FREE Wi-Fi now on Routes 52 and 98

Posted on March, 7 2017

FREE Wi-Fi on Routes 52 and 98

For one year, DART is testing FREE Wi-Fi on Routes 52 and 98 to keep you connected while you ride. Check social media, catch up on the news, read email or sit back and browse the internet. It’s another great reason to ride DART to your destination.  

Wi-Fi buses will be identified on the inside and out of the bus. Look for a "Wi-Fi Onboard" sign near the entrance door and signage on the inside of the bus. Once you get on the bus, follow the steps below to connect to free Wi-Fi on your phone, tablet or laptop. 

How to connect to FREE Wi-Fi

  1. Go to the Wi-Fi settings on your device.
  2. Select the DART network.
  3. Accept Terms of Use.

DART Customer Service

For questions or comments about DART Wi-Fi, please contact Customer Service at 515-283-8100 or

Wi-Fi will be available through February 18, 2018, at which time DART will determine whether to keep Wi-Fi on buses and expand to all routes. Routes 52 and 98 will always have Wi-Fi available throughout the year. Additional routes may have Wi-Fi, depending on how the Wi-Fi buses are assigned to routes that day. 

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