0020230607*600 6 訂¤ 訂¤ 訂¤ 訂¤"DCSPLATI2   en / “Š‚¤ “Š‚¤ “Š‚¤ “Š‚¤"3342   en/ ˘Š‚¤ ˘Š‚¤ ˘Š‚¤ ˘Š‚¤"3202   en0 ĂŠ‚¤ ĂŠ‚¤ ĂŠ‚¤ ĂŠ‚¤"37022   en0 㩂¤ 㩂¤ 㩂¤ 㩂¤"37042   en0 ňŠ‚¤ ňŠ‚¤ ňŠ‚¤ ňŠ‚¤"37052   en0 “Ş‚¤ “Ş‚¤ “Ş‚¤ “Ş‚¤"37062   en0 śŞ‚¤ śŞ‚¤ śŞ‚¤ śŞ‚¤"15522   en0  ÝŞ‚¤ ÝŞ‚¤ ÝŞ‚¤ ÝŞ‚¤"15542   en.  ôŞ‚¤ ôŞ‚¤ ôŞ‚¤ ôŞ‚¤"822   en0  ”Ť‚¤ ”Ť‚¤ ”Ť‚¤ ”Ť‚¤"38772   en0  žŤ‚¤ žŤ‚¤ žŤ‚¤ žŤ‚¤"18562   en0  ŰŤ‚¤ ŰŤ‚¤ ŰŤ‚¤ ŰŤ‚¤"18032   en0 öŤ‚¤ öŤ‚¤ öŤ‚¤ öŤ‚¤"17922   en0 ‹Ź‚¤ ‹Ź‚¤ ‹Ź‚¤ ‹Ź‚¤"18072   en0 ŸŹ‚¤ ŸŹ‚¤ ŸŹ‚¤ ŸŹ‚¤"18092   en0 ˇŹ‚¤ ˇŹ‚¤ ˇŹ‚¤ ˇŹ‚¤"18112   en0 ČŹ‚¤ ČŹ‚¤ ČŹ‚¤ ČŹ‚¤"18542   en0 ŢŹ‚¤ ŢŹ‚¤ ŢŹ‚¤ ŢŹ‚¤"18152   en0 úŹ‚¤ úŹ‚¤ úŹ‚¤ úŹ‚¤"18192   en0 ˜­‚¤ ˜­‚¤ ˜­‚¤ ˜­‚¤"18232   en0 Ŕ­‚¤ Ŕ­‚¤ Ŕ­‚¤ Ŕ­‚¤"18292   en0 Ţ­‚¤ Ţ­‚¤ Ţ­‚¤ Ţ­‚¤"31992   en0 ŤŽ‚¤ ŤŽ‚¤ ŤŽ‚¤ ŤŽ‚¤"32012   en0 殂¤ 殂¤ 殂¤ 殂¤"32022   en0 °Ż‚¤ °Ż‚¤ °Ż‚¤ °Ż‚¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 Ĺ°‚¤ Ĺ°‚¤ Ĺ°‚¤ Ĺ°‚¤"27252   en0 Ü°‚¤ Ü°‚¤ Ü°‚¤ Ü°‚¤"27432   en0  ö°‚¤ ö°‚¤ ö°‚¤ ö°‚¤"27412   en0! žą‚¤ žą‚¤ žą‚¤ žą‚¤"43992   en0" žą‚¤ žą‚¤ žą‚¤ žą‚¤"32642   en0# Őą‚¤ Őą‚¤ Őą‚¤ Őą‚¤"32662   en0$ üą‚¤ üą‚¤ üą‚¤ üą‚¤"32682   en0% ˜˛‚¤ ˜˛‚¤ ˜˛‚¤ ˜˛‚¤"32692   en0& ť˛‚¤ ť˛‚¤ ť˛‚¤ ť˛‚¤"32722   en0' 粂¤ 粂¤ 粂¤ 粂¤"32742   en0( ł‚¤ ł‚¤ ł‚¤ ł‚¤"32762   en0) ˘ł‚¤ ˘ł‚¤ ˘ł‚¤ ˘ł‚¤"32782   en0* šł‚¤ šł‚¤ šł‚¤ šł‚¤"32802   en0+ Ýł‚¤ Ýł‚¤ Ýł‚¤ Ýł‚¤"36322   en/, ˆ´‚¤ ˆ´‚¤ ˆ´‚¤ ˆ´‚¤"2822   en/- Ş´‚¤ Ş´‚¤ Ş´‚¤ Ş´‚¤"4512   en/. Ţ´‚¤ Ţ´‚¤ Ţ´‚¤ Ţ´‚¤"4462   en// ÷´‚¤ ÷´‚¤ ÷´‚¤ ÷´‚¤"4452   en/0 †ľ‚¤ †ľ‚¤ †ľ‚¤ †ľ‚¤"4552   en01 •ľ‚¤ •ľ‚¤ •ľ‚¤ •ľ‚¤"42922   en02 Żľ‚¤ Żľ‚¤ Żľ‚¤ Żľ‚¤"43442   en/3 ˝ľ‚¤ ˝ľ‚¤ ˝ľ‚¤ ˝ľ‚¤"4522   en04 Ęľ‚¤ Ęľ‚¤ Ęľ‚¤ Ęľ‚¤"33462   en65 řľ‚¤ řľ‚¤ řľ‚¤ řľ‚¤"DCSPLATI2   en ԑ‚¤2… 5645692023060709:30:00"46309*602  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 564569-584Ů 564571Î " 56457110:10:0020230607*600 6 Čť‚¤ Čť‚¤ Čť‚¤ Čť‚¤"DCSPLATI2   en / 󻂤 󻂤 󻂤 󻂤"3342   en/ ‚ź‚¤ ‚ź‚¤ ‚ź‚¤ ‚ź‚¤"3202   en0 Łź‚¤ Łź‚¤ Łź‚¤ Łź‚¤"37022   en0 Ăź‚¤ Ăź‚¤ Ăź‚¤ Ăź‚¤"37042   en0 Ňź‚¤ Ňź‚¤ Ňź‚¤ Ňź‚¤"37052   en0 󼂤 󼂤 󼂤 󼂤"37062   en0 –˝‚¤ –˝‚¤ –˝‚¤ –˝‚¤"15522   en0  ˝˝‚¤ ˝˝‚¤ ˝˝‚¤ ˝˝‚¤"15542   en.  Ô˝‚¤ Ô˝‚¤ Ô˝‚¤ Ô˝‚¤"822   en0  ô˝‚¤ ô˝‚¤ ô˝‚¤ ô˝‚¤"38772   en0  žž‚¤ žž‚¤ žž‚¤ žž‚¤"18562   en0  ťž‚¤ ťž‚¤ ťž‚¤ ťž‚¤"18032   en0 Öž‚¤ Öž‚¤ Öž‚¤ Öž‚¤"17922   en0 뾂¤ 뾂¤ 뾂¤ 뾂¤"18072   en0 ˙ž‚¤ ˙ž‚¤ ˙ž‚¤ ˙ž‚¤"18092   en0 —ż‚¤ —ż‚¤ —ż‚¤ —ż‚¤"18112   en0 ¨ż‚¤ ¨ż‚¤ ¨ż‚¤ ¨ż‚¤"18542   en0 žż‚¤ žż‚¤ žż‚¤ žż‚¤"18152   en0 Úż‚¤ Úż‚¤ Úż‚¤ Úż‚¤"18192   en0 řż‚¤ řż‚¤ řż‚¤ řż‚¤"18232   en0  Ŕ‚¤  Ŕ‚¤  Ŕ‚¤  Ŕ‚¤"18292   en0 žŔ‚¤ žŔ‚¤ žŔ‚¤ žŔ‚¤"31992   en0 ‹Á‚¤ ‹Á‚¤ ‹Á‚¤ ‹Á‚¤"32012   en0 ĆÁ‚¤ ĆÁ‚¤ ĆÁ‚¤ ĆÁ‚¤"32022   en0 Â‚¤ Â‚¤ Â‚¤ Â‚¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 ĽĂ‚¤ ĽĂ‚¤ ĽĂ‚¤ ĽĂ‚¤"27252   en0 źĂ‚¤ źĂ‚¤ źĂ‚¤ źĂ‚¤"27432   en0  Ö¤ Ö¤ Ö¤ Ö¤"27412   en0! ţ¤ ţ¤ ţ¤ ţ¤"43992   en0" žÄ‚¤ žÄ‚¤ žÄ‚¤ žÄ‚¤"32642   en0# ľÄ‚¤ ľÄ‚¤ ľÄ‚¤ ľÄ‚¤"32662   en0$ Üä Üä Üä Üä"32682   en0% řä řä řä řä"32692   en0& ›Ĺ‚¤ ›Ĺ‚¤ ›Ĺ‚¤ ›Ĺ‚¤"32722   en0' Çł¤ Çł¤ Çł¤ Çł¤"32742   en0( íł¤ íł¤ íł¤ íł¤"32762   en0) ‚Ć‚¤ ‚Ć‚¤ ‚Ć‚¤ ‚Ć‚¤"32782   en0* ™Ć‚¤ ™Ć‚¤ ™Ć‚¤ ™Ć‚¤"32802   en0+ ˝Ć‚¤ ˝Ć‚¤ ˝Ć‚¤ ˝Ć‚¤"36322   en/, čƂ¤ čƂ¤ čƂ¤ čƂ¤"2822   en/- ŠÇ‚¤ ŠÇ‚¤ ŠÇ‚¤ ŠÇ‚¤"4512   en/. žÇ‚¤ žÇ‚¤ žÇ‚¤ žÇ‚¤"4462   en// ×ǂ¤ ×ǂ¤ ×ǂ¤ ×ǂ¤"4452   en/0 ćǂ¤ ćǂ¤ ćǂ¤ ćǂ¤"4552   en01 őǂ¤ őǂ¤ őǂ¤ őǂ¤"42922   en02 Č‚¤ Č‚¤ Č‚¤ Č‚¤"43442   en/3 Č‚¤ Č‚¤ Č‚¤ Č‚¤"4522   en04 ŞČ‚¤ ŞČ‚¤ ŞČ‚¤ ŞČ‚¤"33462   en65 ŘȂ¤ ŘȂ¤ ŘȂ¤ ŘȂ¤"DCSPLATI2   en ԑ‚¤2… 5645712023060710:10:00"46309*602  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 564571-584Ů 564573Î " 56457310:50:0020230607*600 6 ¨Î‚¤ ¨Î‚¤ ¨Î‚¤ ¨Î‚¤"DCSPLATI2   en / Ó΂¤ Ó΂¤ Ó΂¤ Ó΂¤"3342   en/ â΂¤ â΂¤ â΂¤ â΂¤"3202   en0 ƒĎ‚¤ ƒĎ‚¤ ƒĎ‚¤ ƒĎ‚¤"37022   en0 ŁĎ‚¤ ŁĎ‚¤ ŁĎ‚¤ ŁĎ‚¤"37042   en0 ˛Ď‚¤ ˛Ď‚¤ ˛Ď‚¤ ˛Ď‚¤"37052   en0 Óς¤ Óς¤ Óς¤ Óς¤"37062   en0 öς¤ öς¤ öς¤ öς¤"15522   en0  Đ‚¤ Đ‚¤ Đ‚¤ Đ‚¤"15542   en.  ´Đ‚¤ ´Đ‚¤ ´Đ‚¤ ´Đ‚¤"822   en0  ÔЂ¤ ÔЂ¤ ÔЂ¤ ÔЂ¤"38772   en0  ţЂ¤ ţЂ¤ ţЂ¤ ţЂ¤"18562   en0  ›Ń‚¤ ›Ń‚¤ ›Ń‚¤ ›Ń‚¤"18032   en0 śŃ‚¤ śŃ‚¤ śŃ‚¤ śŃ‚¤"17922   en0 Ëт¤ Ëт¤ Ëт¤ Ëт¤"18072   en0 ßт¤ ßт¤ ßт¤ ßт¤"18092   en0 ÷т¤ ÷т¤ ÷т¤ ÷т¤"18112   en0 ˆŇ‚¤ ˆŇ‚¤ ˆŇ‚¤ ˆŇ‚¤"18542   en0 žŇ‚¤ žŇ‚¤ žŇ‚¤ žŇ‚¤"18152   en0 şŇ‚¤ şŇ‚¤ şŇ‚¤ şŇ‚¤"18192   en0 Ř҂¤ Ř҂¤ Ř҂¤ Ř҂¤"18232   en0 €Ó‚¤ €Ó‚¤ €Ó‚¤ €Ó‚¤"18292   en0 žÓ‚¤ žÓ‚¤ žÓ‚¤ žÓ‚¤"31992   en0 ëӂ¤ ëӂ¤ ëӂ¤ ëӂ¤"32012   en0 ŚÔ‚¤ ŚÔ‚¤ ŚÔ‚¤ ŚÔ‚¤"32022   en0 đԂ¤ đԂ¤ đԂ¤ đԂ¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 …Ö‚¤ …Ö‚¤ …Ö‚¤ …Ö‚¤"27252   en0 œÖ‚¤ œÖ‚¤ œÖ‚¤ œÖ‚¤"27432   en0  śÖ‚¤ śÖ‚¤ śÖ‚¤ śÖ‚¤"27412   en0! Ţւ¤ Ţւ¤ Ţւ¤ Ţւ¤"43992   en0" ţւ¤ ţւ¤ ţւ¤ ţւ¤"32642   en0# •×‚¤ •×‚¤ •×‚¤ •×‚¤"32662   en0$ ź×‚¤ ź×‚¤ ź×‚¤ ź×‚¤"32682   en0% Řׂ¤ Řׂ¤ Řׂ¤ Řׂ¤"32692   en0& űׂ¤ űׂ¤ űׂ¤ űׂ¤"32722   en0' §Ř‚¤ §Ř‚¤ §Ř‚¤ §Ř‚¤"32742   en0( Í؂¤ Í؂¤ Í؂¤ Í؂¤"32762   en0) â؂¤ â؂¤ â؂¤ â؂¤"32782   en0* ů؂¤ ů؂¤ ů؂¤ ů؂¤"32802   en0+ Ů‚¤ Ů‚¤ Ů‚¤ Ů‚¤"36322   en/, Čق¤ Čق¤ Čق¤ Čق¤"2822   en/- ęق¤ ęق¤ ęق¤ ęق¤"4512   en/. žÚ‚¤ žÚ‚¤ žÚ‚¤ žÚ‚¤"4462   en// ˇÚ‚¤ ˇÚ‚¤ ˇÚ‚¤ ˇÚ‚¤"4452   en/0 Ćڂ¤ Ćڂ¤ Ćڂ¤ Ćڂ¤"4552   en01 Őڂ¤ Őڂ¤ Őڂ¤ Őڂ¤"42922   en02 ďڂ¤ ďڂ¤ ďڂ¤ ďڂ¤"43442   en/3 ýڂ¤ ýڂ¤ ýڂ¤ ýڂ¤"4522   en04 ŠŰ‚¤ ŠŰ‚¤ ŠŰ‚¤ ŠŰ‚¤"33462   en65 ¸Ű‚¤ ¸Ű‚¤ ¸Ű‚¤ ¸Ű‚¤"DCSPLATI2   en ԑ‚¤2… 5645732023060710:50:00"46309*602  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 564573-584Ů 564575Î " 56457511:30:0020230607*600 6 ˆá‚¤ ˆá‚¤ ˆá‚¤ ˆá‚¤"DCSPLATI2   en / łá‚¤ łá‚¤ łá‚¤ łá‚¤"3342   en/ ÂႤ ÂႤ ÂႤ ÂႤ"3202   en0 ăႤ ăႤ ăႤ ăႤ"37022   en0 ƒâ‚¤ ƒâ‚¤ ƒâ‚¤ ƒâ‚¤"37042   en0 ’₤ ’₤ ’₤ ’₤"37052   en0 łâ‚¤ łâ‚¤ łâ‚¤ łâ‚¤"37062   en0 Ö₤ Ö₤ Ö₤ Ö₤"15522   en0  ý₤ ý₤ ý₤ ý₤"15542   en.  ”イ ”イ ”イ ”イ"822   en0  ´ă‚¤ ´ă‚¤ ´ă‚¤ ´ă‚¤"38772   en0  Ţイ Ţイ Ţイ Ţイ"18562   en0  űイ űイ űイ űイ"18032   en0 –䂤 –䂤 –䂤 –䂤"17922   en0 Ťä‚¤ Ťä‚¤ Ťä‚¤ Ťä‚¤"18072   en0 żä‚¤ żä‚¤ żä‚¤ żä‚¤"18092   en0 ×䂤 ×䂤 ×䂤 ×䂤"18112   en0 č䂤 č䂤 č䂤 č䂤"18542   en0 ţ䂤 ţ䂤 ţ䂤 ţ䂤"18152   en0 šĺ‚¤ šĺ‚¤ šĺ‚¤ šĺ‚¤"18192   en0 ¸ĺ‚¤ ¸ĺ‚¤ ¸ĺ‚¤ ¸ĺ‚¤"18232   en0 ŕ傤 ŕ傤 ŕ傤 ŕ傤"18292   en0 ţ傤 ţ傤 ţ傤 ţ傤"31992   en0 Ë悤 Ë悤 Ë悤 Ë悤"32012   en0 †ç‚¤ †ç‚¤ †ç‚¤ †ç‚¤"32022   en0 Đ炤 Đ炤 Đ炤 Đ炤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 ĺ肤 ĺ肤 ĺ肤 ĺ肤"27252   en0 ü肤 ü肤 ü肤 ü肤"27432   en0  –邤 –邤 –邤 –邤"27412   en0! žé‚¤ žé‚¤ žé‚¤ žé‚¤"43992   en0" Ţ邤 Ţ邤 Ţ邤 Ţ邤"32642   en0# ő邤 ő邤 ő邤 ő邤"32662   en0$ œę‚¤ œę‚¤ œę‚¤ œę‚¤"32682   en0% ¸ę‚¤ ¸ę‚¤ ¸ę‚¤ ¸ę‚¤"32692   en0& Űꂤ Űꂤ Űꂤ Űꂤ"32722   en0' ‡ë‚¤ ‡ë‚¤ ‡ë‚¤ ‡ë‚¤"32742   en0( ­ë‚¤ ­ë‚¤ ­ë‚¤ ­ë‚¤"32762   en0) Â낤 Â낤 Â낤 Â낤"32782   en0* Ů낤 Ů낤 Ů낤 Ů낤"32802   en0+ ý낤 ý낤 ý낤 ý낤"36322   en/, ¨ě‚¤ ¨ě‚¤ ¨ě‚¤ ¨ě‚¤"2822   en/- Ę삤 Ę삤 Ę삤 Ę삤"4512   en/. ţ삤 ţ삤 ţ삤 ţ삤"4462   en// —키 —키 —키 —키"4452   en/0 Śí‚¤ Śí‚¤ Śí‚¤ Śí‚¤"4552   en01 ľí‚¤ ľí‚¤ ľí‚¤ ľí‚¤"42922   en02 Ď키 Ď키 Ď키 Ď키"43442   en/3 Ý키 Ý키 Ý키 Ý키"4522   en04 ę키 ę키 ę키 ę키"33462   en65 ˜î‚¤ ˜î‚¤ ˜î‚¤ ˜î‚¤"DCSPLATI2   en ԑ‚¤2… 5645752023060711:30:00"46309*602  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 564575-584Ů 564577Î " 56457712:10:0020230607*600 6 čó‚¤ čó‚¤ čó‚¤ čó‚¤"DCSPLATI2   en / “ô‚¤ “ô‚¤ “ô‚¤ “ô‚¤"3342   en/ ˘ô‚¤ ˘ô‚¤ ˘ô‚¤ ˘ô‚¤"3202   en0 Ăô‚¤ Ăô‚¤ Ăô‚¤ Ăô‚¤"37022   en0 ăô‚¤ ăô‚¤ ăô‚¤ ăô‚¤"37042   en0 ňô‚¤ ňô‚¤ ňô‚¤ ňô‚¤"37052   en0 “ő‚¤ “ő‚¤ “ő‚¤ “ő‚¤"37062   en0 śő‚¤ śő‚¤ śő‚¤ śő‚¤"15522   en0  Ýő‚¤ Ýő‚¤ Ýő‚¤ Ýő‚¤"15542   en.  