Developer Tips

A couple of pointers to keep in mind before you unleash the creativity:


DART works to ensure its services and information reach a broad range of people of diverse abilities. This may include people with low vision, no vision, low hearing, no hearing, limited literacy, non-English speaking and limited mobility.

Try to maximize the accessibility options, regardless of the platform. This may include providing alternative text to visuals, considering font size and color contrast for people with low vision and following established app and web standards so your services work on the greatest number of platforms possible.

Check out Federal Section 508 to get started.


Please be aware that our service information can change quickly and you have agreed, per the terms of use, to take reasonable efforts to keep DART data up to date. If we discover outdated information distributed we will ask you to update your information within 48 hours.

Data that changes regularly may include:

  • Rider alerts, both planned and unplanned, as a result of street closures for events, construction or emergencies.
  • The GTFS-R data (including arrivals and vehicle location) is updated about once a minute.
  • The GTFS data package may be updated weekly (the path indicates it’s effective date). Although service schedules generally change only a few times per year, the GTFS data is updated to account for long-term reroutes, for example.



Be bandwidth considerate. Please be respectful partner and cache when you can.

For example:

  • Our list of bus stops and ID numbers are not likely to change often – you can likely grab it just once a day.
  • The GTFS-R data (including arrivals and vehicle location) is updated about once a minute. It would be unnecessary to request information more frequently as it would yield the same results.



While DART cannot provide support in creating applications, websites or tools, there are many community resources available. NOTE DART is not responsible for user content posted on these sites.

If you think you’ve found a bug, have suggestions, or questions about DART’s open data, please report it to

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