ôő‚¤ ôő‚¤ ôő‚¤ ôő‚¤"822   en0  ”ö‚¤ ”ö‚¤ ”ö‚¤ ”ö‚¤"38772   en0  žö‚¤ žö‚¤ žö‚¤ žö‚¤"18562   en0  Űö‚¤ Űö‚¤ Űö‚¤ Űö‚¤"18032   en0 öö‚¤ öö‚¤ öö‚¤ öö‚¤"17922   en0 ‹÷‚¤ ‹÷‚¤ ‹÷‚¤ ‹÷‚¤"18072   en0 Ÿ÷‚¤ Ÿ÷‚¤ Ÿ÷‚¤ Ÿ÷‚¤"18092   en0 ˇ÷‚¤ ˇ÷‚¤ ˇ÷‚¤ ˇ÷‚¤"18112   en0 Č÷‚¤ Č÷‚¤ Č÷‚¤ Č÷‚¤"18542   en0 Ţ÷‚¤ Ţ÷‚¤ Ţ÷‚¤ Ţ÷‚¤"18152   en0 ú÷‚¤ ú÷‚¤ ú÷‚¤ ú÷‚¤"18192   en0 ˜ř‚¤ ˜ř‚¤ ˜ř‚¤ ˜ř‚¤"18232   en0 Ŕř‚¤ Ŕř‚¤ Ŕř‚¤ Ŕř‚¤"18292   en0 Ţř‚¤ Ţř‚¤ Ţř‚¤ Ţř‚¤"31992   en0 Ťů‚¤ Ťů‚¤ Ťů‚¤ Ťů‚¤"32012   en0 ćů‚¤ ćů‚¤ ćů‚¤ ćů‚¤"32022   en0 °ú‚¤ °ú‚¤ °ú‚¤ °ú‚¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 Ĺű‚¤ Ĺű‚¤ Ĺű‚¤ Ĺű‚¤"27252   en0 Üű‚¤ Üű‚¤ Üű‚¤ Üű‚¤"27432   en0  öű‚¤ öű‚¤ öű‚¤ öű‚¤"27412   en0! žü‚¤ žü‚¤ žü‚¤ žü‚¤"43992   en0" žü‚¤ žü‚¤ žü‚¤ žü‚¤"32642   en0# Őü‚¤ Őü‚¤ Őü‚¤ Őü‚¤"32662   en0$ üü‚¤ üü‚¤ üü‚¤ üü‚¤"32682   en0% ˜ý‚¤ ˜ý‚¤ ˜ý‚¤ ˜ý‚¤"32692   en0& ťý‚¤ ťý‚¤ ťý‚¤ ťý‚¤"32722   en0' çý‚¤ çý‚¤ çý‚¤ çý‚¤"32742   en0( ţ‚¤ ţ‚¤ ţ‚¤ ţ‚¤"32762   en0) ˘ţ‚¤ ˘ţ‚¤ ˘ţ‚¤ ˘ţ‚¤"32782   en0* šţ‚¤ šţ‚¤ šţ‚¤ šţ‚¤"32802   en0+ Ýţ‚¤ Ýţ‚¤ Ýţ‚¤ Ýţ‚¤"36322   en/, ˆ˙‚¤ ˆ˙‚¤ ˆ˙‚¤ ˆ˙‚¤"2822   en/- Ş˙‚¤ Ş˙‚¤ Ş˙‚¤ Ş˙‚¤"4512   en/. Ţ˙‚¤ Ţ˙‚¤ Ţ˙‚¤ Ţ˙‚¤"4462   en// ÷˙‚¤ ÷˙‚¤ ÷˙‚¤ ÷˙‚¤"4452   en/0 †€ƒ¤ †€ƒ¤ †€ƒ¤ †€ƒ¤"4552   en01 •€ƒ¤ •€ƒ¤ •€ƒ¤ •€ƒ¤"42922   en02 Ż€ƒ¤ Ż€ƒ¤ Ż€ƒ¤ Ż€ƒ¤"43442   en/3 ˝€ƒ¤ ˝€ƒ¤ ˝€ƒ¤ ˝€ƒ¤"4522   en04 ʀƒ¤ ʀƒ¤ ʀƒ¤ ʀƒ¤"33462   en65 ř€ƒ¤ ř€ƒ¤ ř€ƒ¤ ř€ƒ¤"DCSPLATI2   en ԑ‚¤2… 5645772023060712:10:00"46309*602  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 564577-584Ů 564579Î " 56457912:50:0020230607*600 6 Ȇƒ¤ Ȇƒ¤ Ȇƒ¤ Ȇƒ¤"DCSPLATI2   en / 󆃤 󆃤 󆃤 󆃤"3342   en/ ‚‡ƒ¤ ‚‡ƒ¤ ‚‡ƒ¤ ‚‡ƒ¤"3202   en0 Ł‡ƒ¤ Ł‡ƒ¤ Ł‡ƒ¤ Ł‡ƒ¤"37022   en0 ǃ¤ ǃ¤ ǃ¤ ǃ¤"37042   en0 ҇ƒ¤ ҇ƒ¤ ҇ƒ¤ ҇ƒ¤"37052   en0 󇃤 󇃤 󇃤 󇃤"37062   en0 –ˆƒ¤ –ˆƒ¤ –ˆƒ¤ –ˆƒ¤"15522   en0  ˝ˆƒ¤ ˝ˆƒ¤ ˝ˆƒ¤ ˝ˆƒ¤"15542   en.  Ԉƒ¤ Ԉƒ¤ Ԉƒ¤ Ԉƒ¤"822   en0  ôˆƒ¤ ôˆƒ¤ ôˆƒ¤ ôˆƒ¤"38772   en0  ž‰ƒ¤ ž‰ƒ¤ ž‰ƒ¤ ž‰ƒ¤"18562   en0  ť‰ƒ¤ ť‰ƒ¤ ť‰ƒ¤ ť‰ƒ¤"18032   en0 ։ƒ¤ ։ƒ¤ ։ƒ¤ ։ƒ¤"17922   en0 뉃¤ 뉃¤ 뉃¤ 뉃¤"18072   en0 ˙‰ƒ¤ ˙‰ƒ¤ ˙‰ƒ¤ ˙‰ƒ¤"18092   en0 —Šƒ¤ —Šƒ¤ —Šƒ¤ —Šƒ¤"18112   en0 ¨Šƒ¤ ¨Šƒ¤ ¨Šƒ¤ ¨Šƒ¤"18542   en0 žŠƒ¤ žŠƒ¤ žŠƒ¤ žŠƒ¤"18152   en0 ڊƒ¤ ڊƒ¤ ڊƒ¤ ڊƒ¤"18192   en0 řŠƒ¤ řŠƒ¤ řŠƒ¤ řŠƒ¤"18232   en0  ‹ƒ¤  ‹ƒ¤  ‹ƒ¤  ‹ƒ¤"18292   en0 ž‹ƒ¤ ž‹ƒ¤ ž‹ƒ¤ ž‹ƒ¤"31992   en0 ‹Œƒ¤ ‹Œƒ¤ ‹Œƒ¤ ‹Œƒ¤"32012   en0 ƌƒ¤ ƌƒ¤ ƌƒ¤ ƌƒ¤"32022   en0 ƒ¤ ƒ¤ ƒ¤ ƒ¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 ĽŽƒ¤ ĽŽƒ¤ ĽŽƒ¤ ĽŽƒ¤"27252   en0 źŽƒ¤ źŽƒ¤ źŽƒ¤ źŽƒ¤"27432   en0  ֎ƒ¤ ֎ƒ¤ ֎ƒ¤ ֎ƒ¤"27412   en0! ţŽƒ¤ ţŽƒ¤ ţŽƒ¤ ţŽƒ¤"43992   en0" žƒ¤ žƒ¤ žƒ¤ žƒ¤"32642   en0# ľƒ¤ ľƒ¤ ľƒ¤ ľƒ¤"32662   en0$ ܏ƒ¤ ܏ƒ¤ ܏ƒ¤ ܏ƒ¤"32682   en0% řƒ¤ řƒ¤ řƒ¤ řƒ¤"32692   en0& ›ƒ¤ ›ƒ¤ ›ƒ¤ ›ƒ¤"32722   en0' ǐƒ¤ ǐƒ¤ ǐƒ¤ ǐƒ¤"32742   en0( 퐃¤ 퐃¤ 퐃¤ 퐃¤"32762   en0) ‚‘ƒ¤ ‚‘ƒ¤ ‚‘ƒ¤ ‚‘ƒ¤"32782   en0* ™‘ƒ¤ ™‘ƒ¤ ™‘ƒ¤ ™‘ƒ¤"32802   en0+ ˝‘ƒ¤ ˝‘ƒ¤ ˝‘ƒ¤ ˝‘ƒ¤"36322   en/, 葃¤ 葃¤ 葃¤ 葃¤"2822   en/- Š’ƒ¤ Š’ƒ¤ Š’ƒ¤ Š’ƒ¤"4512   en/. ž’ƒ¤ ž’ƒ¤ ž’ƒ¤ ž’ƒ¤"4462   en// גƒ¤ גƒ¤ גƒ¤ גƒ¤"4452   en/0 撃¤ 撃¤ 撃¤ 撃¤"4552   en01 ő’ƒ¤ ő’ƒ¤ ő’ƒ¤ ő’ƒ¤"42922   en02 “ƒ¤ “ƒ¤ “ƒ¤ “ƒ¤"43442   en/3 “ƒ¤ “ƒ¤ “ƒ¤ “ƒ¤"4522   en04 Ş“ƒ¤ Ş“ƒ¤ Ş“ƒ¤ Ş“ƒ¤"33462   en65 ؓƒ¤ ؓƒ¤ ؓƒ¤ ؓƒ¤"DCSPLATI2   en ԑ‚¤2… 5645792023060712:50:00"46309*602  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 564579-584× 564581Ě " 56458113:30:0020230607*600 6 ¨™ƒ¤ ¨™ƒ¤ ¨™ƒ¤ ¨™ƒ¤"DCSPLATI2   en / әƒ¤ әƒ¤ әƒ¤ әƒ¤"3342   en/ ♃¤ ♃¤ ♃¤ ♃¤"3202   en0 ƒšƒ¤ ƒšƒ¤ ƒšƒ¤ ƒšƒ¤"37022   en0 Łšƒ¤ Łšƒ¤ Łšƒ¤ Łšƒ¤"37042   en0 ˛šƒ¤ ˛šƒ¤ ˛šƒ¤ ˛šƒ¤"37052   en0 Ӛƒ¤ Ӛƒ¤ Ӛƒ¤ Ӛƒ¤"37062   en0 öšƒ¤ öšƒ¤ öšƒ¤ öšƒ¤"15522   en0  ›ƒ¤ ›ƒ¤ ›ƒ¤ ›ƒ¤"15542   en.  ´›ƒ¤ ´›ƒ¤ ´›ƒ¤ ´›ƒ¤"822   en0  ԛƒ¤ ԛƒ¤ ԛƒ¤ ԛƒ¤"38772   en0  ţ›ƒ¤ ţ›ƒ¤ ţ›ƒ¤ ţ›ƒ¤"18562   en0  ›œƒ¤ ›œƒ¤ ›œƒ¤ ›œƒ¤"18032   en0 śœƒ¤ śœƒ¤ śœƒ¤ śœƒ¤"17922   en0 ˜ƒ¤ ˜ƒ¤ ˜ƒ¤ ˜ƒ¤"18072   en0 ߜƒ¤ ߜƒ¤ ߜƒ¤ ߜƒ¤"18092   en0 ÷œƒ¤ ÷œƒ¤ ÷œƒ¤ ÷œƒ¤"18112   en0 ˆƒ¤ ˆƒ¤ ˆƒ¤ ˆƒ¤"18542   en0 žƒ¤ žƒ¤ žƒ¤ žƒ¤"18152   en0 şƒ¤ şƒ¤ şƒ¤ şƒ¤"18192   en0 ؝ƒ¤ ؝ƒ¤ ؝ƒ¤ ؝ƒ¤"18232   en0 €žƒ¤ €žƒ¤ €žƒ¤ €žƒ¤"18292   en0 žžƒ¤ žžƒ¤ žžƒ¤ žžƒ¤"31992   en0 랃¤ 랃¤ 랃¤ 랃¤"32012   en0 ŚŸƒ¤ ŚŸƒ¤ ŚŸƒ¤ ŚŸƒ¤"32022   en0 🃤 🃤 🃤 🃤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 …Ąƒ¤ …Ąƒ¤ …Ąƒ¤ …Ąƒ¤"27252   en0 œĄƒ¤ œĄƒ¤ œĄƒ¤ œĄƒ¤"27432   en0  śĄƒ¤ śĄƒ¤ śĄƒ¤ śĄƒ¤"27412   en0! ŢĄƒ¤ ŢĄƒ¤ ŢĄƒ¤ ŢĄƒ¤"43992   en0" ţĄƒ¤ ţĄƒ¤ ţĄƒ¤ ţĄƒ¤"32642   en0# •˘ƒ¤ •˘ƒ¤ •˘ƒ¤ •˘ƒ¤"32662   en0$ ź˘ƒ¤ ź˘ƒ¤ ź˘ƒ¤ ź˘ƒ¤"32682   en0% آƒ¤ آƒ¤ آƒ¤ آƒ¤"32692   en0& ű˘ƒ¤ ű˘ƒ¤ ű˘ƒ¤ ű˘ƒ¤"32722   en0' §Łƒ¤ §Łƒ¤ §Łƒ¤ §Łƒ¤"32742   en0( ÍŁƒ¤ ÍŁƒ¤ ÍŁƒ¤ ÍŁƒ¤"32762   en0) ⣃¤ ⣃¤ ⣃¤ ⣃¤"32782   en0* ůŁƒ¤ ůŁƒ¤ ůŁƒ¤ ůŁƒ¤"32802   en0+ ¤ƒ¤ ¤ƒ¤ ¤ƒ¤ ¤ƒ¤"36322   en/, Ȥƒ¤ Ȥƒ¤ Ȥƒ¤ Ȥƒ¤"2822   en/- ꤃¤ ꤃¤ ꤃¤ ꤃¤"4512   en/. žĽƒ¤ žĽƒ¤ žĽƒ¤ žĽƒ¤"4462   en// ˇĽƒ¤ ˇĽƒ¤ ˇĽƒ¤ ˇĽƒ¤"4452   en/0 ĆĽƒ¤ ĆĽƒ¤ ĆĽƒ¤ ĆĽƒ¤"4552   en01 ŐĽƒ¤ ŐĽƒ¤ ŐĽƒ¤ ŐĽƒ¤"42922   en02 #¤ #¤ #¤ #¤"43442   en/3 ýĽƒ¤ ýĽƒ¤ ýĽƒ¤ ýĽƒ¤"4522   en04 ŠŚƒ¤ ŠŚƒ¤ ŠŚƒ¤ ŠŚƒ¤"33462   en45 ¸Śƒ¤ ¸Śƒ¤ ¸Śƒ¤ ¸Śƒ¤"DCSPLATI2   en ԑ‚¤2… 5645812023060713:30:00"46309*602  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 564581-584Ů 564568Î " 56456809:10:0020230607*600 6 ¸Ÿ‚¤ ¸Ÿ‚¤ ¸Ÿ‚¤ ¸Ÿ‚¤"DCSPLATI2   en / 㟂¤ 㟂¤ 㟂¤ 㟂¤"3342   en/ ňŸ‚¤ ňŸ‚¤ ňŸ‚¤ ňŸ‚¤"3202   en0 “ ‚¤ “ ‚¤ “ ‚¤ “ ‚¤"37022   en0 ł ‚¤ ł ‚¤ ł ‚¤ ł ‚¤"37042   en0  ‚¤  ‚¤  ‚¤  ‚¤"37052   en0 㠂¤ 㠂¤ 㠂¤ 㠂¤"37062   en0 †Ą‚¤ †Ą‚¤ †Ą‚¤ †Ą‚¤"15522   en0  ­Ą‚¤ ­Ą‚¤ ­Ą‚¤ ­Ą‚¤"15542   en.  ÄĄ‚¤ ÄĄ‚¤ ÄĄ‚¤ ÄĄ‚¤"822   en0  䡂¤ 䡂¤ 䡂¤ 䡂¤"38772   en0  Ž˘‚¤ Ž˘‚¤ Ž˘‚¤ Ž˘‚¤"18562   en0  Ť˘‚¤ Ť˘‚¤ Ť˘‚¤ Ť˘‚¤"18032   en0 Ƣ‚¤ Ƣ‚¤ Ƣ‚¤ Ƣ‚¤"17922   en0 ۢ‚¤ ۢ‚¤ ۢ‚¤ ۢ‚¤"18072   en0 ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤"18092   en0 ‡Ł‚¤ ‡Ł‚¤ ‡Ł‚¤ ‡Ł‚¤"18112   en0 ˜Ł‚¤ ˜Ł‚¤ ˜Ł‚¤ ˜Ł‚¤"18542   en0 ŽŁ‚¤ ŽŁ‚¤ ŽŁ‚¤ ŽŁ‚¤"18152   en0 ĘŁ‚¤ ĘŁ‚¤ ĘŁ‚¤ ĘŁ‚¤"18192   en0 裂¤ 裂¤ 裂¤ 裂¤"18232   en0 ¤‚¤ ¤‚¤ ¤‚¤ ¤‚¤"18292   en0 Ž¤‚¤ Ž¤‚¤ Ž¤‚¤ Ž¤‚¤"31992   en0 ű¤‚¤ ű¤‚¤ ű¤‚¤ ű¤‚¤"32012   en0 śĽ‚¤ śĽ‚¤ śĽ‚¤ śĽ‚¤"32022   en0 €Ś‚¤ €Ś‚¤ €Ś‚¤ €Ś‚¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 •§‚¤ •§‚¤ •§‚¤ •§‚¤"27252   en0 Ź§‚¤ Ź§‚¤ Ź§‚¤ Ź§‚¤"27432   en0  Ƨ‚¤ Ƨ‚¤ Ƨ‚¤ Ƨ‚¤"27412   en0! ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤"43992   en0" Ž¨‚¤ Ž¨‚¤ Ž¨‚¤ Ž¨‚¤"32642   en0# Ľ¨‚¤ Ľ¨‚¤ Ľ¨‚¤ Ľ¨‚¤"32662   en0$ ̨‚¤ ̨‚¤ ̨‚¤ ̨‚¤"32682   en0% 訂¤ 訂¤ 訂¤ 訂¤"32692   en0& ‹Š‚¤ ‹Š‚¤ ‹Š‚¤ ‹Š‚¤"32722   en0' ˇŠ‚¤ ˇŠ‚¤ ˇŠ‚¤ ˇŠ‚¤"32742   en0( ÝŠ‚¤ ÝŠ‚¤ ÝŠ‚¤ ÝŠ‚¤"32762   en0) ňŠ‚¤ ňŠ‚¤ ňŠ‚¤ ňŠ‚¤"32782   en0* ‰Ş‚¤ ‰Ş‚¤ ‰Ş‚¤ ‰Ş‚¤"32802   en0+ ­Ş‚¤ ­Ş‚¤ ­Ş‚¤ ­Ş‚¤"36322   en/, ŘŞ‚¤ ŘŞ‚¤ ŘŞ‚¤ ŘŞ‚¤"2822   en/- úŞ‚¤ úŞ‚¤ úŞ‚¤ úŞ‚¤"4512   en/. ŽŤ‚¤ ŽŤ‚¤ ŽŤ‚¤ ŽŤ‚¤"4462   en// ÇŤ‚¤ ÇŤ‚¤ ÇŤ‚¤ ÇŤ‚¤"4452   en/0 ÖŤ‚¤ ÖŤ‚¤ ÖŤ‚¤ ÖŤ‚¤"4552   en01 嫂¤ 嫂¤ 嫂¤ 嫂¤"42922   en02 ˙Ť‚¤ ˙Ť‚¤ ˙Ť‚¤ ˙Ť‚¤"43442   en/3 Ź‚¤ Ź‚¤ Ź‚¤ Ź‚¤"4522   en04 šŹ‚¤ šŹ‚¤ šŹ‚¤ šŹ‚¤"33462   en65 ČŹ‚¤ ČŹ‚¤ ČŹ‚¤ ČŹ‚¤"DCSPLATI2   en ԑ‚¤2… 5645682023060709:10:00"46309*602  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 564568-584× 564570Ě " 56457009:50:0020230607*600 6 ˜˛‚¤ ˜˛‚¤ ˜˛‚¤ ˜˛‚¤"DCSPLATI2   en / ò‚¤ ò‚¤ ò‚¤ ò‚¤"3342   en/ Ҳ‚¤ Ҳ‚¤ Ҳ‚¤ Ҳ‚¤"3202   en0 󲂤 󲂤 󲂤 󲂤"37022   en0 “ł‚¤ “ł‚¤ “ł‚¤ “ł‚¤"37042   en0 ˘ł‚¤ ˘ł‚¤ ˘ł‚¤ ˘ł‚¤"37052   en0 Ăł‚¤ Ăł‚¤ Ăł‚¤ Ăł‚¤"37062   en0 泂¤ 泂¤ 泂¤ 泂¤"15522   en0  ´‚¤ ´‚¤ ´‚¤ ´‚¤"15542   en.  ¤´‚¤ ¤´‚¤ ¤´‚¤ ¤´‚¤"822   en0  Ä´‚¤ Ä´‚¤ Ä´‚¤ Ä´‚¤"38772   en0  ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤"18562   en0  ‹ľ‚¤ ‹ľ‚¤ ‹ľ‚¤ ‹ľ‚¤"18032   en0 Śľ‚¤ Śľ‚¤ Śľ‚¤ Śľ‚¤"17922   en0 ťľ‚¤ ťľ‚¤ ťľ‚¤ ťľ‚¤"18072   en0 Ďľ‚¤ Ďľ‚¤ Ďľ‚¤ Ďľ‚¤"18092   en0 終¤ 終¤ 終¤ 終¤"18112   en0 řľ‚¤ řľ‚¤ řľ‚¤ řľ‚¤"18542   en0 Žś‚¤ Žś‚¤ Žś‚¤ Žś‚¤"18152   en0 Şś‚¤ Şś‚¤ Şś‚¤ Şś‚¤"18192   en0 Čś‚¤ Čś‚¤ Čś‚¤ Čś‚¤"18232   en0 𶂤 𶂤 𶂤 𶂤"18292   en0 Žˇ‚¤ Žˇ‚¤ Žˇ‚¤ Žˇ‚¤"31992   en0 ۡ‚¤ ۡ‚¤ ۡ‚¤ ۡ‚¤"32012   en0 –¸‚¤ –¸‚¤ –¸‚¤ –¸‚¤"32022   en0 ข¤ ข¤ ข¤ ข¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 őš‚¤ őš‚¤ őš‚¤ őš‚¤"27252   en0 Œş‚¤ Œş‚¤ Œş‚¤ Œş‚¤"27432   en0  Śş‚¤ Śş‚¤ Śş‚¤ Śş‚¤"27412   en0! Îş‚¤ Îş‚¤ Îş‚¤ Îş‚¤"43992   en0" ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤"32642   en0# …ť‚¤ …ť‚¤ …ť‚¤ …ť‚¤"32662   en0$ Źť‚¤ Źť‚¤ Źť‚¤ Źť‚¤"32682   en0% Čť‚¤ Čť‚¤ Čť‚¤ Čť‚¤"32692   en0& 뻂¤ 뻂¤ 뻂¤ 뻂¤"32722   en0' —ź‚¤ —ź‚¤ —ź‚¤ —ź‚¤"32742   en0( ˝ź‚¤ ˝ź‚¤ ˝ź‚¤ ˝ź‚¤"32762   en0) Ňź‚¤ Ňź‚¤ Ňź‚¤ Ňź‚¤"32782   en0* 鼂¤ 鼂¤ 鼂¤ 鼂¤"32802   en0+ ˝‚¤ ˝‚¤ ˝‚¤ ˝‚¤"36322   en/, ¸˝‚¤ ¸˝‚¤ ¸˝‚¤ ¸˝‚¤"2822   en/- Ú˝‚¤ Ú˝‚¤ Ú˝‚¤ Ú˝‚¤"4512   en/. Žž‚¤ Žž‚¤ Žž‚¤ Žž‚¤"4462   en// §ž‚¤ §ž‚¤ §ž‚¤ §ž‚¤"4452   en/0 śž‚¤ śž‚¤ śž‚¤ śž‚¤"4552   en01 Ĺž‚¤ Ĺž‚¤ Ĺž‚¤ Ĺž‚¤"42922   en02 ßž‚¤ ßž‚¤ ßž‚¤ ßž‚¤"43442   en/3 íž‚¤ íž‚¤ íž‚¤ íž‚¤"4522   en04 úž‚¤ úž‚¤ úž‚¤ úž‚¤"33462   en45 ¨ż‚¤ ¨ż‚¤ ¨ż‚¤ ¨ż‚¤"DCSPLATI2   en ԑ‚¤2… 5645702023060709:50:00"46309*602  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 564570-584× 563229Ě ! 56322921:11:0020230607*30 0 ´ń„¤ ´ń„¤ ´ń„¤ ´ń„¤"42202   en0 Ęń„¤ Ęń„¤ Ęń„¤ Ęń„¤"30342   en0 îń„¤ îń„¤ îń„¤ îń„¤"30302   en0 ň„¤ ň„¤ ň„¤ ň„¤"30292   en0 Žň„¤ Žň„¤ Žň„¤ Žň„¤"30272   en0 Ăň„¤ Ăň„¤ Ăň„¤ Ăň„¤"30402   en/ ňň„¤ ňň„¤ ňň„¤ ňň„¤"7502   en/ ‘ó„¤ ‘ó„¤ ‘ó„¤ ‘ó„¤"7462   en/  łó„¤ łó„¤ łó„¤ łó„¤"7582   en/  čó„¤ čó„¤ čó„¤ čó„¤"7562   en0  œô„¤ œô„¤ œô„¤ œô„¤"29572   en0  źô„¤ źô„¤ źô„¤ źô„¤"39972   en0  çô„¤ çô„¤ çô„¤ çô„¤"27982   en0 „ő„¤ „ő„¤ „ő„¤ „ő„¤"44072   en0 ´ő„¤ ´ő„¤ ´ő„¤ ´ő„¤"27882   en0 Ńő„¤ Ńő„¤ Ńő„¤ Ńő„¤"28072   en0 éő„¤ éő„¤ éő„¤ éő„¤"27832   en0 †ö„¤ †ö„¤ †ö„¤ †ö„¤"27792   en0  ö„¤  ö„¤  ö„¤  ö„¤"27322   en0 —÷„¤ —÷„¤ —÷„¤ —÷„¤"27292   en0 Ż÷„¤ Ż÷„¤ Ż÷„¤ Ż÷„¤"28302   en0 Ń÷„¤ Ń÷„¤ Ń÷„¤ Ń÷„¤"27662   en0 ü÷„¤ ü÷„¤ ü÷„¤ ü÷„¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 ‘ů„¤ ‘ů„¤ ‘ů„¤ ‘ů„¤"27252   en0 ¨ů„¤ ¨ů„¤ ¨ů„¤ ¨ů„¤"27432   en0 Âů„¤ Âů„¤ Âů„¤ Âů„¤"27412   en0 ęů„¤ ęů„¤ ęů„¤ ęů„¤"43992   en0 Šú„¤ Šú„¤ Šú„¤ Šú„¤"32642   en0  Ąú„¤ Ąú„¤ Ąú„¤ Ąú„¤"32662   en0! Čú„¤ Čú„¤ Čú„¤ Čú„¤"32682   en0" äú„¤ äú„¤ äú„¤ äú„¤"32692   en0# ţú„¤ ţú„¤ ţú„¤ ţú„¤"32722   en0$ Ÿű„¤ Ÿű„¤ Ÿű„¤ Ÿű„¤"32742   en0% ťű„¤ ťű„¤ ťű„¤ ťű„¤"32762   en0& Ëű„¤ Ëű„¤ Ëű„¤ Ëű„¤"32782   en0' Üű„¤ Üű„¤ Üű„¤ Üű„¤"32802   en0( ÷ű„¤ ÷ű„¤ ÷ű„¤ ÷ű„¤"36322   en/) ˜ü„¤ ˜ü„¤ ˜ü„¤ ˜ü„¤"2822   en/* ąü„¤ ąü„¤ ąü„¤ ąü„¤"4512   en/+ ×ü„¤ ×ü„¤ ×ü„¤ ×ü„¤"4462   en/, éü„¤ éü„¤ éü„¤ éü„¤"4452   en/- ôü„¤ ôü„¤ ôü„¤ ôü„¤"4552   en0. ˙ü„¤ ˙ü„¤ ˙ü„¤ ˙ü„¤"42922   en0/ ’ý„¤ ’ý„¤ ’ý„¤ ’ý„¤"43442   en/0 œý„¤ œý„¤ œý„¤ œý„¤"4522   en01 Ľý„¤ Ľý„¤ Ľý„¤ Ľý„¤"33462   en62 Ěý„¤ Ěý„¤ Ěý„¤ Ěý„¤"DCSPLATO2   en ԑ‚¤2  5632292023060721:11:00"46381*32- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 563229-588Ů 563228Î ! 56322822:13:0020230607*30 2 źŽ…¤ źŽ…¤ źŽ…¤ źŽ…¤"42202   en 0 Ҏ…¤ Ҏ…¤ Ҏ…¤ Ҏ…¤"30342   en0 öŽ…¤ öŽ…¤ öŽ…¤ öŽ…¤"30302   en0 ˜…¤ ˜…¤ ˜…¤ ˜…¤"30292   en0 ś…¤ ś…¤ ś…¤ ś…¤"30272   en0 ˏ…¤ ˏ…¤ ˏ…¤ ˏ…¤"30402   en/ ú…¤ ú…¤ ú…¤ ú…¤"7502   en/ ™…¤ ™…¤ ™…¤ ™…¤"7462   en/  ť…¤ ť…¤ ť…¤ ť…¤"7582   en/  𐅤 𐅤 𐅤 𐅤"7562   en0  ¤‘…¤ ¤‘…¤ ¤‘…¤ ¤‘…¤"29572   en0  Ŕ‘…¤ Ŕ‘…¤ Ŕ‘…¤ Ŕ‘…¤"39972   en0  摅¤ 摅¤ 摅¤ 摅¤"27982   en0 ˙‘…¤ ˙‘…¤ ˙‘…¤ ˙‘…¤"44072   en0 Š’…¤ Š’…¤ Š’…¤ Š’…¤"27882   en0 ҅¤ ҅¤ ҅¤ ҅¤"28072   en0 ؒ…¤ ؒ…¤ ؒ…¤ ؒ…¤"27832   en0 ń’…¤ ń’…¤ ń’…¤ ń’…¤"27792   en0 ˆ“…¤ ˆ“…¤ ˆ“…¤ ˆ“…¤"27322   en0 𓅤 𓅤 𓅤 𓅤"27292   en0 …”…¤ …”…¤ …”…¤ …”…¤"28302   en0 Ł”…¤ Ł”…¤ Ł”…¤ Ł”…¤"27662   en0 Ȕ…¤ Ȕ…¤ Ȕ…¤ Ȕ…¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 ĕ…¤ ĕ…¤ ĕ…¤ ĕ…¤"27252   en0 ו…¤ ו…¤ ו…¤ ו…¤"27432   en0 핅¤ 핅¤ 핅¤ 핅¤"27412   en0 –…¤ –…¤ –…¤ –…¤"43992   en0 Š–…¤ Š–…¤ Š–…¤ Š–…¤"32642   en0  ź–…¤ ź–…¤ ź–…¤ ź–…¤"32662   en0! ܖ…¤ ܖ…¤ ܖ…¤ ܖ…¤"32682   en0" ô–…¤ ô–…¤ ô–…¤ ô–…¤"32692   en0# Ž—…¤ Ž—…¤ Ž—…¤ Ž—…¤"32722   en0$ Ż—…¤ Ż—…¤ Ż—…¤ Ż—…¤"32742   en0% ˗…¤ ˗…¤ ˗…¤ ˗…¤"32762   en0& ۗ…¤ ۗ…¤ ۗ…¤ ۗ…¤"32782   en0' 업¤ 업¤ 업¤ 업¤"32802   en0( ‡˜…¤ ‡˜…¤ ‡˜…¤ ‡˜…¤"36322   en/) ¨˜…¤ ¨˜…¤ ¨˜…¤ ¨˜…¤"2822   en/* Á˜…¤ Á˜…¤ Á˜…¤ Á˜…¤"4512   en/+ 瘅¤ 瘅¤ 瘅¤ 瘅¤"4462   en/, ů˜…¤ ů˜…¤ ů˜…¤ ů˜…¤"4452   en/- „™…¤ „™…¤ „™…¤ „™…¤"4552   en0. ™…¤ ™…¤ ™…¤ ™…¤"42922   en0/ ˘™…¤ ˘™…¤ ˘™…¤ ˘™…¤"43442   en/0 Ź™…¤ Ź™…¤ Ź™…¤ Ź™…¤"4522   en01 ľ™…¤ ľ™…¤ ľ™…¤ ľ™…¤"33462   en62 ܙ…¤ ܙ…¤ ܙ…¤ ܙ…¤"DCSPLATO2   en ԑ‚¤2  5632282023060722:13:00"46381*32- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 563228-588Ą 563227– ! 56322723:12:0020230607*30 2 Ş…¤ Ş…¤ Ş…¤ Ş…¤"42202   en 0 ˘Ş…¤ ˘Ş…¤ ˘Ş…¤ ˘Ş…¤"30342   en0 ŔŞ…¤ ŔŞ…¤ ŔŞ…¤ ŔŞ…¤"30302   en0 ÜŞ…¤ ÜŞ…¤ ÜŞ…¤ ÜŞ…¤"30292   en0 őŞ…¤ őŞ…¤ őŞ…¤ őŞ…¤"30272   en0 ‡Ť…¤ ‡Ť…¤ ‡Ť…¤ ‡Ť…¤"30402   en/ ŽŤ…¤ ŽŤ…¤ ŽŤ…¤ ŽŤ…¤"7502   en/ ČŤ…¤ ČŤ…¤ ČŤ…¤ ČŤ…¤"7462   en/  䫅¤ 䫅¤ 䫅¤ 䫅¤"7582   en/  Ź…¤ Ź…¤ Ź…¤ Ź…¤"7562   en0  źŹ…¤ źŹ…¤ źŹ…¤ źŹ…¤"29572   en0  ŘŹ…¤ ŘŹ…¤ ŘŹ…¤ ŘŹ…¤"39972   en0  ţŹ…¤ ţŹ…¤ ţŹ…¤ ţŹ…¤"27982   en0 —­…¤ —­…¤ —­…¤ —­…¤"44072   en0 Á­…¤ Á­…¤ Á­…¤ Á­…¤"27882   en0 Ű­…¤ Ű­…¤ Ű­…¤ Ű­…¤"28072   en0 𭅤 𭅤 𭅤 𭅤"27832   en0 ‰Ž…¤ ‰Ž…¤ ‰Ž…¤ ‰Ž…¤"27792   en0  Ž…¤  Ž…¤  Ž…¤  Ž…¤"27322   en0 ˆŻ…¤ ˆŻ…¤ ˆŻ…¤ ˆŻ…¤"27292   en0 Ż…¤ Ż…¤ Ż…¤ Ż…¤"28302   en0 ťŻ…¤ ťŻ…¤ ťŻ…¤ ťŻ…¤"27662   en0 ௅¤ ௅¤ ௅¤ ௅¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 °…¤ °…¤ °…¤ °…¤"27252   en0 Ń°…¤ Ń°…¤ Ń°…¤ Ń°…¤"27432   en0 Ⰵ¤ Ⰵ¤ Ⰵ¤ Ⰵ¤"27412   en0 ý°…¤ ý°…¤ ý°…¤ ý°…¤"43992   en0 ’ą…¤ ’ą…¤ ’ą…¤ ’ą…¤"32642   en0  Ąą…¤ Ąą…¤ Ąą…¤ Ąą…¤"32662   en0! ťą…¤ ťą…¤ ťą…¤ ťą…¤"32682   en0" Đą…¤ Đą…¤ Đą…¤ Đą…¤"32692   en0# 걅¤ 걅¤ 걅¤ 걅¤"32722   en0$ ‹˛…¤ ‹˛…¤ ‹˛…¤ ‹˛…¤"32742   en0% §˛…¤ §˛…¤ §˛…¤ §˛…¤"32762   en0& ˇ˛…¤ ˇ˛…¤ ˇ˛…¤ ˇ˛…¤"32782   en0' Ȳ…¤ Ȳ…¤ Ȳ…¤ Ȳ…¤"32802   en0( 㲅¤ 㲅¤ 㲅¤ 㲅¤"36322   en/) „ł…¤ „ł…¤ „ł…¤ „ł…¤"2822   en/* Łł…¤ Łł…¤ Łł…¤ Łł…¤"4512   en/+ Ňł…¤ Ňł…¤ Ňł…¤ Ňł…¤"4462   en/, 鳅¤ 鳅¤ 鳅¤ 鳅¤"4452   en/- öł…¤ öł…¤ öł…¤ öł…¤"4552   en0. „´…¤ „´…¤ „´…¤ „´…¤"42922   en0/ ›´…¤ ›´…¤ ›´…¤ ›´…¤"43442   en/0 §´…¤ §´…¤ §´…¤ §´…¤"4522   en01 ¸´…¤ ¸´…¤ ¸´…¤ ¸´…¤"33462   en ԑ‚¤2  5632272023060723:12:00"46380*32- + %#3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRAL STATIONen:% # #3 UNIVERSITY TO DART CENTRALenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 563227-587× 564572Ě " 56457210:30:0020230607*600 4 řä řä řä řä"DCSPLATI2   en/ ŁĹ‚¤ ŁĹ‚¤ ŁĹ‚¤ ŁĹ‚¤"3342   en/ ˛Ĺ‚¤ ˛Ĺ‚¤ ˛Ĺ‚¤ ˛Ĺ‚¤"3202   en0 Ół¤ Ół¤ Ół¤ Ół¤"37022   en0 ół¤ ół¤ ół¤ ół¤"37042   en0 ‚Ć‚¤ ‚Ć‚¤ ‚Ć‚¤ ‚Ć‚¤"37052   en0 ŁĆ‚¤ ŁĆ‚¤ ŁĆ‚¤ ŁĆ‚¤"37062   en0 ĆƂ¤ ĆƂ¤ ĆƂ¤ ĆƂ¤"15522   en0  íƂ¤ íƂ¤ íƂ¤ íƂ¤"15542   en.  „Ç‚¤ „Ç‚¤ „Ç‚¤ „Ç‚¤"822   en0  ¤Ç‚¤ ¤Ç‚¤ ¤Ç‚¤ ¤Ç‚¤"38772   en0  Îǂ¤ Îǂ¤ Îǂ¤ Îǂ¤"18562   en0  ëǂ¤ ëǂ¤ ëǂ¤ ëǂ¤"18032   en0 †Č‚¤ †Č‚¤ †Č‚¤ †Č‚¤"17922   en0 ›Č‚¤ ›Č‚¤ ›Č‚¤ ›Č‚¤"18072   en0 ŻČ‚¤ ŻČ‚¤ ŻČ‚¤ ŻČ‚¤"18092   en0 ÇȂ¤ ÇȂ¤ ÇȂ¤ ÇȂ¤"18112   en0 ŘȂ¤ ŘȂ¤ ŘȂ¤ ŘȂ¤"18542   en0 îȂ¤ îȂ¤ îȂ¤ îȂ¤"18152   en0 ŠÉ‚¤ ŠÉ‚¤ ŠÉ‚¤ ŠÉ‚¤"18192   en0 ¨É‚¤ ¨É‚¤ ¨É‚¤ ¨É‚¤"18232   en0 Đɂ¤ Đɂ¤ Đɂ¤ Đɂ¤"18292   en0 îɂ¤ îɂ¤ îɂ¤ îɂ¤"31992   en0 ťĘ‚¤ ťĘ‚¤ ťĘ‚¤ ťĘ‚¤"32012   en0 öʂ¤ öʂ¤ öʂ¤ öʂ¤"32022   en0 Ŕ˂¤ Ŕ˂¤ Ŕ˂¤ Ŕ˂¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 Ő̂¤ Ő̂¤ Ő̂¤ Ő̂¤"27252   en0 ě̂¤ ě̂¤ ě̂¤ ě̂¤"27432   en0  †Í‚¤ †Í‚¤ †Í‚¤ †Í‚¤"27412   en0! ŽÍ‚¤ ŽÍ‚¤ ŽÍ‚¤ ŽÍ‚¤"43992   en0" Î͂¤ Î͂¤ Î͂¤ Î͂¤"32642   en0# ĺ͂¤ ĺ͂¤ ĺ͂¤ ĺ͂¤"32662   en0$ ŒÎ‚¤ ŒÎ‚¤ ŒÎ‚¤ ŒÎ‚¤"32682   en0% ¨Î‚¤ ¨Î‚¤ ¨Î‚¤ ¨Î‚¤"32692   en0& Ë΂¤ Ë΂¤ Ë΂¤ Ë΂¤"32722   en0' ÷΂¤ ÷΂¤ ÷΂¤ ÷΂¤"32742   en0( Ď‚¤ Ď‚¤ Ď‚¤ Ď‚¤"32762   en0) ˛Ď‚¤ ˛Ď‚¤ ˛Ď‚¤ ˛Ď‚¤"32782   en0* Éς¤ Éς¤ Éς¤ Éς¤"32802   en0+ íς¤ íς¤ íς¤ íς¤"36322   en/, ˜Đ‚¤ ˜Đ‚¤ ˜Đ‚¤ ˜Đ‚¤"2822   en/- şĐ‚¤ şĐ‚¤ şĐ‚¤ şĐ‚¤"4512   en/. îЂ¤ îЂ¤ îЂ¤ îЂ¤"4462   en// ‡Ń‚¤ ‡Ń‚¤ ‡Ń‚¤ ‡Ń‚¤"4452   en/0 –Ń‚¤ –Ń‚¤ –Ń‚¤ –Ń‚¤"4552   en01 ĽŃ‚¤ ĽŃ‚¤ ĽŃ‚¤ ĽŃ‚¤"42922   en02 żŃ‚¤ żŃ‚¤ żŃ‚¤ żŃ‚¤"43442   en/3 Íт¤ Íт¤ Íт¤ Íт¤"4522   en04 Úт¤ Úт¤ Úт¤ Úт¤"33462   en65 ˆŇ‚¤ ˆŇ‚¤ ˆŇ‚¤ ˆŇ‚¤"DCSPLATI2   en ԑ‚¤2… 5645722023060710:30:00"46309*602  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 564572-584Ů 564574Î " 56457411:10:0020230607*600 6 Řׂ¤ Řׂ¤ Řׂ¤ Řׂ¤"DCSPLATI2   en / ƒŘ‚¤ ƒŘ‚¤ ƒŘ‚¤ ƒŘ‚¤"3342   en/ ’Ř‚¤ ’Ř‚¤ ’Ř‚¤ ’Ř‚¤"3202   en0 łŘ‚¤ łŘ‚¤ łŘ‚¤ łŘ‚¤"37022   en0 Ó؂¤ Ó؂¤ Ó؂¤ Ó؂¤"37042   en0 â؂¤ â؂¤ â؂¤ â؂¤"37052   en0 ƒŮ‚¤ ƒŮ‚¤ ƒŮ‚¤ ƒŮ‚¤"37062   en0 ŚŮ‚¤ ŚŮ‚¤ ŚŮ‚¤ ŚŮ‚¤"15522   en0  Íق¤ Íق¤ Íق¤ Íق¤"15542   en.  äق¤ äق¤ äق¤ äق¤"822   en0  „Ú‚¤ „Ú‚¤ „Ú‚¤ „Ú‚¤"38772   en0  ŽÚ‚¤ ŽÚ‚¤ ŽÚ‚¤ ŽÚ‚¤"18562   en0  Ëڂ¤ Ëڂ¤ Ëڂ¤ Ëڂ¤"18032   en0 ćڂ¤ ćڂ¤ ćڂ¤ ćڂ¤"17922   en0 űڂ¤ űڂ¤ űڂ¤ űڂ¤"18072   en0 Ű‚¤ Ű‚¤ Ű‚¤ Ű‚¤"18092   en0 §Ű‚¤ §Ű‚¤ §Ű‚¤ §Ű‚¤"18112   en0 ¸Ű‚¤ ¸Ű‚¤ ¸Ű‚¤ ¸Ű‚¤"18542   en0 Îۂ¤ Îۂ¤ Îۂ¤ Îۂ¤"18152   en0 ęۂ¤ ęۂ¤ ęۂ¤ ęۂ¤"18192   en0 ˆÜ‚¤ ˆÜ‚¤ ˆÜ‚¤ ˆÜ‚¤"18232   en0 °Ü‚¤ °Ü‚¤ °Ü‚¤ °Ü‚¤"18292   en0 Î܂¤ Î܂¤ Î܂¤ Î܂¤"31992   en0 ›Ý‚¤ ›Ý‚¤ ›Ý‚¤ ›Ý‚¤"32012   en0 Ö݂¤ Ö݂¤ Ö݂¤ Ö݂¤"32022   en0  Ţ‚¤  Ţ‚¤  Ţ‚¤  Ţ‚¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 ľß‚¤ ľß‚¤ ľß‚¤ ľß‚¤"27252   en0 Ě߂¤ Ě߂¤ Ě߂¤ Ě߂¤"27432   en0  ć߂¤ ć߂¤ ć߂¤ ć߂¤"27412   en0! Žŕ‚¤ Žŕ‚¤ Žŕ‚¤ Žŕ‚¤"43992   en0" Žŕ‚¤ Žŕ‚¤ Žŕ‚¤ Žŕ‚¤"32642   en0# Ĺŕ‚¤ Ĺŕ‚¤ Ĺŕ‚¤ Ĺŕ‚¤"32662   en0$ ěŕ‚¤ ěŕ‚¤ ěŕ‚¤ ěŕ‚¤"32682   en0% ˆá‚¤ ˆá‚¤ ˆá‚¤ ˆá‚¤"32692   en0& Ťá‚¤ Ťá‚¤ Ťá‚¤ Ťá‚¤"32722   en0' ×Ⴄ ×Ⴄ ×Ⴄ ×Ⴄ"32742   en0( ýႤ ýႤ ýႤ ýႤ"32762   en0) ’₤ ’₤ ’₤ ’₤"32782   en0* Šâ‚¤ Šâ‚¤ Šâ‚¤ Šâ‚¤"32802   en0+ Í₤ Í₤ Í₤ Í₤"36322   en/, ř₤ ř₤ ř₤ ř₤"2822   en/- šă‚¤ šă‚¤ šă‚¤ šă‚¤"4512   en/. Îイ Îイ Îイ Îイ"4462   en// çイ çイ çイ çイ"4452   en/0 öイ öイ öイ öイ"4552   en01 …䂤 …䂤 …䂤 …䂤"42922   en02 Ÿä‚¤ Ÿä‚¤ Ÿä‚¤ Ÿä‚¤"43442   en/3 ­ä‚¤ ­ä‚¤ ­ä‚¤ ­ä‚¤"4522   en04 şä‚¤ şä‚¤ şä‚¤ şä‚¤"33462   en65 č䂤 č䂤 č䂤 č䂤"DCSPLATI2   en ԑ‚¤2… 5645742023060711:10:00"46309*602  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 564574-584Ů 564576Î " 56457611:50:0020230607*600 6 ¸ę‚¤ ¸ę‚¤ ¸ę‚¤ ¸ę‚¤"DCSPLATI2   en / ăꂤ ăꂤ ăꂤ ăꂤ"3342   en/ ňꂤ ňꂤ ňꂤ ňꂤ"3202   en0 “낤 “낤 “낤 “낤"37022   en0 łë‚¤ łë‚¤ łë‚¤ łë‚¤"37042   en0 Â낤 Â낤 Â낤 Â낤"37052   en0 ă낤 ă낤 ă낤 ă낤"37062   en0 †ě‚¤ †ě‚¤ †ě‚¤ †ě‚¤"15522   en0  ­ě‚¤ ­ě‚¤ ­ě‚¤ ­ě‚¤"15542   en.  Ä삤 Ä삤 Ä삤 Ä삤"822   en0  ä삤 ä삤 ä삤 ä삤"38772   en0  Ží‚¤ Ží‚¤ Ží‚¤ Ží‚¤"18562   en0  Ťí‚¤ Ťí‚¤ Ťí‚¤ Ťí‚¤"18032   en0 Ć키 Ć키 Ć키 Ć키"17922   en0 Ű키 Ű키 Ű키 Ű키"18072   en0 ď키 ď키 ď키 ď키"18092   en0 ‡î‚¤ ‡î‚¤ ‡î‚¤ ‡î‚¤"18112   en0 ˜î‚¤ ˜î‚¤ ˜î‚¤ ˜î‚¤"18542   en0 Žî‚¤ Žî‚¤ Žî‚¤ Žî‚¤"18152   en0 Ę Ę Ę Ę"18192   en0 č č č č"18232   en0 ď‚¤ ď‚¤ ď‚¤ ď‚¤"18292   en0 Žď‚¤ Žď‚¤ Žď‚¤ Žď‚¤"31992   en0 ű ű ű ű"32012   en0 śđ‚¤ śđ‚¤ śđ‚¤ śđ‚¤"32022   en0 €ń‚¤ €ń‚¤ €ń‚¤ €ń‚¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 •ň‚¤ •ň‚¤ •ň‚¤ •ň‚¤"27252   en0 Źň‚¤ Źň‚¤ Źň‚¤ Źň‚¤"27432   en0  Ćň‚¤ Ćň‚¤ Ćň‚¤ Ćň‚¤"27412   en0! îň‚¤ îň‚¤ îň‚¤ îň‚¤"43992   en0" Žó‚¤ Žó‚¤ Žó‚¤ Žó‚¤"32642   en0# Ľó‚¤ Ľó‚¤ Ľó‚¤ Ľó‚¤"32662   en0$ Ěó‚¤ Ěó‚¤ Ěó‚¤ Ěó‚¤"32682   en0% čó‚¤ čó‚¤ čó‚¤ čó‚¤"32692   en0& ‹ô‚¤ ‹ô‚¤ ‹ô‚¤ ‹ô‚¤"32722   en0' ˇô‚¤ ˇô‚¤ ˇô‚¤ ˇô‚¤"32742   en0( Ýô‚¤ Ýô‚¤ Ýô‚¤ Ýô‚¤"32762   en0) ňô‚¤ ňô‚¤ ňô‚¤ ňô‚¤"32782   en0* ‰ő‚¤ ‰ő‚¤ ‰ő‚¤ ‰ő‚¤"32802   en0+ ­ő‚¤ ­ő‚¤ ­ő‚¤ ­ő‚¤"36322   en/, Řő‚¤ Řő‚¤ Řő‚¤ Řő‚¤"2822   en/- úő‚¤ úő‚¤ úő‚¤ úő‚¤"4512   en/. Žö‚¤ Žö‚¤ Žö‚¤ Žö‚¤"4462   en// Çö‚¤ Çö‚¤ Çö‚¤ Çö‚¤"4452   en/0 Öö‚¤ Öö‚¤ Öö‚¤ Öö‚¤"4552   en01 ĺö‚¤ ĺö‚¤ ĺö‚¤ ĺö‚¤"42922   en02 ˙ö‚¤ ˙ö‚¤ ˙ö‚¤ ˙ö‚¤"43442   en/3 ÷‚¤ ÷‚¤ ÷‚¤ ÷‚¤"4522   en04 š÷‚¤ š÷‚¤ š÷‚¤ š÷‚¤"33462   en65 Č÷‚¤ Č÷‚¤ Č÷‚¤ Č÷‚¤"DCSPLATI2   en ԑ‚¤2… 5645762023060711:50:00"46309*602  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 564576-584Ů 564578Î " 56457812:30:0020230607*600 6 ˜ý‚¤ ˜ý‚¤ ˜ý‚¤ ˜ý‚¤"DCSPLATI2   en / Ăý‚¤ Ăý‚¤ Ăý‚¤ Ăý‚¤"3342   en/ Ňý‚¤ Ňý‚¤ Ňý‚¤ Ňý‚¤"3202   en0 óý‚¤ óý‚¤ óý‚¤ óý‚¤"37022   en0 “ţ‚¤ “ţ‚¤ “ţ‚¤ “ţ‚¤"37042   en0 ˘ţ‚¤ ˘ţ‚¤ ˘ţ‚¤ ˘ţ‚¤"37052   en0 Ăţ‚¤ Ăţ‚¤ Ăţ‚¤ Ăţ‚¤"37062   en0 ćţ‚¤ ćţ‚¤ ćţ‚¤ ćţ‚¤"15522   en0  ˙‚¤ ˙‚¤ ˙‚¤ ˙‚¤"15542   en.  ¤˙‚¤ ¤˙‚¤ ¤˙‚¤ ¤˙‚¤"822   en0  Ä˙‚¤ Ä˙‚¤ Ä˙‚¤ Ä˙‚¤"38772   en0  î˙‚¤ î˙‚¤ î˙‚¤ î˙‚¤"18562   en0  ‹€ƒ¤ ‹€ƒ¤ ‹€ƒ¤ ‹€ƒ¤"18032   en0 Ś€ƒ¤ Ś€ƒ¤ Ś€ƒ¤ Ś€ƒ¤"17922   en0 ť€ƒ¤ ť€ƒ¤ ť€ƒ¤ ť€ƒ¤"18072   en0 πƒ¤ πƒ¤ πƒ¤ πƒ¤"18092   en0 瀃¤ 瀃¤ 瀃¤ 瀃¤"18112   en0 ř€ƒ¤ ř€ƒ¤ ř€ƒ¤ ř€ƒ¤"18542   en0 Žƒ¤ Žƒ¤ Žƒ¤ Žƒ¤"18152   en0 ށƒ¤ ށƒ¤ ށƒ¤ ށƒ¤"18192   en0 ȁƒ¤ ȁƒ¤ ȁƒ¤ ȁƒ¤"18232   en0 đƒ¤ đƒ¤ đƒ¤ đƒ¤"18292   en0 Ž‚ƒ¤ Ž‚ƒ¤ Ž‚ƒ¤ Ž‚ƒ¤"31992   en0 ۂƒ¤ ۂƒ¤ ۂƒ¤ ۂƒ¤"32012   en0 –ƒƒ¤ –ƒƒ¤ –ƒƒ¤ –ƒƒ¤"32022   en0 ŕƒƒ¤ ŕƒƒ¤ ŕƒƒ¤ ŕƒƒ¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 ő„ƒ¤ ő„ƒ¤ ő„ƒ¤ ő„ƒ¤"27252   en0 Œ…ƒ¤ Œ…ƒ¤ Œ…ƒ¤ Œ…ƒ¤"27432   en0  Ś…ƒ¤ Ś…ƒ¤ Ś…ƒ¤ Ś…ƒ¤"27412   en0! ΅ƒ¤ ΅ƒ¤ ΅ƒ¤ ΅ƒ¤"43992   en0" ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤"32642   en0# …†ƒ¤ …†ƒ¤ …†ƒ¤ …†ƒ¤"32662   en0$ Ź†ƒ¤ Ź†ƒ¤ Ź†ƒ¤ Ź†ƒ¤"32682   en0% Ȇƒ¤ Ȇƒ¤ Ȇƒ¤ Ȇƒ¤"32692   en0& 놃¤ 놃¤ 놃¤ 놃¤"32722   en0' —‡ƒ¤ —‡ƒ¤ —‡ƒ¤ —‡ƒ¤"32742   en0( ˝‡ƒ¤ ˝‡ƒ¤ ˝‡ƒ¤ ˝‡ƒ¤"32762   en0) ҇ƒ¤ ҇ƒ¤ ҇ƒ¤ ҇ƒ¤"32782   en0* 釃¤ 釃¤ 釃¤ 釃¤"32802   en0+ ˆƒ¤ ˆƒ¤ ˆƒ¤ ˆƒ¤"36322   en/, ¸ˆƒ¤ ¸ˆƒ¤ ¸ˆƒ¤ ¸ˆƒ¤"2822   en/- ڈƒ¤ ڈƒ¤ ڈƒ¤ ڈƒ¤"4512   en/. Ž‰ƒ¤ Ž‰ƒ¤ Ž‰ƒ¤ Ž‰ƒ¤"4462   en// §‰ƒ¤ §‰ƒ¤ §‰ƒ¤ §‰ƒ¤"4452   en/0 ś‰ƒ¤ ś‰ƒ¤ ś‰ƒ¤ ś‰ƒ¤"4552   en01 ʼnƒ¤ ʼnƒ¤ ʼnƒ¤ ʼnƒ¤"42922   en02 ߉ƒ¤ ߉ƒ¤ ߉ƒ¤ ߉ƒ¤"43442   en/3 퉃¤ 퉃¤ 퉃¤ 퉃¤"4522   en04 ú‰ƒ¤ ú‰ƒ¤ ú‰ƒ¤ ú‰ƒ¤"33462   en65 ¨Šƒ¤ ¨Šƒ¤ ¨Šƒ¤ ¨Šƒ¤"DCSPLATI2   en ԑ‚¤2… 5645782023060712:30:00"46309*602  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 564578-584Ů 564580Î " 56458013:10:0020230607*600 6 řƒ¤ řƒ¤ řƒ¤ řƒ¤"DCSPLATI2   en / Łƒ¤ Łƒ¤ Łƒ¤ Łƒ¤"3342   en/ ˛ƒ¤ ˛ƒ¤ ˛ƒ¤ ˛ƒ¤"3202   en0 Ӑƒ¤ Ӑƒ¤ Ӑƒ¤ Ӑƒ¤"37022   en0 󐃤 󐃤 󐃤 󐃤"37042   en0 ‚‘ƒ¤ ‚‘ƒ¤ ‚‘ƒ¤ ‚‘ƒ¤"37052   en0 Ł‘ƒ¤ Ł‘ƒ¤ Ł‘ƒ¤ Ł‘ƒ¤"37062   en0 Ƒƒ¤ Ƒƒ¤ Ƒƒ¤ Ƒƒ¤"15522   en0  푃¤ 푃¤ 푃¤ 푃¤"15542   en.  „’ƒ¤ „’ƒ¤ „’ƒ¤ „’ƒ¤"822   en0  ¤’ƒ¤ ¤’ƒ¤ ¤’ƒ¤ ¤’ƒ¤"38772   en0  Βƒ¤ Βƒ¤ Βƒ¤ Βƒ¤"18562   en0  뒃¤ 뒃¤ 뒃¤ 뒃¤"18032   en0 †“ƒ¤ †“ƒ¤ †“ƒ¤ †“ƒ¤"17922   en0 ›“ƒ¤ ›“ƒ¤ ›“ƒ¤ ›“ƒ¤"18072   en0 Ż“ƒ¤ Ż“ƒ¤ Ż“ƒ¤ Ż“ƒ¤"18092   en0 Ǔƒ¤ Ǔƒ¤ Ǔƒ¤ Ǔƒ¤"18112   en0 ؓƒ¤ ؓƒ¤ ؓƒ¤ ؓƒ¤"18542   en0 ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤"18152   en0 Š”ƒ¤ Š”ƒ¤ Š”ƒ¤ Š”ƒ¤"18192   en0 ¨”ƒ¤ ¨”ƒ¤ ¨”ƒ¤ ¨”ƒ¤"18232   en0 Дƒ¤ Дƒ¤ Дƒ¤ Дƒ¤"18292   en0 ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤"31992   en0 ť•ƒ¤ ť•ƒ¤ ť•ƒ¤ ť•ƒ¤"32012   en0 ö•ƒ¤ ö•ƒ¤ ö•ƒ¤ ö•ƒ¤"32022   en0 Ŕ–ƒ¤ Ŕ–ƒ¤ Ŕ–ƒ¤ Ŕ–ƒ¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 ՗ƒ¤ ՗ƒ¤ ՗ƒ¤ ՗ƒ¤"27252   en0 엃¤ 엃¤ 엃¤ 엃¤"27432   en0  †˜ƒ¤ †˜ƒ¤ †˜ƒ¤ †˜ƒ¤"27412   en0! Ž˜ƒ¤ Ž˜ƒ¤ Ž˜ƒ¤ Ž˜ƒ¤"43992   en0" Θƒ¤ Θƒ¤ Θƒ¤ Θƒ¤"32642   en0# 嘃¤ 嘃¤ 嘃¤ 嘃¤"32662   en0$ Œ™ƒ¤ Œ™ƒ¤ Œ™ƒ¤ Œ™ƒ¤"32682   en0% ¨™ƒ¤ ¨™ƒ¤ ¨™ƒ¤ ¨™ƒ¤"32692   en0& ˙ƒ¤ ˙ƒ¤ ˙ƒ¤ ˙ƒ¤"32722   en0' ÷™ƒ¤ ÷™ƒ¤ ÷™ƒ¤ ÷™ƒ¤"32742   en0( šƒ¤ šƒ¤ šƒ¤ šƒ¤"32762   en0) ˛šƒ¤ ˛šƒ¤ ˛šƒ¤ ˛šƒ¤"32782   en0* ɚƒ¤ ɚƒ¤ ɚƒ¤ ɚƒ¤"32802   en0+ 횃¤ 횃¤ 횃¤ 횃¤"36322   en/, ˜›ƒ¤ ˜›ƒ¤ ˜›ƒ¤ ˜›ƒ¤"2822   en/- ş›ƒ¤ ş›ƒ¤ ş›ƒ¤ ş›ƒ¤"4512   en/. ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤"4462   en// ‡œƒ¤ ‡œƒ¤ ‡œƒ¤ ‡œƒ¤"4452   en/0 –œƒ¤ –œƒ¤ –œƒ¤ –œƒ¤"4552   en01 Ľœƒ¤ Ľœƒ¤ Ľœƒ¤ Ľœƒ¤"42922   en02 żœƒ¤ żœƒ¤ żœƒ¤ żœƒ¤"43442   en/3 ͜ƒ¤ ͜ƒ¤ ͜ƒ¤ ͜ƒ¤"4522   en04 ڜƒ¤ ڜƒ¤ ڜƒ¤ ڜƒ¤"33462   en65 ˆƒ¤ ˆƒ¤ ˆƒ¤ ˆƒ¤"DCSPLATI2   en ԑ‚¤2… 5645802023060713:10:00"46309*602  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 564580-584Ů 564582Î " 56458213:50:0020230607*600 6 آƒ¤ آƒ¤ آƒ¤ آƒ¤"DCSPLATI2   en / ƒŁƒ¤ ƒŁƒ¤ ƒŁƒ¤ ƒŁƒ¤"3342   en/ ’Łƒ¤ ’Łƒ¤ ’Łƒ¤ ’Łƒ¤"3202   en0 łŁƒ¤ łŁƒ¤ łŁƒ¤ łŁƒ¤"37022   en0 ÓŁƒ¤ ÓŁƒ¤ ÓŁƒ¤ ÓŁƒ¤"37042   en0 ⣃¤ ⣃¤ ⣃¤ ⣃¤"37052   en0 ƒ¤ƒ¤ ƒ¤ƒ¤ ƒ¤ƒ¤ ƒ¤ƒ¤"37062   en0 Ś¤ƒ¤ Ś¤ƒ¤ Ś¤ƒ¤ Ś¤ƒ¤"15522   en0  ͤƒ¤ ͤƒ¤ ͤƒ¤ ͤƒ¤"15542   en.  䤃¤ 䤃¤ 䤃¤ 䤃¤"822   en0  „Ľƒ¤ „Ľƒ¤ „Ľƒ¤ „Ľƒ¤"38772   en0  ŽĽƒ¤ ŽĽƒ¤ ŽĽƒ¤ ŽĽƒ¤"18562   en0  ËĽƒ¤ ËĽƒ¤ ËĽƒ¤ ËĽƒ¤"18032   en0 漃¤ 漃¤ 漃¤ 漃¤"17922   en0 űĽƒ¤ űĽƒ¤ űĽƒ¤ űĽƒ¤"18072   en0 Śƒ¤ Śƒ¤ Śƒ¤ Śƒ¤"18092   en0 §Śƒ¤ §Śƒ¤ §Śƒ¤ §Śƒ¤"18112   en0 ¸Śƒ¤ ¸Śƒ¤ ¸Śƒ¤ ¸Śƒ¤"18542   en0 ÎŚƒ¤ ÎŚƒ¤ ÎŚƒ¤ ÎŚƒ¤"18152   en0 ꌃ¤ ꌃ¤ ꌃ¤ ꌃ¤"18192   en0 ˆ§ƒ¤ ˆ§ƒ¤ ˆ§ƒ¤ ˆ§ƒ¤"18232   en0 °§ƒ¤ °§ƒ¤ °§ƒ¤ °§ƒ¤"18292   en0 Χƒ¤ Χƒ¤ Χƒ¤ Χƒ¤"31992   en0 ›¨ƒ¤ ›¨ƒ¤ ›¨ƒ¤ ›¨ƒ¤"32012   en0 Ö¨ƒ¤ Ö¨ƒ¤ Ö¨ƒ¤ Ö¨ƒ¤"32022   en0  Šƒ¤  Šƒ¤  Šƒ¤  Šƒ¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 ľŞƒ¤ ľŞƒ¤ ľŞƒ¤ ľŞƒ¤"27252   en0 ĚŞƒ¤ ĚŞƒ¤ ĚŞƒ¤ ĚŞƒ¤"27432   en0  檃¤ 檃¤ 檃¤ 檃¤"27412   en0! ŽŤƒ¤ ŽŤƒ¤ ŽŤƒ¤ ŽŤƒ¤"43992   en0" ŽŤƒ¤ ŽŤƒ¤ ŽŤƒ¤ ŽŤƒ¤"32642   en0# ĹŤƒ¤ ĹŤƒ¤ ĹŤƒ¤ ĹŤƒ¤"32662   en0$ 썃¤ 썃¤ 썃¤ 썃¤"32682   en0% ˆŹƒ¤ ˆŹƒ¤ ˆŹƒ¤ ˆŹƒ¤"32692   en0& ŤŹƒ¤ ŤŹƒ¤ ŤŹƒ¤ ŤŹƒ¤"32722   en0' ׏ƒ¤ ׏ƒ¤ ׏ƒ¤ ׏ƒ¤"32742   en0( ýŹƒ¤ ýŹƒ¤ ýŹƒ¤ ýŹƒ¤"32762   en0) ’­ƒ¤ ’­ƒ¤ ’­ƒ¤ ’­ƒ¤"32782   en0* Š­ƒ¤ Š­ƒ¤ Š­ƒ¤ Š­ƒ¤"32802   en0+ Í­ƒ¤ Í­ƒ¤ Í­ƒ¤ Í­ƒ¤"36322   en/, ř­ƒ¤ ř­ƒ¤ ř­ƒ¤ ř­ƒ¤"2822   en/- šŽƒ¤ šŽƒ¤ šŽƒ¤ šŽƒ¤"4512   en/. ÎŽƒ¤ ÎŽƒ¤ ÎŽƒ¤ ÎŽƒ¤"4462   en// 玃¤ 玃¤ 玃¤ 玃¤"4452   en/0 öŽƒ¤ öŽƒ¤ öŽƒ¤ öŽƒ¤"4552   en01 …Żƒ¤ …Żƒ¤ …Żƒ¤ …Żƒ¤"42922   en02 ŸŻƒ¤ ŸŻƒ¤ ŸŻƒ¤ ŸŻƒ¤"43442   en/3 ­Żƒ¤ ­Żƒ¤ ­Żƒ¤ ­Żƒ¤"4522   en04 şŻƒ¤ şŻƒ¤ şŻƒ¤ şŻƒ¤"33462   en65 诃¤ 诃¤ 诃¤ 诃¤"DCSPLATI2   en ԑ‚¤2… 5645822023060713:50:00"46309*602  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 564582-584Ů 564551Î " 56455114:30:0020230607*600 6 ¸ľƒ¤ ¸ľƒ¤ ¸ľƒ¤ ¸ľƒ¤"DCSPLATI2   en / 쾃¤ 쾃¤ 쾃¤ 쾃¤"3342   en/ ţľƒ¤ ţľƒ¤ ţľƒ¤ ţľƒ¤"3202   en0 Śśƒ¤ Śśƒ¤ Śśƒ¤ Śśƒ¤"37022   en0 Ěśƒ¤ Ěśƒ¤ Ěśƒ¤ Ěśƒ¤"37042   en0 Ţśƒ¤ Ţśƒ¤ Ţśƒ¤ Ţśƒ¤"37052   en0 …ˇƒ¤ …ˇƒ¤ …ˇƒ¤ …ˇƒ¤"37062   en0 Żˇƒ¤ Żˇƒ¤ Żˇƒ¤ Żˇƒ¤"15522   en0  ޡƒ¤ ޡƒ¤ ޡƒ¤ ޡƒ¤"15542   en.  úˇƒ¤ úˇƒ¤ úˇƒ¤ úˇƒ¤"822   en0   ¸ƒ¤  ¸ƒ¤  ¸ƒ¤  ¸ƒ¤"38772   en0  Ҹƒ¤ Ҹƒ¤ Ҹƒ¤ Ҹƒ¤"18562   en0  ô¸ƒ¤ ô¸ƒ¤ ô¸ƒ¤ ô¸ƒ¤"18032   en0 •šƒ¤ •šƒ¤ •šƒ¤ •šƒ¤"17922   en0 Żšƒ¤ Żšƒ¤ Żšƒ¤ Żšƒ¤"18072   en0 Çšƒ¤ Çšƒ¤ Çšƒ¤ Çšƒ¤"18092   en0 䚃¤ 䚃¤ 䚃¤ 䚃¤"18112   en0 ůšƒ¤ ůšƒ¤ ůšƒ¤ ůšƒ¤"18542   en0 ”şƒ¤ ”şƒ¤ ”şƒ¤ ”şƒ¤"18152   en0 śşƒ¤ śşƒ¤ śşƒ¤ śşƒ¤"18192   en0 Űşƒ¤ Űşƒ¤ Űşƒ¤ Űşƒ¤"18232   en0 ˆťƒ¤ ˆťƒ¤ ˆťƒ¤ ˆťƒ¤"18292   en0 Śťƒ¤ Śťƒ¤ Śťƒ¤ Śťƒ¤"31992   en0 󝃤 󝃤 󝃤 󝃤"32012   en0 Žźƒ¤ Žźƒ¤ Žźƒ¤ Žźƒ¤"32022   en0 řźƒ¤ řźƒ¤ řźƒ¤ řźƒ¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 žƒ¤ žƒ¤ žƒ¤ žƒ¤"27252   en0 ¤žƒ¤ ¤žƒ¤ ¤žƒ¤ ¤žƒ¤"27432   en0  žžƒ¤ žžƒ¤ žžƒ¤ žžƒ¤"27412   en0! 枃¤ 枃¤ 枃¤ 枃¤"43992   en0" †żƒ¤ †żƒ¤ †żƒ¤ †żƒ¤"32642   en0# żƒ¤ żƒ¤ żƒ¤ żƒ¤"32662   en0$ Äżƒ¤ Äżƒ¤ Äżƒ¤ Äżƒ¤"32682   en0% ࿃¤ ࿃¤ ࿃¤ ࿃¤"32692   en0& ƒŔƒ¤ ƒŔƒ¤ ƒŔƒ¤ ƒŔƒ¤"32722   en0' ŻŔƒ¤ ŻŔƒ¤ ŻŔƒ¤ ŻŔƒ¤"32742   en0( ŐŔƒ¤ ŐŔƒ¤ ŐŔƒ¤ ŐŔƒ¤"32762   en0) ęŔƒ¤ ęŔƒ¤ ęŔƒ¤ ęŔƒ¤"32782   en0* Áƒ¤ Áƒ¤ Áƒ¤ Áƒ¤"32802   en0+ ĽÁƒ¤ ĽÁƒ¤ ĽÁƒ¤ ĽÁƒ¤"36322   en/, ĐÁƒ¤ ĐÁƒ¤ ĐÁƒ¤ ĐÁƒ¤"2822   en/- ňÁƒ¤ ňÁƒ¤ ňÁƒ¤ ňÁƒ¤"4512   en/. ŚÂƒ¤ ŚÂƒ¤ ŚÂƒ¤ ŚÂƒ¤"4462   en// żÂƒ¤ żÂƒ¤ żÂƒ¤ żÂƒ¤"4452   en/0 ΃¤ ΃¤ ΃¤ ΃¤"4552   en01 ݃¤ ݃¤ ݃¤ ݃¤"42922   en02 ÷ƒ¤ ÷ƒ¤ ÷ƒ¤ ÷ƒ¤"43442   en/3 …Ăƒ¤ …Ăƒ¤ …Ăƒ¤ …Ăƒ¤"4522   en04 ’Ăƒ¤ ’Ăƒ¤ ’Ăƒ¤ ’Ăƒ¤"33462   en65 Ŕä Ŕä Ŕä Ŕä"DCSPLATI2   en ԑ‚¤2… 5645512023060714:30:00"46309*602  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 564551-584Ů 564561Î " 56456115:10:0020230607*600 6 ˜Čƒ¤ ˜Čƒ¤ ˜Čƒ¤ ˜Čƒ¤"DCSPLATI2   en / Ěȃ¤ Ěȃ¤ Ěȃ¤ Ěȃ¤"3342   en/ Ţȃ¤ Ţȃ¤ Ţȃ¤ Ţȃ¤"3202   en0 †Éƒ¤ †Éƒ¤ †Éƒ¤ †Éƒ¤"37022   en0 ŹÉƒ¤ ŹÉƒ¤ ŹÉƒ¤ ŹÉƒ¤"37042   en0 žÉƒ¤ žÉƒ¤ žÉƒ¤ žÉƒ¤"37052   en0 ĺɃ¤ ĺɃ¤ ĺɃ¤ ĺɃ¤"37062   en0 Ęƒ¤ Ęƒ¤ Ęƒ¤ Ęƒ¤"15522   en0  žĘƒ¤ žĘƒ¤ žĘƒ¤ žĘƒ¤"15542   en.  Úʃ¤ Úʃ¤ Úʃ¤ Úʃ¤"822   en0  €Ëƒ¤ €Ëƒ¤ €Ëƒ¤ €Ëƒ¤"38772   en0  ˛Ëƒ¤ ˛Ëƒ¤ ˛Ëƒ¤ ˛Ëƒ¤"18562   en0  Ô˃¤ Ô˃¤ Ô˃¤ Ô˃¤"18032   en0 ő˃¤ ő˃¤ ő˃¤ ő˃¤"17922   en0 Ěƒ¤ Ěƒ¤ Ěƒ¤ Ěƒ¤"18072   en0 §Ěƒ¤ §Ěƒ¤ §Ěƒ¤ §Ěƒ¤"18092   en0 Ä̃¤ Ä̃¤ Ä̃¤ Ä̃¤"18112   en0 Ů̃¤ Ů̃¤ Ů̃¤ Ů̃¤"18542   en0 ỗ¤ ỗ¤ ỗ¤ ỗ¤"18152   en0 –̓¤ –̓¤ –̓¤ –̓¤"18192   en0 ťÍƒ¤ ťÍƒ¤ ťÍƒ¤ ťÍƒ¤"18232   en0 č̓¤ č̓¤ č̓¤ č̓¤"18292   en0 †Îƒ¤ †Îƒ¤ †Îƒ¤ †Îƒ¤"31992   en0 Ó΃¤ Ó΃¤ Ó΃¤ Ó΃¤"32012   en0 ŽĎƒ¤ ŽĎƒ¤ ŽĎƒ¤ ŽĎƒ¤"32022   en0 Řσ¤ Řσ¤ Řσ¤ Řσ¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 íЃ¤ íЃ¤ íЃ¤ íЃ¤"27252   en0 „Ńƒ¤ „Ńƒ¤ „Ńƒ¤ „Ńƒ¤"27432   en0  žŃƒ¤ žŃƒ¤ žŃƒ¤ žŃƒ¤"27412   en0! Ćу¤ Ćу¤ Ćу¤ Ćу¤"43992   en0" ćу¤ ćу¤ ćу¤ ćу¤"32642   en0# ýу¤ ýу¤ ýу¤ ýу¤"32662   en0$ ¤Ňƒ¤ ¤Ňƒ¤ ¤Ňƒ¤ ¤Ňƒ¤"32682   en0% Ŕ҃¤ Ŕ҃¤ Ŕ҃¤ Ŕ҃¤"32692   en0& ă҃¤ ă҃¤ ă҃¤ ă҃¤"32722   en0' Óƒ¤ Óƒ¤ Óƒ¤ Óƒ¤"32742   en0( ľÓƒ¤ ľÓƒ¤ ľÓƒ¤ ľÓƒ¤"32762   en0) ĘӃ¤ ĘӃ¤ ĘӃ¤ ĘӃ¤"32782   en0* áӃ¤ áӃ¤ áӃ¤ áӃ¤"32802   en0+ …Ôƒ¤ …Ôƒ¤ …Ôƒ¤ …Ôƒ¤"36322   en/, °Ôƒ¤ °Ôƒ¤ °Ôƒ¤ °Ôƒ¤"2822   en/- Ňԃ¤ Ňԃ¤ Ňԃ¤ Ňԃ¤"4512   en/. †Őƒ¤ †Őƒ¤ †Őƒ¤ †Őƒ¤"4462   en// ŸŐƒ¤ ŸŐƒ¤ ŸŐƒ¤ ŸŐƒ¤"4452   en/0 ŽŐƒ¤ ŽŐƒ¤ ŽŐƒ¤ ŽŐƒ¤"4552   en01 ˝Őƒ¤ ˝Őƒ¤ ˝Őƒ¤ ˝Őƒ¤"42922   en02 ×Ճ¤ ×Ճ¤ ×Ճ¤ ×Ճ¤"43442   en/3 ĺՃ¤ ĺՃ¤ ĺՃ¤ ĺՃ¤"4522   en04 ňՃ¤ ňՃ¤ ňՃ¤ ňՃ¤"33462   en65  Öƒ¤  Öƒ¤  Öƒ¤  Öƒ¤"DCSPLATI2   en ԑ‚¤2… 5645612023060715:10:00"46309*602  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 564561-584Ů 564563Î " 56456315:50:0020230607*600 6 řڃ¤ řڃ¤ řڃ¤ řڃ¤"DCSPLATI2   en / ŹŰƒ¤ ŹŰƒ¤ ŹŰƒ¤ ŹŰƒ¤"3342   en/ žŰƒ¤ žŰƒ¤ žŰƒ¤ žŰƒ¤"3202   en0 ćۃ¤ ćۃ¤ ćۃ¤ ćۃ¤"37022   en0 ŒÜƒ¤ ŒÜƒ¤ ŒÜƒ¤ ŒÜƒ¤"37042   en0 žÜƒ¤ žÜƒ¤ žÜƒ¤ žÜƒ¤"37052   en0 Ĺ܃¤ Ĺ܃¤ Ĺ܃¤ Ĺ܃¤"37062   en0 ď܃¤ ď܃¤ ď܃¤ ď܃¤"15522   en0  žÝƒ¤ žÝƒ¤ žÝƒ¤ žÝƒ¤"15542   en.  şÝƒ¤ şÝƒ¤ şÝƒ¤ şÝƒ¤"822   en0  ŕ݃¤ ŕ݃¤ ŕ݃¤ ŕ݃¤"38772   en0  ’Ţƒ¤ ’Ţƒ¤ ’Ţƒ¤ ’Ţƒ¤"18562   en0  ´Ţƒ¤ ´Ţƒ¤ ´Ţƒ¤ ´Ţƒ¤"18032   en0 Őރ¤ Őރ¤ Őރ¤ Őރ¤"17922   en0 ďރ¤ ďރ¤ ďރ¤ ďރ¤"18072   en0 ‡ßƒ¤ ‡ßƒ¤ ‡ßƒ¤ ‡ßƒ¤"18092   en0 ¤ßƒ¤ ¤ßƒ¤ ¤ßƒ¤ ¤ßƒ¤"18112   en0 šßƒ¤ šßƒ¤ šßƒ¤ šßƒ¤"18542   en0 Ô߃¤ Ô߃¤ Ô߃¤ Ô߃¤"18152   en0 ö߃¤ ö߃¤ ö߃¤ ö߃¤"18192   en0 ›ŕƒ¤ ›ŕƒ¤ ›ŕƒ¤ ›ŕƒ¤"18232   en0 Čŕƒ¤ Čŕƒ¤ Čŕƒ¤ Čŕƒ¤"18292   en0 ćŕƒ¤ ćŕƒ¤ ćŕƒ¤ ćŕƒ¤"31992   en0 łáƒ¤ łáƒ¤ łáƒ¤ łáƒ¤"32012   en0 îფ îფ îფ îფ"32022   en0 ¸âƒ¤ ¸âƒ¤ ¸âƒ¤ ¸âƒ¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 Íヤ Íヤ Íヤ Íヤ"27252   en0 äヤ äヤ äヤ äヤ"27432   en0  ţヤ ţヤ ţヤ ţヤ"27412   en0! Śäƒ¤ Śäƒ¤ Śäƒ¤ Śäƒ¤"43992   en0" Ć䃤 Ć䃤 Ć䃤 Ć䃤"32642   en0# Ý䃤 Ý䃤 Ý䃤 Ý䃤"32662   en0$ „ĺƒ¤ „ĺƒ¤ „ĺƒ¤ „ĺƒ¤"32682   en0%  ĺƒ¤  ĺƒ¤  ĺƒ¤  ĺƒ¤"32692   en0& Ă僤 Ă僤 Ă僤 Ă僤"32722   en0' ď僤 ď僤 ď僤 ď僤"32742   en0( •ćƒ¤ •ćƒ¤ •ćƒ¤ •ćƒ¤"32762   en0) Şćƒ¤ Şćƒ¤ Şćƒ¤ Şćƒ¤"32782   en0* Á惤 Á惤 Á惤 Á惤"32802   en0+ ĺ惤 ĺ惤 ĺ惤 ĺ惤"36322   en/, çƒ¤ çƒ¤ çƒ¤ çƒ¤"2822   en/- ˛çƒ¤ ˛çƒ¤ ˛çƒ¤ ˛çƒ¤"4512   en/. ć烤 ć烤 ć烤 ć烤"4462   en// ˙烤 ˙烤 ˙烤 ˙烤"4452   en/0 Žčƒ¤ Žčƒ¤ Žčƒ¤ Žčƒ¤"4552   en01 čƒ¤ čƒ¤ čƒ¤ čƒ¤"42922   en02 ˇčƒ¤ ˇčƒ¤ ˇčƒ¤ ˇčƒ¤"43442   en/3 Ĺ胤 Ĺ胤 Ĺ胤 Ĺ胤"4522   en04 Ň胤 Ň胤 Ň胤 Ň胤"33462   en65 €éƒ¤ €éƒ¤ €éƒ¤ €éƒ¤"DCSPLATI2   en ԑ‚¤2… 5645632023060715:50:00"46309*602  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 564563-584Ů 564565Î " 56456516:30:0020230607*600 6 Ř탤 Ř탤 Ř탤 Ř탤"DCSPLATI2   en / Œîƒ¤ Œîƒ¤ Œîƒ¤ Œîƒ¤"3342   en/ žîƒ¤ žîƒ¤ žîƒ¤ žîƒ¤"3202   en0 Ć Ć Ć Ć"37022   en0 ě ě ě ě"37042   en0 ţ ţ ţ ţ"37052   en0 Ľďƒ¤ Ľďƒ¤ Ľďƒ¤ Ľďƒ¤"37062   en0 Ď Ď Ď Ď"15522   en0  ţ ţ ţ ţ"15542   en.  šđƒ¤ šđƒ¤ šđƒ¤ šđƒ¤"822   en0  Ŕđƒ¤ Ŕđƒ¤ Ŕđƒ¤ Ŕđƒ¤"38772   en0  űđƒ¤ űđƒ¤ űđƒ¤ űđƒ¤"18562   en0  Łńƒ¤ Łńƒ¤ Łńƒ¤ Łńƒ¤"18032   en0 Éńƒ¤ Éńƒ¤ Éńƒ¤ Éńƒ¤"17922   en0 çńƒ¤ çńƒ¤ çńƒ¤ çńƒ¤"18072   en0 „ňƒ¤ „ňƒ¤ „ňƒ¤ „ňƒ¤"18092   en0 Ľňƒ¤ Ľňƒ¤ Ľňƒ¤ Ľňƒ¤"18112   en0 ˝ňƒ¤ ˝ňƒ¤ ˝ňƒ¤ ˝ňƒ¤"18542   en0 Üňƒ¤ Üňƒ¤ Üňƒ¤ Üňƒ¤"18152   en0 ƒóƒ¤ ƒóƒ¤ ƒóƒ¤ ƒóƒ¤"18192   en0 Žóƒ¤ Žóƒ¤ Žóƒ¤ Žóƒ¤"18232   en0 äóƒ¤ äóƒ¤ äóƒ¤ äóƒ¤"18292   en0 ‚ôƒ¤ ‚ôƒ¤ ‚ôƒ¤ ‚ôƒ¤"31992   en0 Ďôƒ¤ Ďôƒ¤ Ďôƒ¤ Ďôƒ¤"32012   en0 Šőƒ¤ Šőƒ¤ Šőƒ¤ Šőƒ¤"32022   en0 Ôőƒ¤ Ôőƒ¤ Ôőƒ¤ Ôőƒ¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 ÷ƒ¤ ÷ƒ¤ ÷ƒ¤ ÷ƒ¤"27252   en0 œ÷ƒ¤ œ÷ƒ¤ œ÷ƒ¤ œ÷ƒ¤"27432   en0  ť÷ƒ¤ ť÷ƒ¤ ť÷ƒ¤ ť÷ƒ¤"27412   en0! ę÷ƒ¤ ę÷ƒ¤ ę÷ƒ¤ ę÷ƒ¤"43992   en0" řƒ¤ řƒ¤ řƒ¤ řƒ¤"32642   en0# Şřƒ¤ Şřƒ¤ Şřƒ¤ Şřƒ¤"32662   en0$ ×řƒ¤ ×řƒ¤ ×řƒ¤ ×řƒ¤"32682   en0% řřƒ¤ řřƒ¤ řřƒ¤ řřƒ¤"32692   en0& ›ůƒ¤ ›ůƒ¤ ›ůƒ¤ ›ůƒ¤"32722   en0' Çůƒ¤ Çůƒ¤ Çůƒ¤ Çůƒ¤"32742   en0( íůƒ¤ íůƒ¤ íůƒ¤ íůƒ¤"32762   en0) ‚úƒ¤ ‚úƒ¤ ‚úƒ¤ ‚úƒ¤"32782   en0* ™úƒ¤ ™úƒ¤ ™úƒ¤ ™úƒ¤"32802   en0+ ˝úƒ¤ ˝úƒ¤ ˝úƒ¤ ˝úƒ¤"36322   en/, čúƒ¤ čúƒ¤ čúƒ¤ čúƒ¤"2822   en/- Šűƒ¤ Šűƒ¤ Šűƒ¤ Šűƒ¤"4512   en/. žűƒ¤ žűƒ¤ žűƒ¤ žűƒ¤"4462   en// ×űƒ¤ ×űƒ¤ ×űƒ¤ ×űƒ¤"4452   en/0 ćűƒ¤ ćűƒ¤ ćűƒ¤ ćűƒ¤"4552   en01 őűƒ¤ őűƒ¤ őűƒ¤ őűƒ¤"42922   en02 üƒ¤ üƒ¤ üƒ¤ üƒ¤"43442   en/3 üƒ¤ üƒ¤ üƒ¤ üƒ¤"4522   en04 Şüƒ¤ Şüƒ¤ Şüƒ¤ Şüƒ¤"33462   en65 Řüƒ¤ Řüƒ¤ Řüƒ¤ Řüƒ¤"DCSPLATI2   en ԑ‚¤2… 5645652023060716:30:00"46309*602  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 564565-584Ů 564584Î " 56458417:10:0020230607*600 6 ¸€„¤ ¸€„¤ ¸€„¤ ¸€„¤"DCSPLATI2   en / 쀄¤ 쀄¤ 쀄¤ 쀄¤"3342   en/ ţ€„¤ ţ€„¤ ţ€„¤ ţ€„¤"3202   en0 Ś„¤ Ś„¤ Ś„¤ Ś„¤"37022   en0 ́„¤ ́„¤ ́„¤ ́„¤"37042   en0 ށ„¤ ށ„¤ ށ„¤ ށ„¤"37052   en0 …‚„¤ …‚„¤ …‚„¤ …‚„¤"37062   en0 Ż‚„¤ Ż‚„¤ Ż‚„¤ Ż‚„¤"15522   en0  ނ„¤ ނ„¤ ނ„¤ ނ„¤"15542   en.  ú‚„¤ ú‚„¤ ú‚„¤ ú‚„¤"822   en0   ƒ„¤  ƒ„¤  ƒ„¤  ƒ„¤"38772   en0  ۃ„¤ ۃ„¤ ۃ„¤ ۃ„¤"18562   en0  ƒ„„¤ ƒ„„¤ ƒ„„¤ ƒ„„¤"18032   en0 Š„„¤ Š„„¤ Š„„¤ Š„„¤"17922   en0 DŽ„¤ DŽ„¤ DŽ„¤ DŽ„¤"18072   en0 䄄¤ 䄄¤ 䄄¤ 䄄¤"18092   en0 ……„¤ ……„¤ ……„¤ ……„¤"18112   en0 …„¤ …„¤ …„¤ …„¤"18542   en0 ź…„¤ ź…„¤ ź…„¤ ź…„¤"18152   en0 ㅄ¤ ㅄ¤ ㅄ¤ ㅄ¤"18192   en0 Ž†„¤ Ž†„¤ Ž†„¤ Ž†„¤"18232   en0 Ƅ¤ Ƅ¤ Ƅ¤ Ƅ¤"18292   en0 ↄ¤ ↄ¤ ↄ¤ ↄ¤"31992   en0 Ż‡„¤ Ż‡„¤ Ż‡„¤ Ż‡„¤"32012   en0 ꇄ¤ ꇄ¤ ꇄ¤ ꇄ¤"32022   en0 ´ˆ„¤ ´ˆ„¤ ´ˆ„¤ ´ˆ„¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 ቄ¤ ቄ¤ ቄ¤ ቄ¤"27252   en0 ü‰„¤ ü‰„¤ ü‰„¤ ü‰„¤"27432   en0  ›Š„¤ ›Š„¤ ›Š„¤ ›Š„¤"27412   en0! ʊ„¤ ʊ„¤ ʊ„¤ ʊ„¤"43992   en0" ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤"32642   en0# Š‹„¤ Š‹„¤ Š‹„¤ Š‹„¤"32662   en0$ ˇ‹„¤ ˇ‹„¤ ˇ‹„¤ ˇ‹„¤"32682   en0% ؋„¤ ؋„¤ ؋„¤ ؋„¤"32692   en0& ň‹„¤ ň‹„¤ ň‹„¤ ň‹„¤"32722   en0' “Œ„¤ “Œ„¤ “Œ„¤ “Œ„¤"32742   en0( ŻŒ„¤ ŻŒ„¤ ŻŒ„¤ ŻŒ„¤"32762   en0) żŒ„¤ żŒ„¤ żŒ„¤ żŒ„¤"32782   en0* Ќ„¤ Ќ„¤ Ќ„¤ Ќ„¤"32802   en0+ 댄¤ 댄¤ 댄¤ 댄¤"36322   en/, Œ„¤ Œ„¤ Œ„¤ Œ„¤"2822   en/- Ž„¤ Ž„¤ Ž„¤ Ž„¤"4512   en/. ⍄¤ ⍄¤ ⍄¤ ⍄¤"4462   en// ű„¤ ű„¤ ű„¤ ű„¤"4452   en/0 ŠŽ„¤ ŠŽ„¤ ŠŽ„¤ ŠŽ„¤"4552   en01 ™Ž„¤ ™Ž„¤ ™Ž„¤ ™Ž„¤"42922   en02 łŽ„¤ łŽ„¤ łŽ„¤ łŽ„¤"43442   en/3 ÁŽ„¤ ÁŽ„¤ ÁŽ„¤ ÁŽ„¤"4522   en04 Ύ„¤ Ύ„¤ Ύ„¤ Ύ„¤"33462   en65 üŽ„¤ üŽ„¤ üŽ„¤ üŽ„¤"DCSPLATI2   en ԑ‚¤2… 5645842023060717:10:00"46309*602  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 564584-584× 564586Ě " 56458618:00:0020230607*600 6 𗄤 𗄤 𗄤 𗄤"DCSPLATI2   en / ›˜„¤ ›˜„¤ ›˜„¤ ›˜„¤"3342   en/ ޘ„¤ ޘ„¤ ޘ„¤ ޘ„¤"3202   en0 ˘„¤ ˘„¤ ˘„¤ ˘„¤"37022   en0 똄¤ 똄¤ 똄¤ 똄¤"37042   en0 ú˜„¤ ú˜„¤ ú˜„¤ ú˜„¤"37052   en0 ›™„¤ ›™„¤ ›™„¤ ›™„¤"37062   en0 ž™„¤ ž™„¤ ž™„¤ ž™„¤"15522   en0  噄¤ 噄¤ 噄¤ 噄¤"15542   en.  ü™„¤ ü™„¤ ü™„¤ ü™„¤"822   en0  œš„¤ œš„¤ œš„¤ œš„¤"38772   en0  Κ„¤ Κ„¤ Κ„¤ Κ„¤"18562   en0  𚄤 𚄤 𚄤 𚄤"18032   en0 ‘›„¤ ‘›„¤ ‘›„¤ ‘›„¤"17922   en0 Ť›„¤ Ť›„¤ Ť›„¤ Ť›„¤"18072   en0 ۄ¤ ۄ¤ ۄ¤ ۄ¤"18092   en0 ŕ›„¤ ŕ›„¤ ŕ›„¤ ŕ›„¤"18112   en0 ő›„¤ ő›„¤ ő›„¤ ő›„¤"18542   en0 œ„¤ œ„¤ œ„¤ œ„¤"18152   en0 ˛œ„¤ ˛œ„¤ ˛œ„¤ ˛œ„¤"18192   en0 ל„¤ ל„¤ ל„¤ ל„¤"18232   en0 „„¤ „„¤ „„¤ „„¤"18292   en0 ›„¤ ›„¤ ›„¤ ›„¤"31992   en0 ՝„¤ ՝„¤ ՝„¤ ՝„¤"32012   en0 ž„¤ ž„¤ ž„¤ ž„¤"32022   en0 ¸ž„¤ ¸ž„¤ ¸ž„¤ ¸ž„¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 ͟„¤ ͟„¤ ͟„¤ ͟„¤"27252   en0 䟄¤ 䟄¤ 䟄¤ 䟄¤"27432   en0  ţŸ„¤ ţŸ„¤ ţŸ„¤ ţŸ„¤"27412   en0! Ś „¤ Ś „¤ Ś „¤ Ś „¤"43992   en0" Ć „¤ Ć „¤ Ć „¤ Ć „¤"32642   en0# Ý „¤ Ý „¤ Ý „¤ Ý „¤"32662   en0$ „Ą„¤ „Ą„¤ „Ą„¤ „Ą„¤"32682   en0%  Ą„¤  Ą„¤  Ą„¤  Ą„¤"32692   en0& şĄ„¤ şĄ„¤ şĄ„¤ şĄ„¤"32722   en0' ŰĄ„¤ ŰĄ„¤ ŰĄ„¤ ŰĄ„¤"32742   en0( ÷Ą„¤ ÷Ą„¤ ÷Ą„¤ ÷Ą„¤"32762   en0) ‡˘„¤ ‡˘„¤ ‡˘„¤ ‡˘„¤"32782   en0* ˜˘„¤ ˜˘„¤ ˜˘„¤ ˜˘„¤"32802   en0+ ł˘„¤ ł˘„¤ ł˘„¤ ł˘„¤"36322   en/, Ô˘„¤ Ô˘„¤ Ô˘„¤ Ô˘„¤"2822   en/- ö˘„¤ ö˘„¤ ö˘„¤ ö˘„¤"4512   en/. ŞŁ„¤ ŞŁ„¤ ŞŁ„¤ ŞŁ„¤"4462   en// ĂŁ„¤ ĂŁ„¤ ĂŁ„¤ ĂŁ„¤"4452   en/0 ŇŁ„¤ ŇŁ„¤ ŇŁ„¤ ŇŁ„¤"4552   en01 ᣄ¤ ᣄ¤ ᣄ¤ ᣄ¤"42922   en02 űŁ„¤ űŁ„¤ űŁ„¤ űŁ„¤"43442   en/3 ‰¤„¤ ‰¤„¤ ‰¤„¤ ‰¤„¤"4522   en04 –¤„¤ –¤„¤ –¤„¤ –¤„¤"33462   en45 Ĥ„¤ Ĥ„¤ Ĥ„¤ Ĥ„¤"DCSPLATI2   en ԑ‚¤2… 5645862023060718:00:00"46309*602  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 564586-584× 564583Ě " 56458314:10:0020230607*600 4 ˆŹƒ¤ ˆŹƒ¤ ˆŹƒ¤ ˆŹƒ¤"DCSPLATI2   en/ łŹƒ¤ łŹƒ¤ łŹƒ¤ łŹƒ¤"3342   en/ ÂŹƒ¤ ÂŹƒ¤ ÂŹƒ¤ ÂŹƒ¤"3202   en0 ㏃¤ ㏃¤ ㏃¤ ㏃¤"37022   en0 ƒ­ƒ¤ ƒ­ƒ¤ ƒ­ƒ¤ ƒ­ƒ¤"37042   en0 ’­ƒ¤ ’­ƒ¤ ’­ƒ¤ ’­ƒ¤"37052   en0 ł­ƒ¤ ł­ƒ¤ ł­ƒ¤ ł­ƒ¤"37062   en0 Ö­ƒ¤ Ö­ƒ¤ Ö­ƒ¤ Ö­ƒ¤"15522   en0  ý­ƒ¤ ý­ƒ¤ ý­ƒ¤ ý­ƒ¤"15542   en.  ”Žƒ¤ ”Žƒ¤ ”Žƒ¤ ”Žƒ¤"822   en0  ´Žƒ¤ ´Žƒ¤ ´Žƒ¤ ´Žƒ¤"38772   en0  ŢŽƒ¤ ŢŽƒ¤ ŢŽƒ¤ ŢŽƒ¤"18562   en0  űŽƒ¤ űŽƒ¤ űŽƒ¤ űŽƒ¤"18032   en0 –Żƒ¤ –Żƒ¤ –Żƒ¤ –Żƒ¤"17922   en0 ŤŻƒ¤ ŤŻƒ¤ ŤŻƒ¤ ŤŻƒ¤"18072   en0 żŻƒ¤ żŻƒ¤ żŻƒ¤ żŻƒ¤"18092   en0 ׯƒ¤ ׯƒ¤ ׯƒ¤ ׯƒ¤"18112   en0 诃¤ 诃¤ 诃¤ 诃¤"18542   en0 ţŻƒ¤ ţŻƒ¤ ţŻƒ¤ ţŻƒ¤"18152   en0 š°ƒ¤ š°ƒ¤ š°ƒ¤ š°ƒ¤"18192   en0 ¸°ƒ¤ ¸°ƒ¤ ¸°ƒ¤ ¸°ƒ¤"18232   en0 ః¤ ః¤ ః¤ ః¤"18292   en0 ţ°ƒ¤ ţ°ƒ¤ ţ°ƒ¤ ţ°ƒ¤"31992   en0 Ëąƒ¤ Ëąƒ¤ Ëąƒ¤ Ëąƒ¤"32012   en0 †˛ƒ¤ †˛ƒ¤ †˛ƒ¤ †˛ƒ¤"32022   en0 вƒ¤ вƒ¤ вƒ¤ вƒ¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 峃¤ 峃¤ 峃¤ 峃¤"27252   en0 üłƒ¤ üłƒ¤ üłƒ¤ üłƒ¤"27432   en0  –´ƒ¤ –´ƒ¤ –´ƒ¤ –´ƒ¤"27412   en0! ž´ƒ¤ ž´ƒ¤ ž´ƒ¤ ž´ƒ¤"43992   en0" Ţ´ƒ¤ Ţ´ƒ¤ Ţ´ƒ¤ Ţ´ƒ¤"32642   en0# ő´ƒ¤ ő´ƒ¤ ő´ƒ¤ ő´ƒ¤"32662   en0$ œľƒ¤ œľƒ¤ œľƒ¤ œľƒ¤"32682   en0% ¸ľƒ¤ ¸ľƒ¤ ¸ľƒ¤ ¸ľƒ¤"32692   en0& Űľƒ¤ Űľƒ¤ Űľƒ¤ Űľƒ¤"32722   en0' ‡śƒ¤ ‡śƒ¤ ‡śƒ¤ ‡śƒ¤"32742   en0( ­śƒ¤ ­śƒ¤ ­śƒ¤ ­śƒ¤"32762   en0) Âśƒ¤ Âśƒ¤ Âśƒ¤ Âśƒ¤"32782   en0* Ůśƒ¤ Ůśƒ¤ Ůśƒ¤ Ůśƒ¤"32802   en0+ ýśƒ¤ ýśƒ¤ ýśƒ¤ ýśƒ¤"36322   en/, ¨ˇƒ¤ ¨ˇƒ¤ ¨ˇƒ¤ ¨ˇƒ¤"2822   en/- ʡƒ¤ ʡƒ¤ ʡƒ¤ ʡƒ¤"4512   en/. ţˇƒ¤ ţˇƒ¤ ţˇƒ¤ ţˇƒ¤"4462   en// —¸ƒ¤ —¸ƒ¤ —¸ƒ¤ —¸ƒ¤"4452   en/0 Ś¸ƒ¤ Ś¸ƒ¤ Ś¸ƒ¤ Ś¸ƒ¤"4552   en01 ľ¸ƒ¤ ľ¸ƒ¤ ľ¸ƒ¤ ľ¸ƒ¤"42922   en02 ϸƒ¤ ϸƒ¤ ϸƒ¤ ϸƒ¤"43442   en/3 ݸƒ¤ ݸƒ¤ ݸƒ¤ ݸƒ¤"4522   en04 긃¤ 긃¤ 긃¤ 긃¤"33462   en65 ˜šƒ¤ ˜šƒ¤ ˜šƒ¤ ˜šƒ¤"DCSPLATI2   en ԑ‚¤2… 5645832023060714:10:00"46309*602  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 564583-584Ů 564560Î " 56456014:50:0020230607*600 6 螃¤ 螃¤ 螃¤ 螃¤"DCSPLATI2   en / œżƒ¤ œżƒ¤ œżƒ¤ œżƒ¤"3342   en/ Žżƒ¤ Žżƒ¤ Žżƒ¤ Žżƒ¤"3202   en0 Öżƒ¤ Öżƒ¤ Öżƒ¤ Öżƒ¤"37022   en0 üżƒ¤ üżƒ¤ üżƒ¤ üżƒ¤"37042   en0 ŽŔƒ¤ ŽŔƒ¤ ŽŔƒ¤ ŽŔƒ¤"37052   en0 ľŔƒ¤ ľŔƒ¤ ľŔƒ¤ ľŔƒ¤"37062   en0 ßŔƒ¤ ßŔƒ¤ ßŔƒ¤ ßŔƒ¤"15522   en0  ŽÁƒ¤ ŽÁƒ¤ ŽÁƒ¤ ŽÁƒ¤"15542   en.  ŞÁƒ¤ ŞÁƒ¤ ŞÁƒ¤ ŞÁƒ¤"822   en0  ĐÁƒ¤ ĐÁƒ¤ ĐÁƒ¤ ĐÁƒ¤"38772   en0  ‚ƒ¤ ‚ƒ¤ ‚ƒ¤ ‚ƒ¤"18562   en0  ¤Âƒ¤ ¤Âƒ¤ ¤Âƒ¤ ¤Âƒ¤"18032   en0 Ĺƒ¤ Ĺƒ¤ Ĺƒ¤ Ĺƒ¤"17922   en0 ߃¤ ߃¤ ߃¤ ߃¤"18072   en0 ÷ƒ¤ ÷ƒ¤ ÷ƒ¤ ÷ƒ¤"18092   en0 ”Ăƒ¤ ”Ăƒ¤ ”Ăƒ¤ ”Ăƒ¤"18112   en0 ŠĂƒ¤ ŠĂƒ¤ ŠĂƒ¤ ŠĂƒ¤"18542   en0 Ää Ää Ää Ää"18152   en0 ćä ćä ćä ćä"18192   en0 ‹Äƒ¤ ‹Äƒ¤ ‹Äƒ¤ ‹Äƒ¤"18232   en0 ¸Äƒ¤ ¸Äƒ¤ ¸Äƒ¤ ¸Äƒ¤"18292   en0 Ö㤠Ö㤠Ö㤠Öă¤"31992   en0 ŁĹƒ¤ ŁĹƒ¤ ŁĹƒ¤ ŁĹƒ¤"32012   en0 ŢѤ ŢѤ ŢѤ ŢѤ"32022   en0 ¨Ćƒ¤ ¨Ćƒ¤ ¨Ćƒ¤ ¨Ćƒ¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 ˝Çƒ¤ ˝Çƒ¤ ˝Çƒ¤ ˝Çƒ¤"27252   en0 Ôǃ¤ Ôǃ¤ Ôǃ¤ Ôǃ¤"27432   en0  îǃ¤ îǃ¤ îǃ¤ îǃ¤"27412   en0! –Čƒ¤ –Čƒ¤ –Čƒ¤ –Čƒ¤"43992   en0" śČƒ¤ śČƒ¤ śČƒ¤ śČƒ¤"32642   en0# Íȃ¤ Íȃ¤ Íȃ¤ Íȃ¤"32662   en0$ ôȃ¤ ôȃ¤ ôȃ¤ ôȃ¤"32682   en0% Éƒ¤ Éƒ¤ Éƒ¤ Éƒ¤"32692   en0& łÉƒ¤ łÉƒ¤ łÉƒ¤ łÉƒ¤"32722   en0' ßɃ¤ ßɃ¤ ßɃ¤ ßɃ¤"32742   en0( …Ęƒ¤ …Ęƒ¤ …Ęƒ¤ …Ęƒ¤"32762   en0) šĘƒ¤ šĘƒ¤ šĘƒ¤ šĘƒ¤"32782   en0* ąĘƒ¤ ąĘƒ¤ ąĘƒ¤ ąĘƒ¤"32802   en0+ Őʃ¤ Őʃ¤ Őʃ¤ Őʃ¤"36322   en/, €Ëƒ¤ €Ëƒ¤ €Ëƒ¤ €Ëƒ¤"2822   en/- ˘Ëƒ¤ ˘Ëƒ¤ ˘Ëƒ¤ ˘Ëƒ¤"4512   en/. Ö˃¤ Ö˃¤ Ö˃¤ Ö˃¤"4462   en// ď˃¤ ď˃¤ ď˃¤ ď˃¤"4452   en/0 ţ˃¤ ţ˃¤ ţ˃¤ ţ˃¤"4552   en01 Ěƒ¤ Ěƒ¤ Ěƒ¤ Ěƒ¤"42922   en02 §Ěƒ¤ §Ěƒ¤ §Ěƒ¤ §Ěƒ¤"43442   en/3 ľĚƒ¤ ľĚƒ¤ ľĚƒ¤ ľĚƒ¤"4522   en04 Ẫ¤ Ẫ¤ Ẫ¤ Ẫ¤"33462   en65 đ̃¤ đ̃¤ đ̃¤ đ̃¤"DCSPLATI2   en ԑ‚¤2… 5645602023060714:50:00"46309*602  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 564560-584Ů 564562Î " 56456215:30:0020230607*600 6 Čу¤ Čу¤ Čу¤ Čу¤"DCSPLATI2   en / üу¤ üу¤ üу¤ üу¤"3342   en/ ŽŇƒ¤ ŽŇƒ¤ ŽŇƒ¤ ŽŇƒ¤"3202   en0 śŇƒ¤ śŇƒ¤ śŇƒ¤ śŇƒ¤"37022   en0 Ü҃¤ Ü҃¤ Ü҃¤ Ü҃¤"37042   en0 î҃¤ î҃¤ î҃¤ î҃¤"37052   en0 •Óƒ¤ •Óƒ¤ •Óƒ¤ •Óƒ¤"37062   en0 żÓƒ¤ żÓƒ¤ żÓƒ¤ żÓƒ¤"15522   en0  îӃ¤ îӃ¤ îӃ¤ îӃ¤"15542   en.  ŠÔƒ¤ ŠÔƒ¤ ŠÔƒ¤ ŠÔƒ¤"822   en0  °Ôƒ¤ °Ôƒ¤ °Ôƒ¤ °Ôƒ¤"38772   en0  âԃ¤ âԃ¤ âԃ¤ âԃ¤"18562   en0  „Őƒ¤ „Őƒ¤ „Őƒ¤ „Őƒ¤"18032   en0 ĽŐƒ¤ ĽŐƒ¤ ĽŐƒ¤ ĽŐƒ¤"17922   en0 żŐƒ¤ żŐƒ¤ żŐƒ¤ żŐƒ¤"18072   en0 ×Ճ¤ ×Ճ¤ ×Ճ¤ ×Ճ¤"18092   en0 ôՃ¤ ôՃ¤ ôՃ¤ ôՃ¤"18112   en0 ‰Öƒ¤ ‰Öƒ¤ ‰Öƒ¤ ‰Öƒ¤"18542   en0 ¤Öƒ¤ ¤Öƒ¤ ¤Öƒ¤ ¤Öƒ¤"18152   en0 Ćփ¤ Ćփ¤ Ćփ¤ Ćփ¤"18192   en0 ëփ¤ ëփ¤ ëփ¤ ëփ¤"18232   en0 ˜×ƒ¤ ˜×ƒ¤ ˜×ƒ¤ ˜×ƒ¤"18292   en0 ś×ƒ¤ ś×ƒ¤ ś×ƒ¤ ś×ƒ¤"31992   en0 ƒŘƒ¤ ƒŘƒ¤ ƒŘƒ¤ ƒŘƒ¤"32012   en0 žŘƒ¤ žŘƒ¤ žŘƒ¤ žŘƒ¤"32022   en0 ˆŮƒ¤ ˆŮƒ¤ ˆŮƒ¤ ˆŮƒ¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 Úƒ¤ Úƒ¤ Úƒ¤ Úƒ¤"27252   en0 ´Úƒ¤ ´Úƒ¤ ´Úƒ¤ ´Úƒ¤"27432   en0  Îڃ¤ Îڃ¤ Îڃ¤ Îڃ¤"27412   en0! öڃ¤ öڃ¤ öڃ¤ öڃ¤"43992   en0" –Űƒ¤ –Űƒ¤ –Űƒ¤ –Űƒ¤"32642   en0# ­Űƒ¤ ­Űƒ¤ ­Űƒ¤ ­Űƒ¤"32662   en0$ Ôۃ¤ Ôۃ¤ Ôۃ¤ Ôۃ¤"32682   en0% đۃ¤ đۃ¤ đۃ¤ đۃ¤"32692   en0& “܃¤ “܃¤ “܃¤ “܃¤"32722   en0' żÜƒ¤ żÜƒ¤ żÜƒ¤ żÜƒ¤"32742   en0( ĺ܃¤ ĺ܃¤ ĺ܃¤ ĺ܃¤"32762   en0) ú܃¤ ú܃¤ ú܃¤ ú܃¤"32782   en0* ‘݃¤ ‘݃¤ ‘݃¤ ‘݃¤"32802   en0+ ľÝƒ¤ ľÝƒ¤ ľÝƒ¤ ľÝƒ¤"36322   en/, ŕ݃¤ ŕ݃¤ ŕ݃¤ ŕ݃¤"2822   en/- ‚Ţƒ¤ ‚Ţƒ¤ ‚Ţƒ¤ ‚Ţƒ¤"4512   en/. śŢƒ¤ śŢƒ¤ śŢƒ¤ śŢƒ¤"4462   en// Ďރ¤ Ďރ¤ Ďރ¤ Ďރ¤"4452   en/0 Ţރ¤ Ţރ¤ Ţރ¤ Ţރ¤"4552   en01 íރ¤ íރ¤ íރ¤ íރ¤"42922   en02 ‡ßƒ¤ ‡ßƒ¤ ‡ßƒ¤ ‡ßƒ¤"43442   en/3 •ßƒ¤ •ßƒ¤ •ßƒ¤ •ßƒ¤"4522   en04 ˘ßƒ¤ ˘ßƒ¤ ˘ßƒ¤ ˘ßƒ¤"33462   en65 Đ߃¤ Đ߃¤ Đ߃¤ Đ߃¤"DCSPLATI2   en ԑ‚¤2… 5645622023060715:30:00"46309*602  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 564562-584Ů 564564Î " 56456416:10:0020230607*600 6 ¨äƒ¤ ¨äƒ¤ ¨äƒ¤ ¨äƒ¤"DCSPLATI2   en / Ü䃤 Ü䃤 Ü䃤 Ü䃤"3342   en/ î䃤 î䃤 î䃤 î䃤"3202   en0 –ĺƒ¤ –ĺƒ¤ –ĺƒ¤ –ĺƒ¤"37022   en0 źĺƒ¤ źĺƒ¤ źĺƒ¤ źĺƒ¤"37042   en0 Î僤 Î僤 Î僤 Î僤"37052   en0 ő僤 ő僤 ő僤 ő僤"37062   en0 Ÿćƒ¤ Ÿćƒ¤ Ÿćƒ¤ Ÿćƒ¤"15522   en0  Î惤 Î惤 Î惤 Î惤"15542   en.  ę惤 ę惤 ę惤 ę惤"822   en0  çƒ¤ çƒ¤ çƒ¤ çƒ¤"38772   en0  Ë烤 Ë烤 Ë烤 Ë烤"18562   en0  ó烤 ó烤 ó烤 ó烤"18032   en0 ™čƒ¤ ™čƒ¤ ™čƒ¤ ™čƒ¤"17922   en0 ˇčƒ¤ ˇčƒ¤ ˇčƒ¤ ˇčƒ¤"18072   en0 Ô胤 Ô胤 Ô胤 Ô胤"18092   en0 ő胤 ő胤 ő胤 ő胤"18112   en0 éƒ¤ éƒ¤ éƒ¤ éƒ¤"18542   en0 Źéƒ¤ Źéƒ¤ Źéƒ¤ Źéƒ¤"18152   en0 Ó郤 Ó郤 Ó郤 Ó郤"18192   en0 ţ郤 ţ郤 ţ郤 ţ郤"18232   en0 ´ęƒ¤ ´ęƒ¤ ´ęƒ¤ ´ęƒ¤"18292   en0 Ňꃤ Ňꃤ Ňꃤ Ňꃤ"31992   en0 Ÿëƒ¤ Ÿëƒ¤ Ÿëƒ¤ Ÿëƒ¤"32012   en0 Ú냤 Ú냤 Ú냤 Ú냤"32022   en0 ¤ěƒ¤ ¤ěƒ¤ ¤ěƒ¤ ¤ěƒ¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 Ń탤 Ń탤 Ń탤 Ń탤"27252   en0 ě탤 ě탤 ě탤 ě탤"27432   en0  ‹îƒ¤ ‹îƒ¤ ‹îƒ¤ ‹îƒ¤"27412   en0! şîƒ¤ şîƒ¤ şîƒ¤ şîƒ¤"43992   en0" ß ß ß ß"32642   en0# ú ú ú ú"32662   en0$ §ďƒ¤ §ďƒ¤ §ďƒ¤ §ďƒ¤"32682   en0% Č Č Č Č"32692   en0& ë ë ë ë"32722   en0' —đƒ¤ —đƒ¤ —đƒ¤ —đƒ¤"32742   en0( ˝đƒ¤ ˝đƒ¤ ˝đƒ¤ ˝đƒ¤"32762   en0) Ňđƒ¤ Ňđƒ¤ Ňđƒ¤ Ňđƒ¤"32782   en0* éđƒ¤ éđƒ¤ éđƒ¤ éđƒ¤"32802   en0+ ńƒ¤ ńƒ¤ ńƒ¤ ńƒ¤"36322   en/, ¸ńƒ¤ ¸ńƒ¤ ¸ńƒ¤ ¸ńƒ¤"2822   en/- Úńƒ¤ Úńƒ¤ Úńƒ¤ Úńƒ¤"4512   en/. Žňƒ¤ Žňƒ¤ Žňƒ¤ Žňƒ¤"4462   en// §ňƒ¤ §ňƒ¤ §ňƒ¤ §ňƒ¤"4452   en/0 śňƒ¤ śňƒ¤ śňƒ¤ śňƒ¤"4552   en01 Ĺňƒ¤ Ĺňƒ¤ Ĺňƒ¤ Ĺňƒ¤"42922   en02 ßňƒ¤ ßňƒ¤ ßňƒ¤ ßňƒ¤"43442   en/3 íňƒ¤ íňƒ¤ íňƒ¤ íňƒ¤"4522   en04 úňƒ¤ úňƒ¤ úňƒ¤ úňƒ¤"33462   en65 ¨óƒ¤ ¨óƒ¤ ¨óƒ¤ ¨óƒ¤"DCSPLATI2   en ԑ‚¤2… 5645642023060716:10:00"46309*602  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 564564-584Ů 564566Î " 56456616:50:0020230607*600 6 ˆ÷ƒ¤ ˆ÷ƒ¤ ˆ÷ƒ¤ ˆ÷ƒ¤"DCSPLATI2   en / ź÷ƒ¤ ź÷ƒ¤ ź÷ƒ¤ ź÷ƒ¤"3342   en/ Î÷ƒ¤ Î÷ƒ¤ Î÷ƒ¤ Î÷ƒ¤"3202   en0 ö÷ƒ¤ ö÷ƒ¤ ö÷ƒ¤ ö÷ƒ¤"37022   en0 œřƒ¤ œřƒ¤ œřƒ¤ œřƒ¤"37042   en0 Žřƒ¤ Žřƒ¤ Žřƒ¤ Žřƒ¤"37052   en0 Őřƒ¤ Őřƒ¤ Őřƒ¤ Őřƒ¤"37062   en0 ˙řƒ¤ ˙řƒ¤ ˙řƒ¤ ˙řƒ¤"15522   en0  Žůƒ¤ Žůƒ¤ Žůƒ¤ Žůƒ¤"15542   en.  Ęůƒ¤ Ęůƒ¤ Ęůƒ¤ Ęůƒ¤"822   en0  đůƒ¤ đůƒ¤ đůƒ¤ đůƒ¤"38772   en0  Ťúƒ¤ Ťúƒ¤ Ťúƒ¤ Ťúƒ¤"18562   en0  Óúƒ¤ Óúƒ¤ Óúƒ¤ Óúƒ¤"18032   en0 ůúƒ¤ ůúƒ¤ ůúƒ¤ ůúƒ¤"17922   en0 —űƒ¤ —űƒ¤ —űƒ¤ —űƒ¤"18072   en0 ´űƒ¤ ´űƒ¤ ´űƒ¤ ´űƒ¤"18092   en0 Őűƒ¤ Őűƒ¤ Őűƒ¤ Őűƒ¤"18112   en0 íűƒ¤ íűƒ¤ íűƒ¤ íűƒ¤"18542   en0 Œüƒ¤ Œüƒ¤ Œüƒ¤ Œüƒ¤"18152   en0 łüƒ¤ łüƒ¤ łüƒ¤ łüƒ¤"18192   en0 Ţüƒ¤ Ţüƒ¤ Ţüƒ¤ Ţüƒ¤"18232   en0 ”ýƒ¤ ”ýƒ¤ ”ýƒ¤ ”ýƒ¤"18292   en0 ˛ýƒ¤ ˛ýƒ¤ ˛ýƒ¤ ˛ýƒ¤"31992   en0 ˙ýƒ¤ ˙ýƒ¤ ˙ýƒ¤ ˙ýƒ¤"32012   en0 şţƒ¤ şţƒ¤ şţƒ¤ şţƒ¤"32022   en0 „˙ƒ¤ „˙ƒ¤ „˙ƒ¤ „˙ƒ¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 ą€„¤ ą€„¤ ą€„¤ ą€„¤"27252   en0 ̀„¤ ̀„¤ ̀„¤ ̀„¤"27432   en0  뀄¤ 뀄¤ 뀄¤ 뀄¤"27412   en0! š„¤ š„¤ š„¤ š„¤"43992   en0" ż„¤ ż„¤ ż„¤ ż„¤"32642   en0# ځ„¤ ځ„¤ ځ„¤ ځ„¤"32662   en0$ ‡‚„¤ ‡‚„¤ ‡‚„¤ ‡‚„¤"32682   en0% ¨‚„¤ ¨‚„¤ ¨‚„¤ ¨‚„¤"32692   en0& ˂„¤ ˂„¤ ˂„¤ ˂„¤"32722   en0' ÷‚„¤ ÷‚„¤ ÷‚„¤ ÷‚„¤"32742   en0( ƒ„¤ ƒ„¤ ƒ„¤ ƒ„¤"32762   en0) ˛ƒ„¤ ˛ƒ„¤ ˛ƒ„¤ ˛ƒ„¤"32782   en0* Ƀ„¤ Ƀ„¤ Ƀ„¤ Ƀ„¤"32802   en0+ 탄¤ 탄¤ 탄¤ 탄¤"36322   en/, ˜„„¤ ˜„„¤ ˜„„¤ ˜„„¤"2822   en/- ş„„¤ ş„„¤ ş„„¤ ş„„¤"4512   en/. ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤"4462   en// ‡…„¤ ‡…„¤ ‡…„¤ ‡…„¤"4452   en/0 –…„¤ –…„¤ –…„¤ –…„¤"4552   en01 Ľ…„¤ Ľ…„¤ Ľ…„¤ Ľ…„¤"42922   en02 ż…„¤ ż…„¤ ż…„¤ ż…„¤"43442   en/3 ͅ„¤ ͅ„¤ ͅ„¤ ͅ„¤"4522   en04 څ„¤ څ„¤ څ„¤ څ„¤"33462   en65 ˆ†„¤ ˆ†„¤ ˆ†„¤ ˆ†„¤"DCSPLATI2   en ԑ‚¤2… 5645662023060716:50:00"46309*602  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 564566-584Ů 564585Î " 56458517:35:0020230607*600 6 ”Œ„¤ ”Œ„¤ ”Œ„¤ ”Œ„¤"DCSPLATI2   en / żŒ„¤ żŒ„¤ żŒ„¤ żŒ„¤"3342   en/ Ό„¤ Ό„¤ Ό„¤ Ό„¤"3202   en0 ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤"37022   en0 „¤ „¤ „¤ „¤"37042   en0 ž„¤ ž„¤ ž„¤ ž„¤"37052   en0 ż„¤ ż„¤ ż„¤ ż„¤"37062   en0 ⍄¤ ⍄¤ ⍄¤ ⍄¤"15522   en0  ‰Ž„¤ ‰Ž„¤ ‰Ž„¤ ‰Ž„¤"15542   en.   Ž„¤  Ž„¤  Ž„¤  Ž„¤"822   en0  ŔŽ„¤ ŔŽ„¤ ŔŽ„¤ ŔŽ„¤"38772   en0  ňŽ„¤ ňŽ„¤ ňŽ„¤ ňŽ„¤"18562   en0  ”„¤ ”„¤ ”„¤ ”„¤"18032   en0 ľ„¤ ľ„¤ ľ„¤ ľ„¤"17922   en0 Ϗ„¤ Ϗ„¤ Ϗ„¤ Ϗ„¤"18072   en0 珄¤ 珄¤ 珄¤ 珄¤"18092   en0 „„¤ „„¤ „„¤ „„¤"18112   en0 ™„¤ ™„¤ ™„¤ ™„¤"18542   en0 ´„¤ ´„¤ ´„¤ ´„¤"18152   en0 ֐„¤ ֐„¤ ֐„¤ ֐„¤"18192   en0 ű„¤ ű„¤ ű„¤ ű„¤"18232   en0 ¨‘„¤ ¨‘„¤ ¨‘„¤ ¨‘„¤"18292   en0 ż‘„¤ ż‘„¤ ż‘„¤ ż‘„¤"31992   en0 ů‘„¤ ů‘„¤ ů‘„¤ ů‘„¤"32012   en0 Ľ’„¤ Ľ’„¤ Ľ’„¤ Ľ’„¤"32022   en0 ܒ„¤ ܒ„¤ ܒ„¤ ܒ„¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 ń“„¤ ń“„¤ ń“„¤ ń“„¤"27252   en0 ˆ”„¤ ˆ”„¤ ˆ”„¤ ˆ”„¤"27432   en0  ˘”„¤ ˘”„¤ ˘”„¤ ˘”„¤"27412   en0! ʔ„¤ ʔ„¤ ʔ„¤ ʔ„¤"43992   en0" ꔄ¤ ꔄ¤ ꔄ¤ ꔄ¤"32642   en0# •„¤ •„¤ •„¤ •„¤"32662   en0$ ¨•„¤ ¨•„¤ ¨•„¤ ¨•„¤"32682   en0% ĕ„¤ ĕ„¤ ĕ„¤ ĕ„¤"32692   en0& ޕ„¤ ޕ„¤ ޕ„¤ ޕ„¤"32722   en0' ˙•„¤ ˙•„¤ ˙•„¤ ˙•„¤"32742   en0( ›–„¤ ›–„¤ ›–„¤ ›–„¤"32762   en0) Ť–„¤ Ť–„¤ Ť–„¤ Ť–„¤"32782   en0* ź–„¤ ź–„¤ ź–„¤ ź–„¤"32802   en0+ ז„¤ ז„¤ ז„¤ ז„¤"36322   en/, ř–„¤ ř–„¤ ř–„¤ ř–„¤"2822   en/- š—„¤ š—„¤ š—„¤ š—„¤"4512   en/. Η„¤ Η„¤ Η„¤ Η„¤"4462   en// 痄¤ 痄¤ 痄¤ 痄¤"4452   en/0 ö—„¤ ö—„¤ ö—„¤ ö—„¤"4552   en01 …˜„¤ …˜„¤ …˜„¤ …˜„¤"42922   en02 Ÿ˜„¤ Ÿ˜„¤ Ÿ˜„¤ Ÿ˜„¤"43442   en/3 ­˜„¤ ­˜„¤ ­˜„¤ ­˜„¤"4522   en04 ş˜„¤ ş˜„¤ ş˜„¤ ş˜„¤"33462   en65 蘄¤ 蘄¤ 蘄¤ 蘄¤"DCSPLATI2   en ԑ‚¤2… 5645852023060717:35:00"46309*602  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 564585-584Ů 564587Î " 56458718:30:0020230607*600 6 řĽ„¤ řĽ„¤ řĽ„¤ řĽ„¤"DCSPLATI2   en / ŁŚ„¤ ŁŚ„¤ ŁŚ„¤ ŁŚ„¤"3342   en/ ˛Ś„¤ ˛Ś„¤ ˛Ś„¤ ˛Ś„¤"3202   en0 ÓŚ„¤ ÓŚ„¤ ÓŚ„¤ ÓŚ„¤"37022   en0 󦄤 󦄤 󦄤 󦄤"37042   en0 ‚§„¤ ‚§„¤ ‚§„¤ ‚§„¤"37052   en0 Ł§„¤ Ł§„¤ Ł§„¤ Ł§„¤"37062   en0 Ƨ„¤ Ƨ„¤ Ƨ„¤ Ƨ„¤"15522   en0  í§„¤ í§„¤ í§„¤ í§„¤"15542   en.  „¨„¤ „¨„¤ „¨„¤ „¨„¤"822   en0  ¤¨„¤ ¤¨„¤ ¤¨„¤ ¤¨„¤"38772   en0  Ö¨„¤ Ö¨„¤ Ö¨„¤ Ö¨„¤"18562   en0  ř¨„¤ ř¨„¤ ř¨„¤ ř¨„¤"18032   en0 ™Š„¤ ™Š„¤ ™Š„¤ ™Š„¤"17922   en0 łŠ„¤ łŠ„¤ łŠ„¤ łŠ„¤"18072   en0 ËŠ„¤ ËŠ„¤ ËŠ„¤ ËŠ„¤"18092   en0 詄¤ 詄¤ 詄¤ 詄¤"18112   en0 ýŠ„¤ ýŠ„¤ ýŠ„¤ ýŠ„¤"18542   en0 ˜Ş„¤ ˜Ş„¤ ˜Ş„¤ ˜Ş„¤"18152   en0 şŞ„¤ şŞ„¤ şŞ„¤ şŞ„¤"18192   en0 ߪ„¤ ߪ„¤ ߪ„¤ ߪ„¤"18232   en0 ŒŤ„¤ ŒŤ„¤ ŒŤ„¤ ŒŤ„¤"18292   en0 ŁŤ„¤ ŁŤ„¤ ŁŤ„¤ ŁŤ„¤"31992   en0 ÝŤ„¤ ÝŤ„¤ ÝŤ„¤ ÝŤ„¤"32012   en0 ‰Ź„¤ ‰Ź„¤ ‰Ź„¤ ‰Ź„¤"32022   en0 ŔŹ„¤ ŔŹ„¤ ŔŹ„¤ ŔŹ„¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 Ő­„¤ Ő­„¤ Ő­„¤ Ő­„¤"27252   en0 쭄¤ 쭄¤ 쭄¤ 쭄¤"27432   en0  †Ž„¤ †Ž„¤ †Ž„¤ †Ž„¤"27412   en0! ŽŽ„¤ ŽŽ„¤ ŽŽ„¤ ŽŽ„¤"43992   en0" ÎŽ„¤ ÎŽ„¤ ÎŽ„¤ ÎŽ„¤"32642   en0# 宄¤ 宄¤ 宄¤ 宄¤"32662   en0$ ŒŻ„¤ ŒŻ„¤ ŒŻ„¤ ŒŻ„¤"32682   en0% ¨Ż„¤ ¨Ż„¤ ¨Ż„¤ ¨Ż„¤"32692   en0& ÂŻ„¤ ÂŻ„¤ ÂŻ„¤ ÂŻ„¤"32722   en0' 㯄¤ 㯄¤ 㯄¤ 㯄¤"32742   en0( ˙Ż„¤ ˙Ż„¤ ˙Ż„¤ ˙Ż„¤"32762   en0) °„¤ °„¤ °„¤ °„¤"32782   en0*  °„¤  °„¤  °„¤  °„¤"32802   en0+ ť°„¤ ť°„¤ ť°„¤ ť°„¤"36322   en/, Ü°„¤ Ü°„¤ Ü°„¤ Ü°„¤"2822   en/- ţ°„¤ ţ°„¤ ţ°„¤ ţ°„¤"4512   en/. ˛ą„¤ ˛ą„¤ ˛ą„¤ ˛ą„¤"4462   en// Ëą„¤ Ëą„¤ Ëą„¤ Ëą„¤"4452   en/0 Úą„¤ Úą„¤ Úą„¤ Úą„¤"4552   en01 鱄¤ 鱄¤ 鱄¤ 鱄¤"42922   en02 ƒ˛„¤ ƒ˛„¤ ƒ˛„¤ ƒ˛„¤"43442   en/3 ‘˛„¤ ‘˛„¤ ‘˛„¤ ‘˛„¤"4522   en04 ž˛„¤ ž˛„¤ ž˛„¤ ž˛„¤"33462   en65 ̲„¤ ̲„¤ ̲„¤ ̲„¤"DCSPLATI2   en ԑ‚¤2… 5645872023060718:30:00"46309*602  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 564587-584Ů 564590Î " 56459019:10:0020230607*600 6 ظ„¤ ظ„¤ ظ„¤ ظ„¤"DCSPLATI2   en / ƒš„¤ ƒš„¤ ƒš„¤ ƒš„¤"3342   en/ ’š„¤ ’š„¤ ’š„¤ ’š„¤"3202   en0 łš„¤ łš„¤ łš„¤ łš„¤"37022   en0 Óš„¤ Óš„¤ Óš„¤ Óš„¤"37042   en0 ⹄¤ ⹄¤ ⹄¤ ⹄¤"37052   en0 ƒş„¤ ƒş„¤ ƒş„¤ ƒş„¤"37062   en0 Śş„¤ Śş„¤ Śş„¤ Śş„¤"15522   en0  Íş„¤ Íş„¤ Íş„¤ Íş„¤"15542   en.  亄¤ 亄¤ 亄¤ 亄¤"822   en0  „ť„¤ „ť„¤ „ť„¤ „ť„¤"38772   en0  śť„¤ śť„¤ śť„¤ śť„¤"18562   en0  Řť„¤ Řť„¤ Řť„¤ Řť„¤"18032   en0 ůť„¤ ůť„¤ ůť„¤ ůť„¤"17922   en0 “ź„¤ “ź„¤ “ź„¤ “ź„¤"18072   en0 Ťź„¤ Ťź„¤ Ťź„¤ Ťź„¤"18092   en0 Čź„¤ Čź„¤ Čź„¤ Čź„¤"18112   en0 Ýź„¤ Ýź„¤ Ýź„¤ Ýź„¤"18542   en0 řź„¤ řź„¤ řź„¤ řź„¤"18152   en0 š˝„¤ š˝„¤ š˝„¤ š˝„¤"18192   en0 ż˝„¤ ż˝„¤ ż˝„¤ ż˝„¤"18232   en0 콄¤ 콄¤ 콄¤ 콄¤"18292   en0 ƒž„¤ ƒž„¤ ƒž„¤ ƒž„¤"31992   en0 ˝ž„¤ ˝ž„¤ ˝ž„¤ ˝ž„¤"32012   en0 龄¤ 龄¤ 龄¤ 龄¤"32022   en0  ż„¤  ż„¤  ż„¤  ż„¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 œŔ„¤ œŔ„¤ œŔ„¤ œŔ„¤"27252   en0 ŻŔ„¤ ŻŔ„¤ ŻŔ„¤ ŻŔ„¤"27432   en0  ĹŔ„¤ ĹŔ„¤ ĹŔ„¤ ĹŔ„¤"27412   en0! çŔ„¤ çŔ„¤ çŔ„¤ çŔ„¤"43992   en0" Á„¤ Á„¤ Á„¤ Á„¤"32642   en0# ”Á„¤ ”Á„¤ ”Á„¤ ”Á„¤"32662   en0$ ´Á„¤ ´Á„¤ ´Á„¤ ´Á„¤"32682   en0% ĚÁ„¤ ĚÁ„¤ ĚÁ„¤ ĚÁ„¤"32692   en0& ćÁ„¤ ćÁ„¤ ćÁ„¤ ćÁ„¤"32722   en0' ‡Â„¤ ‡Â„¤ ‡Â„¤ ‡Â„¤"32742   en0( ŁÂ„¤ ŁÂ„¤ ŁÂ„¤ ŁÂ„¤"32762   en0) łÂ„¤ łÂ„¤ łÂ„¤ łÂ„¤"32782   en0* Ä„¤ Ä„¤ Ä„¤ Ä„¤"32802   en0+ ß„¤ ß„¤ ß„¤ ß„¤"36322   en/, €Ă„¤ €Ă„¤ €Ă„¤ €Ă„¤"2822   en/- ˘Ă„¤ ˘Ă„¤ ˘Ă„¤ ˘Ă„¤"4512   en/. ÖĤ ÖĤ ÖĤ ÖĤ"4462   en// ďĤ ďĤ ďĤ ďĤ"4452   en/0 ţĤ ţĤ ţĤ ţĤ"4552   en01 Ä„¤ Ä„¤ Ä„¤ Ä„¤"42922   en02 §Ä„¤ §Ä„¤ §Ä„¤ §Ä„¤"43442   en/3 ľÄ„¤ ľÄ„¤ ľÄ„¤ ľÄ„¤"4522   en04 ÂĄ¤ ÂĄ¤ ÂĄ¤ ÂĄ¤"33462   en65 𥤠𥤠𥤠đĄ¤"DCSPLATI2   en ԑ‚¤2… 5645902023060719:10:00"46309*602  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 564590-584Ů 564591Î " 56459119:50:0020230607*600 6 ¸Ë„¤ ¸Ë„¤ ¸Ë„¤ ¸Ë„¤"DCSPLATI2   en / ă˄¤ ă˄¤ ă˄¤ ă˄¤"3342   en/ ň˄¤ ň˄¤ ň˄¤ ň˄¤"3202   en0 “Ě„¤ “Ě„¤ “Ě„¤ “Ě„¤"37022   en0 łĚ„¤ łĚ„¤ łĚ„¤ łĚ„¤"37042   en0 Â̄¤ Â̄¤ Â̄¤ Â̄¤"37052   en0 ă̄¤ ă̄¤ ă̄¤ ă̄¤"37062   en0 †Í„¤ †Í„¤ †Í„¤ †Í„¤"15522   en0  ­Í„¤ ­Í„¤ ­Í„¤ ­Í„¤"15542   en.  Ä̈́¤ Ä̈́¤ Ä̈́¤ Ä̈́¤"822   en0  ä̈́¤ ä̈́¤ ä̈́¤ ä̈́¤"38772   en0  –΄¤ –΄¤ –΄¤ –΄¤"18562   en0  ¸Î„¤ ¸Î„¤ ¸Î„¤ ¸Î„¤"18032   en0 Ů΄¤ Ů΄¤ Ů΄¤ Ů΄¤"17922   en0 ó΄¤ ó΄¤ ó΄¤ ó΄¤"18072   en0 ‹Ď„¤ ‹Ď„¤ ‹Ď„¤ ‹Ď„¤"18092   en0 ¨Ď„¤ ¨Ď„¤ ¨Ď„¤ ¨Ď„¤"18112   en0 ˝Ď„¤ ˝Ď„¤ ˝Ď„¤ ˝Ď„¤"18542   en0 Řτ¤ Řτ¤ Řτ¤ Řτ¤"18152   en0 úτ¤ úτ¤ úτ¤ úτ¤"18192   en0 ŸĐ„¤ ŸĐ„¤ ŸĐ„¤ ŸĐ„¤"18232   en0 ĚЄ¤ ĚЄ¤ ĚЄ¤ ĚЄ¤"18292   en0 ăЄ¤ ăЄ¤ ăЄ¤ ăЄ¤"31992   en0 Ń„¤ Ń„¤ Ń„¤ Ń„¤"32012   en0 Éф¤ Éф¤ Éф¤ Éф¤"32022   en0 €Ň„¤ €Ň„¤ €Ň„¤ €Ň„¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 ü҄¤ ü҄¤ ü҄¤ ü҄¤"27252   en0 Ó„¤ Ó„¤ Ó„¤ Ó„¤"27432   en0  ĽÓ„¤ ĽÓ„¤ ĽÓ„¤ ĽÓ„¤"27412   en0! Çӄ¤ Çӄ¤ Çӄ¤ Çӄ¤"43992   en0" áӄ¤ áӄ¤ áӄ¤ áӄ¤"32642   en0# ôӄ¤ ôӄ¤ ôӄ¤ ôӄ¤"32662   en0$ ”Ô„¤ ”Ô„¤ ”Ô„¤ ”Ô„¤"32682   en0% ŹÔ„¤ ŹÔ„¤ ŹÔ„¤ ŹÔ„¤"32692   en0& ĆԄ¤ ĆԄ¤ ĆԄ¤ ĆԄ¤"32722   en0' çԄ¤ çԄ¤ çԄ¤ çԄ¤"32742   en0( ƒŐ„¤ ƒŐ„¤ ƒŐ„¤ ƒŐ„¤"32762   en0) “Ő„¤ “Ő„¤ “Ő„¤ “Ő„¤"32782   en0* ¤Ő„¤ ¤Ő„¤ ¤Ő„¤ ¤Ő„¤"32802   en0+ żŐ„¤ żŐ„¤ żŐ„¤ żŐ„¤"36322   en/, ŕՄ¤ ŕՄ¤ ŕՄ¤ ŕՄ¤"2822   en/- ‚Ö„¤ ‚Ö„¤ ‚Ö„¤ ‚Ö„¤"4512   en/. śÖ„¤ śÖ„¤ śÖ„¤ śÖ„¤"4462   en// Ďք¤ Ďք¤ Ďք¤ Ďք¤"4452   en/0 Ţք¤ Ţք¤ Ţք¤ Ţք¤"4552   en01 íք¤ íք¤ íք¤ íք¤"42922   en02 ‡×„¤ ‡×„¤ ‡×„¤ ‡×„¤"43442   en/3 •×„¤ •×„¤ •×„¤ •×„¤"4522   en04 ˘×„¤ ˘×„¤ ˘×„¤ ˘×„¤"33462   en65 Đׄ¤ Đׄ¤ Đׄ¤ Đׄ¤"DCSPLATI2   en ԑ‚¤2… 5645912023060719:50:00"46309*602  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 564591-584Ů 564592Î " 56459220:30:0020230607*600 6 ˜Ţ„¤ ˜Ţ„¤ ˜Ţ„¤ ˜Ţ„¤"DCSPLATI2   en / Ăބ¤ Ăބ¤ Ăބ¤ Ăބ¤"3342   en/ Ňބ¤ Ňބ¤ Ňބ¤ Ňބ¤"3202   en0 óބ¤ óބ¤ óބ¤ óބ¤"37022   en0 “ß„¤ “ß„¤ “ß„¤ “ß„¤"37042   en0 ˘ß„¤ ˘ß„¤ ˘ß„¤ ˘ß„¤"37052   en0 Ă߄¤ Ă߄¤ Ă߄¤ Ă߄¤"37062   en0 ć߄¤ ć߄¤ ć߄¤ ć߄¤"15522   en0  ŕ„¤ ŕ„¤ ŕ„¤ ŕ„¤"15542   en.  ¤ŕ„¤ ¤ŕ„¤ ¤ŕ„¤ ¤ŕ„¤"822   en0  Äŕ„¤ Äŕ„¤ Äŕ„¤ Äŕ„¤"38772   en0  öŕ„¤ öŕ„¤ öŕ„¤ öŕ„¤"18562   en0  ˜á„¤ ˜á„¤ ˜á„¤ ˜á„¤"18032   en0 šá„¤ šá„¤ šá„¤ šá„¤"17922   en0 Óᄤ Óᄤ Óᄤ Óᄤ"18072   en0 ëᄤ ëᄤ ëᄤ ëᄤ"18092   en0 ˆâ„¤ ˆâ„¤ ˆâ„¤ ˆâ„¤"18112   en0 â„¤ â„¤ â„¤ â„¤"18542   en0 ¸â„¤ ¸â„¤ ¸â„¤ ¸â„¤"18152   en0 Úℤ Úℤ Úℤ Úℤ"18192   en0 ˙ℤ ˙ℤ ˙ℤ ˙ℤ"18232   en0 Źă„¤ Źă„¤ Źă„¤ Źă„¤"18292   en0 Ăㄤ Ăㄤ Ăㄤ Ăㄤ"31992   en0 ýㄤ ýㄤ ýㄤ ýㄤ"32012   en0 Šä„¤ Šä„¤ Šä„¤ Šä„¤"32022   en0 ŕ䄤 ŕ䄤 ŕ䄤 ŕ䄤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 Ü儤 Ü儤 Ü儤 Ü儤"27252   en0 ď儤 ď儤 ď儤 ď儤"27432   en0  …愤 …愤 …愤 …愤"27412   en0! §ć„¤ §ć„¤ §ć„¤ §ć„¤"43992   en0" Á愤 Á愤 Á愤 Á愤"32642   en0# Ô愤 Ô愤 Ô愤 Ô愤"32662   en0$ ô愤 ô愤 ô愤 ô愤"32682   en0% Œç„¤ Œç„¤ Œç„¤ Œç„¤"32692   en0& Śç„¤ Śç„¤ Śç„¤ Śç„¤"32722   en0' Ç焤 Ç焤 Ç焤 Ç焤"32742   en0( ă焤 ă焤 ă焤 ă焤"32762   en0) ó焤 ó焤 ó焤 ó焤"32782   en0* „脤 „脤 „脤 „脤"32802   en0+ Ÿč„¤ Ÿč„¤ Ÿč„¤ Ÿč„¤"36322   en/, Ŕ脤 Ŕ脤 Ŕ脤 Ŕ脤"2822   en/- â脤 â脤 â脤 â脤"4512   en/. –鄤 –鄤 –鄤 –鄤"4462   en// Żé„¤ Żé„¤ Żé„¤ Żé„¤"4452   en/0 žé„¤ žé„¤ žé„¤ žé„¤"4552   en01 Í鄤 Í鄤 Í鄤 Í鄤"42922   en02 ç鄤 ç鄤 ç鄤 ç鄤"43442   en/3 ő鄤 ő鄤 ő鄤 ő鄤"4522   en04 ‚ꄤ ‚ꄤ ‚ꄤ ‚ꄤ"33462   en65 °ę„¤ °ę„¤ °ę„¤ °ę„¤"DCSPLATI2   en ԑ‚¤2… 5645922023060720:30:00"46309*602  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 564592-584Ů 564593Î " 56459321:10:0020230607*600 6 řđ„¤ řđ„¤ řđ„¤ řđ„¤"DCSPLATI2   en / Łń„¤ Łń„¤ Łń„¤ Łń„¤"3342   en/ ˛ń„¤ ˛ń„¤ ˛ń„¤ ˛ń„¤"3202   en0 Óń„¤ Óń„¤ Óń„¤ Óń„¤"37022   en0 óń„¤ óń„¤ óń„¤ óń„¤"37042   en0 ‚ň„¤ ‚ň„¤ ‚ň„¤ ‚ň„¤"37052   en0 Łň„¤ Łň„¤ Łň„¤ Łň„¤"37062   en0 Ćň„¤ Ćň„¤ Ćň„¤ Ćň„¤"15522   en0  íň„¤ íň„¤ íň„¤ íň„¤"15542   en.  „ó„¤ „ó„¤ „ó„¤ „ó„¤"822   en0  ¤ó„¤ ¤ó„¤ ¤ó„¤ ¤ó„¤"38772   en0  Öó„¤ Öó„¤ Öó„¤ Öó„¤"18562   en0  řó„¤ řó„¤ řó„¤ řó„¤"18032   en0 ™ô„¤ ™ô„¤ ™ô„¤ ™ô„¤"17922   en0 łô„¤ łô„¤ łô„¤ łô„¤"18072   en0 Ëô„¤ Ëô„¤ Ëô„¤ Ëô„¤"18092   en0 čô„¤ čô„¤ čô„¤ čô„¤"18112   en0 ýô„¤ ýô„¤ ýô„¤ ýô„¤"18542   en0 ˜ő„¤ ˜ő„¤ ˜ő„¤ ˜ő„¤"18152   en0 şő„¤ şő„¤ şő„¤ şő„¤"18192   en0 ßő„¤ ßő„¤ ßő„¤ ßő„¤"18232   en0 Œö„¤ Œö„¤ Œö„¤ Œö„¤"18292   en0 Łö„¤ Łö„¤ Łö„¤ Łö„¤"31992   en0 Ýö„¤ Ýö„¤ Ýö„¤ Ýö„¤"32012   en0 ‰÷„¤ ‰÷„¤ ‰÷„¤ ‰÷„¤"32022   en0 Ŕ÷„¤ Ŕ÷„¤ Ŕ÷„¤ Ŕ÷„¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 źř„¤ źř„¤ źř„¤ źř„¤"27252   en0 Ďř„¤ Ďř„¤ Ďř„¤ Ďř„¤"27432   en0  ĺř„¤ ĺř„¤ ĺř„¤ ĺř„¤"27412   en0! ‡ů„¤ ‡ů„¤ ‡ů„¤ ‡ů„¤"43992   en0" Ąů„¤ Ąů„¤ Ąů„¤ Ąů„¤"32642   en0# ´ů„¤ ´ů„¤ ´ů„¤ ´ů„¤"32662   en0$ Ôů„¤ Ôů„¤ Ôů„¤ Ôů„¤"32682   en0% ěů„¤ ěů„¤ ěů„¤ ěů„¤"32692   en0& †ú„¤ †ú„¤ †ú„¤ †ú„¤"32722   en0' §ú„¤ §ú„¤ §ú„¤ §ú„¤"32742   en0( Ăú„¤ Ăú„¤ Ăú„¤ Ăú„¤"32762   en0) Óú„¤ Óú„¤ Óú„¤ Óú„¤"32782   en0* äú„¤ äú„¤ äú„¤ äú„¤"32802   en0+ ˙ú„¤ ˙ú„¤ ˙ú„¤ ˙ú„¤"36322   en/,  ű„¤  ű„¤  ű„¤  ű„¤"2822   en/- Âű„¤ Âű„¤ Âű„¤ Âű„¤"4512   en/. öű„¤ öű„¤ öű„¤ öű„¤"4462   en// ü„¤ ü„¤ ü„¤ ü„¤"4452   en/0 žü„¤ žü„¤ žü„¤ žü„¤"4552   en01 ­ü„¤ ­ü„¤ ­ü„¤ ­ü„¤"42922   en02 Çü„¤ Çü„¤ Çü„¤ Çü„¤"43442   en/3 Őü„¤ Őü„¤ Őü„¤ Őü„¤"4522   en04 âü„¤ âü„¤ âü„¤ âü„¤"33462   en65 ý„¤ ý„¤ ý„¤ ý„¤"DCSPLATI2   en ԑ‚¤2… 5645932023060721:10:00"46309*602  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 564593-584× 564594Ě " 56459421:50:0020230607*600 6 ؃…¤ ؃…¤ ؃…¤ ؃…¤"DCSPLATI2   en / ƒ„…¤ ƒ„…¤ ƒ„…¤ ƒ„…¤"3342   en/ ’„…¤ ’„…¤ ’„…¤ ’„…¤"3202   en0 ł„…¤ ł„…¤ ł„…¤ ł„…¤"37022   en0 ӄ…¤ ӄ…¤ ӄ…¤ ӄ…¤"37042   en0 ℅¤ ℅¤ ℅¤ ℅¤"37052   en0 ƒ……¤ ƒ……¤ ƒ……¤ ƒ……¤"37062   en0 Ś……¤ Ś……¤ Ś……¤ Ś……¤"15522   en0  ͅ…¤ ͅ…¤ ͅ…¤ ͅ…¤"15542   en.  䅅¤ 䅅¤ 䅅¤ 䅅¤"822   en0  „†…¤ „†…¤ „†…¤ „†…¤"38772   en0  Ž†…¤ Ž†…¤ Ž†…¤ Ž†…¤"18562   en0  ˆ…¤ ˆ…¤ ˆ…¤ ˆ…¤"18032   en0 憅¤ 憅¤ 憅¤ 憅¤"17922   en0 ű†…¤ ű†…¤ ű†…¤ ű†…¤"18072   en0 ‡…¤ ‡…¤ ‡…¤ ‡…¤"18092   en0 §‡…¤ §‡…¤ §‡…¤ §‡…¤"18112   en0 ¸‡…¤ ¸‡…¤ ¸‡…¤ ¸‡…¤"18542   en0 ·…¤ ·…¤ ·…¤ ·…¤"18152   en0 ꇅ¤ ꇅ¤ ꇅ¤ ꇅ¤"18192   en0 ˆˆ…¤ ˆˆ…¤ ˆˆ…¤ ˆˆ…¤"18232   en0 °ˆ…¤ °ˆ…¤ °ˆ…¤ °ˆ…¤"18292   en0 Lj…¤ Lj…¤ Lj…¤ Lj…¤"31992   en0 ‰…¤ ‰…¤ ‰…¤ ‰…¤"32012   en0 ­‰…¤ ­‰…¤ ­‰…¤ ­‰…¤"32022   en0 䉅¤ 䉅¤ 䉅¤ 䉅¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 ŕŠ…¤ ŕŠ…¤ ŕŠ…¤ ŕŠ…¤"27252   en0 󊅤 󊅤 󊅤 󊅤"27432   en0  ‰‹…¤ ‰‹…¤ ‰‹…¤ ‰‹…¤"27412   en0! Ť‹…¤ Ť‹…¤ Ť‹…¤ Ť‹…¤"43992   en0" ŋ…¤ ŋ…¤ ŋ…¤ ŋ…¤"32642   en0# ؋…¤ ؋…¤ ؋…¤ ؋…¤"32662   en0$ ř‹…¤ ř‹…¤ ř‹…¤ ř‹…¤"32682   en0% Œ…¤ Œ…¤ Œ…¤ Œ…¤"32692   en0& ŞŒ…¤ ŞŒ…¤ ŞŒ…¤ ŞŒ…¤"32722   en0' ˌ…¤ ˌ…¤ ˌ…¤ ˌ…¤"32742   en0( 猅¤ 猅¤ 猅¤ 猅¤"32762   en0) ÷Œ…¤ ÷Œ…¤ ÷Œ…¤ ÷Œ…¤"32782   en0* ˆ…¤ ˆ…¤ ˆ…¤ ˆ…¤"32802   en0+ Ł…¤ Ł…¤ Ł…¤ Ł…¤"36322   en/, 腤 腤 腤 腤"2822   en/- ލ…¤ ލ…¤ ލ…¤ ލ…¤"4512   en/. …Ž…¤ …Ž…¤ …Ž…¤ …Ž…¤"4462   en// ˜Ž…¤ ˜Ž…¤ ˜Ž…¤ ˜Ž…¤"4452   en/0 ŁŽ…¤ ŁŽ…¤ ŁŽ…¤ ŁŽ…¤"4552   en01 ŽŽ…¤ ŽŽ…¤ ŽŽ…¤ ŽŽ…¤"42922   en02 ÁŽ…¤ ÁŽ…¤ ÁŽ…¤ ÁŽ…¤"43442   en/3 ˎ…¤ ˎ…¤ ˎ…¤ ˎ…¤"4522   en04 Վ…¤ Վ…¤ Վ…¤ Վ…¤"33462   en45 řŽ…¤ řŽ…¤ řŽ…¤ řŽ…¤"DCSPLATI2   en ԑ‚¤2… 5645942023060721:50:00"46309*602  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 564594-584× 564550Ě " 56455022:45:0020230607*600 6 ź…¤ ź…¤ ź…¤ ź…¤"DCSPLATI2   en / 睅¤ 睅¤ 睅¤ 睅¤"3342   en/ ö…¤ ö…¤ ö…¤ ö…¤"3202   en0 —ž…¤ —ž…¤ —ž…¤ —ž…¤"37022   en0 ˇž…¤ ˇž…¤ ˇž…¤ ˇž…¤"37042   en0 ƞ…¤ ƞ…¤ ƞ…¤ ƞ…¤"37052   en0 瞅¤ 瞅¤ 瞅¤ 瞅¤"37062   en0 ŠŸ…¤ ŠŸ…¤ ŠŸ…¤ ŠŸ…¤"15522   en0  ąŸ…¤ ąŸ…¤ ąŸ…¤ ąŸ…¤"15542   en.  ȟ…¤ ȟ…¤ ȟ…¤ ȟ…¤"822   en0  蟅¤ 蟅¤ 蟅¤ 蟅¤"38772   en0  ’ …¤ ’ …¤ ’ …¤ ’ …¤"18562   en0  Ż …¤ Ż …¤ Ż …¤ Ż …¤"18032   en0 Ę …¤ Ę …¤ Ę …¤ Ę …¤"17922   en0 ß …¤ ß …¤ ß …¤ ß …¤"18072   en0 󠅤 󠅤 󠅤 󠅤"18092   en0 ‹Ą…¤ ‹Ą…¤ ‹Ą…¤ ‹Ą…¤"18112   en0 œĄ…¤ œĄ…¤ œĄ…¤ œĄ…¤"18542   en0 ˛Ą…¤ ˛Ą…¤ ˛Ą…¤ ˛Ą…¤"18152   en0 ÎĄ…¤ ÎĄ…¤ ÎĄ…¤ ÎĄ…¤"18192   en0 졅¤ 졅¤ 졅¤ 졅¤"18232   en0 ”˘…¤ ”˘…¤ ”˘…¤ ”˘…¤"18292   en0 Ť˘…¤ Ť˘…¤ Ť˘…¤ Ť˘…¤"31992   en0 墅¤ 墅¤ 墅¤ 墅¤"32012   en0 ‘Ł…¤ ‘Ł…¤ ‘Ł…¤ ‘Ł…¤"32022   en0 ČŁ…¤ ČŁ…¤ ČŁ…¤ ČŁ…¤"27622   en"2756(2   en"2752(2   en"2748(2   en0 Ĥ…¤ Ĥ…¤ Ĥ…¤ Ĥ…¤"27252   en0 פ…¤ פ…¤ פ…¤ פ…¤"27432   en0  í¤…¤ í¤…¤ í¤…¤ í¤…¤"27412   en0! Ľ…¤ Ľ…¤ Ľ…¤ Ľ…¤"43992   en0" ŠĽ…¤ ŠĽ…¤ ŠĽ…¤ ŠĽ…¤"32642   en0# źĽ…¤ źĽ…¤ źĽ…¤ źĽ…¤"32662   en0$ ÜĽ…¤ ÜĽ…¤ ÜĽ…¤ ÜĽ…¤"32682   en0% ôĽ…¤ ôĽ…¤ ôĽ…¤ ôĽ…¤"32692   en0& ŽŚ…¤ ŽŚ…¤ ŽŚ…¤ ŽŚ…¤"32722   en0' ŻŚ…¤ ŻŚ…¤ ŻŚ…¤ ŻŚ…¤"32742   en0( ËŚ…¤ ËŚ…¤ ËŚ…¤ ËŚ…¤"32762   en0) ŰŚ…¤ ŰŚ…¤ ŰŚ…¤ ŰŚ…¤"32782   en0* 즅¤ 즅¤ 즅¤ 즅¤"32802   en0+ ‡§…¤ ‡§…¤ ‡§…¤ ‡§…¤"36322   en/, ¨§…¤ ¨§…¤ ¨§…¤ ¨§…¤"2822   en/- §…¤ §…¤ §…¤ §…¤"4512   en/. 駅¤ 駅¤ 駅¤ 駅¤"4462   en// ü§…¤ ü§…¤ ü§…¤ ü§…¤"4452   en/0 ‡¨…¤ ‡¨…¤ ‡¨…¤ ‡¨…¤"4552   en01 ’¨…¤ ’¨…¤ ’¨…¤ ’¨…¤"42922   en02 Ľ¨…¤ Ľ¨…¤ Ľ¨…¤ Ľ¨…¤"43442   en/3 Ż¨…¤ Ż¨…¤ Ż¨…¤ Ż¨…¤"4522   en04 š¨…¤ š¨…¤ š¨…¤ š¨…¤"33462   en45 ܨ…¤ ܨ…¤ ܨ…¤ ܨ…¤"DCSPLATI2   en ԑ‚¤2… 5645502023060722:45:00"46309*602  #60 INGERSOLL/UNIVERSITYen:  Via UniversityenB"TransitMaster.DataCube.BlockTripID:B 564550-584